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  1. <Janitor01> hi
  2. <faggetttss> sup
  3. <Janitor01> how does one get a hold of copypaste?
  4. <faggetttss> u just hilited him
  5. <faggetttss> or u can email him at
  6. <Janitor01> when is he usually online?
  7. <Janitor01> he sucks at responding to emails
  8. <Janitor01> what does linear do for 8chan?
  9. <faggetttss> he makes lines
  10. <faggetttss> is there anything someone else can do to help u
  11. <Janitor01> just needed admin to respond about the situation with the BO of /gamergatehq/
  12. <faggetttss> ah
  13. <faggetttss> that faggot
  14. <Janitor01> has there been a response from the admin?
  15. <faggetttss> was a response asked of him?
  16. <Janitor01>
  17. <Janitor01> and I believe multiple people asked Jim and Brennan on twitter
  18. <faggetttss> oh are u the one spamming that thread everywhere
  19. <Janitor01> I spammed two of them
  20. <Janitor01> ./b/ and /pol/
  21. <faggetttss> u know BO's cant see any ip info
  22. <Janitor01> I didn't make the /operate/ thread though
  23. <faggetttss> or poster history beyond his board right?
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  25. <Janitor01> yes. but he's threatening users who have posted on his board
  26. <Janitor01> I can see users post history across threads from my board. I would never use it the way he is using it
  27. <Janitor01> My BO and I are discussing closing down our board and abandoning 8chan if nothing is done about it
  28. <faggetttss> /dir/
  29. <Janitor01>  /ggrevolt/
  30. * Skwid (~Skwid@Len.Is.Best.Shota) has joined
  31. <faggetttss> has it been verified that acid is actually talking to the FBI
  32. <faggetttss> theres a lot of info and misinfo flying around
  33. * imkampfy (~user@brownshirts.did.nothing.wrong) has joined
  34. * Hachi-chan gives voice to imkampfy
  35. <faggetttss> if there is irrefutable proof i'd sure like to know
  36. <faggetttss> i know acid is a faggot anyway
  37. <Janitor01> It doesn't matter if he actually talked to them or not. He has said that he has, and implied that he has reported several people.
  38. <faggetttss> could he just be trolling?
  39. <faggetttss> i mean i know acid is a faggot
  40. <Janitor01> >I was only pretending to report you to the FBI
  41. <faggetttss> but if this isnt verified that he's talking to the FBI
  42. <faggetttss> you're being taken on one hell of a ruse cruise
  43. <Janitor01> Still completely uncalled for. What's the word for it? intimidation?
  44. <faggetttss> i cant speak for copypaste obviously
  45. <faggetttss> but i dont believe a goddamn thing on an imageboard unless its verified
  46. <faggetttss> are u from reddit perchance
  47. <Janitor01> I think this sums it up best
  48. <faggetttss> lemme see
  49. <Janitor01> I do have a reddit account, yes. I wouldn't say I'm from reddit.
  50. <faggetttss> at the bottom of every 8chan page
  51. <faggetttss> you see the line
  52. <faggetttss> We have not been served any secret court orders and are not under any gag orders.
  53. <faggetttss> its still there
  54. <Janitor01> and threads like this.
  55. <faggetttss> i dunno
  56. <faggetttss> i dont buy it unless its verified
  57. <faggetttss> but try emailing copypaste again or hit him up on twitter
  58. <Janitor01>
  59. <Janitor01> users who's names are on his lists do not feel safe with him threatening to use their 8chan posting history to report them to the FBI
  60. <Janitor01> You're BO of /pol/, right?
  61. <faggetttss> yea
  62. <Janitor01> you need to unban some damn ip addresses. I use a VPN and it takes me like 4-5 different IPs to get one that isn't banned
  63. <faggetttss> whats the ban message ur getting
  64. <faggetttss> do u post from a phone
  65. <faggetttss> oh
  66. <faggetttss> vpn
  67. <faggetttss> yeah whats the ban message ur getting
  68. <Janitor01> spam usually. someone using the same VPN service was spamming your board with nigger cuckold porn months ago
  69. <Janitor01> kek
  70. <faggetttss> my irc nick was in one of those threads too about all this bullshit
  71. <faggetttss> im not concerned
  72. <Janitor01> because you're in #burgersandfries
  73. <faggetttss> i think he was just grabbing irc nicks from #burgersandfries or something
  74. <faggetttss> yeah
  75. <Janitor01> What's your take on it if he did actually report people to the FBI?
  76. <faggetttss> then he needs to go
  77. <faggetttss> promptly
  78. <faggetttss> using his BO privs to use even the smallest iota of info that other dont have to report people to the fbi is fucky
  79. <faggetttss> imo
  80. <faggetttss> again we dont see ip's
  81. <faggetttss> or much info really
  82. <faggetttss> but still
  83. <Janitor01> I know, but I could still break someone's anonymity from their post history. Not everyone uses VPN services
  84. <faggetttss> you can't do anything with the hash in place to get ip info
  85. <Janitor01> yeah, but if I looked at someone's post history across threads, I could figure out who they are. Some people just aren't aware, or don't pay attention.
  86. <faggetttss> how so
  87. <Janitor01> To opsec
  88. <faggetttss> unless they just post personal info
  89. <faggetttss> then they are an idiot anyway
  90. <Janitor01> If some YouTuber announced themself in one thread, then the next thread they expect anonymity. Like I said, some people are unaware.
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  92. <faggetttss> oh btw u said ur /ggrevolt/ vol?
  93. <Janitor01> yes
  94. <faggetttss> make a post with capcode and link me for proof, type ircfag in the post
  95. <Janitor01> give me one
  96. <faggetttss> give u one what
  97. <Janitor01> minute
  98. <faggetttss> k
  99. <Janitor01> how the fuck do you capcode? lel
  100. <faggetttss> really
  101. <faggetttss> and ur a vol
  102. <Alexander_B> Janitor01, are you shitting me
  103. <faggetttss> seriously
  104. <Janitor01> we don't use our capcodes ever on ggrevolt
  105. <Alexander_B>
  106. <faggetttss> kek
  107. <Alexander_B> Literally on the fucking faq page.
  108. <faggetttss> fucking redditors man
  109. <Janitor01> that's what I typed and it gave me a trip instead of capcode
  110. <Janitor01>
  111. <faggetttss> ok
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  113. <Janitor01> The BO didn't want any moderation presence on his board, so I never tripfagged or used the capcode
  114. <faggetttss> but in the end, why not just moce from /gghq/ like u guys have moved a shitload of times
  115. <faggetttss> if u think acid is a faggot
  116. <faggetttss> i mean you're already on a split off board
  117. <faggetttss> *move
  118. <faggetttss> ok then nice chat
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  122. * Hachi-chan gives channel operator status to Somanyanons
  123. <Janitor01> sorry, went to eat
  124. <Janitor01> we did move, to /ggrevolt/, but some users post on both boards
  128. * Janitor01 ( has joined
  129. <Janitor01> sup
  130. <Janitor01> back
  131. <Janitor01> where's copypaste?
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  135. <Alexander_B> Janitor01, why
  136. <Alexander_B> Are you trying to PM him?
  137. <Alexander_B> He's a p. busy dude.
  138. <Alexander_B> And you're kinda boring.
  139. <Alexander_B> No offence.
  140. <Alexander_B> Well, a little.
  141. <Alexander_B> :^]
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  145. <Janitor01>
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  148. * zuljin (~zuljin@missing.probably.dead) has joined
  149. * martellato (~martellat@5D16F513.500193D9.69B3A1C0.IP) has joined
  150. <zuljin> hello
  151. <zuljin> copypaste, are you around?
  152. <Janitor01> faggetttss
  153. <zuljin> oy vey it's Janitor01
  154. <zuljin> funny to see an actual like scumbag
  155. <zuljin> live*
  156. <Janitor01> scumbag?
  157. <zuljin> yep, wanna PM about it?
  158. <Janitor01> sure, pm me
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  160. * Jim_ (~irc2ch@B35BC77.160C9FEA.2EC85294.IP) has joined
  161. <Alexander_B> Janitor01, top kek.
  162. <Alexander_B> Way to fuck up the OP.
  163. <Alexander_B> And you even made a thread on /pol/
  164. <Alexander_B> Adorable.
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  166. <Alexander_B> HAHAHAHA
  167. * Bui ( has joined
  168. * Hachi-chan gives channel operator status to Bui
  169. <Janitor01> someone else made an OP on /pol/ before I could
  170. <Janitor01> I reported my thread.
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  172. * Janitor01 (~Janitor@F314FA6C.B845D656.7084CE78.IP) has joined
  173. <Janitor01> how did I fuck up the OP?
  174. <Alexander_B> >He can choose to ignore the people who use his site, and their concerns, or he can just say fuck you, and not comment.
  175. <Alexander_B> Proofread nexttime, dipshit.
  176. <Janitor01> :^)
  177. <Alexander_B> Like that, I should have proofread that.
  178. <Alexander_B> :^]
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  180. <Janitor01> I'm not used to editing my posts, like I said, the BO wanted as small of a moderator presence as possible. The only reason I'm stepping out now is because he wanted me to see what the other BOs thought and what Hotwheels had to say
  181. <Janitor01> since hotwheels won't talk to anyone on fucking 8chan anymore, this seems to be the only way to get a hold of him
  182. <Alexander_B> Hotwheels is sticking to the same priciple and the very thing the site was coded around.
  183. <Alexander_B> If the community feels betrayed by a BO, they'll move boards.
  184. <Alexander_B> It's worked in the past.
  185. <Alexander_B> And it's up to them.
  186. <Alexander_B> You being a whiney bitch because he wont betray the very ideals 8chan was built upon wont change that.
  187. <Alexander_B> Now go get raped in a ditch, degenerate.
  188. <zuljin> I have to agree that the best way to deal with this is: 1) Use our freedom of speech to let everyone know what happened and why you think it's unacceptable  2) Let them decide to move boards (or not), don't try to get some authority figure to make the decision and force it one everyone else
  189. <Janitor01> I think this lies upon 8chan as a whole, not just that one board.
  190. <zuljin> leaving it up to 8chan sounds like a good plan
  191. <zuljin> but you were the one demanding the board be forcibly removed from the BO
  192. <zuljin> have you changed you mind about that?
  193. <Alexander_B> Janitor01, no one cares what your dumb ass thinks. This is the way the fucking site was designed from the start.
  194. <zuljin> btw have you been following the thread on /dir/?
  195. <zuljin> there's a lot to read but it's good stuff
  196. <Alexander_B> If you don't like it then why did you come here?
  197. <Janitor01> I think the admin, copypaste, needs to come back down, talk to the users of his website, and communicate with us.
  198. <Alexander_B> Your opinion has been noted and left in the bathroom to wipe with.
  199. <Janitor01> I shouldn't have had to of created an IRC identity to get a response from him
  200. <Alexander_B> Thanks for sharing.
  201. <Janitor01> had to have
  202. <Alexander_B> >create an irc identity
  203. <Alexander_B> Top fucking kek
  204. <Janitor01> I am an anon
  205. <Alexander_B> You're killing me here
  206. <Alexander_B> Pls
  207. <Janitor01> here I am not anon
  208. <Janitor01> I have a username
  209. <zuljin> Alexander_B, be nice
  210. <Alexander_B> zuljin, fine.
  211. <zuljin> :^)
  212. <Alexander_B> Janitor01, let me spell it out for you.
  213. <Alexander_B> How do you think 4chan ran for years?
  214. <Alexander_B> There were always names in the background, even as an anon site.
  215. <Janitor01> true
  216. <Alexander_B> People on irc discussing how the site should run etc etc.
  217. <Alexander_B> There are always going to be names and identities.
  218. <Janitor01> but that is what lead to the cancer 4chan is today
  219. <Alexander_B> No.
  220. <Janitor01> the admin stopped being involved in the community
  221. <Alexander_B> What lead to 4chan going to shit was corruption.
  222. <Janitor01> just like copypaste is doing now
  223. <Alexander_B> The wrong people gained power.
  224. <Janitor01> just like copypaste is doing now
  225. <Janitor01> just like jim has done now
  226. <Janitor01> I don't know jim
  227. <Alexander_B> Copypaste is running the site fine, and each board is only as powerful as the community that participates.
  228. <zuljin> well not necessarily the wrong people
  229. <Alexander_B> If gghq wants to move to another board they will.
  230. <zuljin> I think that the 4chan staff just became such a clique
  231. <zuljin> they probably grew out of chan culture too
  232. <Janitor01> ^
  233. <zuljin> so they became the enemy of the site itself
  234. <Janitor01> and the same thing is happening now
  235. <zuljin> also the banning the fuck out everyone ever
  236. <Alexander_B> Janitor01, explain how.
  237. <Alexander_B> Go ahead.
  238. <zuljin> but I think that just came with the years of erosion from endless idiots
  239. <Alexander_B> zuljin, it became to mainstream and idiots flocked to it.
  240. <Janitor01> copypaste seems to have stepped away from the community altogether.
  241. <Alexander_B> Look at 4chan /pol/ now. Nothing but shitposts.
  242. <Janitor01> copypaste isn't listening to the users anymore
  243. * GentlyCaressedYouth ( has joined
  244. <zuljin> Alexander_B, oh yes! that's a big deal too
  245. <zuljin> that's probably one of the main things that tanked it
  246. <Alexander_B> Janitor01, he's participating as much as he normally has. He's working on infinity
  247. <Alexander_B> Which is sorely needed.
  248. <zuljin> Janitor01, yeah the site is a ghost town, i think they're doing it on purpose tbh
  249. <zuljin> next is so shit this is the only way they can get people on it :^)
  250. <Janitor01> I asked him to comment on his own fucking site, and what did he say, "I gave comment on twitter"
  251. <Janitor01> twitter isn't where the users on his anonymous image board are
  252. <Janitor01> they're on 8chan
  253. <zuljin> yeah, fuck twitter...
  254. <Janitor01> why not communicate with them on 8chan???
  255. <zuljin> go to be st board: >>>/jim/
  256. <Alexander_B> Janitor01, because this isn't something worth making a big red link on every page over. The information is out there. Anyone that cares, knows.
  257. <Janitor01> if i had hair, I would have been pulling on it when he said that
  258. <Alexander_B> There is nothing left to add.
  259. <Janitor01> there's the commentary from the community
  260. <Janitor01> that's what is left to add
  261. <Janitor01> how do the people who use his website feel about it?
  262. <Alexander_B> They can comment all they like. You honestly think hotwheels doesn't lurk?
  263. <zuljin> posting on operate was pointless
  264. <zuljin> everything is ignored
  265. <Janitor01> >>>/jim/ is ignored too
  266. <Alexander_B> Either way, the point has been made. If you want gg to go to a new board with someone else in charge then you're talking to the wrong people.
  267. <Alexander_B> Go to gghq and rally them.
  268. <zuljin> the golden age of jim is over ;;
  269. <Janitor01> going to bed
  270. <Janitor01> for anyone logging, include this next line
  271. <Janitor01> I am not /ggrevolt/, I do not represent the opinions of the users there. My opinions are my own. I do not speak for /ggrevolt/. It is just an image board where anyone is open to post on. /ggrevolt/ holds no opinions.
  272. <Alexander_B> kbai
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  276. <zuljin> >No, fuck that. The fact that he can't be asked to go on his fucking site and address his users that give him money to run it is why I'm doing this to begin with. I'm tired of him acting bigtime and requiring people to jump through flaming hoop after flaming hoop just to get his attention. I don't want to hear about this through Nunu, I don't want to hear about this on a Youtube video, I don't want to hear about this through Twitter, I
  277. <zuljin> want to see him talk to his users rather than prove all the people going >mootwheels right YET AGAIN. This all could have been prevented if he acted like he gave a flying fuck about the community he's supposedly leading.
  278. <zuljin> wew
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  280. <Alexander_B> zuljin, he post that somewhere?
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  287. <faggetttss> oh did that /int*/ Janitor faggot guy leave
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  290. * Hachi-chan sets mode +a on #8chan-moderated linear
  291. * Hachi-chan gives channel operator status to linear
  292. <zuljin>
  293. <faggetttss> welp
  294. <faggetttss> 12 hours or what
  295. <faggetttss> :/
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