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  1. Hola pinche vatos...............Once upon a time in a ghetto zone a 10 foot Vmware brick knocked on ma dome am laying with ma blood oozing out ma head H excuseme mozafakaz was it something I said?   CEIEC dox stuffed with vmware tech
  3. VMWARE KERNEL preview
  4.    Since it's caliente time we offer you our new pre release before 5th of May of complete CEIEC stash of documents, this is just a preview and it took us alot of effort to get you only CEIEC and Norinco dox without the collateral shit. Now we want to make it clear that CEIEC is engaged in a criminal activity with Ukraine and Russian officials as of supplying Ukraine and Russia with US army information for the terrorists, In Ukraine chinese security services enforce illegal copper mine deals through corrupted KGHMPM officials and in Russia through Gazprom subsidiary companies. Us government for some reason doesnt want you to know about Afghanistan Mil traffic forwarded to ukraine as currency to payoff terrorists in charge of assasinations and bombing, they also do not want you to find out about all the technology being transparent to secret chinese IT teams who spy on you since at least 2003 until now.
  5. Well here is the preview of what we have comming for the 5th of May.
  6. Put on Sodom - Rememmber the Fallen and enjoy...
  8. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  9. excerpts from Norinco storage
  10. Tracing vmkernel and the TraceViz GUI
  12. NOTE: much more doc is needed
  14. TraceViz allows a developer to annotate source code with trace points
  15. carrying an ID, a class, and some data, then later view the sequence
  16. of events in a friendly java gui.
  18. Basic outline of how to enable tracing and get data:
  20. + Enable the event classes you're interested in by doing "echo enable
  21.   [class name list] > /proc/vmware/trace/trace-control"
  22.   For example, if you want scheduler per-world and per-pcpu events,
  23.   do "echo enable SCHED_PCPU SCHED_WORLD >/proc/vmware/trace/trace-control"
  25. + Activate tracing, specifying a buffer size and whether or not you
  26.   want a circular buffer by echoing the command "start bufsize
  27.   [circular]" into the trace-control proc node. For instance, "echo
  28.   start 100000 > /proc/vmware/trace/trace-control" begins tracing with
  29.   a 100000 entry NON-circular buffer, which will stop tracing when it
  30.   fills up. The command "start 100000 circular" would have made the
  31.   same size, but with a circular buffer.
  33. + Wait a little while for your relevant trace data to build up. You
  34.   can cat the trace-control proc node to see how many events have
  35.   been seen so far.
  37. + Optionally stop tracing when you're done with interesting work:
  38.   "echo stop > /proc/vmware/trace/trace-control". This will
  39.   preserve existing data.
  41. + Dump the data to a file:
  42.   "bora/build/<BLDTYPE>/apps/vmktracedump/vmktracedump outfilename"
  44. + Run the GUI on the generated file:
  45.   "java -jar bora/support/tools/java/traceviz.jar outfilename"
  47. + Configure the colors/heights/patterns of the diplay in the floating
  48.   window that pops up. Use the drop-down menus on the left side of the
  49.   main graph to configure what type of events you see in each timeline.
  50.   Use the slider in the floating window to scroll through time.
  53. Events:
  55.  An event is the basic primitive of TraceViz. Events have the following
  56.  properties:
  58.   - class
  59.   - id
  60.   - pcpu
  61.   - currently running world
  62.   - custom data
  63.   - timestamp
  64.      + implicitly, duration (see discussion of widths in the section
  65.        below about defining timelines)
  67.  These properties can be used to customize their display in the
  68.  TraceViz GUI. For instance, the height of a bar for an event may be
  69.  made conditional on its custom data and it may be colored differently
  70.  depending on the currently-running world.
  73. Defining timelines in the GUI:
  75.  Each timeline (horizontal graph in the GUI) is defined by a
  76.  constraint.  Only events matching this constraint are shown in that
  77.  line and the width of an event in a timeline is determined by the
  78.  time distance between the start of that event and the start of the
  79.  next event that ALSO matches this constraint.
  81.  An example constraint is "class == SCHED_PCPU && pcpu == 1", which
  82.  would show per-pcpu scheduler stats for pcpu 1. There's nothing
  83.  special about the class/pcpu combination, however. You could have
  84.  specified a constraint "class == SCHED_WORLD && pcpu == 1", but
  85.  you're likely to get nonsensical data (all per-world state
  86.  transitions that happen when any world is on pcpu 1), or at least
  87.  nonsensical widths. These constraints are configured by the drop-down
  88.  boxes to the left of the timeline.
  91. Customizing display in the GUI:
  93.  TraceViz's usefulness stems largely from its customizability. However,
  94.  it often takes a while to get a feel for how to best customize the
  95.  display to investigate a particular problem. The floating controller
  96.  window contains one tabbed pane for each event class. Within that,
  97.  its table contains one line per event ID within that class. On a per-
  98.  event basis, you can configure the following properties:
  100. - Height depends on (wid|pcpu|data|eventID|none):
  101.          This property makes the height of bars for this event proportional
  102.          to the specified event property. This is particularly useful
  103.          for events whose "data" properties represent a magnitude of sorts,
  104.          such as vmkperf events, whose data property represents the number
  105.          of cpu events that that took place during the previous millisecond.
  108. - Label type (wid|pcpu|data|eventName|none):
  109.         Controls the text that appears on top of the bar for this event.
  110.         If the bar is too narrow to fit the text, the text won't be shown.
  112. - Height multiplier:
  113.          Simply multiplies the height of the bar by this factor. This is
  114.          a handy way to visualize certain kinds of events. For instance,
  115.          with per-pcpu scheduler events, you might make RUN have a multiplier
  116.          of 1.2, BWAIT have a height multiplier of 0.6, and IDLE have a
  117.          multiplier of 0.4, while they all have height depends on "none."
  118.          This makes it easy to see at a glance "how active" the pcpu is. A
  119.          similar trick works well with per-world data (setting RUN to a
  120.          greater height)
  122. - Color/Patter:
  123.         These allow you to select the color and pattern for the event type
  124.         from a color picker or drop-down pattern selection list.
  128. Remote connection:
  130.  It's easy to connect to a remote host and get live data over the network.
  132.  On the destination host:
  133.     + run "vmktracedump -p portnum"
  134.       This starts a server listening on "portnum" for connections. It doesn't
  135.       need to be restarted even if you restart the trace.
  137.  On the gui workstation:
  138.     + run "java -jar traceviz.jar -h hostname portnum"
  140.  This will connect remotely and obtain all available data. You can click the
  141.  "refresh" button at the top to load new data. This is particularly useful
  142.  with a circular buffer that keeps filing with all new data.
  144. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  147.    \\Since there was a clear message received that some files were indeed infected - this was not our deed.
  148. True we have discovered a Philippines campaign against china and vietnam -by gaining access to chinese corporate emails, well screw them - the md5 hashes of are easy to bang. CEIEC you store your private stuff at adresses so do not fool people the more you deny the more we pwn you and we still do so kiss us where we poo aight?//
  149.   Afghanistan FRESH as of today  - since the us cargo charts are still received by chinese and forwarded to ukraine and we have access to them We Declare that USA gives no damn and did nothing to stop this leak, they only shut us down once in a while not letting you know about huge US/PH attack on chinese infrastracture all targeting SPRATLYS oil deals and mineral resources activity of chinese in Ukraine and Russia.
  152.  //Therefore dont get scared exploring the archives we checked the recent ones ok. The one we present now has only image files for Vietnam Oil companies huge dump, and recent dump from of US Military cargoes including GPS and documents etc.\\
  153. UPDATE:...................................................
  154. All image previews are closed by feds here updated link
  158. NEW update
  161. JUST RECEIVED NEW DOD STUFF sorted out of RAW
  163. Part 3 of Petrovietnam archive taken from the chinese IRstorage.
  165. Stay tuned as we are in the process of getting you more Wan Bao and CEIEC shit.
  166. Archives b here soon..................................................................
  168. Hola lulz
  169.  these commie bulliez try to shut us down by cleaning up the mess and deleting our stuff,
  170.  Chinese try to cover up their fuckup by hiding the documents about their operations in Russia and Ukraine,
  171.  US army with their effort to fight terrorism covers up their involvement in this scheme by shutting us down. They do not want us know about Military information about afghanistan cargos being traded to terrorists in Ukraine and Russia as payment for their services, behind this is the Wan Bao corporation trying to get stake in Ukraine and Russia copper mine deals. Its all about money folks and US gives no fuck since they are involved too you know.
  172. Updated link (myalbumcouk and photobucket are closed by feds) to photo preview
  175. Fresh documents from the Chinese related to Afghanistan US ops which is still received by Petrovietnam chinese insiders and sent to Ukraine officials.
  178. Archives of document dumps
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