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  2.     "Our skill will accomplish what the force of many cannot"
  4.     ((In character section))
  6.     First name - Masahiro
  8.     Middle name- N/A
  10.     Last name- Saji
  12.     Date of birth - 25th of March, 1977
  14.     Gender - Male
  16.     Age - 34
  18.     Birth place - Kobe, Japan
  20.     Status of citizenship - Approved by SL, State of San Andreas, Los Santos
  22.     Years in the State of San Andreas 24, I moved here when I just turned ten.
  24.     Phone number - 102810
  26.     Home address - Cornwall Avenue 7th, Akita Resorts, Queens, San Andreas
  28.     Background check ((/stats)) -
  30.     Current employment+description - I currently have no official employment. After years in differing legal organizations of San Andreas, I took a few years off to do my own thing.
  32.     Ever since my retirement (most recently from the Federal Bureau of Investigation), I have been a supervisor and lawyer at the pleasant Akita Resorts. Over Christmas I had my doctor pull a few strings; hence I believe that I am once again in my rightful “a-game” giving me the rightful abilities to contribute to the legal forces, for the better of San Andreas.
  34.     Prior employment - My many years in San Andreas have built its own relations. My experimenting soul and willingness to adapt has caused me to be a part of quite a few organizations and forces in between San Andreas. The most common ones being: Prison Guard of National Guard, Officer of Los Santos Police Department, Lieutenant of San Fierro Police Department and Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  36.     Department you wish to transfer from(if any) - N/A
  38.     Strengths - Observant, willingness to improve, ability to take criticism and acknowledge, creative, well fit and most outshining of all the structure and ability to adapt to situations.
  40.     Weaknesses - Ageing, situational impatience and worst of all diabetes. However, nonetheless, nothing that will flaw me or my work to an extent at which it isn’t absolutely phenomenal.
  42.     Consent from high command within your current department(if applicable) - N/A
  44.     Reasoning for transfer(if applicable) - N/A
  46.     Department history+reasons for leaving - I was in the National Guard for about seven years, however, I decided to leave it as it unfortunately hit bottom, causing it to be rebuilt and exchanged for the Armed Forces.
  48.     I was in the Los Santos Police Department for about two years; however, I was requested to transfer to the San Fierro Police Department due to its lack of employees, even though there was a growing activity of crime and population in the city.
  50.     I was in the San Fierro Police Department for about half a year, at which point I had enough of its lack of excitement, structure and ability to perform when it was necessary. Unfortunately, the San Fierro Police Department was nothing for me and I did not fit in there as well as supposed. Even though I adapt very well, I nor the administration of the department managed to work together well.
  52.     I was in the Federal Bureau of Investigation for two and a half year, at which point I retired due to inconvenient real life issues. Additionally I took a break from the whole field work and used a few years on studying and becoming an employee at the Akita Resort. Now after five years of employment at the Akita Resort, I feel confident that I can once again evolve and contribute to the legal forces of San Andreas.
  54.     Why do you wish to join NOOSE, and why should we consider hiring you? (minimum of 350 words) - I am a man of evolution. I live for excitement and presence, I wish for nothing more than to continuously evolve, by tightening my flaws as well ass becoming a better, more intelligent and stable successful man. I seek and wish to join the National Office of Security Enforcement, because it contributes to me and my abilities as well as I contribute to its maintenance and improvement. I believe that the NOOSE will adjust my perspective for the better. Finally, I wish to be an important addition to the NOOSE, because it has everything – a combination of all the strengths from the fellow forces of San Andreas. It is a force of professionalism, ability to perform and adapt.
  56.     You, the NOOSE, should consider hiring me because I am the best at what I do. My straight forwarded, intelligent, well built personality consists of plenty of attributes as previously mentioned, which will improve not just the NOOSE but the State of San Andreas.
  58.     My attributes are built on more than theory; they consist of experience and analysis, which makes me a person that works well in all kinds of fields, subterranean fields, and central fields, whatever field that may come upon us. I was raised in a cruel, obnoxious “Yakuza” environment for the first ten years of my life in Kobe, giving me a lot of ability to perform under pressure and different occasions. I am well built and I was taught to wisely consider the environment you are situated in and how you work along with it. Ever since I was little I have been eligible of administrating things and carrying and using weaponry and body parts.
  60.     I have what plenty of people (unfortunately) do not; the ability to adapt – the willingness to improve and make the better of criticism. NOOSE is built on differing situations, acquiring the attribute “adapting” which I truly do posses. Additionally I am a truthful, rightful and entertaining man that fits into most environments.
  62.     Finally you should not consider hiring me, because I am different. As I have already told you, I adapt very well and I fit into most environments. When performing, I can be many different things, from undercover to general marksman. I have my contacts on both sides of the law, and I manage to be advantageous of that when it comes to working with legal organizations and their cases.
  64.     If invited into NOOSE, what rank do you wish to obtain - I will adapt to whatever position I am given. I have no such expectations or wishes, I only wish to do my very best to utilize myself for the better of San Andreas.
  66.     If invited into NOOSE, what division would you like to join(AIR, Long Range Sharp Shooters, General Duties.) - I will adapt to whatever position I am given. While, I do have the most experience under general duties and marksmanship, I manage to do very well from distance and in the air. I would like to join the division that requires the most adapting and close contact, however, again, do enjoy and manage to do whatever division pleases the NOOSE most.
  68.     ((Out of character section
  70.     Age - 17, 25th of June, 1994
  72.     Country of origin+current country of residence - Denmark, Northern Europe
  74.     Do you have a mic/ts -Yeah, I have both. Additionally I feel confident speaking and manage to differ between listening and speaking, depending on when each thing is needed.
  76.     Forum Name - Masahiro
  78.     Number of warnings- 0
  80.     Number of bans- A few (I was always unbanned though).
  82.     Length of time on ngrp+samp - SAMP: Few months after Godfather started. I did though play a bit of DM/Stunt before that. I would say that I have actively been playing SAMP for 5 years, however, been around for like 7? NGRP: Late 2008/Early 2009. I would say I have actively been
  83.     playing for 2½-3 years, due to my few casual breaks.
  85.     Alts+/stats - I have a few, but I do not use them anymore, hence I haven’t posted information about them here.
  86.     ))
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