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  1. "Such a shameless example of favoritism to your Corporate masters.
  2. Lets keep net neutrality in place and make an effort to keep the playing field level for all parties."
  3. "I am very concerned about net neutrality and would urge you to please not repeal prior actions increasing net neutrality. As someone who lives in a rural area with basically one option for an ISP (Spectrum), it is important that a company which already has a monopoly in many ways is not allowed to also influence my browsing ability when it comes to streaming material. There are many folks across the country in my shoes and I doubt that most of the general public supports giving more freedom or leeway to the ISPs. Please show the guts to say no to these huge corporations and stand up for the rights of the consumers. That is your job. Thank you."
  4. I strong net neutrality back by title 2. Please don't mess up the internet.
  5. "To take away free web access means having to pay for specific sites which you're obviously already awarw of. However this hurts millions of peoples all over the nation and world. By doing this youre proposing those who live in poverty, especially students from elementary to college students will not have access to FREE online information to help further their education. This also affects online websites that rely on many differenf sources to complete their goals; like the red cross, humane societies and even the purple heart foundation for military personnel who have had wrong done upon them, by taking away this people who do not have much to their names will live uneducated, stuck in only their surroundings and whats even worse you're grown by those sucky surroundings. You will be the reason as to why a mother and father tell their children they're sorry that they don't have access to an online educational site causing that child to fail. Paying for websites and added on providers isnt just an excuse to control your surroundings and to make danger less because no matter what is set in place there will be dangerous people who gain availability while good people do without due to poverty. The net control is not good, it is extremely unnecessary and will hurt more than it may help."
  6. "I strongly support STRONG net neutrality protections, backed by Title II oversight of ISPs."
  7. "We need title 2, we can not trust that company​ will regulate them selfs on their own"
  8. FCC: Preserve net neutrality. Do not make any changes to Title II. No change to Title 2!
  9. Perserve net neutrality and Title 2
  10. "I would like to state my opposition to the deregulation of the internet in terms of net neutrality. Net neutrality is a vital principle for personal liberty, freedom of choice, and access to information. Removing consumer protections which would enable companies to even hypothetically limit service based on source is unconscionable and I strongly oppose it. I urge the FCC to do the same."
  11. It's supposed to be free. Leave it that way you corporate @$$H0135
  12. Only fearful and greedy governments do not support an open internet.
  13. I support strong net neutrality backed by title 2 oversight of ISPs. Without question.
  14. "I absolutely support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of our ISPs. The FCC will continue to face relentless resistance from the wider community if there are continued efforts to destroy the Internet in the name of corporate interests. Oh, and the way you've buried the comments section is despicable. Let people participate in government; let the internet be open and free."
  15. I specifically support Net Neutrality backed by Title II oversight of Internet Service Providers (ISP). Any attempt to undo Net Neutrality by reclassifying ISP under Title I will harm consumer choice and innovation on the internet.
  16. "Pay to play internet will stifle creativity and interfere with first amendment rights of users.  Just as we don't pay for radio or network tv, we shouldn't pay for internet access."
  17. I am in favor of net neutrality and title II. ISP needs laws that can be enforced if web-site favoritism becomes the standard. I pay a monthly fee to a company to provide me with the internet. I DO NOT pay them to steer me towards websites owned or preferred by that company.
  18. Please leave Net Neutrality alone
  19. There's no place for a comcast-controlled tiered internet keep the internet free and neutral!
  20. "Don't end Net Neutrality! The only people who will benefit from this Proceeding are oligopolistic ISPs, most of whom already enjoy localized monopoly power, minimal or no competition, and record profits while delivering a price/bandwidth the rest of the developed world would laugh at. If the FCC really cares about the freedom of average citizens and businesses to use the internet without additional interference from ISPs that already make huge profits and don't have to compete on price or speed, they wouldn't be implementing it. My opinion won't make any difference in modern America, though, where ""billionaire"" is the only political qualification you need, money and fame equal power over others' lives, and foreign governments get to influence our elections without repercussion. Welcome to the Second Gilded Age."
  21. "I support the internet classified under Title II.  A free and open internet is vital to the freedom and democracy of the United States. TO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR: I AM NOT IN SUPPORT OF ANY CHANGES TO THE CURRENT CLASSIFICATION OF THE INTERNET IN ANY WAY, NO MATTER HOW YOU POSITION IT.  PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE A THING."
  22. "Net neutrality is an essential requirement into days world and all of the companies should continue to be required to abide by Title 2 . This is of paramount importance for a well informed , better educated and vibrant country . Some things cannot and should not be entrusted to corporations that operate solely for a profit margin ."
  23. I support strong net neutrality and also support maintaining Title II restrictions.
  24. "I am writing to express my support for maintaining net neutrality by maintainin ISP classification under Title II.  Allowing ISPs to ""maintain"" net neutrality under a service agreement is not enough.  DO NOT CHANGE ISP CLASSIFICATION!"
  25. "Dear Congress Members;
  27.   The fight for net neutrality is a fight for the access to a free and open internet for all. If you repeal net neutrality it will give the  large companies power over all of the internet and what anyone see or what they do. That will include all of your internet usage become public information.
  28. By using this as a example that a company can't buy something millions of people use each and ever day. The people will be heard and whether it's a peaceful protest on Wall St. or in a subreddit.
  29.  By limiting the Freedom of Speech on the you will be putting your selves out to the wolves causing when reelection happen you seat won't be yours.
  31.           Sincerely
  32.          A concerned                       citizen
  33.          Kevin Harlow J.R"
  34. "For the sake of democracy and the inherent rights of the American people to have equal access to information and education, please support network neutrality."
  35. "It is important that we maintain Internet neutrality under Title 11. Allowing Internet providers to set priorities will balkanize the Internet, making it more difficult to use and open up potential areas of conflict of public interest. The Internet has become a backbone of our commerce and communication because it is has been an open utility. The proposed decrease in regulation will allow providers with parochial interest to significantly damage our economy and should not be permitted."
  36. "As someone who primarily works online, I implore the FCC to continue to keep Net Neutrality."
  37. I strongly urge the FCC to maintain and enforce strong net neutrality rules outlined by Title II. Keep the internet open and free. This is your job.
  38. "Telling Ajit Pai that I specifically support strong Net Neutrality, backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs."
  39. "Net neutrality is vitally important! It keeps the open exchange of ideas that are important in a democracy flowing.  I pay my Internet Service Provider for complete, unfettered access to the Internet - I don't pay them to view only sites they want me to see."
  40. "I join Foxy in speaking for --and really, demanding-- net neutrality.  As a physician, I need my internet-based patient records available as fast as possible.  Our cable companies have terrible records of helping the American public with good services st modest cost, and I don't want them given power to control the speed of my email downloads, or my patient records. "
  41. I do not accept Republicans taking away our rights online in the name of corporate profit. Once again they are underestimating the public�۪s outrage at the repeal of privacy protections for users online.
  42. I believe it is imperative for the FCC to maintain current ISP regulations for a free and open internet.
  43. I support the preservation of net neutrality and its classification under tittle II.
  44. "Communications people in my church worked for years to keep the ""air ""   FREE for all citizens and I want it to remain that way.  Please DO NOT TAMPER WITH MY FREE ACCESS.\r\nElinor"
  45. Maintain Net neutrality for more equal access for all.
  46. I support Title 2 designation of ISPs and the preservation of net neutrality.
  47. I specifically support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISP's.  I support a standard that requires internet providers to take no actions that unreasonably interfere with or disadvantage consumers or the companies whose sites and apps they're trying to access.
  48. I support net neutrality and the title 2 designation for internet.
  49. I am elderly and net neutrality is important to me as the web is my first source of entertainment.
  50. "I support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs, please don't undo the changes from 2014 and stay neutral in all this, thank you."
  51. "Leave our free internet alone! We want you to stay out of our lives.
  52. Judy Dodson"
  53. I strongly support net neutrality backed by title two oversight of icp's
  54. I'm writing in support of strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISP's.
  55. "The citizens of the united states do not want net neutrality to die. Anyone who understands the internet, who just uses it regularly will not benefit from the end of Net Neutrality. So do not remove it."
  56. "At the current state of things in our country the last thing we need is another entity FORCING us out of not having our own choices. This country was founded on liberty and freedom that is now attempting to be garnished. Being an IT professional, I cannot morally agree with the idea of marginalizing access to open internet sources. Moreover, it is appalling to hear that not only are they charging out the backside for network capabilities these days, but now they want to tell me what my customer loyalty does and does not allow me to access? We live in a word where information has been readily available at our fingertips, allowing us to decide which services or providers we prefer; which sites we frequent or favorite. It is for the customer to decide what access they do or do not WANT, not for the provider (who in some cases is the ONLY provider for some people) to decide for us. Easy enough for the ISP to say ""don't do business with us"", but what kind of business model is that? How in the WORLD can anyone possibly conceive of moving away from open internet? I am fully aware of what is out there on the web and I have the free will and capacity to decide for myself. I don't need John Smith at Comcast deciding for me."
  57. "To whom this may concern,
  59. The internet is the backbone to a lot of what I do on a daily basis and probably the single most important invention of my lifetime.  In order to keep things balanced Net Neutrality needs to remain in place.  The prioritization of bits should not be made by corporations nor should they be prioritized over me or the next person because they have more money or influence.  Competition is healthy and needs to remain in order to see that the cream rises to the top rather than lobbying.
  61. Regards,
  63. Andrew Bartek"
  64. "Title II provides more than adequate protection as ruled by the courts.  Do Not Allow Any ISP company or current or previous employees of those companies to dictate rules that will allow them to in any way control speed, or choice of internet content.  This is a freedom we allow and the argument by the ISP's or any current or previous employee about reduction in spending in expansion of ability to provide internet service hold absolutely no water."
  65. Please preserve internet neutrality with enforcement under Title II.
  66. "Fuck big corporations, i want fast websites\r\nCaleb Cook"
  67. "Net neutrality is extremely important. The protections we currently have exist because telecommunications companies specifically wanted to take that away. Deregulating would only serve special corporate interests and be to the detriment of the American people. The FCC should show that some part of the government still cares about what's best for the people, especially since Congress is already poised to put our personal information for sale. Corporations may pay big money for campaigns and the current head of the FCC may have formerly worked for Verizon, but the FCC works for citizens, not special interests."
  68. Please do not do away with net neutrality. I very strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs. I'm going to stress that I specifically support net neutrality BACKED by Title 2 oversights of ISPs.
  69. Please keep our internet from being completely corrupted by greed like the rest of our country.
  70. "It is disgusting to see government officials act not on the desires of the people they are meant to serve, but on their own selfish desires for money. The vote to end net neutrality is obviously an attempt by commissioner Ajit Pai to do just that.
  72. I, and millions of others, demand that the FCC keep Internet Service Providers under Title II regulation, and that the internet remain neutral."
  73. "Do not roll back net neutrality. To do so is a disservice to the American people. Net neutrality allows everyone, regardless of access or income to use the Internet. If you think broadband providers will put public interest over their profits and stockholders, you are kidding yourself. With big names like Amazon and Netflix telling you this is a terrible idea, listen, because it is a terrible idea. More than 4 million people said in 2015 to keep net neutrality in place, and we haven't changed our minds."
  74. "Allowing a service provider to have the ability and potential to impose bias by hindering the operation  of another business in the effort to redirect consumer funds completely undermines the intellectual and economic growth that the internet currently allows. Current issues with ISPs and Cable providers will still exist and attempts to limit the access to information customers are intending to look for themselves will have negative effects. Not just for the service providers, but will also result in a public backlash to the former Verizon lawyer and current FCC Commissioner for pushing a poor change that public citizens did not ask for. Don't kill the open internet rules or place them on different legal footing."
  75. I support the continuance of Net Neutrality to preserve the web for adequate competition to provide better consumer outcomes.
  76. Protect meet neutrality. My job depends on it!
  78. We obviously need net neutrality don't be stupid.
  79. "Without Net Neutrality, my website won't get as many views as I need to keep my business alive. My only source of income is commisons people make on my site. "
  80. "The internet is for everyone to use, to learn, and connect with the world."
  81. Please protect existing net neutrality rules that give people the power to choose which websites and apps are best. I care about the open internet and competition online!
  82. "Repealing net neutrality might actually be the worst idea in the history of the world, and there's no valid justification for why it should be taken away."
  83. I would like to have the internet stay the way it is and stay neutral !Robert
  84. "I specifically support strong net neutrality backed by title II over site of ISPs. Do not roll this protection back, net neutrality is the only way america can be free."
  85. "Defend an open internet. If you do not, many of our favorite websites and services will be slowed to a crawl, and well end up with an _Internet” that looks more like cable TV † a boring, money-making machine for telecom giants. "
  86. I strongly oppose any rollback of current net neutrality rules under title 2
  87. "I support the existing Title 2 Net Neutrality rule. The internet is a public utility for the American people. It's not for the monetary gains for a few corporations; AT&T, Verizon and Comcast. The Title 2 Net Neutrality rule must remain in place."
  88. "The video Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know at http://youtu.be/B3nok7Cby28 is 2.5 hours long but it's totally worth your time to watch the whole entire thing because it exposes how the cops, judges, prosecution attorneys, politicians, and car insurance salesmen have stolen BILLIONS from the common people as well as the secrets that anyone can follow to prevent them from stealing that money. Also check out the scripts related to the video at http://logosradionetwork.com/tao/
  90. This video can help put a stop to tyranny and in turn bring freedom and higher consciousness to all! So please help me in my crusade to spread this info like wildfire on a global scale."
  91. "I support strong net nuetrality backed by title 2 oversight of isp's, and I oppose Docket #17-108."
  92. "This attempt to remove neutrality from the Internet is a serious threat to commerce and the ability of the people to access information online withought the provider limiting them to what they have decided safe.
  93.  The only reason to want to go forward and strike down net neutrality is because you see potential profits as more important than the people."
  94. The fundamentals of net neutrality is that neutral. The internet freedom bill is not that it is against net neutrality/the first amendment. If this bill were to pass it would be a blatant violation of the first amendment and would need to be blocked indefinitely preventing other bills that do the same with ending net neutrality. The internet is a free open resource that everyone should be able to use without their data and network connection being throttled.  This isn't a left wing vs right wing issue it will be everyone's problem. Doing this will cost the U.S. billions of dollars because people and business use the internet. Even with companies that are starting out they use internet and even upload videos to get marketing on their website. This is to get people who are interested in said to buy it. Productivity in the U.S. will drop because of this bill and it shouldn't pass because Net Neutrality is already protecting the greater good for people's first amendment and business being large and small.  
  95. "Please do not weaken the consumer protections provided by existing ""net neutrality"" laws."
  96. "When Trump said he would drain the swamp, did his followers understand that he was draining the swamp into his cabinet? SAD!"
  97. Please preserve net neutrality and TItle 2.
  98. "The internet should be free. Private companies should not, under any circumstances, be allowed to have an unfair influence  over the whole of the internet. Preserve Net Neutrality and Title II."
  99. Entrepreneurship is the most important aspects of the american economy and I fear that without ISPs being classified under title II we open up to possibility for large companies to stifle that. If companies can pay for preferential treatment then it would be harder for Entrepreneurs to compete without the access to similar capital. This would stifle American innovation.
  100. Nothing needs to be changed. Everything is fine the way it is. Things have worked fine for years.
  101. I support net neutrality. Please do not reverse this
  102. "I am 82, handicapped, and home bound, but not lonely, because I have the free internet.  I can roam the world. use Facebook to visit family  friends.  I can sell my work on Etsy without fear of Amazon getting preference should the 2015 law be repealed.  If you (The FCC) no longer had oversight, my ISP could raise its prices so that I couldn't afford to have the Internet at all!  I am relying on the FCC to protect me and others like me."
  103. "Dismantling internet neutrality would significantly harm the global economy by inhibiting the growth and development of new internet businesses. To give control of the internet to providers is tantamount to giving these companies license to become monopolies, which is still illegal in the US."
  104. "To Whom It May Concern,
  106. Keep the Net Neutrality Rules strong! Do not make Title 2 lax!
  108. Thank you for your consideration.
  110. Sincerely,
  112. Dan"
  113. Information is not unlike water. It is necessary to the growth and advance of humanity. We the people benefit from its open flow and should not allow valuable information to be hindered by the paid content of the highest bidder.
  114. Net neutrality is imparitive for a fair and free access to the internet. Please don´t change the legal footing and loosen the control you have.
  115. "I support the continued classification of internet services under Article II of the Communications Act of 1934. I do not agree with plans to reclassify internet communications under Article I of this Act because doing so would grant internet service providers the power to manipulate internet speeds in an unfair manner, giving priority to domains operated by businesses with the capacity to pay for a faster connection.
  117. Granting ISPs this power would undermine the freedom of the internet as it has existed until now. It would desecrate the values of the uniquely equal internet and its users would not forget the actions taken by the FCC and by internet service providers lobbying the FCC. The constant disapproval of the public and the recent surge of expressed discontent regarding this matter should be an indication of how unpopular taking such an action would be. I predict that ignoring the wishes of the public would result in much more discontent towards the FCC and its interests.
  119. Also, Ajit Pai is a cuck and he and his tiny mug should step down from his position as chairman of the FCC due to his conflicting interests as the former Associate General Counsel for Verizon, one such enterprise that would benefit from reclassifying internet communications under Article I of the Communications Act."
  120. "The internet needs to keep it's net neutrality rules in place. While some in Washington DC might think that the majority populace is docile and mentally handicapped, this will not sit well with people (should it be changed) and they will not tolerate the internet becoming and ISP's plaything. The general populace is much too smart to let something like THE INTERNET become diminished to some play thing ISP's to muck around with as they see fit. The internet is something that was created in order to share ALL knowledge, all the time. This is not something that should be changed at all cost. Please, this is the internet we're discussing here, it's a very serious matter to everyone these days and for the rest of days to come. Don't put it in jeopardy for prideful reasons or reasons of wealth and power. You'll bring about the end of the rest of days to come, much, much sooner than they need to be. Thank you for taking the time to read this brief comment."
  121. "Giving ISP's the power to control the internet in any way would be a terrible thing. They already make plenty of money from customers like myself, who just want to experience the internet freely and as they please. While freedom to allow businesses to compete is a good thing, this ensures the biggest companies could more easily monopolize the internet, which is about the largest form of freedom suppression for the majority of people in this country, as the internet is almost impossible to live without now days. With smaller areas, where internet service providers are already very limited, this could mean that people in these smaller areas wouldn't be able to access sites and services that they may need, or the internet at all. I would hate to be limited to only certain news companies or political views that may not be shared between the service provider and myself. Instead of allowing ISP's to gouge our wallets and control our content, the FCC should be more concerned with protecting the consumers from the ISP's and ensuring that they do not limit this freedom by gouging, controlling, and invading our privacy."
  122. I support Net Neutrality backed by the tittle II oversight of the ISPs
  123. "To whomever it may concern,\n\nThe internet has been an important resource in my life, and I feel that it is under threat. Part of what makes the internet great is that all content should be treated the same by internet service providers(ISP). Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Under the guise of increased cost to carry certain types of information, such as high definition video - certain ISPs have started charging extra for these services. While I believe that these companies have a right to make some profit off of their infrastructure - I do not believe that these extra ones and zeros justify the cost both to producers and consumers of information. It slippery slope that if followed leaves inevitably towards censorship of what was once a vast collection of shared human knowledge. At what point does the benefit to society outweigh the potential for corporate profit? My hope is, that point is now - to work to make the internet a more open and accessable place, please protect it. \n\nThank you,\n\nQuentin Lightner\r\nQuentin"
  124. Please keep Title II net neutrality rules. The ISPs have proved on many occasions that they cannot be trusted to govern themselves. Our rights as consumers to use the Internet freely must come before corporate interests.
  125. Please do not change from title 2 this is a good and capable rule allowing all to participate which is the essence of being an American
  126. Please preserve net neutrality and Title 2 for a free internet
  127. "The Internet has become a public place much like any library, or place of gathering. The ideas of millions come together to create a world that is free from all forms of control and censorship. Attempting to create rules as for what can and cannot be on the internet is as much a violation of the first amendment of the United States of America, as preventing a group of individuals from protesting for what they believe to be the right or wrong decision. Attempting to alter and/or remove Net Neutrality, can also prevent businesses from functioning and therefore rendering their business incapable of surviving. Perhaps in the long run preventing many citizens from maintaining a job they found to be their best skill. The Internet is in itself a virtual part of our world, and attempting to change that would be seen as an attack on the free people attempting to benefit from it. Do not change the great world wide web, as it is a great part of our lives that is taken for granted. Shielding people from what can be considered wrong or right, is not far from the idea of a tyrannical government attempting to control what the population can and cannot see, hear, or experience. Freedom includes the ability to share ideas, experience what we wish, and to fight for what we believe in. In this day and age where technology is a staple to our world, and allows us to function more productively, communicate with less error, and experience contact with those we love, cannot be altered. Maintain the median of free ideas, and exchange among the population of the planet Earth. How are we all going to get along, if we don't expose all that is the Human race."
  128. Preserve title 2.  Don't be the massive fukwit we all think you are.
  129. I SUPPORT STRONG NET NEUTRALITY SUPPORTED UNDER TITLE 2 OVERSIGHT OF ISP's... Regulation is important to protect me the consumer
  130. I support strong regulations to maintain Net Neutrality under Title II.
  131. Keep the internet free for all. It is a utility and all Americans deserve to have free and open access to it. Do not allow deep pocketed corporations to have faster connection speeds that benefit only the very wealthy. Everyone deserves access. Do not allow the existing rules to be eliminated. This is our right! I support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISP’s
  132. "Today I was in Athens, Greece. Known to the world as the birthplace of democracy. Today I visited the Pynx, a stone stage in which any citizen of Athens could come and express their opinions and qualms within the city to the leaders of the state and expect to be heard. Our nation was built upon the principals of the Pynx, and I as a citizen of this nation expect to be heard. I strongly support Net Neutrality as it allows me, and many others, in this very moment to express our qualms with those trying to end Net Neutrality. For without it, we might not have this voice. Without Net Neutrality we deny the principles of our nation."
  133. "The FCC should NOT repeal the Net Neutrality Laws, for example, it's like comparing the internet to a highway. We do not want the cable companies like Comcast and AT&T, the most hated companies for customer service, to be able charge people in order to use the fast lane, when internet has no variable speed except for the company to forcibly slow down people, and we don't want to give them the power to put paywalls on the internet, or shut down sites just because they don't pay them enough. Keep the internet FREE!"
  134. "It is imperative to preserve net neutrality in America. Equitable access to space and information is crucial for the good of the public and for the development of future business. Without net neutrality, small companies risk being priced out of the market before they even release, consumers risk being throttled out of crucial access, and America loses standing as a country that values the equitable exchange of information.
  136. I, like millions of others, am a freelancer, and rely utterly on the internet for work. If I ran the risk of a company throttling my internet, or I had to pay more money to access certain sites, I would quickly be caught in a Catch-22 in which I would be unable to research enough work to pay for the necessary internet access to research my work. There's also a deeper concern here about people in financial straits, who would be the first cut off from internet access. Places that can afford free WiFi could soon be throttled out of it, the underfunded public libraries on which so many people rely might not be able to cover the needs of all those they serve. We would, essentially, lock an entire class of people out of any way to conduct business, search for jobs, research schoolwork, and learn about the world. America has built its legacy on the idea that anyone with the will to do it can succeed; removing any of the existing protections of net neutrality would make this much harder, and is counter to the entrepreneurial spirit America so wishes to present to the world.
  138. I urge you to preserve the existing protections of net neutrality; the future of the internet workforce in America depends on it."
  139. Preserve net neutrality under Title 2. MAKE NO CHANGES.
  160. FUCK YOU."
  161. keep the internet free from throttling
  162. "Please preserve net neutrality and Title 2. As an internet user (and aspiring developer) I believe in an Internet where Internet service providers enable access to ALL content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. Thank you."
  163. Keep net neutrality and title 2 thank you!!!
  164. Please support keeping the internet strong by keeping ISP's asTitle II.
  165. I support net neutrality.  Please keep corporate interests out of a free and open internet.
  166. "Net neutrality is a critical part of what the Internet has always been about, and it's critical to allowing anyone to stay connected. Keep the Internet neutral."
  167. I want to preserve net neutrality and Title II. I do not want any changes to net neutrality.
  168. ISP providers need oversight so myself and other consumers are protected.
  169. Please restore net neutrality - I support strong net neutrality rules.
  170. Paragraph 82 asks for input on whether throttling should be regulated. ISPs have show a willingness and interest in throttling content and extracting concessions from content providers.  The growth and value of the internet has come from the low barriers to entry for any content or service provider - it is critical that this level playing field be maintained . Thanks for reading my comment.
  171. "Net neutrality is something everyone wants, representatives should represent the people not corporations."
  172. Freedom and liberty is being killed all over the planet for the sake of profit and control... we are sick and tired of these manipulators through buying off the government. We the people are fed up.
  173. Net Neutrality needs to be preserved in Title II
  174. The last thing humanity would want is their permanent knowledge to become like Alzheimer's.
  175. "Please do not end net neutrality. Regardless the political issue you most believe in, internet access to information about it will be at the discretion of the companies who distribute that internet.  Equal browsing is at stake.  I'm currently in Malaysia, and I see what a censored internet does to a populous; I see what it does for power.  Use your conscious."
  176. I SUPPORT the current administration's efforts to un-do net neutrality. This campaign by Mozilla promotes support of net neutrality by persons with little understanding of the issues other than the one sided propaganda  that Mozilla provides.
  177. We need to preserve net neutrality!  Internet access should be a utility and ISPs should not be able to prioritize traffic or give others fast lanes.
  178. "Keep title ii. Net neutrality is important and good for Americans. It is want the American people very vocally want. ISPs want more power fueled by the desire for more money. They absolutely do not have American citizens' best interest in mind, nor do they care. They already have monopolies in many areas. Keep title ii and keep net neutrality."
  179. Please continue to protect the internet and keep strong net neutrality rules backed by Title II as it is important to retrain the integrity of how we view information on the internet.
  180. "Naming this docket the ""Restoring Internet Freedom"" is incredibly misleading and shows the FCCs willingness to kowtow to the ISP dollar. The internet is currently relatively free, about as free as it can be, considering right now that the ISPs cannot throttle speeds based on what website is being visited or charge extra in order to have access to certain web content. Every website has equal value and opportunity, and each person can take advantage of this opportunity. If this change is implemented, it will result in drastic increases in consumer pricing and extortion by cable/internet/broadband companies such as Verizon, Comcast, and Spectrum. Removing regulations and reclassifying the internet so it is no longer considered a utility would  severely limit competition to any ISPs, and hinder growth and innovation driven by start-up companies that rely on a free and open web space."
  181. "I support net neutrality, Title II and open and free access to the internet."
  182. I want everyone to have equal access to advertising and internet usage. No one should have an unfair advantage because they have more money .
  183. "Dear FCC,
  185. I support strong net neutrality rules and urge you to keep them under title 2 rules.  They should remain on the legal footing of Title II to ensure your ability to enforce them effectively"
  186. "Enough with the Federal Government making the rich richer, and the poor poorer.  You not only disenfranchise to maintain power, now you want to increase the plutocracy and diminish the lanes for communication with us all.  Keep Net Neutrality, for that is what keeps America great."
  187. "For the love of God, think of the children!!!"
  188. I am writing to strongly support net neutrality under Title II oversight on ISPs. Do not take away net neutrality for internet users! Thank you.
  189. Net neutrality can only be maintained by keeping isp's under title 2.  This should not even be a debate.  I want the 2015 decision to govern isp's under title 2 to remain.
  191. "I believe in order to grow and prosper as a community, as a nation and as a global leader, we need Net Neutrality.  Censorship goes against everything I hold dear as an American Citizen, and only few profit at the expense of the many. "
  192. "Net neutrality is just about the most American concept there is. We're a nation built on freedom of expression and the distribution of knowledge to all citizens. Creating fast lanes, data caps on home internet access, limiting the areas of the web people are allowed to go to, these are extremely un-American concepts. Anybody who loves what this country stands for should be ashamed of themselves for even considering such limitations on the freedoms of American citizens. We will continue to resist these efforts, and will not stop fighting for our online rights. Do NOT strip away net neutrality from the people you are supposed to be working for. The influence of big cable companies on your decision making process has never been more blatant, and for the future of the FCC itself, you'd do well to bring yourself back into the service of your citizens."
  193. I support strong net neutrality and the preservation of Title 2
  194. I support Net Neutrality and title 2. Killing this will kill my small business a thousands of others.
  195. I support strong net neutrality backed by TITLE II over site of Internet service providers.
  196. "ISPs in North America are already too few and far between. In most cities, there is only one (maybe two) option for a decent internet connection. The thought that this monopoly (duopoly) could be put in a position to influence the content we have access to scares me to no end.
  198. The internet was supposed to be the great equalizer. but without net neutrality we might as well go back to the days of AOL -- sure there were some cool things about it, but compared to the free and open Internet, it was limiting, it was stifling and it couldn't grow. We've barely tapped the potential of the Internet, and by compromising net neutrality, we'd be dooming the Internet to the same fate as AOL.
  200. If any thing we need more competition among ISP's. NOT LESS! Don't let this happen on your watch. Don't be the ones responsible for breaking the single greatest transformative technology our generation has seen just to further line the pockets the already wealthy cable giants. They're smart... they'll find another way to make more money. But once this genie is out of the bottle, it's not going back in -- they'll all make their quarterly goals and we'll watch the Internet as we know it circle the drain.
  202. Support neutrality. Support the Open Internet. Support my right to choose."
  203. Preserve Net Neutrality. This isn't that difficult.
  204. Congress and federal agencies are supposed to be advocating for We the People
  205. "I work for a small non-profit that provides free, verified referrals to licensed child care providers, for families seeking care. The loss of net neutrality could mean that large, for-profit referral sites could dramatically reduce our access to parents online. This will drive families away from unbiased, impartial information, and will funnel them to anyone who is capable of paying more, and who's intentions and information is unverified.
  207. Please protect net neutrality."
  208. "Keep Net Neutrality,  There are already deserts of no access in the inner city - that limits the futures of many bright students.  Keeping neutrality is critical for freedom, continued creative growth and our future as a nation."
  209. I use the internet to educate myself about the world around me. Please keep this important resource free for all Americans.
  210. I likebthe Bill of Rights
  211. "I support net neutrality. Net neutrality has allowed me to find my favorite videos. Videos that lead me to find some of my best friends that I wouldn't have made without it. I've found online shops through Etsy and have purchased hand-crafted gifts for the people I care about. My favorite shops could potentially become out of reach if my ISP decided to only allow me to shop on Amazon or Best Buy. I can't purchase hand-crafted goods there. Without net neutrality, ISPs could potentially block future friendships from being made. What if I wanted to check up on my friends that live in another part of the world, but I couldn't access the site that I normally use because my ISP deemed it as dangerous/unnecessary.
  213. I understand what I (the consumer) am buying from ISPs: email, cloud storage, reliably fast internet speeds, etc. I can name a few ISPs for my area. I prefer it that way. I should be allowed to decide which ISP fits my income. I need ISPs that I can trust and that care and look out for their customers. I shouldn't have to bounce around finding the right ISP that allows me to visit the sites I want. What if the ISP that has those permissions jacks up their price? I would have to take time off of work just to make the switch and even have to demand more hours (more time away from family) to earn money to pay for the damn over-priced service. Do not repeal the 2015 network neutrality rules.
  215. ISPs should be overseen by the FCC. Without their authority, ISPs could jack up prices overnight, invade customer privacy and fraudulent bill customers. I have no ideas on-hand, but ISPs definitely need to be kept in check.
  217. The Internet has been an essential network of my personal life. Meeting life-long friends. Reconnecting with old friends and family through Skype and Facebook. Meeting the woman I love. Please don't ruin that potential for others by repealing the 2015 network neutrality rules. Keep networking free."
  218. Preserve Net Neutrality and Title !!.
  219. "I am in full support of keeping net neutrality and opposed to the agenda being advocated by large companies.  It is important for an educated citizenry that open access to the internet be retained so that we can make informed decisions for ourselves.  I am a Ph.D. student in Higher Education, and my job is to consult institutions of higher education toward the best products and services that will allow them to attract and retain students.  I believe access to information is important for my ability to produce the highest quality research and the highest quality recommendations to my clients.  Diversity of opinion is critical to having a truly democratic, dialogical nation and innovation.  Please do not hamper our creativity or decision making ability by lifting the net neutrality regulations.   It is thought censorship."
  220. The internet should be available equally to everyone.  Lets keep sticky political fingers and greedy corporate fingers off of it!
  221. It's important because why give the rich more power over the poor than they already have?
  222. There is not nearly enough competition between cable companies within the same area for deregulation to work.  The need for Title II authority has never been more necessary and vital to the health of our internet.  Policies that encourage companies to build into each areas that other cable companies are operating in order to increase competition should also be pursued.
  223. "The internet has allowed people the freedom and ease to keep in touch with the world around them.  It has provided them with a resource to learn discover and create.  Our ability to communicate and interact with family, friends, and colleagues should not be determined and censored by a third party that is pushing their own agenda., "
  224. "Ease of access is important. This plan you have does a disservice to the people at large by impeding personal connections, livelihoods, and educational research."
  225. "I would like to make my thoughts on net neutrality known. The internet needs to be a place that thoughts, ideas and topics can be expressed without being tethered to the whims of ISP controlling the content we can use and view. To do so is a incredibly huge violation of our human right to explore and consume information freely. The internet has remained a place to freely express thoughts and content (for better or worse) for years and the government has no right to take this away from the people just because they see profit in doing so. Please make the right decision for the people you represent and know that we absolutely want net neutrality to stay in place."
  226. We need Net Neutrality in order to keep our online activities uncensored by big companies.
  227. Net neutrality provides a common ground for a generation with extremely polarizing views. Now more than ever it is important to allow every conceivable medium for communication to be used.
  229. "Yes to Net neutrality. No to ""fast and slow lanes"" on the internet. Keep the internet for all people."
  230. I am lead network engineer for a company providing internet to the largest cluster of startups in the world. I have first-hand knowledge of why Net Neutrality is essential to startup growth and innovation. Weakening or repealing these rules will have an immediate chilling effect on both foreign and domestic investment in technology.
  231. Net neutrality helps keep the internet in the hands of the people and not large corporations. You should continue net neutrality and not allow the companies who already try to disadvantage internet users to have more power.
  232. "Please don't let cable companies ruin the open internet, mankind's greatest achievement to date. Vote in favor of Net Neutrality."
  234. "I find net neutrality a central issue that effects people of all ages. I believe that freedom of information as a fundamental part of what makes this nation great, and to repeal past protections would be a severe step in the wrong direction. Please, DO NOT repeal current net neutrality protections. I want my interests protected, not the interests of ISPs. Thank you.
  235. Timothy Sheldon"
  236. "To maintain democratic access to the internet, especially in rural areas, net neutrality not only must be protected but further strengthened. While in some regions of the country consumers have open market choice in internet providers, many in rural America do not have a choice. So impartial access is important."
  237. Net neutrality under Title 2 MUST BE PRESERVED.
  238. rolling back the current protections of net neutrality will be a grave mistake and a roll back of our online freedoms which are increasingly more important.
  239. Please protect our rights!!
  240. I strongly support preserving net neutrality through Title II oversight. It is not fair for a former Verizon attorney to threaten to destroy everything in the name of greed.
  241. "The internet is one of the most powerful things ever created To allow someone to muzzle it in the name of corporate greed is not only anti-American, but it is a major crime against the human race and its works. it is a blatantly destructive act that only helps a select few while screwing over every single American citizen who will ever live.
  242. Think about the greater good. Think about the future. Think about the fiery spirit of mankind. Have we ever let anything stop us? We tamed fire. We survived plague. We invented weapons powerful enough to obliterate all life on our own planet. We're amazing.
  243. Large ISP's want the internet to be like cable television, because that's what they know how to control. and the internet should not be controllable.
  244. The internet should be as powerful and wild as the humans that made it, because it is made of those humans, and to chain it up is to chain humanity."
  245. Control/censorship of information is a classic sign of an authoritarian society.
  246. Ajit Pai! I specifically support TITLE II OVERSIGHT OF ISP's
  247. Preserve Title 2 you idiot fuck with the giant coffee mug
  248. Net neutrality is absolutely necessary for a vibrant economy. Unless it is guaranteed small start up will not be able to compete with the industry's giants. We need this for our future! Keep current classification in place - protect net neutrality!
  249. "Dear FCC,
  251. I can't believe we have to do this again! I am a supporter of Net Neutrality Rules backed by Title II. Do not touch!"
  252. "Keep the big government boot off of the internet. No regulation that restricts the free use of the internet. No control by the politically biased big corporations. No strangling free speech in the name of ""security"". Leave THIS media alone!"
  253. I strongly support Net Neutrality and the continued Title II oversight of ISPs.
  254. Please have net neutrality remain under Title II ruling. Thank you!
  255. "I want a Free Open Internet with a Strong Statement from the FCC that is Pro Net Neutrality.
  257. This should be accomplished by keeping Title 2 regulations in effect."
  258. "The internet is a proper voice for our democracy and having big ISP corporations stifle this with requiring paid prioritization goes against our very fundamentals as a Republic. It hinders our freedom of speech and to properly express our voices without the fear of being censored or having to ""pay"" a fee to see the content we want to see. Not only will business suffer but this could, in theory, slow down the economy. Who would want that? No one would want to pay more to access certain content or have a watered down internet. This, in turn, could slow business and be used as a way to protest this move. Do the right thing and keep the internet free, fair and competitive like our democratic process thrives upon. Censoring and or making people pay more will only make things worse for these companies..."
  259. "Freedom, equality, sanity!"
  260. Seems to me the open web has served us well.  Let's keep it that way.
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  262. "If you remove the laws protecting net neutrality, it could be the biggest mistake any politician has ever made, not only will gamers and others who consume online media care, but if the general public becomes aware that you've allowed isp's to slow down their speed to certain social media platforms or websites, it'll be the end of any politician pushing for net neutrality to end."
  263. The repealing of net neutrality is the very essence of repealing freedom and exactly the type of system that exists in dictatorship countries.  Why is this even a reoccurring issue
  264. "The internet is a public utility and should be legislated as such.  I do not want anyone to be able to pay for ""better water"", and I don't want anyone to be able to pay for an advantage to expressing their content over others on the web.  Please keep the net neutral."
  265. The FCC should retain authority over ISPs. Internet Service Providers should be treated as common carriers. ISPs should be classified as utilities.
  266. "Net neutrality is fundamental to free speech, and free speech is what makes America great."
  267. keep the net neutrality law intact
  268. I oppose the FCC's move to rescind Net Neutrality. I feel that it is harmful to our democracy to allow the the prioritization of information to be left to a small collection of ISPs. I also believe that regulation of the internet should remain within the domain of the FCC. The initial decision to place the internet under the control of the FTC was made at a time when many would not have predicted the importance of the internet in our day-to-day communications and it is because of this importance that the internet would be most appropriately regulated by the FCC.
  269. i fill out so no thingy in way
  270. "The nation needs net neutrality more than ever. Keep title II and its stronger regulations. The free flow of information is imperative to democracy, even when that information is tv shows and Reddit threads."
  271. "As an eBay employee, I support our company's mission to be the place where the world goes to shop, sell and give. Taking away net neutrality will endanger our seller's abilities to run and maintain their business on our marketplace. If ISPs have the ability to discriminate in favor or against certain Internet content or services, the small business, which make eBay the most vibrant online marketplace, will be put in danger of not being able to compete against larger companies with more resources. Killing net neutrality takes control away from the consumer, will stifle innovation, and disproportionately affect the consumers and Internet-enabled small businesses who can least afford it. I urge you to keep net neutrality alive and in place."
  272. "We the people will fight you. I vehemently support strong neutrality backed by title 2 oversight of ISPs. Thank John Oliver for this, I do. I am spreading the word. We will win!"
  273. I am in support of Strong Net Neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs! I am VERY opposed to Docket No. 17-108! DO NOT VIOLATE MY NET NEUTRALITY.
  274. Please do not allow the Trump administration or the ISP's to remove our internet freedom.
  275. I believe that title 2 should stand and keep net neutrality as it was because the access to information should be a basic human right.
  276. "I am a self studying network administrator, studying Cisco, Palo Alto, and basic network infrastructure from Ethernet, WiFi, and fiber optic. Everything I work towards, my carrier and my social communities depends on the future of the internet. If Title II gets removed, if Net Neutrality is rejected by our leaders, then that's​ a step in the wrong direction that will wrong so many more of us. Please, with all the authority you possess, help us work for a network that will connect us equally."
  277. "As a small business co-owner, I know personally how important it is for our continued success to have a neutral internet that does not prioritize the traffic of those who can pay more. Net neutrality is a key to helping entrepreneurs succeed, thus a key building block for America's continued success."
  278. I specifically support strong net neutrality backed by title 2 oversight of ISPs.  #Johnoliver
  279. "Dear Sirs: I have a small health and well-being business which involves a great deal of scientific literature research and product sales and marketing.  I rely on the open and equal access capabilities of the internet to sustain my livelihood.  Please keep net neutrality!  Best, Helen C Harrison, MA"
  280. "An open internet is necessary to provide entertainment, information and social well-being for the gamer, student and social person that I am."
  281. "Do not undermine the existing rules classifying ISPs under Title II. The rules that are in place ensure that ISPs cannot gauge customers to access content faster or for upstart providers to provide content without being choked and throttled compared to competitors.
  283. The current rules are the strongest consumer protections put in place with regard to ensuring completely open access to information. Revoking classification under Title II will only serve Chairman Pai's former employer Verizon and their fellow members of the ISP Industry and not the public interest. Despite statements from ISPs claiming this classification harms investment in infrastructure, ISPs have stated on investor calls that investment will not be reduced because of fear of regulation. I urge you to not weaken the agency's authority under Title II."
  284. "Leave Net Neutrality alone. We (me and millions of people in USA) have a right to choose on web or streaming movie on h-tech tv with wifi, shopping online. Please consider  about keep it open with full portection. Thanks for your time to read this."
  285. Net Neutrality NEEDS to be preserved and ISPs should remain under Title II.
  286. It is CRITICAL that we continue to keep internet providers under title II. Please please please keep internet providers classified as common carriers.
  287. I believe strongly in the net neutrality rules backed by Title II. Do not make changes solely for the benefit of internet providers.
  288. Leave our free & open internet like it is supposed to be.
  289. Net neutrality is critical. Please do not let my rights to open access Internet be impeaded upon for corporate financial gain.
  290. Please do not repeal net neutrality. The purpose of this legislation is to create a free and open internet. Repealing this legislation would be a direct attack on the publics ability to access unbiased information.
  291. I fully support Net Neutrality and keeping ISP's under the rule of Title II.
  292. If there had been an internet in 1776
  293. Leave the internet alone. Preserve net neutrality.
  295. I support net neutrality and title 2 legislation!
  296. Gimme gimme neutral tendies
  297. "We need to keep the internet how it is for a even playing field, so new companies can grow while having have have a chance."
  298. We want strong Net Neutrality rules!! Do not threaten our privacy and rights!!
  299. "Internet Service Providers should absolutely continue to be regulated as Title II Common Carriers. Any attempt to do away with this regulation strikes at the heart of free and open access to the internet for all but a vanishingly small number of massive corporations.
  301. Access to an unthrottled and unfiltered internet has become a necessity for all Americans in both their personal and professional lives. Government oversight by way of Title II regulation is necessary to maintain that access for all citizens."
  302. "I support the existing ""Title II utility-style regulation"" of internet service providers (ISP).  This classification protects against preferential service of content creators and their consumers.  Taking away these protections endangers the livelihood of those who rely on web traffic directly or indirectly for income.  The ISP should not have control over the availability and profitability of such individuals."
  303. "I firmly believe that in the best interest of upholding the First Amendment, Title II laws and those preserving Net Neutrality must be upheld against any sort of violation set upon them. Under no circumstance should these laws be removed or weakened lest we compromise our way of life as Americans."
  304. I strongly support net neutrality!! Please don't take this away from us. We want NET NEUTRALITY!!
  305. "When an entity is no longer neutral, this implies that some external force has shifted this entity to favor one side over another. The internet should never be shifted to favor one opportunity over another; it's a continuous and improving database that provides recreational, commercial, and educational opportunities for all who utilize it. By limiting certain functions, it would be no less tyrannical than dictating what clothes someone throws on in the morning, even though they may have their own preferences and varieties."
  306. "In our society, the Internet has become the keystone to communication and commerce-- it is the structural basis for what these concepts are built upon. By revoking Title II net neutrality, you would be providing internet service providers, or ISPs, the ability to control what we see, do, and learn on the Internet. This power would destroy the Internet as we know it, and, like with any other keystone, the rest of the structure would crumble down with it. Don't let this happen. Maintain Title II net neutrality."
  307. I think the internet should be open & equal to all. I don't think that internet service providers should control what legal content you have access to. I think that the current costs of internet access is to high. Poor people can't afford the current costs of internet access.
  308. Please preserve net neutrality by keeping it listed under Title 2
  309. The internet is the last place where any amount of information is allowed to come undisturbed this freedom is something worth defending you can't morally give up the freedom of the internet to big corporations just so we're clear to whoever is reading this if you agree with these appalling actions you can go FCC yourself
  311. Please DO NOT kill net neutrality legislation. John Oliver is on the right side of this.
  312. I urge you to please preserve net neutrality and Title II.
  313. "The Commission's Current open-internet rules are extremely important not only to me personally but are an essential cornerstone of the internet itself. I am filing this express with the commission not only because I believe the the open internet rules and their legal footing under title II classification are important, but also because I am aware of many fraudulent filings to the commission in which filings were presented by persons who had not willfully done so and thus want to make my views publicly know and ensure that this very proceeding does not end up as democracy only in jest.
  315. The arguments presented for moving the open internet rules away from title II classification in that it decreases competition and stifles innovation are patently false, fear mongering schemes that serve no other purpose than to scare the public into blindly supporting this action. For an example of this take a look at what happened after the united states broke up the AT&T ma bell monopoly, prices for equipment and service from baby bells drastically decreased until the point of future consolidation drove rices higher. This was because all baby bells had access to the American Telephone and Telegraph company's long line long distance service. Imagine if a company like Mid-Atlantic bell was only allocated a certain number of call spots on these long lines, or a certain maximum  call length  or even blocked altogether from accessing this infrastructure.  Would consumers have won out on this end? This is in essence what removing title II classification would ensure, that broadband companies could block access to whole services in order to extort a toll from the operator of that service. Telecom companies could also charge more directly for access or high-speed access to certain sites driving consumer prices ever higher for less service. Cable companies could also use the internet rules to block services that compete with their cable tv offerings like sony's playstation vue,  AT&T's Directv now or dish echostar's sling TV. This would make the only competitive pay television service be either the one offered by the cable company o, satellite or offerings from the phone companies like frontier or verizon where applicable driving bills ever higher and eliminating competition that used to exist.
  317. Moving onto the claim that the open internet rules stifle innovation. I could hardly be argued that protecting existing business models could in any way be construed as innovation, but that s exactly the narrative being pushed.The reclassification from title II would have a negative impact on innovative products and services on the internet as new technologies and companies would face an additional barrier to entry in the market and those that could not pay the toll asked by the cable company would cease to exist in the consumer marketplace.
  319. While ISPS may claim to uphold these principals without government regulations explicitly specifying that they must do as such, we know these claims will likely prove false due to activities of the past. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked apple's Facetime service and Verizon has admitted that it will introduce fast lanes should the commission lift the open internet rules.
  321. I now turn my attention towards the commissioner Mr. Ajat Pai. Respectfully, the appointment and subsequent service of Mr.Pai has me worried about the commission's ability to listen to the will of the people. Chairman Pai's former position as a former Verizon worries me that he will chose to act in the benefit of the broadband industry rather than the benefit of the American People. Industry connection is an issue I raised more the three years ago against former chairman Thomas Wheeler when the open internet rules were last open to public debate. You can find my public comment on proceeding 14-28  on the electronic comment filing system by searching by filer.
  323. I will not only be including this filing here but I also intend to forward a copy to my representatives in congress to implore them to action to protect the free and open internet once and for all."
  324. Please preserve net neutrality and title II. Don't let the man win!
  325. "Controlling the internet can't come to any good.  Yes, it's sleezy and stupid, and can be better - but controlling the individuals using it, and what they can access, is NOT the answer.  NO relevant progress by humans have been through control.  Doing so will take us back to the ""serfdoms"" of the Medieval ages, where a ""company"" had control over where you slept, what you ate, how long you worked, etc.  Don't give our rights away."
  326. "Classifying ISPs into Title 2 of the 1934 Act was the right thing to do for net neutrality. Removing it from Title 2 is wrong and ""verbal agreements"" by ISPs to do restrain from abusing their powers are just not good enough. It's not enforceable. Internet is a utility, plain and simple. It is an information exchange system, just like telephones or the postal service. To claim that the internet is not a utility but a luxury is ignoring the obvious reality that using the internet in today's society is required for fully participating in the economy. If something is required to fully participate in the economy, it can't be a luxury. Please don't do the immoral thing and allow companies to have more control over people's lives than they already do. You are the government. You are supposed to protect people from powerful corporations by regulating what they can and can't do. Do your jobs."
  327. "We already see the impact business can have on the internet when they only look after their own interests.  ""Unlimited"" data does not necessarily mean unlimited, as some carriers try to limit the data by throttling, or slowing down, the speed at which it is delivered.  If they do this with data, then what prevents them from doing it with access to that data, except the net neutrality rules?"
  328. Corporate manipulation and self interest are antithetical to the people's internet.
  329. DO not end net neutrality !!!!
  330. Preserve internet neutrality under title 2.  Consumers need this protection to protect our countries future innovation.
  331. A free and open internet is what we need. Preserve Net Neutrality.
  332. Please end net neutrality!  I don't want these ISPs to see and control what I do on the web.\r\nAlonso Villavicencio
  333. "There is not enough competition to reduce or remove rules, if anything addition rules need to be put in place to ensure that as American Citizens we are given the best most protected product that we can be given. Not only did these companies already take tax payer money with promises of expansion and did not full make due on these promises but as of now in the area where I live I have only 2 options for an ISP which allows them to set the price the bandwidth and other things with very little for me to do anything about it. Please do not revoke these rules just to further pad this large corporations pockets."
  334. Net neutrality must be protected to insure my free access to information and prevent restriction of information based on any agenda at all
  335. "I support Strong Internet Neutrality supported by Title II. It's very important that each packet is treated like every other packet. The Internet is the property of the United States, and not the property of the ISPs."
  336. "I support Title 2 oversight of ISPs in regards to a thorough and strong policy of net neutrality across all media platforms.  The internet is not owned by individuals, or corporations, or governments, and should be made equally available to all."
  337. "Moving internet to Title 1 and then asking the ISPs to just play fair in their terms and services. Is a stupid as walking up to a bully in grade school, calling him your friend, and then asking him to play nice and not beat you up anymore. Which is something the chairman appears to be familiar with."
  338. "In issues such as this, where there is so much noise being shouted and very little substance being uttered, it's easy to lose track of the essence of what this is. To me, the FCC, like most federal institutions, are meant to protect and serve the interests of Americans across the country. When our government institutions cease serving the people and begin serving corporations and their profits, something has gone amiss. I'm as big a fan of a robust, vibrant economy and more more more money as any person here is. However, ISPs that already clearly have monopolies in each of their very few individual markets are muddying the issue and urging reform that puts more money into their already bloated accounts. This issue is a free speech issue. When you say ""you can see whatever you want and say whatever you want... if you can afford it"" that, to me, seems like a travesty of liberty. A neutral and open internet is what made technology, speech, profits and culture to boom the last few decades. It is a still very new and very wonderful thing, where even the poor and disenfranchised can have a voice. These policies silence those voices. Ending neutrality kills small businesses in favor of conglomerates. Please stand up for us little folks, that's what your institution is meant to do."
  339. "I demand as a citizen that you as the governing body of communication sector of our commons to maintain the same access and speed for all.  In the digital age the internet is now a base of democracy.  That needs to be available to all citizens at the same level.  
  340. Please think beyond the special interests and do your job as the public servants you are and represent all the people in this country.
  341. Thank you."
  342. last time I checked this was supposed to be the land of the free
  343. I support strong net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight or ISP's
  344. "Net neutrality is essential to prevent large ISPs from charging us extra fees to access the online content we want. It provides smaller firms the freedom and ability to push their excellent products and services, which truly allows the best/most efficient innovations to succeed."
  345. Please keep net neutrality and with Title II enforcement in place.  Please do not allow this to be changed.  Thank you.
  346. "the FCC in respect to Net Neutrality needs to keep it under title II the more stringent guidelines for ISP's.  We can not rely on an ISP's promise not do something that will compromise a competing product.  There is already too much shady activities by providers where they can not be trusted.
  348. As stated from another comment which the person said it best:
  349. I would like to inform Mr. Ajit Pai and other members of the FCC debating over this issue that I strongly and very specifically support Net Neutrality, which is already being enforced and protected by Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. Any attempts to ""fix""Net Neutrality, in the way that Mr. Pai and others (including Verizon's CEO), would result in the termination of internet use as we know it in favor of monopolizing access to sites; which would be terrible for the way that internet is being used for literally everything. Please, DO NOT do anything to change the way Net Neutrality is set up. DO NOT do anything that would give one service provider (like Verizon) an advantage over others that would prevent any budding ISP or network from competing against it. Title II is there for a reason; respect what's already in place. This is not a request. This is a demand; one made by a citizen who, assuming the United States is still a democracy, has made it very clear how this policy should be ruled."
  350. We should keep the internet open and not monopolize it.
  351. Keep net neutrality and keep isps under Title 2
  352. I support strong net neutrality laws. Do not get rid of Title II.
  353. You must preserve Net Neutrality and Title 2.
  354. "keep the internet free, open and unbeholden to corporate influence"
  355. I am fully in support of Strong Net Neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of Internet Service Providers.
  356. Id like to not get fucked using the internet I pay for. Just because this will make you richer and hurt others you think its right. Go fuck yourself if you want to ruin the internet. <3
  357. You need to preserve Net Neutrality and keep IPS's classified under title II.
  358. My wife and I both have businesses that are reliant on an open internet. I'm concerned about ISPs being allowed to discriminate against certain types of data or websites because ISPs could have too much power to determine what I can do online. That's not the kind of Internet we want to pass on to future generations of technology users. Please keep the current open internet rules in place.'
  359. "The internet has impacted, improved, and ""upgraded"" my life for nearly 20 years. I do not appreciate the FCC taking away some of my quality of life for corporate interests. I do not appreciate the FCC grossly overstepping my personal boundaries and allowing service providers to take advantage of me as a customer. I believe in Net Neutrality. Thank you."
  360. "Access to the internet is a right to all people, regardless of background, socioeconomic status, or any other identity that someone may identify with. The open internet must stay open, and away from any rules or obstructions that service providers or the FCC may think should be put in place."
  361. "Tim Burners Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, created it to be open and egalitarian, and it should stay that way. Lee is appalled at Ajit Pai's plans to dismantle Net Neutrality, and so am I. Internet bandwidth is a public good to be enjoyed equally by all; it should not be sold to the highest bidder. Pai's rhetoric that ISPs will ""voluntarily regulate themselves"" is an outright lie. This proposal is a danger to business competition and to democracy. It must be stopped."
  363. "I would like to express my concern over the new guidelines. The internet is like water, vital for so much of what we do and is universal. Without a fair playing field, competition will severely limited and thus creating an entry barrier for new and innovative ideas.
  364. Government is meant to be an impartial referee, sorting through just from unjust, right from wrong.  Please act accordingly to the spirit of our great democracy."
  365. It is the FCC's duty to allow open access to the Internet for all citizens and not allow a minority of special interests to control the majority's ability to access the Internet. The Internet allows all people and companies to innovate and communicate. Allowing a few corporations to control Internet access for short-term profits will damage the long-term economic future of the United States.
  366. Government has no business regulating net neutrality.
  367. Net Neutrality is fundamental to to modern communication in a country with two major telecom companies with repeated history of abuse and complaints from the public. Net Neutrality's status of Title Two protection is a direct result of the current FCC's former employers efforts to weaken the original Title One protection Net Neutrality was previously under. The public has already spoke on this issue it is time to move on to reversing consolidation and ending uncompetitive business practices by large american telecoms. Why do Americans pay more for less functionality and convenience than other counties?
  368. I'd like you to keep ISPs under Title II regulations in order to promote better net-neutrality. Please consider my request. Thank you.
  369. "Please maintain net neutrality. We want the speed of all websites to download or upload with the same speed. Below are my reasons.
  370. 1. Tampering with that will only cause cable providers to dominate and websites like Hulu, Netflix will be affected.
  371. 2. These websites like Netflix, Fullscreen, Hulu were able to make big and generate a ton of employment and economy was because of Net Neutrality.
  372. 3. It will also stop any further innovation in streaming content."
  373. "This assault on Net Neutrality ""WILL NOT STAND"" AJIT PAI!!!!! You used to be a lawyer for Verizon, and manage to blatantly lie to the public that net neutrality will hinder infrastructure investment when the CFO of Verizon said the exact opposite when asked if it would affect their investment at all. You clearly are incredibly ignorant and clueless or have zero ethics and morals, although I'm inclined to give you the benefit of both doubts. How else can one explain how a former lawyer for Verizon appear to have absolutely no understanding that a huge mega corporation will intentionally throttle down streaming speeds of a competitor? The only good thing that may come of this is that users will be forced to find another way to interconnect that doesn't involve the meddling self interests of huge corporations hindering people's freedom to access information and services in an equal market. Allowing huge institutions to decide what consumers may or may not gain access to would put the USA's internet access on par with notorious totalitarian regimes and is clearly in direct violation of everything our country stands for. SHAME ON YOU."
  374. "Maintaining Title II coverage of the net is imperative to protecting my rights to choose how I use the net.  No person or company or government has or should have the right to influence or disrupt my rights in any way.  It is your job to protect my rights covered under Title II, so do it!"
  375. Don't fix something that isn't broken. Regardless of what happens some one will get around it. The internet always finds a way.
  376. "I want the internet to remain free and open. Keep Title ll safeguards in force!
  378. "
  379. "We need a leveled field. The internet should be the tool for all, not thwarted by corporate interests."
  380. "On behalf of my family, I cannot express more sincerely how important internet neutrality is to us. Even as it is, because of their monopoly upon internet services, our country is behind on internet speed compared to countries such as SOUTH KOREA. Consider that for a moment, do we want to give these very same people looser regulations so that they can gouge the public like a hog ripe for slaughter? These are businessmen and all businessmen focus upon how to make a profit. We implore you, do not allow ISP's (internet service providers) to have unchecked power over us through exploitable loopholes in loose regulations. So much good comes from freedom in the internet and if the very source of the internet service is able to manipulate that landscape it will do irreparable harm on a global scale. Please fight back, we are counting on you. We, as a nation, are depending on you. We, as a world, will be impacted by this. Please do the right thing."
  381. Preserve net neutrality and Title II. I specifically support strong net neutrality back by Title II's  oversight of ISP's
  382. "I strongly oppose any relaxation of net neutrality regulations by the FCC. While the Telecommunications Act of 1934 did not predict the internet, the spirit of the law is clear: the ability of the citizens of the United States to receive information freely. The FCC, as the body responsible for protecting that freedom, should serve the people and never bend to the will of profit-motivated entities."
  383. I urge the FCC to support strong net neutrality rules governed by Title II
  384. As a member of the IT/health care community I have a bit of expertise in this area. I fully support net neutrality.
  385. "Please protect net neutrality. Internet access has become essential, and it should be regulated like electricity or water. Don't let ISPs decide what sites customers can access or how fast they load. Please resist the lobbyists and do what's right for the public good."
  386. "Protect net neutrality. Keep the rules. This idea is nothing more than keeping the rich richer and NEVER giving the little guy a shot at success. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. If we didn't have John Oliver, a very informative and correct comedian, explaining what and how you people are trying every chance you get and in every form of government to fuck us, we'd be even more screwed than we are. You've done enough damage. And fuck that Reece cup mug."
  387. "I'm a network developer and I chose this career because I believe in all people having access to the vast knowledge opportunity that is out there. It shouldn't be censored in anyway, by the government or by ISPs."
  388. I went to college for computer science and programming. When I try to create an app or a website or a cloud service how can I hope to compete in an internet that is not an equal playing field and the big companies can determine what content succeeds and what content fails?
  389. "Hello, I'm an American citizen and the last thing I want is to be let down by the people my hard earned money go to in the form of income tax. An internet without net neutrality is a direct attack on our first amendment. I want my country to be a good example to other countries on how citizens are respected. Getting rid of net neutrality will show that normal, ambitious citizens who voted for their lawmakers mean nothing to their lawmakers. Please choose the people's rights of freedom of speech over money because even the families of the people who want to get rid of net neutrality can become customers of these ISPs who want to get rid of freedom in the internet. Problems that some ISPs have should not cause the end of our right to use the internet how we want!
  390. Benazir Hossain"
  391. Net neutrality is an important part of the open Internet. Without it content providers could decide which sites you are allowed to visit or how fast you can get there. This is an important matter and it is vital that we retain net neutrality rules and regulations and strengthen them so that more Americans have access to high speed internet without limitations.
  392. Please ensure that net neutrality stays in effect!
  393. "Please preserve Net Neutrality under the more stringent Title II conditions.  It is human nature to push your advantage, and we need safeguards to keep things fair."
  394. Specifically support strong net neutrality backed by Title 2 over site of ISPs.
  395. "The internet needs to treated as a utility, just like Power, Gas, and Water. For most customers only a handful and internet providers are available, and start-up companies are very rare for the internet."
  396. "Net Neutrality is an essential part in keeping the American Internet a free, open, and fair place to set up commerce, share information, and enjoy media on the customers' own terms. Allowing fast and slow lanes and other whims of the ISPs will tempt corruption, cause disillusion from customers, and is all-around distasteful.
  399. Kayla Gasztonyi"
  400. No one else should get to decide for a user what is important to the user. Let all voices on the internet be equal. We are smart enough to choose for ourselves.
  401. For neutrality!
  402. "I strongly support net neutrality backed by tile II regulations.  It is critical for maintaining an open internet that sponsors future innovation.  Without these regulations, internet service providers could prioritize or block internet traffic to fit their own personal interests at the expense of consumers and competitors."
  403. Preserve strong net neutrality rules and Title 2 to ensure fair competition and access for all.
  404. Net neutrality is absolutely critical for the very survival of our world and we can not lose that freedom at any cost.
  405. Preserve net neutrality rules backed by Title 2
  406. "I support strong net neutrality rules. As someone who is developing a small business that is purely internet based, having a net neutral internet will ensure that I can compete and make my content available to all consumers. This is especially important as there is only one major ISP available in my area. I don't know how I could deliver my content to customers if my ISP starts toying with it's pricing structures.
  407. Please do not roll back the 2015 changes that were made. The internet and it's roll in all of our daily lives is too important to leave it to a few large companies who's only concern is profit above access."
  408. "Keep strong net neutrality rules backed by Title II, biatchez xD"
  409. "I strongly oppose any attempt to allow internet providers to create ""Fast Lanes"" for their preferred content.  With the consolidation of the print and broadcast media, the internet is the last ""Level Playing Ground"" and is critical for our democracy to survive.  Free speech requires net neutrality. "
  410. "WHY ARE WE REVISITING THIS SHIT AGAIN? Prove to the American people how net neutrality is hurting investment or slowing growth? No decent argument has been made to prove this other than the very generic statement that conservatives normally give that ""regulations hurt investment"". Do you actually know what net neutrality is? Would you have the same opinion of it if you were not in the pocket of Verizon? Tell me how much are you getting in kickbacks from the industry? Does this justify removing the consumer protections that it provides to create this apparent lack of ""investment""? Why should a company be allowed to filter, block, or create unnecessary barriers to content that I want to view online? Honestly I'd be surprised if any comments made actually affects decisions made by anyone in this Administration, including Chairman Pai. However I am submitting this comment into the dark, black void that is the Trump Administration hoping that someone reads this and many of the other comments made in support of net neutrality. Maybe it will catch someone at a weak moment and they will decide their duty is to the People and not big business. Only time will tell."
  411. "I strongly support strong net neutrality rules and regulations, specifically those backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.  Ajit Pai's declarations of ignorance pertaining to his prior dealings with Verizon are shameful and he has an obvious conflict of interest at his current position."
  412. We need to keep the internet neuteral.
  413. "The people of America want to keep net neutrality. A moral politician would understand his role is to represent his constituents, not resent them."
  414. Please do not take away the protections that the federal government provides to ensure a free internet. Just because an internet provider promises today to abide by the rules of Net Neutrality
  415. "An Open Internet enables me to keep in touch with friends, organizations, government. This would be nearly impossible without an Open Internet."
  416. I am in favor of strong Net Neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of Internet Service Providers.  Removal of Title 2 oversight will not serve the public or the consumers.  A free an open internet requires that we uphold the principle of Net Neutrality.
  417. "Nothing less than the future of American democracy is at stake. Don't sell us out to greedy lobbyists--bad for business, catastrophic for the Republic. History is watching."
  418. I support strong net neutrality backed by title 2 oversight of ISPs.  the internet must remain free and open.  And try to do something about how my T-Mobile carrier throttles some content and not others. that's not cool.
  419. I don't want to pay more to access sites. This hurts small businesses and is extremely detrimental to the American people.
  420. I strongly support internet regulations under Title II of current Net Neutrality Rules.
  421. It is of the utmost importance that the FCC preserves net neutrality. If the FCC chooses to dismantle net neutrality  corporate greed will ruin yet another aspect of American lives and we the people will not except that.
  422. "Net Neutrality is the foundation that the Internet is based upon. The Internet's creator gifted it to the world under the objective of a free and open source of information that has taken on a much larger role than even he could predict. The removal of the Internet from Title II would undermine everything that has made the Internet so vibrant and revolutionary to our world. It would create an Orwellian similar system of large powers controlling information, business and thoughts online.
  423. Hundreds of thousands of businesses and people would be destroyed by large corporations that would proceed to charge enormous prices to receive connection with their customers. This is a ploy by a small group of rich ISPs to try and get even richer and extremely powerful with all the control on how America uses the Internet. This is not China or Russia, you cant get away with just hiding what you dont want people to know or see and you cant manipulate our nation's economy to swing how you want it to.
  424. Old businesses that do not like change and fear the Internet's effect on their business model are lobbying this government to prefer them over the people and our future. You reading this have a responsibility to the people you serve not the government that gives you your paycheck. If you cant handle that reality then you should not be in the position you hold. Please protect the greatest innovation humanity has created since electricity and stop ISPs from creating a business of censorship and bribery."
  425. We need net neutrality so that common people like me have access to internet.
  426. "I demand access to the entire internet! No paid prioritization, blocking or throttling!"
  427. "Strictly enforced net neutrality is a fundamental requirement of the internet.  Saying that the internet got to where it is today without regulation misses the point that it got to where it is because it has had nearly 100% net neutrality as the default for most of its existence.  The only reason we need to enforce it now is because ISPs have been straying from this default practice at an increasing rate.  Since there is often only 1 option for true broadband at any given address, we cannot count on competition to force ISPs to deliver a neutral internet.  And since the courts (at Verizon's insistence) mandated that Title II is the only regulatory means to enforce neutrality, we are already where we need to be.  Please do not kill the free and open internet!!"
  428. "You have to ask yourself: ""Is this for the benefit of the public, or for the benefit of companies?"" In my opinion, net neutrality is essential to one of the great freedoms we enjoy. Don't let the ISPs have the power to take that away. Thank you."
  429. Censorship is one of the primary things this country is supposed to be standing against.
  430. I support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs. Keep the Internet free and fair.
  431. "Coming from a Libertarian, this should carry weight. Rarely do I support government intervention in anything, but this is one of those things that MUST continue the way it is. I strongly support strong NET Neutrality laws backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs."
  432. Net neutrality is one of the last bastions of free world
  433. I support net-neutrality. To take it away would be to remove a vital right of American corporations and individuals. Don't do it.
  434. "Why would the FCC move forward with something so unpopular? Government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. Somebody stands to prosper..."
  435. Keep the internet for the people. The minute the power goes to companies we all have to pay more for less.
  436. "Leave the internet alone. If you do away with Net Neutrality, the companies with the most money will monopolize the bandwidth. Please do not change it."
  437. "I have been an internet user for as long as it has been in existence going back to the days of Mosaic, the text based internet program. The importance of net neutrality for making information readily available and unbiased is critical to innovation, freedom of speech and opportunity to obtain unbiased information. Please maintain net neutrality.,"
  441. Net neutrality is fundamental  for free speech. A big NO for the Federal Communication proposal.
  442. The internet must be completely free for all. You don't give better free public education to those who paid the principal more.
  443. "I support a free and open internet, taking away these regulation would be disastrous for all who enjoy the internet as we know it and would only help ISPs get more money for providing substandard services"
  444. Don't allow throttling of internet speeds based upon the type of data being sent OR based on the sender or receiver.
  445. Net neutrality as is needs to stay in place for the progress of humankind.
  446. "Net neutrality is an absolute necessity, remains the American ideal for freedom of expression and choice, and suppression of net neutrality in any guise a repudiation of the founding principles of the Internet."
  447. "I strongly support true net Neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight. I know often, life is not fair, balanced, free of bias, or even handed. The internet however, should be. The concept that one should control the flow of information merely because you can,  is roughly equivalent to ""I should knock that kid over and take his lunch money because I'm bigger and stronger than him"". The internet provides more opportunity for people to live the American dream than ever before; untapped potential for ideas and innovations abound, and propel people forward. Don't give telecom companies the ability to quash people's dreams and hard work on a whim. Competition breeds innovation, and innovation provides opportunity. We need fairness, we need the competition. The little guys should be allowed to play on the playground as well as the big guys, so to speak. We the People, are FOR Net Neutrality."
  448. "The internet should remain regulated under Title II guidelines. Though Ajit Pai has expressed the idea that we should use ""after the fact"" regulation, there are several instances that show that this is already the case. Comcast's throttling of p2p networks in 2007, Verizon's blocking of tethering apps and Google Wallet in the 2010's, and AT&T's blocking of Facetime in 2012 are the kinds of anti-competitive practices that led to these regulations being put in place, and the internet providers have repeatedly proven they are unable to act in the best interest of the consumers. The internet economy will be greatly damaged by the rolling back of these regulations."
  449. "Why dont you Guys leave it alone you run every aspect of our lives,this is all we have left and the new world order you can stick that in your pipe and smoke it.Hey ask President Trump what he thinks about it His answer wont be as nice as mine ...JESUS IS MY KING...NOT HOMO obama or hilery hitler!!!!!!TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!            "
  450. Business do not deserve to have more rights to the internet than anyone else.  I don't want anyone to have that kind of power.  This is one of the most ridiculous things proposed by this administration in a sea of ridiculous and horrendous proposals.
  452. supporting internet neutrality
  453. "I am a pharmacist who uses the internet for medical and pharmaceutical questions.  I support net neutrality to continue to provide our community with up to date, non-biased information.  My decisions are driven sometime by the timeliness of the information received.  I would not like this medical information to be driven by the major commercial providers.  
  454. Personally, I feel that my internt speed should be chosen by myself, not by a provider.  
  455. Thus, I support net neutrality.  "
  456. "My work at a startup is most successful because of a free and open internet. An open internet lets companies compete on the merits of their work, not just how much money they can afford to pay Big Cable. An open internet has done much to transform the world already, why should we start limiting innovation now?"
  457. I urge you to maintain net neutrality and title II
  458. "I support an open and free internet in which everyone has equal access. I do NOT support paid prioritization as it will reduce competition between ISPs and limit the ability for new companies to come into the marketplace.
  460. I currently have access to only one high speed broad band provider and the lack of competition makes it expensive."
  461. Preserve Net Neutrality and keep Internet Service Providers under Title II protection. This should be obvious.
  462. "Dear FCC.
  464. Today The fate of our freedom online will be determined,for a long time the internet was perceived as a place of freedom,free markets and opportunities,The title II had protected the average consumer and prevented monopoly from taking over the world wide web,but if the congress will abolish title II than there's no idea what the private companies and ISP's can plot against the average user,a lot of people perceive the internet as a place to escape when the biased media shows opinion instead of facts,and most people use the internet as a primary source of news and communication,but it Title II will be abolished this land of freedom can be monopolized,or even worse - used to prevent any expression against specific people or organization and prevent the freedom of speech - which is against democracy and the  american values of freedom,and i as a daily internet user don't want this to happen
  466. america's(and the world) freedom is on the line,to the right thing."
  467. I need Net Neutrality because I have a small business and have to compete with giant corporations.
  468. "As a college student I spend a great deal of time researching online for assignments. Thanks to Net Neutrality, a vast amount of information is available for free (mostly). The interent allows me to broaden my access to information on an unimaginable scale, but without Net Neutrality, this would not be so. Mine is just one reason why net neutrality is essential. Please do not restrict the internet freedom that so many others enjoy."
  469. Why in the world would you be against net neutrality? This is just a scheme to screw over American citizens.  The name for Peis is a big lie because it will allow big corporations to control the net. It is anything but net neutrality. The Trump administrations goals are to benefit large corporations (who give the president and congress money for their campaigns). It is too bad that we now have a government that thinks nothing of lying to better their goals and screw over the citizenry. I rank this act to be a form of treason.
  470. because the scum that place profit above the truth are insane...
  471. I support Title II and a free an open internet via Net Neutrality.
  472. "The FCC's Open Internet Rules are extremely important to everyone. I urge you to protect them.
  474. I definitely do not want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, or split the Internet into ""fast lanes"" for companies that pay and ""slow lanes"" for the rest. We already have a technology gap in this country and this will make it worse.
  476. ISPs should never be able to censor what we see and do online.
  478. Censorship by ISPs is a serious problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked FaceTime, Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of Legends, and Verizon admitted it will introduce fast lanes for sites that pay-and slow lanes for everyone else-if the FCC lifts the rules. This hurts consumers and businesses large and small.
  480. Courts have made clear that if the FCC ends Title II classification, the FCC must let ISPs offer ""fast lanes"" to websites for a fee.
  482. Chairman Pai has made clear that he intends to do exactly this.
  484. But if some companies can pay our ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. You will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created the 5 most valuable companies in America-just to further enrich a few much less valuable cable giants famous for sky-high prices and abysmal customer service.
  486. Internet providers will be able to impose a private tax on every sector of the American economy.
  488. Moreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard.
  490. I'm sending this to the FCC's open proceeding, but I worry that Chairman Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has made his plans and will ignore me and millions of other Americans.
  492. So I'm also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC's existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai's plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.
  494. Thank you!"
  495. I want to determine my choice of web sites.
  496. More protections for us
  497. "Please do what is best for consumers regarding Net Neutrality.  If left unregulated, corporations will do what is best for their profit, and in the likely scenario, consumers and content providers will pay more and/or have a worse experience, while a few ISPs make more money.  So PLEASE look past the lobbying and do what is best for the majority here.
  501. I'm urging FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to preserve real Net Neutrality under the FCC's existing rules and keep broadband internet access classified under Title II."
  502. "I urge you, especially under the current climate of civil unrest, to preserve the current Title II Communications regulations."
  503. "Money should not be the deciding factor as to what information is available to me. Net neutrality allows for countless small companies to startup and become big. IT IS WRONG TO GIVE TOTAL CONTROL TO THOSE IN POWER. My ISP SHOULD NEVER TELL ME WHAT I CAN OR CANT READ! This is 2017 not the Spanish inquisition, if you want to BURN BOOKS so badly why dont you invest your money into a time machine instead. I support Net Neutrality and as a representative of the people of the best country in the world you should have our best interests in mind, not visions of comcasts money in your wallet!"
  504. "Please keep the internet open. By removing net neutrality safeguards, unintended negative consequences are certain to follow. I am sure the ISPs don't have plans to block segments of the internet today. But the safeguards aren't in place for just today, they are there for tomorrow and the next generation. By removing these safeguards, you remove protection. You are not spurring innovation or removing cumbersome burdens. You are removing protections from small players. Please do not remove net neutrality Title II protections."
  505. Net neutrality is INCREDIBLY important and should remain a high priority. Keep it as-is!
  506. I suppose strong net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight for all ISP
  507. "I worked for AT&T for 13 years, and truly understand the ability of a large corporate entity to OVERCHARGE their customers. Same with COMCAST et al.
  508. You should be protecting American citizens from these predators. Not feeding the citizens to them. What the Hell is the matter with you?
  509. Oh, let me guess...how much money are they paying you?"
  510. "Dear Ms. Clyburn, Mr. O’Rielly, and Mr. Pai,
  512. I am an internet user just like you. I check email, send a few tweets, shop on Amazon, watch enjoyable but stupid Youtube videos, and look up symptoms on WebMD when I get sick. As an internet user, I believe in privacy and the net neutrality protections currently in place.
  514. With all due respect to Chairman Ajit Pai, his proposal to deregulate ISPs like Comcast, Spectrum, Frontier, AT&T, and his former place of business, Verizon, would effectively give them the legal latitude to create internet fast lanes and sell personal user data for the sole purpose of making them more money. They already charge users for internet service. To roll back the previous administration’s net neutrality protections and allow an ISP to then sell your private browsing history is both an invasion of privacy, and a crushing blow to small business owners who use the internet to make a living. Allowing ISPs to discriminate against certain types of data or websites, robs us all of innovation and a diverse Internet
  516. At present, our current net neutrality rules ensure that Internet providers can't slow or block our ability to see certain websites or create Internet ""fast lanes"" by charging websites and online service money to reach customers faster. Chairman Pai's proposed repeal of the rules would transform ISPs into Internet gatekeepers with an effective veto right on innovation and expression. His op-ed that laughs at a digital dystopia and claims that the regulation has halted innovation is, at best, misinformed (see Freepress’ paper “It’s Working: How the Internet Access and Online Video Markets are Thriving in the Title II Era). Do you remember when Comcast and other ISPs charged Netflix a “toll” to deliver their streaming videos in 2014? I and the many other internet users do. This is no fantasy dreamed up by alarmists behind a computer screen. That happened, and corporations whose sole purpose is to seek profit should never be deemed to be the guardians of the public interest.
  518. I plead for you to consider not just your party or corporate interests (I’m looking at you Chairman Pai) but the American people you serve and to keep Title II net neutrality in place.
  520. Best regards,
  521. Peter F. Black"
  522. "I support strong net neutrality through Title 2 protection.  Don't let the big companies take advantage of us citizens for your own financial gain!  With new FCC chairman being a former Verizon lawyer, I'm not surprised he's doing everything he can to stuff their pockets at our expense.  PRESERVE NET NEUTRALITY AND TITLE 2!!!!"
  523. "At this point, the classification of isps under Title II and the protection of Net Neutrality is essential to keep the internet from being obstructed by anyone.  The internet's resources should remain available to any who seek to view its content and allowing the restriction of its use by isps is irresponsible.  The point of the FCC is not to protect the American people from the damage of cursewords and genitals, but rather to provide standards for the communications industry so that the American people can inform themselves in whatever way they choose.  If Mr. Pai is not up for the job of supervising a department tasked with this duty, then he should seek employment elsewhere."
  524. I strongly support Net Neutrality. Please keep it so!
  525. There will no longer be any true freedom in this county when the interests of business are deemed more important than the interests of the citizens to live their lives of parts of their lives in anonymity as they so choose.
  526. Net neutrality needs to be protected. ISPs need to be under Title II.
  527. Like everyone else I want to decide at what speed I wish to down and upload internet data -- and not be told what speed I have to accept data supply by either the Government or big data supply companies. Another of our freedoms taken away to insure companies can maximise their profits while limiting service to their paying clients (you and me)!!!
  529. "Having an open internet allow me the freedom to chose which websites and apps to view and use. As I'm continually learning, an open internet will provide me knowledge not just in the United State, but around the world. I hind learning about other countries and nations is impotent. I hope an open internet continues to be the way forward."
  530. A free and open internet is essential for consumers and small businesses alike. Title II protections are the only way to keep the required regulation in place to protect American rights and net neutrality. Do not sell out my rights to big telecom donors.
  531. Without the protection of net neutrality ISPs will be able to extort money out of online services in order to remove bottlenecks of internet traffic
  532. "
  533. Net neutrality is fundamental to free speech.
  534. Net neutrality protects small businesses and innovators
  535. Net neutrality allows consumers — not big companies — to choose what they watch & do online."
  536. "I believe an open and free internet is needed for the proper communications and functions of a democracy.
  537. Do not do away with the open internet."
  538. "Net neutrality is a must. The internet has very important uses for everyone, and it should be open to everybody."
  539. "\n\nThe Internet should be free and open, with no preferential treatment given to traffic or services. The FCC's Open Internet Rules (net neutrality rules) are important to me. I urge you to protect them for us, and for future generations of Internet users.\n\nI don't want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, or split the Internet into ""fast lanes"" for companies that pay and ""slow lanes"" for the rest. The Internet has been, and continues to be the great equalizer. People shouldn't have to be forced to pay more to have a voice.\n\nNow is not the time to let giant ISPs censor what we see and do online.\n\nCensorship by ISPs is a serious problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked FaceTime, Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of Legends, and Verizon admitted it will introduce fast lanes for sites that pay-and slow lanes for everyone else-if the FCC lifts the rules. This hurts consumers and businesses large and small.\n\nCourts have made clear that if the FCC ends Title II classification, the FCC must let ISPs offer ""fast lanes"" to websites for a fee.\n\nChairman Pai has made clear that he intends to do exactly this.\n\nBut if some companies can pay our ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. You will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created the 5 most valuable companies in America-just to further enrich a few much less valuable cable giants famous for sky-high prices and abysmal customer service.\n\nInternet providers will be able to impose a private tax on every sector of the American economy.\n\nMoreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard.\n\nI'm sending this to the FCC's open proceeding, but I worry that Chairman Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has made his plans and will ignore me and millions of other Americans.\n\nSo I'm also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC's existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai's plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.\n\nThank you!\r\nChristopher R Adams"
  540. Please KEEP telecom companies as TITLE II. I support net neutrality as is. Do not change it back to Title I. This will hurt the freedom of the internet and what makes it great.
  541. Because I don't want to pay extra  for cheat I want to use
  542. Because the internet should be a place where everyone can come together in a free and equal way.
  543. Please maintain an open internet with net neutrality.  ISPs shouldn't be allowed to discriminate!
  544. "I'm a software developer in the telecommunications industry -- I currently work for Intel on network processors for wireless base stations, and previously, I've worked for Cisco writing software for carrier-grade edge routers.
  546. I'm writing in support of preserving FCC regulations to ensure net neutrality.
  548. Net neutrality ensures that the best products and solutions win.  By removing the regulations ensuring net neutrality, the only winners are the telecoms and legacy businesses.  The telecoms win, since they can get out of being in a commodity business, and the legacy businesses win, since they can buy their way into a competitive advantage despite inferior offerings.  Everyone else loses.  The consumer loses, since prices go up due to a lack of apples vs. apples competition, and since they end up with a worse Internet experience than they have now.  Innovative new businesses lose, since they're not on an equal footing with legacy businesses unless they pay up.  And in the long run, everyone loses.  Net neutrality is one of the major reasons why the Internet has been such an incredible platform for innovation and growth, and abandoning it will result in a smaller pie, albeit with a larger slice for telecoms and legacy businesses."
  549. KEEP NET NEUTRALITY!!!  How does getting ride of NN make us better?
  550. "I am writing to express my thoughts on the FCC's Open Internet Rules (net neutrality rules). I urge you to protect them and to keep our internet free, fair and open.\n\nCensorship by ISPs is a serious problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked FaceTime, Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of Legends, and Verizon admitted it will introduce fast lanes for sites that pay it more if the FCC lifts these rules. This hurts consumers and businesses large and small.\n\nCourts have made clear that if the FCC ends Title II classification, the FCC must let ISPs offer ""fast lanes"" to websites for a fee.\n\nChairman Pai has made clear that he intends to do exactly this.\n\nBut if some companies can pay our ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. You will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created the 5 most valuable companies in America-just to further enrich a few much less valuable cable giants famous for sky-high prices and abysmal customer service.\n\nInternet providers will be able to impose a private tax on every sector of the American economy.\n\nMoreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard.\n\nI'm sending this to the FCC's open proceeding, but I worry that Chairman Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has made his plans and will ignore me and millions of other Americans.\n\nSo I'm also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC's existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai's plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.\n\nThank you!\r\nPhilip LaRosa"
  551. "Net neutrality is important, and removing internet neutrality protections added in 2015 will directly harm me and millions of other Americans.  Removing ISPs from Title 2 will allow the duopoly of providers in my area to abuse their market power, restrict competition and harm consumers.  And I'm one of the lucky ones with two possible providers!  The FCC should do what it was stood up to do: regulate telecommunications to benefit consumers, not Verizon."
  552. "Preserve Net Neutrality under Title II!
  554. We the people of the internet like a free and open internet!
  556. The Internet is an open market that would be savaged by providers if they had a chance to play on an uneven field."
  557. "Access to information is key to democracy, so Net Neutrality consumer safeguards (Title II) ,which protect the open internet, are essential to our current democracy.  If you vote against net neutrality, then you are voting against democracy."
  558. "Equal access to information is critical in the 21st Century.  It is especially critical to having an informed electorate, the cornerstone of democratic rule by the people."
  559. "I used the internet for learning, work, and entertainment like everyone else in the U.S and keeping the internet affordable and available to most people by ensuring net neutrality is very important. No company should have to pay for prioritized Internet traffic or risk having their data speeds throttled."
  560. I support strong net neutrality protections and classification under Title 2.
  561. Please don't destroy net neutrality. It is important that everything on the internet is considered equal so that small content creators can compete with big business. I hope that my message goes through.
  562. We need free and open internet.  Keep net neutrality.
  563. NET NEUTRALITY !!!!!  And Nothing Less
  564. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. Please do not take the freedoms of net neutrality away.
  565. "The internet should be a free place to do whatever you want.
  566. Gage "
  567. "Being inducted into the cult of capitalism from birth, the rules seem to become stricter as time goes on. Without truly neutral Internet the United States of America will lose it's ability for people to express their opinions. Those of us unable to afford to pay the extra package for Google or CNN will lose the ability to watch the news and learn about the world around us, we will become ignorant voters. Which, of course, is exactly what the FCC wants so they can pass laws like these. Prove to the American people that the FCC and the current administration stands in solidarity with the freedom of expression and the freedom of the press, or face the consequences of an ignorant voting pool."
  568. The bottom line is net neutrality must never be compromised. Period.
  569. Keep Strong Net Neutrality Rules Backed By Title 2.
  570. I am in favor of the existing net neutrality laws and against changes. Without net neutrality the incumbents who provide access to the Internet would be able to pick winners or losers in the marketplace. I urge you not to make any changes to the current law.
  571. I vehemently oppose proceeding 17-108.  A strong commitment to Net Neutrality is absolutely essential.
  572. My ISP has NO BUSINESS selling my financial information or my Social Security number. This would lead to more identity theft and other fraud cases.
  573. I support net neutrality. The internet should be free and open for everyone.
  574. I am writing in support of the current oversight. I believe that a  lack of regulation of broadband providers who could and will faster lanes to those who can pay more is not in the best interest of the Country.  Why would we not want to ensure that all web traffic is created equally?  It’s not like we have much choice of ISPs and the changes proposed will only increase the existing providers control.  Scrapping this rule is another gift to big business that is only concerned with profits. The FCC is supposed to act in ‘the public convenience interest and necessity’ not just in the interests of those who can afford powerful lobbyists. Thank you.
  575. Awful choice putting profits over long-term American growth. Leads to corporate overreach and censorship. Stop Chairman Pai's awful plan and maintain Net Neutrality rules!
  576. "Please do not end net neutrality, this is against not only everything the internet stand for, but many principles the government stands against."
  577. Support net neutrality for a democratic way of life
  578. Leave it.
  579. I support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISP’s. I do not believe Donald Trump has the slightest idea what he's talking about when he says he wants to roll back net neutrality.
  580. "It is deplorable that there are some who would accept money  or temporary personal gain to impede a modern and emerging human right of open communication.  Just like in the emotional realm, oppression leads to perversion and eventually violence, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual.  My husband and I are currently planning on bringing our first child into the world.  Don't be a part in the dark force that seeks to control and suppress creativity and growth in the world; don't make this country a dark, dangerous or, worse, a DULL place to live a life.  Humanity is brilliant, creative, and progressive in nature.  Please take part in protecting and cherishing the best our species has to offer.  If my message is unclear in anyway, PLEASE PROTECT TOTAL AND COMPLETE INTERNET NEUTRALITY.  In peace and love, Amanda Swan."
  581. "I believe that net neutrality should stand as is. Nobody ever asked the FCC to repeal these rules (except for maybe big business interests) so STOP. Take your hands off the free and open internet. It is not the right of monolithic cable companies to control how free americans access new information. Your archaic attempts to control knowledge, and in turn power, are pathetic. Do not repeal net neutrality."
  582. "Hello, I would like to state a few reasons why Net Neutrality is important to pretty much everyone.
  584. I would like to be able to browse the web and look at what I want to without my internet provider deciding it doesn't like what I'm viewing and put it behind a paywall. Even if this doesn't happen to me personally, it absolutely will at higher levels, with nearly every service I use demanding higher prices to counter the extortion every other service demands in exchange for not throttling their website.
  586. In addition to this, it's a slippery slope to every company either hoarding customer information to sell to the highest bidder, or every government organization, company, and paying individual being able to pay a fee to view what will essentially be my entire life on the internet. With smart devices invading homes in droves, everyone is under constant surveillance from one organization or another, and repealing net neutrality leaves all my information in an ambiguous position and every service I want to use behind higher paywalls, not to mention the straight up denial of service I would receive from certain companies simply for using their competitors services. I should not be blocked from using the services I want simply because I utilize some other service.
  588. Lastly, VPN's will probably become enemy #1 to my ISP, which would in all likelihood decide anyone using a VPN doesn't get service, and take my internet connection away entirely. No one should live under the threat of being totally locked out of what should essentially be a public service, simply for using another completely legal service. Please consider that everyone, not just ordinary taxpayers but also anyone up to and including members of congress in their homes, will have to live with this reality. Net Neutrality protects us all."
  589. "I thought this was America, and we had Freedom."
  590. Information deserves to be free
  591. Please do not destroy Net Neutrality. I do not support the repeal of Title 2. Protect our rights to a fair internet!
  592. An attempt to stop net neutrality is a threat to American growth and prosperity. Without it many small business will suffer and die and the American spirit towards growth and opportunity will be ultimately stiffled. To stop net neutrality is treasonous.
  593. I support Net Neutrality rules as currently implemented
  594. "ISPs will have too much power over what I can do online.
  596. The internet will be less open and less diverse
  598. It will be harder for small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete with big corporations. I am able to browse and appreciate an open, collaborative, and financially non discriminatory world. The internet is a level playing field, this should be considered an asset, not something to control"
  599. "As a research scientist who has worked side by side with people who have developed the technology that is the internet, I implore you -- do not allow net neutrality to be reduced. The free and open aspects of the net are what allowed us to create what we have today in the first place."
  600. I support strong net neutrality backed by tight oversight of ISP's by Title 2
  601. I believe the internet should remain neutral as it's was originally created. Please do not end net neutrality.
  602. Please support net neutrality under title two.
  603. I am not in favor of this proposal.  I support net neutrality.
  604. "The open internet has allowed me to learn more than I ever could imagine.  We have an amazing tool of communication and information dispersal that can help advance humanity.  Opportunities for growth will be mutually beneficial for all classes and social groups - it has been of great benefit to even international corporations that rely on the internet.  Removal of net neutrality will surely destabilize this reliability, as many users will begin seeking alternative forms of communication.  Please continue to support net neutrality rules."
  605. "The last thing we need in the United States is for our internet usage, which is an extension of our first amendment right to free speech, to not simply be monitored, but be influenced and blocked by capitalist service providers looking to make more of a profit than they already do. Diminishing net neutrality would just be yet another instance of the US government passing legislation in the favor of big business."
  606. The internet is cool and its slow as is. Don't purposely make it slower...
  607. "I am 100% in support of strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs, and 100% *OPPOSED* to docket #17-108"
  608. "I was trying to find a site (pixlr) for the kids I take care of at daycare, and the half of the first page was just ads. They weren't even ads relevent to my search. On Yahoo. If I wasn't there to help them, they would have clicked on a sketchy ad and gotten viruses on our already rusty school computers. "
  609. I firmly believe the internet is analogous to a public utility. It is a natural monopoly and therefore not governed by the free market. The FCC should maintain oversight over the internet under Title II and prevent ISPs from picking winners and losers. I am following the result very closely.
  610. "preserve title 2
  611. preserve net neutrality"
  612. Without Net neutrality is just like not having the first amendment.
  613. "The internet was made by the people, for the people. It is no one's right to take that away from the common person for the sake of wealth."
  614. "The internet infrastructure was built on public money and through taxes and fees. Allowing big cable companies to have control for how information flows is no different then censuring speech. As a small business owner I also am very aware of how this could easily effect how our economy negatively allowing larger business, that can afford to, stifle smaller competition. This is an obvious money grab that benefits no one but the large corporations supporting the Internets privatization. "
  615. I support strong net neutrality by title 2. Stop trying to take out freedom
  616. I want ISPs to stay under Title II. I do not trust the major ISPs to abide by net neutrality rules without being forced to. The regulations were put in place in the first place because some of them were proposing breaking them.
  617. "Removing or dismantling the systems that enforce net neutrality will lead to an increase in unethical business practices and set precedence for further unethical acts down the line.
  619. If companies are allowed to provide worse service, unless you bribe them-- however they might spin that bribe as a benefit to consumers, however legal that bribe may be-- then in the name of profit they will provide worse service. Restricting access to information is, at a fundamental level, dangerous, and can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications that endanger lives. On the easy end of comprehension: failure to connect to suicide help services quickly enough.
  621. On the complex end: easier access to websites with flawed information, leading to warped worldviews, leading to the infliction of those warped worldviews on others. (The anti-vaccination craze is a more recent example of this phenomenon.) When considering whether or not one should allow companies to dictate their user's ease of access, one should bear in mind that companies, too, are political entities, and will restrict information that might make them look bad, while making information that appeals to their ideologies easier to access. This in turn may lead to things like the neutrality of news websites being compromised, as those whose political stances align with those of cable companies become prioritized, and traffic dries up to news sites the companies don't like.
  623. All this for more money, which, I get it, companies exist to make as much money as possible. But profit-first ideologies are fundamentally unethical, and will inevitably end up hurting people if allowed to thrive.
  625. So, y'know. Don't let that happen, please and thanks.
  628. (My personal opinion is that internet access should be treated as a public service, provided for by taxpayer dollars, though I acknowledge that path leads to yet more questions, problems, and dangers outside my consideration.)"
  629. "Everyone wants access to the entire internet - free of paid prioritization, blocking and throttling."
  630. ISPs cannot be trusted to voluntarily provide the free internet we all need.
  631. "Leave the rules as they are, we deserve a neutral and open internet. The rules NEED to be in place to keep greedy companies like Comcast and Verizon from throttling bandwidth to websites we want to visit in order to advance their own selfish whims. I pay for internet, and I expect unfettered access to the Mbps that I pay for! Chairman, your new proposition is shit and you know it. You are supposed to be working for us; why don't you do your job and keep ISPs under title II?"
  632. "Please keep net neutrality rules in place.  ISPs are merely a pipe for accessing information, not creators of information, so they shouldn't own or be able to pick and choose what information is available.  This limits freedom of expression (speech), severely hinders access to information (which allows for better involvement of the populous in governing), and strengthens the monopoly-like hold ISPs have on the country.  Yes, there are choices.  But those choices are like choices you give to a child (Would you rather brush your teeth now or later?) and don't represent real flexibility.  Internet access  has become a necessity for living (getting and holding a job, connecting to others, making your voice heard for political and social issues, etc).  Please don't allow companies the opportunity to make it open to corruption.  PLEASE KEEP NET NEUTRALITY PROTECTIONS IN PLACE!"
  633. "Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are the gateway to the free exchange of ideas, information, & media.  Without Net Neutrality, we will be faced with an uncertain future. ISPs hold all the keys, & without protection, will have the power to close any door they choose.  It will be a slow, subtle strangulation of free speech in our country, & beyond.  We, the people, pay for every portal that we take to the open & free internet. We shouldn't have to pay a toll for every road we take once inside.
  635. Protections for our privacy have already been removed this year, allowing ISPs to sell our personal browsing habits & data on the open market.  The current steps being taken to remove remaining protections will bankrupt any credibility ISPs in the United States have as being open, free, & fair to all who already pay for access.  This isn't unnecessary regulation.  Net Neutrality is the last bastion of defense, benefiting every American citizen.  It will echo throughout history as a moment where good people took a stand for what is right, & what is necessary."
  636. Keep the Net neutral. Tell Mr. Pie to go to hell and take that Bastard Drumpf with him.
  637. "Take a step back and look at the big picture. Because of the freedom we have today, the US has thrived to become one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, with millions able to educate themselves as they please.
  639. Please help protect US citizens' rights to equal access of data. Any attack on this freedom is selfish and threatens the livelihood of the American people."
  640. This should not be allowed.
  641. "Okay, I'm not versed in legal jargon, so I'm not dealing in it. Keeping the internet as it is right now is the most important thing that can be done for it's prosperity! This entire country was founded on the principles of freedom and equality among all. Giving massive companies that already have near monopolies because they don't enter each other's service zones would allow them to throttle people's freedoms of going to the sites they use for whatever they use the internet for. That's not okay! These regulations give the end users, all of us who use the internet, the freedom to use it as we wish. To remove these restrictions would instead give companies like Comcast and Time Warner the ability to remove their consumer's freedoms in whatever ways make them the most money. If you can't see that removing this is the actual power grab, you are BLIND and should not be representing the greater American populace, the people it's your job to represent."
  642. I want to choose what I do and from where I get internet. Also small businesses matter just as much as big ones. Please keep our internet neutral.
  643. The internet is not and never should be like cable TV that only shows you select sources. Taking away net neutrality means taking away free speech.
  644. Do not take away our freedom. Do not take away our choice. Net neutrality is the principle that leads to a free and open internet.
  645. enforce the correct net nuetrality
  646. I support Net Neutrality. It is extremely important that the Internet remains open and fair to all users and corporations who use this technology-- a technology that our society could not imagine living without. Gutting Net Neutrality will only support those with the deepest wallets; which will disenfranchise the majority whose voices will be drowned out by the few. Do not create a world where decisions are decided by the few with the greatest wealth. This logic only goes against what this country stands for-- Democracy; a system of governance that supports the idea that everyone has equal opportunity to succeed. Net Neutrality helps us realize that dreams of success can be made reality. Support this dream. Support Net Neutrality.
  647. "I support STRONG REGULATION ensuring NET NEUTRALITY.  The FCC should be protecting citizens from corporate overreach and greed.  It should not be a partisan corporate shill.  The previous administration's decision should not be reversed, changed, altered, edited, it should be upheld and protected."
  648. "Mr. Pai,
  650. I adamantly support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of internet service providers. Anything less will hurt small businesses and U.S Citizens by making it prohibitively expensive to access broadband services."
  651. "Net neutrality MUST remain protected from corporate power grabs through the protection offered under title II classification of ISPs. Do not reclassify ISPs under title I. Please see through the poorly constructed smoke and mirrors of Pai's desire to profit his former employer. Please continue to protect the people you're charged with protecting, not serve your bosses friends."
  652. I support strong net neutrality and do not wish to see a rollback to Title 1 from Title 2.  Doing so is not in the best interest of the consumer or free market.
  653. I strongly support Network Neutrality backed by Tittle 2 oversight of ISPs. No one should have the power to pick winners and losers. Adopting the proposal will allow ISPs to disadvantage competitors and control freedom of speech.
  654. We need to preserve net neutrality and title 2. ISPs claiming that a free and open internet can be maintained by simply trusting them is laughable. Furthermore there is no evidence that investment in infrastructure would be curtailed as the ISPs like to suggest. I don't think that would be a very popular move with their shareholders.
  655. "Please maintain net neutrality. It's extremely important to the American people and to democracy. If you allow companies to slow certain content based on their business relationships and who can pay, you take away one of the most important functions of the internet. Please do what's right and protect net neutrality!
  657. I don't want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, or split the Internet into ""fast lanes"" for companies that pay and ""slow lanes"" for the rest.
  659. Now is not the time to let giant ISPs censor what we see and do online.
  661. Censorship by ISPs is a serious problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked FaceTime, Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of Legends, and Verizon admitted it will introduce fast lanes for sites that pay-and slow lanes for everyone else-if the FCC lifts the rules. This hurts consumers and businesses large and small.
  663. Courts have made clear that if the FCC ends Title II classification, the FCC must let ISPs offer ""fast lanes"" to websites for a fee.
  665. Chairman Pai has made clear that he intends to do exactly this.
  667. But if some companies can pay our ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. You will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created the 5 most valuable companies in America-just to further enrich a few much less valuable cable giants famous for sky-high prices and abysmal customer service.
  669. Internet providers will be able to impose a private tax on every sector of the American economy.
  671. Moreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard.
  673. I'm sending this to the FCC's open proceeding, but I worry that Chairman Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has made his plans and will ignore me and millions of other Americans.
  675. So I'm also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC's existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai's plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.
  677. Thank you!"
  678. "Access to theinternet is a right, not a privilege.  Let's keep it that way, shall we?"
  679. it should be free
  680. Maintain Title II Net Neutrality and protect the public domain of the internet
  681. i want net neutrality to continue it allows free speech and the free market
  682. "Please do not allow a repeal of Net Neutrality. Do not let Comcast be another Ma Bell, it is too powerful already.
  684. Concerned citizen,
  686. Douglas Clark"
  687. "Can you all please, just for once, stop worrying about what will fill your pockets, and instead focus on actually helping people and getting what they want to happen. This ""net neutrality"" shouldn't be a thing. Why change something if it isn't broken?"
  689. "As a small, online business owner - net neutrality is ESSENTIAL to my growth and expansion. If I can't get found and compete against other entrepreneurs who might have larger advertising budgets to expand their website traffic, my business and my ability to support my family will suffer. I love being an entrepreneur and think that's exactly what this country is about! I need net neutrality in order to stay a business owner in this country."
  690. "I am a U.S. citizen, and I support strong Net Neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs (Internet Service Providers). I am a computer science student and web developer, and it is clear to me that the internet must remain free and unhindered by the commercial interests of ISPs. The Internet is increasingly the platform of choice for new business development, as well as non-profit and grassroots organization both nationally and internationally. It is a free and open forum for public discourse and services, and has tremendous impact on information dissemination to the general public.
  692. While I would like to believe that ISPs can be trusted to ""do the right thing"" and not impose bandwidth caps on websites which provide services in direct competition with ISPs, I understand that ISPs are businesses and are compelled to do what will be the most beneficial for their businesses and stockholders. Therefore, ISPs must have Title 2 oversight to ensure that they provide access to all corners of the Internet without limiting or slowing access to competitor sites/services.
  694. Please consider what is best for the American people as a whole, rather than the vested interests of a small portion of American businesses."
  695. "Allowing internet companies to have a monopoly on what content they allow will just hurt freedom of speech and the concept of a free market. Competition will be heavily crippled and voices of people may just be silenced. Its against all which makes this country great, which is ideas becoming a reality and discussing things openly with out the fear of being silenced which is at risk here."
  696. "A BIG FAT NO.
  698. We have a right to see everything.
  699. "Over the last few years internet users have responded to the rally cry to protect net neutrality. Now, under this new administration and new FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, Net Neutrality is once again under attack. Net neutrality protects the freedom of the internet. Net Neutrality should be the default conservative position. But lobbyist and corporatism are attempting to destroy a free and open internet by stripping net neutrality rules implemented by the previous administration and Republican appointee chairman Tom Wheeler. Taking away net neutrality is not supported by voters and is only supported by corporate interests and ISPs. Do not strip away net neutrality."
  700. "Net Neutrality is extremely important. Without it, large companies (Facebook, Google/YouTube, etc) would have too much control over the internet. With fair connections to all websites, ALL individuals, content creators, non-profit organizations, startup companies, small businesses, etc. will be able to have a fair chance on the internet. For this reason, I strongly support Net Neutrality."
  701. "This bill is a horrid idea created by politicians who only want money and nothing more. This hilariously named ""restoring internet freedoms"" act will entirely destroy net neutrality. Telecom companies stand everything to gain from this, and the people gain nothing! Put an end to this immediately."
  702. "For true open internet, we should keep strong Title II Net Neutrality rules."
  703. Net Neutrality is vital to keep entrepreneurialship  alive and well on the internet. Please keep net neutrality.
  704. "The FCC's decision to dismantle net neutrality is an undisguised and incontrovertible confirmation that you, Mr. Ajit Pai, have no interest in protecting the American people you have sworn to serve. We are not a subject of exploitation to serve corporate interests. Realize that, unlike the president who appointed you to your position, you have not fooled the American public - the people almost unanimously see through your alibi to implement these rules. Remember that."
  705. "Good evening,
  707. Just as I am in charge of by body, I am in charge of my heart and mnd. I do not need Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, or any other entity to decide for me what I may have access to on the Internet.
  709. Sincerely, Susan E. Jordan Eichhorn"
  710. Net neutrality must be protected to ensure equal access to anything the internet provides to us as users. Allowing providers to selectively choose how to handle traffic based on what users want to connect to is detrimental to society.
  711. Preserve Net Neutrality and Title 2! We deserve a free and open internet!
  712. "Mr Pai works for us and """"We The People"" demand net neutrality."
  713. Net neutrality is necessary for an open an free internet and world.
  714. we need to be protected and be able to have access to the internet without companies decideding what we can and cant watch
  715. "Yo,\nBe cool. Support Net Neutrality\r\nEoin Elliott"
  716. "I support net neutrality and oppose giving carriers the license to regulate bandwidth consumption based on content proprietary apps or program usage.  
  718. I oppose 17-108.  Thank you."
  719. pie you rat faced douche I specifically support strong net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs
  720. The internet is a human right. Comcast was already in trouble when they throttled Netflix streams while previous versions of Net Neutrality was in place.
  721. "I support a free and open internet...not the government picking winners and losers.  Please rollback the FCC/Obama rules and regulations regarding same.
  723. Thank you.
  724. "
  725. "As a telemedicine provider, I strongly support the continuation of maintaining ISPs under Title 2 rules to protect net neutrality. When treating stroke patients where time is brain, the possibility of certain platforms having their transmission times slowed or not supported by certain ISPs places patient well being at risk. Please continue to support current net neutrality rules."
  726. "While I respect the hope of creating a ""free and open Internet"", I am concerned that the aim of the FCC to merely pursue ""freedom to access lawful content"" without pursuing equal access to all lawful content may, in fact, limit freedom of internet use. Removing regulations that require net neutrality on the part of servers may limit users' access to content that is not sponsored by large companies that can afford to sponsor it. Without regulations ensuring that servers do not block content, slow content, or prioritize content based on paid subscriptions, Internet users' freedom to access a variety of content, and content-creators' access to an open platform to share their content is likely to be limited. Therefore, I urge you to seek Internet freedom for by maintaining net neutrality regulations."
  727. "I fought hard for this before, I am ashamed I have to do this again. Net Neutrality is WHY the Internet works. We need to maintain net neutrality in order to keep the Internet healthy and full of possibilities."
  728. I support the preservation of strong Net Neutrality backed by strong Title II oversight of ISPs. It is critical to the survival of the internet as we know it.
  729. I strongly support net neutrality as protected under Title 2. Obstruction of the fair access of the Internet has been condemned by the United Nations.
  730. "the fact that an ISP in any shape or form can dictate what i see or not see based of taxes or who can pay more for 'PRIME SPACE""  . Please keep the internet the way we love it!"
  731. "Please protect the privacy and liberty of Internet users. Society has advanced by lightyears since the beginning of written language, and with the advent of the Internet, it has reached an all-time high of promoting literacy and freedom of information. To reverse that would be to make society regress, not progress. I would hope it is clear which option is better for our future."
  732. Retain net neutrality and title II
  733. "I support net neutrality and Title II because it is incredibly important that ISPs treat data equally and not favor any specific sites or services. As everything around the world becomes increasingly more digitized, we need to protect consumer rights in regards to internet usage. Being able to browse the internet freely without restriction is an American right, and the FCC should do everything in its power to protect us from ISPs that are looking to exploit consumers."
  734. Taking away net neutrality would cripple not only up and coming businesses but the nation as a whole. There is -nothing- good that can come form destroying it besides lining the pockets of people who don't need their pockets lined anymore.
  735. "First I would like to say thank you for safeguarding Net Neutrality. We are protected and are able to see lawful content whenever we want because the FCC ensures that our broadband providers don't prioritize certain lawful content over the other. Net neutralities importance is being questioned, to that I say, please keep strong Net Neutrality backed by title 2 as this is very important since it oversee's ISP's and ensure that both the consumer and new start-up business have fair, unbiased exposure on the internet. It prevents bigger more financially establish companies from paying to prioritize their traffic this gives start-up companies an opportunity to compete in the market. Having new companies succeed is a good way to ensure competition in the market, thus fair pricing for customers as well as an abundance of variety and innovations to flourish. Thank you, hoping that Net Neutrality continues to be strictly enforced, your truly Karina."
  736. You can't take away our rights
  737. At this point in time the internet should be a public utility and should not be controlled by scums.
  738. "I am a strong supporter for Net Neutrality under Title II, which is closer to actual Internet freedom. This proceeding is a terrible idea."
  739. Please maintain the requirements for Net Neutrality.
  740. I fully back and support Net Neutrality under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934.
  741. "Should this go through it may be as dark a day in the US as it was whenever it was decided that the two best options to be our president are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Don't make that mistake again.
  743. Everyday life is dependent upon open access to the internet. Hamper that, and productivity of everyday life will be hampered in turn. Do the right thing...for once."
  744. "When I purchase broadband internet I have the expectation that I will be able to access any website of  my choosing without worry that my ISP will throttle my connection.  I believe the FCC should make it a requirement of all ISPs that they uphold net neutrality.  An ISP should provide internet access, not internet priorities."
  745. "I support strong Net Neutrality, Title II oversight of ISPs."
  746. Please protect net neutrality for our internet.
  747. I strongly support net neutrality backed by title II.  I do not trust any ISPs to do this voluntarily.
  748. "I am writing in support of Title II and net neutrality. To do otherwise would undermine an arguably essential public utility for purposes no better than greed and the fundamental right of self-expression. To the chairman I offer these contemplative thoughts
  749. 1. This is not 'Nam, this is an essential public utility. there are rules.
  750. 2. This aggression will not stand, man.
  751. 3. This is not a special regulation. It's preserving the integrity of a special utility.
  752. 4. That Title II really ties the web together does it not?"
  753. "I support net neutrality
  754. Preserve title 2"
  755. "I STRONGLY support net neutrality.  As Internet Software Engineer, I see on a daily basis what would happen if corporations are allowed to decide who ""get the fast road"".  The US is already falling behind the rest of the world in education, science and technology, by killing net neutrality, this will only get worse."
  756. "some people including me do not have another outlet than to use the internet for personal use in their homes, being disabled and not able to work is hard enough to deal with. we already pay for wi-fi or ethernet and pay for well i use netflix and facebook the most no other way of keeping up with people i know and or knew. the internet should stay as is no extra charges this is not the 90's when we had to have dial up and extra landline phone lines to use internet at same time someone want to use phones. i don't even watch tv, its all trash and commercials. and the internet should be protected we well people have to make sure we also have anti virus suites those can cost a bit depending on what is available. now i am required to have Charter for internet and cable where i am mostly cable where i live in state housing its part of their contract i have no say none of the residents do. not that it makes a difference but in addition to being disabled i cannot drive and do not have a car and not even near a city bus line. people pay enough for not just wi fi but also things like netflix and manage a money card like a debit online. i don't even and cannot afford a landline phone and so i use a pre paid cell for all calls. i am on money for disabilites but i am still on poverty level would be unfair to anyone on what i am on to destroy the internet as we know it. i still live paycheck to paycheck. "
  757. "The ISP's have proven they will manipulate access when the blocked Google Wallet. Why would you trust the ISP's to ""do the right thing"" when you can simply be sure by keeping them as title II.  Do your job!"
  758. "I strongly support title 2 protections for ""net neutrality"""
  759. "I am an indie author. Net neutrality allows me to research, write, and sell my books. It allows me to collaborate with other authors and to continue learning more about an ever-changing business. I support strong net neutrality rules that give me the power to choose which websites and apps are best. It is important to me that cable companies are NOT allowed to control what I can see and do on the Internet, or to charge extra fees to access the content I want. I need a fast pathway to the internet  –  transmission speed and reliability. Email, cloud storage, web hosting and other services come from someone other than my internet service provider. I believe the FCC should have the power to ensure that I am protected from invasions of privacy, fraudulent billing and price gouging by providers."
  760. I firmly believe in net neutrality and that anything else is not in America's best interest.  I am contacting my congressman and senators on this.
  761. "To Whom it May Concern,
  763. I support strong Net Neutrality. I would like title 2 oversight of ISPs to be strengthened."
  764. "Hello - I would like to leave a comment in support of net neutrality and in support of continuing to regulate ISPs under Title II. I think it is very important to support equality of access and speed for the small users and the biggest players. While some might think ISPs will be good actors of their own volition, I do not think this is true and I believe the USA needs to have oversight under Title II to ensure equity of access. These rules have not significantly hurt ISP investment or growth and I think they should be kept in place. Sincerely, Theresa"
  765. "Support Title II protection of net neutrality!!!
  767. And tell Verizon lawyers to go FCC themselves!"
  768. "I appose this act and stand for net neutrality. Without net neutrality, companies like Comcast and Spectrum can put a vice on everyone's access to the internet."
  769. "Dear FCC, I am writing you today because I am hoping that my voice actually counts. We need to save Net Neutrality. It is important to regulate ISPs to make sure they cannot favor any websites over others."
  770. "To Whom It May Concern,
  772. Destroying Net Neutrality and removing the Title II classification of ISPs is detrimental to the best interests of the United States.
  774. Currently the internet is free and open. This is why the tech industry is thriving in our country. If net neutrality is destroyed, then new barriers of entry will burden the agility of startups and established companies within the Unites States. Why put Americans at a disadvantage by removing the Title II classification? ISPs should operate in the interest of what is best for America.
  776. By destroying Net Neutrality and implementing these, ""fast lanes,"" ISPs are not only suppressing free speech and the exchange of ideas through additional fees, but also potential competition with competing services. Destroying Net Neutrality is anti-consumer, un-American, and only furthers the monopolistic agendas of a few ISPs wishing to consolidate wealth and power.
  778. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.
  780. Sincerely,
  783. Jonathan Trowbridge
  784. Software Engineer
  785. Mapleton Hill Media"
  786. "Please preserve net neutrality and title 2, the free internet is an integral part of out 21st century society and economy, and changing that would shift the balance of power more and more towards big companies. The internet is an even playing ground, and as such the best breeding grounds for democracy and capitalism. Let's keep it that way."
  787. "I strongly support a free and open internet under the regulations of Title II. You should NOT change the regulations, the legal basis for them, or revert to Title I. Net neutrality is actually good for everyone and does not have any appreciable negative effect on ISPs, their business model, or their investments in infrastructure."
  788. The web is a utility.  There should be flat rates for all and it should be regulated as a title II entity under the communications act of 1934
  789. Net neutrality needs to be kept under the communication act of 1934. The FCC needs to leave the Net Neutrality under act 2.
  790. "Please preserve the net neutrality legislation.   Access to information should be free and available to everyone.   ISPs are already paid by their subscribers - why should they be able to profit from withholding access that the consumer has already purchased?  
  792. Thank you."
  793. Because a business controlling what I can and can't see is not how I'd like to live my life.
  794. Repealing Net neutrality is like appealing our rights. giving people the option to limit websites just based off of competition or any reason is like controlling the press as you see fit. We all deserve the right to neutrality on the net.
  795. Kroger explain to me Frank Jude Jr? All that food could have been in my house!
  796. "the internet should be kept unadulterated, unlimited, and truly a place of freedom"
  797. Do not allow internet neutrality to operate under the version that will allow companies to control my speed based on what I watch.  Keep the internet as it is.
  798. Net Neutrality goes against the constitutional right to free speech and free press. By giving the handful of ISPs the right to control content and how we access content threatens my right to free speech and press and the America way of life. This is going to cause the talent in America to leave the country for places with better options and smarter people. Do we really want to dumb down our country?
  799. "I strongly support net neutrality regulation under title II.  As a free and open internet is an essential component of modern society, regulations must be both strong and enforceable."
  800. Please preserve Title II protections for net neutrality.
  801. "I strongly support net neutrality and having an open internet. On a scale of 1-10 this would be a 672... as such, I will be strongly backing candidates who support net neutrality when the vote comes. Please help us protect the open internet. This is deeply disturbing to hear trump will be going after that too."
  802. "I am a tax paying citizen of the state of Pennsylvania who is very concerned with the precedent regarding Net Neutrality currently coming towards legislation in Washington.
  804. I am an attendee of California University of Pennsylvania for Computer Science. In addition to many marketable skills, I have had a chance to work with modern technologies that shape our lives. The breakthrough of the internet has been an experiment with lofty ideals since its inception. The free exchange of information between individual users in an electronic space. This has in its short existence boomed into one of the most revolutionary technologies ever brought forth by mankind.
  806. The principles regarding the Internet, and its security, are often misunderstood. Experts in the field such as Djikstra worked with the knowledge that this system had inherent risks; but these risks were part and parcel of a successful internet. The internet and its use by the wider world is much more productive and profitable than it is in other regions where regular restrictions are the norm; such as China. The subject of security on the internet is one I am currently accepted to graduate school for, and would implore you to reconsider actions to place restrictions on the use of the internet through preferential algorithms, unlawful blocking, or throttling.
  808. These measures do not make a safer internet, nor do they make a more productive internet; they make a more aristocratic internet. The voice and resources of the user becomes inherently strained, and made less by these provisions. Even more so in locations wherein the potential manipulative Internet Service Provider is the only option, instigating an effective monopoly on the region. Your service then becomes dictated by a preferential electronic landlord, who can alter your service discriminantly as they see fit. This does not scrub nor inhibit already unlawful content, which is already codified well into American legal statutes, and are subject to action by ISPs already.
  810. My business is the internet, and it is also the business of the coming generations. Those lawmakers some five-hundred years ago who sought to silence and limit (if not outright ban) the typewriter were not able to assuage the tide in favor of a manipulative establishment. Neither too would it prevail in the case of the internet. It would merely be a long, costly, infuriating bout of outreaching legislation in hopes that individuals with the hope of free expression might bow their heads.
  812. I sincerely hope that officials at the FCC, and in the United States congress will treat this matter seriously and with complete sincerity."
  813. Please I need strong or stronger regulations to protect Tittle II of the Net Neutrality. Or just leave Tittle II as it is.
  814. Net neutrality must be kept at all cost. No one should have the ability to limit our internet usage.
  815. Please dont rid of net nutrality
  816. We support Net Neutrality under Title II. DO NOT TAKE THIS AWAY.
  817. I am writing to express my concern over actions the FCC wishes to take. I believe that changing the regulation of the Internet to Title 1 will undermine individual freedom. Keep Title 2
  818. "Net neutrality is protected under the freedom of expression article in the constitution.  Only a dictatorship would deny Americans access to a neutral internet.  Almost all Americans use the internet and have come to depend on it as an information resource.  To take away net neutrality is to descend into chaos and America has enough chaos going on as it is.
  820. "
  821. "Why are the American people once again being asked to defend Net Neutrality? Apparently, the idiots in Washington can't do simple math: a free and open internet has been the source of a huge amount of wealth and job creation. Indeed, it's been a cornerstone of our economy for coming on to 20 years. ISPs have repeatedly demonstrated that they cannot ""self-police"" on this matter. Please protect the Internet."
  822. When will you people understand that what is bad for the general population is bad for everyone. This is a swindlers deal. Knock it off.
  823. Net neutrality is absolutely essential to maintaining a free and open internet. It must be protected and not compromised in anyone.
  824. I believe that net neutrality is essential and directly supportive of freedom of equality and speech. Please preserve the current Article II based law.
  825. yo quit tryna take er intrnt u big butch
  826. "Net neutrality is important because the internet gives small or big online business owners the chance at making a living. Many people make a living online. Why do cable and phone comanies get to decide the fate of these websites? We all pay a lot already for our phone lines, cable, and internet access. It isn't the internets fault for the failure of brick and mortars. Technology and trends move at a fast pace. Store fronts don't work hard enough to appeal to the new demographic. Just do better! Without startups (like twitter for example), Trump would have no outlet for his tweets.
  828. Your children will have a hard time doing their research for classes.
  829. Students will suffer. Businesses as a whole will suffer.
  830. Everyone will suffer in the long run.
  831. Restricing the internet will only make things worse.
  832. By restricting us, you lose our faith, trust, and support."
  833. "Director Pi,
  835. Do not remove NET NETURALITY."
  836. Please keep the Net neutral. Please continue to regulate ISPs with Title II provision.
  837. I would like you to support the TITLE 2 of the comms act and support net neutrality in the process.
  838. I strongly support net neutrality under title II authority.
  839. "A democracy depends on free and open communication. Big money has corrupted politics; we cannot allow the internet to become a ""pay to play"" system. "
  840. The Net needs to be neutral!!!
  841. Democracy demands a well informed and educated electorate. A pay to play internet does NOT best serve the common good. Loss of Net Neutrality only continues our slide from democracy to oligarchy.
  842. I strongly support and urge the FCC to preserve net neutrality and Title 2.
  843. "NET NEUTRALITY is important and necessary for free and open, fair access to the internet.  Thank you."
  844. "Please defend net neautrality. I know there's a lot more that could be said, but please just let me scroll through cats in peace.\r\nAdam schwartz"
  845. Please do not remove the net neutrality rules. Thank you.
  846. "The internet is one of the most important innovations in the history of mankind.  The free and open exchange of information has allowed the world to advance at a rapid rate with the collaboration of scientists everywhere.  Net Neutrality is an extremely important classification that allows this process to continue.  I urge the FCC to reconsider repealing this rules as it would allow private companies to pick and choose what content they want to allow, throttling or even blocking the content that they don't approve of.  I fully support a free internet with Net Neutrality and I strongly urge the FCC and its chairman to do the same for the good of all of the country, as well as the world."
  847. "I want to be able to access the content that I want to access, when I want to access it, without an ISP throttling the connection I pay for.
  849. I am for net neutrality, and vehemently against any kind of content blocking, aside from what is explicitly illegal.  To begin blocking websites whose content is not illegal, but unwanted by a CEO, or something of that nature, is what China currently engages in.  It is against all ideas of free speech and expression.
  851. To allow ISPs to selectively block whatever content they deem necessary is to admit that lawmakers have absolutely no idea how the internet functions, as well as to admit that they have no place in modern government."
  852. "Please do not repeal title 11. Maintain net neutrality.
  854. Thank you. "
  855. Do not get rid of Net Neutrality. \r\nJustin Braden
  856. "I strongly support Net neutrality. Don't just destroy it for a check, your decisions impact people's lives."
  857. Net Neutrality is what made the internet so great and vital to our lives.  It has a openness that can't happen logistically on TV or radio!  Support Net Neutrality!
  858. Internet in this day and age is infrastructure and should be a public good.
  859. I support strong Title II net neutrality regulations.
  860. "Competition is important no matter if its between businesses or between websites. Some businesses rely on their websites to diversify themselves from their competitors. Repealing net neutrality in essence promotes big business and hinders not just the little guy(s), but also the people who browse the internet and use those websites daily. Freedom of the internet is a necessity, especially in today's world, where diversity is ever-growing."
  861. "Please protect freedom of access to the internet. No throttling, no prioritization."
  862. "I work off the internet as a freelance artist, the possibility that some of the sites I use and go to for my networking is scary, to say the least. No promises will make me feel better, people go back on promises. I prefer the internet to remain how it is, not perfect, but amazing none the less. Let us have this. Please"
  863. Keep strong net neutrality and title 2  for the freedom of the internet and not allowing service providers to dictate what we should and can use.
  864. ISP's do not have the right to throttle our speeds and limit our content. The web should be free and open.
  865. Preserve Net Neutrality and Title II. It is vital that all ISP's make sure that information is transmitted without restrictions or throttling. The switch to Title II has had no impact on how much ISP's are investing in infrastructure.
  866. "Net neutrality ensures that peoples speech is protected, it is essential to maintaining our democracy."
  867. "It is unamerican to consider reducing the current restrictions on ISPs. They should be held to the Title 2 regulations like they have in most recent years to prevent them from taking away my rights as a citizen - namely freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. My voice, my searches, my rights and my internet speed should not suffer because an internet service provider does not want me visiting different web sites."
  868. "This is the most amazing time in History! We have a president who tweets to hundreds of millions of people! How cool is that? SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!
  869.  We have people from all over connecting and teaching and learning from one another. Revelations predicts that the World Wide Web is destroyed, BUT THE FCC CAN MAINTAIN A HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS and one of RECEGIVE - Recegive means to Receive AND Give. THAT's WHAT EVERYONE IS DOING. OPENLY GIVING AND RECEIVING. I LOVE THE OPEN WEB. The United States is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Please keep the web the way it is. Thank you."
  870. "Please protect net neutrality by keeping the ISPs under title II oversight.
  872. I strongly oppose this act as it risks the protection of our basic internet freedoms."
  873. "Please keep net neutrality and Title II. Thank you.
  875. P.S.
  876. John Oliver sent me :)"
  877. "I fully support strong Title II oversight of net neutrality. The free and open internet should not be placed on a weaker legal footing that would allow for ISPs to play favorites with internet content based on profit motives. The internet must continue to be a global, democratic platform. Keep net neutrality under Title II!"
  878. Net Neutrality is too important.  Please DO NOT remove the Net Neutrality regulations.  No Speed Traps please.  Internet access is now a utility.  Equal access is only the fair thing to do.  If the big guys can't compete on a level field then they don't really support the free market place.  Please allow us equal access.
  879. No zero-rating Internet; Keep our Internet open.
  880. Today
  881. I support net neutrality and the limiting of ISP power through Title 2
  882. "Net neutrality must be maintained.  Please do not give more power to already overly powerful corporations.  We already don't have any true competition when it comes to ISPs, our only saving grace is that they have to treat all traffic the same.  If NN is gone it will hurt consumers and businesses alike."
  883. If you morons at the FCC go through with this Net Neutrality bullshit I'm going to be very upset. It's flagrant abuse of power that you idiots refuse to admit. Stop lying and stop this.
  884. "Net neutrality is extremely important to me and millions of other consumers. Recently I have already felt restrictions from my ISP in the form of data caps. Restrictions on how much data you consume and if you go over your allotted amount, you are charged extra. To me, this seems ridiculous as data is not a finite resource that needs to be conserved. To think that these companies will be given more  capabilities to dictate use of the internet frightens me.  I'm unable to simply change service providers either because I have a limited amount of options and none of them provide adequate speeds for my needs.
  885. Please defend the rights of consumers and their use of the internet. If changes are made in favor of ISPs it will be a change for the worse."
  886. I support stronger regulations of the internet
  887. "I would like to register my opposition to the current proposal to move ""net neutrality"" provisions back to Title I from their current standing under Title II. These provisions are important to preserve and protect the fair and open use of the internet. Previous rulings under the Verizon suit filed against such provisions while they were under Title I have proven that they are legally ineffective under Title I. As to possible damping of economic activity amongst ISPs, even Verizon reported to their shareholders that the provisions under Title II would not alter their business plans."
  888. "I strongly support net neutrality and title two oversight of ISPs.  The economic, social, and political value of a free and open internet far, far outweighs the minor economic benefit ISPs would get from putting a stranglehold on everyone's content.  Don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg because ISPs want a goose dinner.
  890. I also support novelty sized Reese's Peanut Butter Cups mugs.  But that's only tangentially related.  I learned about them on the internet."
  891. Helps put everyone on more fair access to internet.
  892. The internet should not be a toll highway. Let the internet be the internet without the ISP throttling down what they feel is right. That should not be their choice.
  893. "Please preserve and fight for Net Neutrality as well as the Title II classification of the internet.  It is important that the internet remains fairly regulated, and that loopholes not be exploited or created such as the ""Free data for Netflix"" schemes some companies are exploiting."
  894. "I am against the repeal of Title 2 Net Neutrality, which I believe to be a core minimum standard."
  895. "The world has gotten smaller thanks to the magic of the internet. Things are happening that we are not yet even able to appreciate. Things that advance society and mankind. We have seen what advancements are possible in the hands of the greedy, power mongers who control the lives of millions in search of more and more profits; worse and worse advertising and so-called entertainment. Its time to give us a chance to do something meaningful for ourselves and for others. Allow the great experiment to continue without the choke hold of corporate greed. Net Neutrality is important for the future of societies around the world."
  896. Please increase and strengthen net neutrality. I am opposed to weakening it.
  897. Keep net neutrality and title 2. Trumps a chump
  898. "I support strong net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs. Entire industries are being created via ""cloud"" based services. If we fail to recognize net neutrality as an absolute necessity, this country will lose out on countless opportunities to others that do."
  899. I am in favor of net neutrality and I believe the consumers need to be protected and provided an open internet that is regulated to the consumer's benefit much like utilities that are considered essential such as electricity and telephone access.  We must ensure that we do not become beholden to ISPs and allow them to block competition that would benefit the consumer.
  900. I strongly support net neutrality and the preservation of Title 2 for all ISPs.
  901. "I think that Internet Neutrality is a very bad idea, because it takes away competition and fair marketing when it comes to small business. Small business with a limited  advertising budget  will suffer the most because their ads won't be seen by consumers looking for local goods and services. Internet Neutrality will be very detrimental when it comes to development of small business, it will stunt the growth of established businesses as well is new businesses starting up.
  902.  Internet Neutrality can and will adversely affect the economy as a whole in the long run.
  904. Thank you."
  905. "I support the principles of Net Neutrality.  
  907. The internet helps to drive small businesses, gives access to a free flow of information and ideas, and it allows us to stay connected to friends and family far and wide. There is no doubt that it is the lifeblood of our economy and the future of information sharing. All internet traffic should be treated equally, and by and large, this is the way the internet has always, and should continue to, operate without government interference."
  908. I am in favor of a net neutrality system.
  909. "Its important to me because I use the internet for college, researching ideas, tech products, buying groceries, etc well basically everything. The idea that I cant visit these websites at my own free will is ridiculous . The Internet should be open and public, exactly how it is now. Just the thought of companies monopolizing customers is insane. "
  910. I strongly support net neutrality through oversight of ISPs through Title II regulations.
  911. "Among many other benefits, the internet as it stands is a source of alternatives to institutional medical information.  it has given me and others the information to reverse and heal from several chronic health conditions not available through mainstream medicine at the moment.  this type of totally free exchange allows medical professionals to greatly advance healthcare saving a fortune on medication and medical treatments.  My health and life has been tremendously improved by this free exchange of information.  please do not change the system as it is gaining momentum.  do not allow anyone to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.  you would never know the exponential loss to the economy and mankind's progress."
  912. "We will remember who voted in favor and who voted against.  If you think you'll benefit from helping the media companies gain control over the internet, you are in the wrong.  That's called corruption.  You'd make more money by just going to work for the big corporations.  You became statesmen to serve the people.  Either start looking out for the interests of the people or get out of office and let those who actually care serve.  If you are already leaning in favor of preserving net neutrality, your service will be remembered.  Do the right thing for the right reasons, please.
  913. Patrick Buecheler"
  914. "I strongly support Title II classification, not Title I due to the additional protections it affords the general public."
  915. "Please, the internet is a place where you can have access to information, and to stifle it would be the worst thing you could do."
  916. I support Net Neutrality and Title II classifications for Internet Service Providers.
  917. "I've been a subscriber to broadband data for a long time, and all my family's communications depend on that line. The Net Neutrality rules concern me very much.
  918. - video calls are not too reliable and quality is so-so. Will it become even worse? Or will I have to pay substantially more to get even the quality we get now?
  919. - for TV type entertainment we happen to watch not mainstream channels (ESPN? HBO?) but rather little known ethnic channels or low-subscriber YouTube videos. Will we even be able to reach them?"
  920. "Net Neutrality needs to be protected. If it falls, we will have sealed the fate of the collapse of capitalism.  The fact that the internet is such a neutral place makes it the perfect equalizer minorities and majorities alike are able to utilize it however they please to connect with the world. Please protect it."
  921. "Dear Sir/Madam:  
  923. Without net neutrality, corporations will have too much control over a resource that almost everybody depends upon.  We have already seen abuses of this, with AT&T, Comcast, etc.  A corporation must protect it's bottom line, and history tells us that corporations will go to extraordinary means to do so.  Volkswagen is a prime example; nobody thought they were capable of such harmful deceit.  This should be a lesson to us.  Net Neutrality is an important safeguard and equalizer, and a fundamental check and balance upon corporations which have so many conflicting interests.  
  925. Truly the internet has become much like the electricity and/or natural gas that flows into our homes.  The thought that the power companies could arbitrarily control the flow of our electricity and/or gas seems so ludicrous, but this is just what would happen without net neutrality.    
  927. Please protect this important safeguard.  Thank  you! "
  928. I support net neutrality as per the legislation under title 2.
  929. "I support strong net neutrality, please don't change what isn't broken."
  930. "The government should no role in regulation or the distribution of rights to corporations in regards to free access to the internet, as well as the content or speed in  which free speech and expression can be transmitted."
  931. I support strong net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISP's!!!
  932. I support strong net neutrality backed with strong Title 2 provisions.
  933. "I want to make my own choices, not having some big company making my decisions or choosing what I will watch."
  934. Please  keep net neutrality the way it is. Do not mes with it
  935. "I remember the first time my dad brought home a huge and heavy Gateway computer. It was 1999 and my first ever experience with a computer, and after my dad purchased AOL, my first experience with the world wide web. I was 6 years old. I can still remember that day, and the excitement that it brought. Suddenly the world was at my fingertips. I could chat with someone thousands of miles away, learn about cutting edge scientific research, or send my school pictures to my grandma in Mexico. I believe that by allowing an expert agency like the FCC to oversee the market for broadband internet access, we can protect consumers from invasions of their privacy, fraudulent billing and price gouging by their broadband providers. Considering that the area I live in has very few options for ISPs, I believe if broadband ISPs are allowed to self-regulate, I will lose all real control, protection and rights as a consumer."
  936. "The internet is our play ground, we should be able to be free Americans! As our founding fathers said every man is entitled to the freedom to be happy."
  937. I strongly urge you to protect net neutrality and maintain that ISPs be classified under Title II.
  938. "The FCC's Open Internet Rules (net neutrality rules) are beyond extremely important to me. I urge you to protect them. This is more than politics, the internet in a forum for the expression of ideas and that should never be controlled by the a company or the few.  Freedom is the internet.\n\nI don't want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, or split the Internet into ""fast lanes"" for companies that pay and ""slow lanes"" for the rest.\n\nNow is not the time to let giant ISPs censor what we see and do online.\n\nCensorship by ISPs is a serious problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked FaceTime, Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of Legends, and Verizon admitted it will introduce fast lanes for sites that pay-and slow lanes for everyone else-if the FCC lifts the rules. This hurts consumers and businesses large and small.\n\nCourts have made clear that if the FCC ends Title II classification, the FCC must let ISPs offer ""fast lanes"" to websites for a fee.\n\nChairman Pai has made clear that he intends to do exactly this.\n\nBut if some companies can pay our ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. You will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created the 5 most valuable companies in America-just to further enrich a few much less valuable cable giants famous for sky-high prices and abysmal customer service.\n\nInternet providers will be able to impose a private tax on every sector of the American economy.\n\nMoreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard.\n\nI'm sending this to the FCC's open proceeding, but I worry that Chairman Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has made his plans and will ignore me and millions of other Americans.\n\nSo I'm also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC's existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai's plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.\n\nThank you!\r\nDayron Valiente"
  939. Net neutrality is a simple basic right to every user of the internet. It is essential that ISPs not have control over what users get to see or not. ISPs can take undue advantage of such privileges and this could impact the users searches and hits on the internet in a very undesirable fashion
  940. "Net neutrality protections are critical to maintaining a stable and open internet. Allowing internet providers to prioritize specific traffic creates an inherent conflict of interest.
  942. Please keep title 2 and net neutrality in tact."
  943. I fully and specifically  support  strong net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs
  945. Net neutrality makes sense!
  946. I feel that the Title II regulations put in place under President Obama were a takeover of the internet and a mistake for the freedom of the american people. The Title II regulations should be rolled back 10 years.
  947. Please protect net neutrality. Democracy depends on fair and balanced access to communication.
  948. "Net neutrality!!
  949. #gofccyourself"
  950. "Clear and Simple: The Internet in the 21st century is as critical a piece of societal infrastructure as the electric grid and the telephone system was in the 20th century.
  951. Every corporation MUST treat it as such.
  952. In the past,businesses that required large amounts of power or huge phone installations would pay to build them, but once they hooked up to the existing infrastructure, they were on equal footing with every other user.
  953. The same logic MUST be applied to the internet."
  954. Please don't repeal Title II net neutrality rules you're taking away from the people that need it the most this is a capitalist free market economy with equal opportunities for all don't change the internet please oh god don't fucking do it fuck
  955. "Title II must be preserved for a truly open internet. We cannot trust ISPs with net neutrality, they have a financial motive to dismantle it. The American people deserve an open, neutral, and protected internet."
  956. ISPs have demonstrated that they will interfere with the internet in myriad ways to advantage themselves. The only way to assure a fair and open internet is strong regulation under Title II.
  957. Net neutrality = Free Speech
  958. "I support strong net neutrality protections, particularly under Title 11 of the Communications Act. Please maintain such protections."
  959. I strongly support the current net neutrality that is enforced by Title II. I would be very upset if the FCC allowed ISPs to control the speed of my internet based upon their own interests.
  960. I am for the preservation of net neutrality and the use of the Title 2 classification scheme for internet service providers.
  961. "It is ridiculous to believe that there is even any conversation about getting rid of net neutrality. Giving it up is giving internet providers a chance, or rather an invitation, to take bribes over what their customers are able to experience on the web, and I'm sure no one is dumb enough to believe that those things will be in the best interest of everyone. The internet is a hub of information and culture that has made us all richer, smarter, and better as a society, and that is not going to continue that way if some dumbass corporations start deciding to make their shows or websites more appealing with quicker to access rather than make quality product that people will ‘actually’ want to go to.
  963. There is no reason to do away with net neutrality. The people fighting against it are trying to take power away from the public and let those with money dictate what you do in your time online. Or more alarmingly, its being opposed by people who have too much power, and no clue what web neutrality even is
  965. Keep the internet the wonderful and free place that it is. Support net neutrality"
  966. "Please DO NOT roll back Net Neutrality restrictions, but rather retain the current Title II classification for ISPs. If you do not, AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and other ISPs WILL game the system for profit, harming not only users/consumers but also dealing a significant blow to the overall competitiveness of the United States."
  967. It is not fair to the rest of us if the big corporations control the Internet.
  969. I support net neutrality regulations and do not support the rolling back of Title 2 protections.
  970. "I support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs. I do not believe less oversight will be beneficial for consumers in any way and it will be giving too much power to ISPs who will have too much incentive to throttle competition. I also do not believe that ISPs will be negatively affected by stronger oversight in the least bit if they were always intending to play fair, as evidenced by what they have specifically told their investors."
  971. "We need the Federal Communications Commission and every organizations in the world to help, promote and protect NEUTRALITY inside internet. They're already too much companies that can alter the web by showing websites they want, or information they want, and by doing so, there bridle creativity, ideas, expressions, works and thus human knowledge overall. It'd be a shame if we could only get access to a single part of knowledge and ideas and that these ideas and knowledge would be always the same : from the one that pay for it or that are friend with some big companies on internet."
  972. "Ajit Pai, please don't remove our access to information by allowing ISPs to restrict data speeds.  Title 2 oversight is the only way to make sure that Americans are not swindled by large corporations.  Please respect net neutrality and do not remove Title 2 of the Communications Act."
  973. "I support strong Net Neutrality regulations, they should not be taken away.  Keep the obama-era regulations."
  974. John Oliver told me to support this.... so here I am.
  975. "Net Neutrality is HIGHLY IMPORTANT, as it ensures everyone has equal right to voice their thoughts on the web.  Without equal rights, only certain voices would be allowed to speak.  We'd end up with Communism Net, where only certain voices had any right to speak or publish on the web.
  977. Let there freedom for the web ... and not evil censorship.
  979. Byron Minick
  980. College Educator (Computer Information Systems)
  981. Mesa, AZ
  982. "
  983. "
  985. Please keep net neutrality in place.  Do not rescind Title II safeguards."
  986. "I am against the chairman's plan to reverse net neutrality.  Doing so will destroy a vital engine for innovation, growth, and communication.  Please protect (and enforce!) net neutrality."
  987. Please keep the internet neutral and regulated under title II.
  988. "Please do not let this happen. We've already given up too much of our freedoms over the last decade to corporate interest and it must stop.
  990. I don't want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, or split the Internet into ""fast lanes"" for companies that pay and ""slow lanes"" for the rest.
  992. Now is not the time to let giant ISPs censor what we see and do online.
  994. Censorship by ISPs is a serious problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked FaceTime, Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of Legends, and Verizon admitted it will introduce fast lanes for sites that pay-and slow lanes for everyone else-if the FCC lifts the rules. This hurts consumers and businesses large and small.
  996. Courts have made clear that if the FCC ends Title II classification, the FCC must let ISPs offer ""fast lanes"" to websites for a fee.
  998. Chairman Pai has made clear that he intends to do exactly this.
  1000. But if some companies can pay our ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. You will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created the 5 most valuable companies in America-just to further enrich a few much less valuable cable giants famous for sky-high prices and abysmal customer service.
  1002. Internet providers will be able to impose a private tax on every sector of the American economy.
  1004. Moreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard.
  1006. I'm sending this to the FCC's open proceeding, but I worry that Chairman Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has made his plans and will ignore me and millions of other Americans.
  1008. So I'm also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC's existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai's plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.
  1010. Thank you!
  1011. Ian Radloff"
  1012. "I live in a small town where people have a hard time finding work or even training for a meaningful job and a large part of this can stem from lack of access to quality, affordable, internet access for most of the people around here.
  1014. Our main provider Charter Spectrum charges about $80 a month for internet and home phone service with an additional markup for the box rental. Outside of that if you have any of their tv services you win up having to pay close to if not exceeding $200 a month. And if you call trying to negotiate for a cheaper bill they'll aggressively try to upsell you more expensive services. We've been waiting for a planned upgrade to higher end connections that were set to roll out in the surrounding metro areas adjacent to our town but were subsequently canceled following the merger.
  1016. When you consider this ruling think of what it means to people in rural areas or even in the former rust/coal belt states who desperately need these kind of infrastructure upgrades to become relevant in modern society small communities like mine are bleeding members of the younger generation as year on year students graduating from local trade schools in the engineering and technology fields are force to relocate out of state due to lack of viable paying jobs in the field.
  1018. You politicians say ""Oh we'll create jobs in rural areas."" most of this is nothing but bloat. If you want to create jobs build the infrastructure to support new jobs and the new jobs will come. Give small towns and communities access to next generation technologies like fiber to the home and such and you'll see more people starting to stay in their home towns as opposed to contributing to the steady decline in population that areas like mine have been suffering due to the old getting older and the young moving out.
  1020. With enough expansion of next gen technologies in rural communities the youth of today and forthcoming generation will more than pay for the expense by the amount of trained workers that could fill out the fields needed to service these new technologies and keep them up and running."
  1021. I support the continuation of Net Neutrality and regular oversight of ISPs.
  1022. "I support net neutrality and title 2 for ISPs. I don't support idiot jizz stain who get a position as the chairman of the FCC.
  1024. I wish I had a more constructive comment to leave. But opening the flood gates to uncontrolled ISPs who have fortified geological positions and control the gates of those who are their clients is anti-free market and will destroy many online businesses through bullying tactics. There is no incentive for ISPs to play fair with other competitors and there is no reason for them to be transparent for their customers. If there is anything a majority of Americans want is a transparent government that let's them have the freedom of choices and to protect those freedoms. Not to have them restricted by some company with a lock and key.
  1026. Also...
  1027. What does Ajit Pai have in common with a puppet? Both are used to having hands up their ass."
  1028. I am in support of net neutrality.  It is not ok for big business to decide what I can view and how fast I can stream and access based on who they pay.  This will destroy fair businesses and make research illegitimate.  You will make our youth less informed and unable to find intelligent information NOT paid for and corrupted.
  1029. Open internet for all provides free speech for all - protect small companies and individuals.
  1030. I support strong regulations to keep net neutrality and the continuation of regulation under title II
  1031. "The public is overwhelmingly in support of net-neutrality: The government is supposed to serve the will of the public, and this is what we what you to do.
  1033. Sincerely,
  1034. Peter Orphanides"
  1035. "Net neutrality is the backbone of all of freedoms associated with the digital information age. It protects my rights, and the rights of all Americans online. I strongly urge you to preserve it and protect it."
  1036. Access to the open web is very important.  Listen to people who argue for the benefits of requiring this rather than to allow commercial organizations to hold control over our access.  There already is enough control via commercial mediums like advertising.
  1037. "I strongly support Net  Neutrality. Do not change Title II regulation of ISPs.  
  1039. Oh, and one last thing...  Pai, lose the stupid mug. You're acting like an idiot."
  1040. "Keep net neutrality, I don't want people controlling how fast internet is because it favors them monetarily. Internet should be a necessary requirement for life in the modern age."
  1041. "Like the other 5 million people submitting comments for this filling as of 6/18/2017, I request that the FCC retain the current policies that ensure Net Neutrality for the benefit of all the citizen of the Unites States.  I don't have anything to add to the previous 5 million comments, that speaks for itself."
  1042. I support net neutrality backed by title 2. Please protect net neutrality.
  1043. I specifically support STRONG net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISP's
  1044. I'm a firm believer that the the strength of the internet is that is an open and free forum. I think government regulation such a s Net Neutrality is the way to go.
  1045. "I am writing today in an effort to preserve net neutrality.
  1047. In too many parts of this country, consumers have few if any choices. Telecommunications companies have their territories, and do not infringe on each other knowing that the competition would result in lower prices for the consumer, and lower profits for them. As a result, many parts of this nation are at the mercy of local monopolies.
  1048. Requiring all internet traffic, regardless of it is from Amazon or Joe's New Startup Store, to receive the same service from ISPs creates an atmosphere of fair competition that benefits internet users as a whole. It allows small online start ups a chance to flourish. Empowering local monopolies with even more control of such an important resource is the wrong direction to take the United States of America.
  1050. The internet has become a vital resources for business, education, entertainment, among many other things. Unfortunately, because local monopolies have control of much of it comes at a higher price than much of the world as is. Allowing so few in control of such an important resources is a step backwards for America.  Amazon may be able to pay those bribes, Joe's New Startup Store won't be able to. Furthermore, allowing them control of our access to information information can lead to throttling media owned by  competitors (as ISPs often have investments in various media), or throttle news which paints them in a bad light is giving them too much power, and is the wrong direction for America."
  1051. "I do not want the internet being censored in anyway. I do not want the big telecom providers to be able to block any sites that I may visit. Nor, do I want them to be able to throttle my usage to certain sites just because the business or owner of the website has not paid them a fee. Please allow us as americans a free and fair internet. Do not allow companies to have control of the internet. "
  1052. I strongly oppose any limitation on net neutrality and any attempt at deregulation that would allow any company or organization to manipulate access or internet speed.
  1053. "Dear Mr. Pai
  1055. I support strong net neutrality backed by title II.  The companies (one of which you worked for...) that are behind changing this are the same ones who tried to get rid of net neutrality last time.  They want to be able to control how much web individual concerns are allowed for how much money.  It was an attempt at a power grab for their own benefit.  They sued the FCC saying that the FCC over-reached their authority when they tried to protect us from them.  That resulted in the current state of affairs - which is good for consumers.  Now they say they want it back the way it used to be where they can sneakily grab for that power again.  They are lying about their intent.  I oppose your support of this.  The web must be free!  Do Not Allow It To Happen!"
  1056. "I believe there was a song that said ""The FCC wont let me be"" and at this rate I agree. There is no need to sell out the internet to the people with the most money, we all pay an obscene amount to access something that is at the core free. So trying to squeeze more money out of the internet (which does untold millions in commerce as it is which mean the government is getting its cut in taxes) perhaps letting the public have one place where we are not told how to think or what we can and can not do might be a way to sway public opinion back into favor of the government as a whole."
  1057. Net Neutrality is what makes the internet great and I would not like to see everyone's internet governed by the whims on my ISP
  1058. There are innumerable benefits for the population of our country ranging from home repair to educational research to even consider ending net neutrality.  It's simply an unintelligent direction when it comes to the quality of life experienced by the people of this nation.
  1059. Net neutrality should be maintained and not handed over to internet companies.  There are too many examples of current government leaders wanting to take away the rights of Americans.  The FCC should NOT add to that fleecing of America.
  1060. "If people are going to be able to express themselves or do anything at all that involves sending information from one place to another, title II Net Neutrality needs to be left alone. What this FCC is seeking to do will prove to be nothing short of disastrous. Websites will be slower or outright blocked off behind pay walls just for the sake of making telecom companies more money. If it wasn't for the Citizens United decision enabling things like this and further cementing money in politics, we wouldn't be having this discussion again. Stop looking for excuses to treat consumers like animals,  and just abandon this whole plan to let ISPs take over the Internet. Leave title II alone. "
  1061. "I want to see the Internet being used by everybody, it even affects content creators"
  1062. Do not deregulate Net Neutrality. Preserve it under Title II regulations. To do otherwise would be to take power away from the internet users and put it in the hands of those that would abuse it. This is America. A country for the people and by the people. It is un-American to take the power from the many and give it to the oligarchal few.
  1063. I fully support NET NEUTRALITY and Title II.
  1064. "Net Neutrality is important for me due to the fact I use a various amount of sites to complete different things. From working on my muscle car, helping my kids do research, to home project's, information for work and so on. I use so many different sites and being in a country and serving this country is easier with net neutrality. Thank you for your time."
  1065. "Just the fact that we need to make this movement to keep our basic human right.... means that you are purely disgusting because all you want is a sweeter paycheck.
  1066. Michael Lynch"
  1067. I support net neutrality specifically backed by Title II.  Why must everything be about corporate benefits?  What about what's best for the people?
  1068. I support stong net neutrality backed by title 2 oversight of ISP's
  1069. Please keep the net neutrality through Title 2.  Thank you.
  1070. Companies cannot be allowed to enforce net neutrality on their own. Competition will quickly tempt companies to decrease access to their competitors websites. Therefore title II must remain in place to prevent this.
  1071. Moving isp will change how the entire internet works and will possibly ruin people's jobs if they revolve around the internet
  1072. "it IS the method for all my communications, and having the idiot FCC Chair trashing Net Neutrality is like having your balls sliced off.
  1074. Why Oh Why does the FCC (an executive branch office) feel the need to further squeeze the consumer to further inflate provider profits, already a near monopoly by each market?!"
  1075. "I support strong net neutrality laws supported by Title 2 oversight of internet service providers (ISPs). Net neutrality stands for open access of information and a level playing field across the entire web. Rolling back these laws will detrimental to access of information and growth of the web as a whole, especially in America where we should be leading the world. ISPs have proven time and time again that they will exploit rules, laws, and loopholes for their investors while throwing their customers, the American people, under the bus. The only incentive they have to play by the rules is the almighty dollar and firm, constant oversight into their actions on the web. Please keep our internet open."
  1076. "Regarding the Restoration of Internet Freedom the Chairman of the FCC would like to roll back regulations from two years ago that helped keep the net truly neutral.  I am strongly against rolling back those regulations.  This is a zero win for consumers and I can't say it strongly enough how much I do not want regulations rolled back.  The more this comes up every few years, the more the citizens of the country are getting educated about what all this exactly means for them.  Thank you for reading this and full disclosure, this is not a bot but an actual human."
  1077. "Repealing net neutrality may not force corporations to regulate free speech, but it doesn't prohibit them from doing it. And as our shitty capitalist society proves time and time and time again, if a corporation can make money shafting the American people, it will. Corporations WILL abuse the absence of net neutrality because it is profitable and to insist they won't is an insult to the intelligence of all Americans. The desire of a politician to repeal NN can only mean one thing - they are bought and paid for by ISP's like Comcast to do their bidding."
  1078. Net neutrality is the only thing  keeping the internet open and free from corporate abuse. The internet is a hub of freedom of speech and expression and any act that weakens a citizen's ability to utilize this tool to make change in their world must be wholly unconstitutional.
  1079. "Net neutrality—the right to access all Internet content freely without your Internet provider slowing down or even blocking content at its whim—is fundamental to our democracy. As communities across the United States fight to speak out on contentious political issues, the citizenry needs to know that government-subsidized monopolies like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon aren’t dictating which website we can access. The clear, light-touch rules enacted by the FCC in 2015 are the Internet’s best hope for ensuring we have a free and open Internet.
  1081. Paragraph 82 asks for input on whether throttling should be regulated. In the past ISPs have throttled content based on their own determination of what was lawful or permissible, and had to be forced to stop in the courts. Isn’t it possible they could do this again? I’m also concerned by mobile providers who say a plan is “unlimited,” but when you exceed the data cap, only throttle sites and services that aren’t part of their approved zero-rating network. Thanks for reading my comment."
  1082. Internet freedom is important to the people.
  1083. "Listen, do you censor real life? No.  The internet is almost a second reality.  Imagine if McDonald started forcing you to commute a specific way so they could arrange advertisements and locations to try an manipulate you."
  1084. "Please don't do this guys cmon now
  1085. Shay phillips"
  1086. "The FCC's Open Internet Rules (net neutrality rules) are extremely important to me and modern freedoms. PLEASE!!!! I urge you to protect them.
  1088. ISPs should NOT power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, or split the Internet into ""fast lanes"" for companies that pay and ""slow lanes"" for the rest.
  1090. PLEASE don't let ISPs censor what we see and do online.
  1092. Censorship by any Corporate entity is a serious problem.  Additionally the fast/slow lains and giving preferential treatment to some sources will hurt consumers and and small businesses.
  1094. Courts have made clear that if the FCC ends Title II classification, the FCC must let ISPs offer ""fast lanes"" to websites for a fee.
  1096. Chairman Pai has made clear that he intends to do exactly this.
  1098. But if some companies can pay our ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. You will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created the 5 most valuable companies in America-just to further enrich a few much less valuable cable giants famous for sky-high prices and abysmal customer service.
  1100. Internet providers will be able to impose a private tax on every sector of the American economy.
  1102. Moreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard.
  1104. I'm sending this to the FCC's open proceeding, but I worry that Chairman Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has made his plans and will ignore me and millions of other Americans.
  1106. So I'm also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC's existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai's plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.
  1108. Thank you!
  1109. Michael T Dollar"
  1110. please prevent all isp's from restricting bandwidth to any they see fit. keep the internet open to all!
  1111. "I support strong net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of Internet Service Providers. The we has to be free, not controlled by ISPs."
  1112. "this isn't good okay. i know it, he knows it, everybody knows it. -president"
  1113. "Dear Mr. Pai,
  1115. Net Neutrality is important to any single person that uses the Internet.  As someone who has grown up in the era of the Internet, I am so thankful for its ability to provide me with the information I need with equal access to each website.   Please think critically about how this could put Americans as a disadvantage while providing corporations with an incredible power that can easily be corrupted.
  1117. As Americans, we will be watching your next moves, and I hope that it is in our best interest.  You can either be the one that jeopardizes what we have with the Internet today, or help keep it free and open.
  1119. Thanks,
  1120. Nidhi"
  1121. "Please keep ISPs as common carriers under title II to preserve net neutrality and protect consumers.
  1123. Thank you"
  1124. "I think it's absurd that there should be a limit to peoples' internet access. It means limiting access to knowledge which some people already face some way or another. Whether someone wants to watch stupid videos on YouTube or send an important email, they should be able to trust their government to maintain it's ""Free Country"" status. We already pay for the service or travel to a location that has free internet access. The internet should remain open."
  1125. "you guys can't do this, you can't take away the final level playing ground for communication. It's unbelievable. Keep the Internet free. Don't give in to corporations"
  1126. "The FCC's Open Internet Rules (net neutrality rules) are extremely important to me and the rest of the world. I urge you to protect these rules and therefore, protect your constituents.\n\nI do not want ISPs to have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, or split the Internet into ""fast lanes"" for companies that pay and ""slow lanes"" for the rest.\n\nNow is not the time to let giant ISPs censor what we see and do online.\n\nCensorship by ISPs is a serious problem. Comcast has throttled Netflix, AT&T blocked FaceTime, Time Warner Cable throttled the popular game League of Legends, and Verizon admitted it will introduce fast lanes for sites that pay-and slow lanes for everyone else-if the FCC lifts the rules. This hurts consumers and businesses large and small.\n\nCourts have made clear that if the FCC ends Title II classification, the FCC must let ISPs offer ""fast lanes"" to websites for a fee.\n\nChairman Pai has made clear that he intends to do exactly this.\n\nBut if some companies can pay our ISPs to have their content load faster, startups and small businesses that can't pay those fees won't be able to compete. You will kill the open marketplace that has enabled millions of small businesses and created the 5 most valuable companies in America-just to further enrich a few much less valuable cable giants famous for sky-high prices and abysmal customer service.\n\nInternet providers will be able to impose a private tax on every sector of the American economy.\n\nMoreover, under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard.\n\nI'm sending this to the FCC's open proceeding, but I worry that Chairman Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has made his plans and will ignore me and millions of other Americans.\n\nSo I'm also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC's existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai's plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.\n\nThank you!\r\nJon South"
  1127. "I disagree with the move to do away with the rules for net neutrality. Everyone needs to have unimpeded access to the internet regardless of  their age, gender, race/ethnicity, rural or city location, social status, or ability to pay (beyond a basic fee that should be the same for all). I see the potential to lose control over the sites we have access to online and the content of the sites we visit as very antithetical to our rights in a Democracy.
  1128. Please do not change our net neutrality rules. They have worked well.
  1129. Thank you."
  1130. "I am writing this comment to urge you, the FCC, to keep net neutrality. Net neutrality is an essential freedom that we need for the internet -- we cannot have large corporations impinging on the people's freedom to browse the web. Without this freedom that we currently have, we, the people, would not be able to live our daily lives the same. We would not be able to complete our work freely, we would not be able to catch up on the news freely, we would not be able to enjoy our favorite videos freely, and we would not be able to do so much more freely. So, I again urge you to keep net neutrality as it is essential to our daily lives."
  1131. I support strong net neutrality backed by Title II restrictions
  1132. I strongly support net neutrality  through Title 2 regulations of ISPs.  Changing the ability to ensure fair treatment on the internet to a trust based system would never work as there are far too many greedy companies who will take advantage of a lack of oversight. Please don't change the rules to appease your former employer. Your reasoning is deceitful and transparent to anyone with half a brain.
  1133. Do not end the net neutrality protections that are enforced on ISP's under Title II.
  1134. "Title II regulation for ISPs is essential to preserving a free and open internet. ISPs have shown a consistent disregard for the general public as their fiduciary duty lies only with their shareholders. To combat this, and to maintain the pace of technological advancement, ISPs must be assigned the Title II designation."
  1135. "Ending net neutrality is fucked up, period. The internet is possibly humanity's greatest achievement and a few people want to ruin it for the benefit of some elite rich. If net neutrality passes, democracy has truly failed and America is an oligarchy. I'm an eighteen year old kid and I can see the obvious. Ending net neutrality will only end in tragedy and catastrophe. Please make the right choice.\r\nJohn Brekke"
  1136. Do NOT alter net neutrality in any way shape or form as it stands right now. To do so would put an end to the American dream for start ups and our freedom to go where we want to on the internet.
  1137. I do not support the proposed rule change. Please leave net neutrality in place.
  1138. "Please keep the Obama era net neutrality rules in place. A free and open internet is critical to the economy. The internet should be treated like any other utility, with access guaranteed,   and neutral protocols to protect individuals and small businesses."
  1139. I feel strongly that we must preserve net neutrality!
  1140. "I, Dylan Thomas Hudak of Saint Paul, Minnesota, am in support of Strong Net Neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISP's! The vast majority of ISP's operate in a sort of mono/duopoly where a resident has no choice of service providers, they get what is in the area, there is no competition for their service dollar. With this lack of choice ISP's engage in very dubious practices as they do not have to compete for their customers dollars as much as they are allotted them in a have service or no service for you format. In order to keep the internet a level playing field where the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich have equal access, equal say and equal opportunity to innovate, we must keep robust rules and regulations in place to maintain the equal opportunity that a free and open internet grant. The American people should decide their direction, not a few smoked laden boardrooms filled with elites."
  1141. "I specifically support strong net neutrality and the continued oversight of Internet Support Providers under Title II.   Without Title II oversight, the FCC will not have sufficient power to ensure that ISP's respect net neutrality."
  1142. "I believe that net neutrality has extreme and wide reaching benefits, and giving telecommunications companies the ability to prioritize or block websites is far too much power and would certainly have overwhelming negative affects."
  1143. It's important to keep net neutrality. Internet companies shouldn't be able to manipulate how I access information on the internet.
  1144. It is part of our strength
  1145. I demand Title II oversight of ISPs to maintain Net Neutrality.  The strength of our democracy depends upon an open Internet.
  1146. Keep net neutrality you mongs
  1147. "Please don't shutdown internet freedom I know that it might sound good but it would do some real harm to any consumer of the internet I've met so many great people on the internet and I would appreciate it and email everyonelse would too if you guys don't get rid of net neutrality. Thank you
  1148. George"
  1149. I am a strong supporter of net neutrality and ISP's being covered by Title 2. Please do the right thing for the people.
  1150. Please keep regulations under title ii in support of net neutrality
  1151. "Access to neutral internet access is the key to information and advancing our country in our global society. Help give us the right to freedom of information, protection, education, and speech through net neutrality."
  1152. "Net Neutrality is for everyone.  We should have the freedom to choose what WE want to view on the internet and not have it skewed to one place or another by service providers or certain gov. organizations that think ""these are the place you should be watching.""  Or that these people payed us money so they get to be viewed only without problems.  We should be able to view what we want from shopping at Sachs 5th ave, to watching Twitch, to ordering pizza to watching Anime.  It is our choice, not yours."
  1153. The internet should be treated like the basic necessary utility it is.  We need to ensure everyone has access and not give a few service providers the ability to choose what content is available.
  1154. "I use the internet daily for work and entertainment, running my own site and visiting smaller sites will most definitely be impacted by this movement and I will not stand for it.\r\nNoah Emmons"
  1155. I support the ideals of net neutrality.
  1156. "The ridiculousness of this situation is a sad but imminent one. You can always expect those in power to attempt to abuse it, and they are doing their best to make it legal to do so. The FCC has no greater task in its lifetime than this one."
  1157. Information should not be owned and distributed by corporations with no interest in helping people gain access to it.
  1158. "Keep your greedy hands off our internet. We know you take bribe money to give ISP's what they want. Do what's right for once and keep the internet free and open for everyone's use. Nothing is being consumed or used up. We aren't going to run out of data. Don't charge us extra for it. You going to start charging us for breathing air next? There's an unlimited supply it it, just like data on the internet. We aren't going to run out of either! Stay out of it!"
  1159. "Hello, I'd like to comment on restoring freedom to use of the internet as it was intended. Introducing this proceeding is another step toward a government controlling the people, not a government by the people, for the people. With this in place, the government will show that they do indeed favor corporations and wealth over their own people, to whom they are said to public servants. Please, please, please stop this."
  1160. Net Neutrality is essential to a free and open internet.
  1161. The internet should remain free and open for all to use. ISPs should not have the ability to be able to determine what the populace at large can see and access. That is unacceptable and can not be allowed to happen.
  1162. "It's pretty ridiculous that, AGAIN, the government's trying to de-regulate the regulations preventing ISPs from in turn regulating the marketplace of ideas, especially now that a great number of public officials have an internet presence, most prominently the president. Those funny internet videos on twitter don't come from nothing, and a lot of the footwork is done away from big-box sites. Even for officials that use the internet exclusively as an announcement pipeline, it's their constituents that'll be metaphorically footing the bill when a major facet of their lives becomes greatly worsened."
  1163. "KEEP NET NEUTRALITY. No one wants their internet slowed, blocked, or monitored."
  1164. All people in this country should be allowed the freedom of speech guaranteed by the bill of fights.  One who is not rich should have no more rights than a poor man to this right.  Making a faster internet for those that pay more reduces the chance the poor can afford to have their ideas heard.
  1165. "I've personally believe that limiting and monitoring free speech on the web isn't justified for the sake or protection, as free speech is a fundamental right. Should net neutrality be compromised, we'd be no different than the Chinese who claim to ""monitor for the sake of security"", but in real life take active roles to control, filter, and limit communication. Please kindly respect the wishes of the community by maintaining net neutrality."
  1166. Net neutrality as specified under title 2 is essential to a thriving diverse internet.
  1167. "free access to knowledge, fast speed, dependable"
  1168. I strongly encourage you to protect and preserve Net Neutrality and Title 2.
  1169. "After reading the Restoring Internet Freedom Act, at Section III Item 1. ""The Text and Structure of the Act"" it is clear to everyone who reads it that Ajit Pi and anyone who else involved in writing this document doesn't understand who internet telecommunications work. A lot of the text is referencing what Internet Service Providers have been dealing with under Net Neutrality, but, the whole section is completely false. ISP's manage information data ""pipelines"" they do not storedata, generate data, or transform data. This opening section makes the rest of the document useless.  Ajit Pi and the Authors of this ACT do not seem to understand how the internet actually works. SO, it seems that Ajit Pi and the Authors are either STUPID or LYING and or getting PAID to write a FRAUDULENT ACT, which should make them FRAUDS running a regulatory agency in America. And if this Act passes with the clear mass majority of the American  public  dissenting Ajit Pi and Authors of this Act should be tried in Federal Court for public corruption and TREASON since the obvious intent of this ACT is to dismantle key parts of how the First Amendment of the United States Constitution is kept intact in the modern world.
  1170. Keep Net Neutrality as it stands, Keep Title I and Title II as it stands, it is beneficial to the commerce, health, and safety of America."
  1171. I object to my internet service provider selling my personal information for profit.
  1172. "Leave net neutrality in place.  Do not take yet another of our freedoms.  The Internet should remain free for all people, not restricted and governed by corporations.  Thank you."
  1173. "The internet should be free and open for everyone. ISP's should not be the gatekeepers locking the disenfranchised behind more insurmountable paywalls that guarantee that only the wealthy and the powerful have full access to the platform. \n\nMany Americans rely on internet for their livelihoods and even their continued education. With university costs skyrocketing the internet has become a universal hub for the expansion of the knowledge base of the populous. Internet access has become ubiquitous and has become integrated into the very fabric of our society, and people rely upon this heretofore uninhibited access to go about their daily lives. \n\nRestricting internet access behind paywalls will elevate the stress levels of a society already being constantly twisted, pushed, and pulled to the breaking point. Ending net neutrality is another hot poker to the abdomen of the sleeping bear, trapped in nightmares as it tosses and turns restlessly and nears the point of waking. \n\nQuit poking the fucking bear, you sick fucks. Find whatever little dignity you have left in the vacuous black holes in the filthy pit where your souls used to be. Do the right thing for your country.\r\nTyler Sherman"
  1174. "Keep Title 2, you stupid fuckwad."
  1175. "We Strongly support net neutrality as it currently stands and desire it remain subject to Title Ii regulatory mechanisms. We oppose the ""open net"" referred to in current considerations for reclassification of Internet oversight as it is contrary to the principles of true ""open access"". ""Open net"" will be subject to commercial pressures that will stifle the free flow of information and interactions necessary to preserve the inherent ""liberty and free exchange of information"" offered by the egalitarian access to information currently available through  current 'net neutrality' enforcement mechanisms."
  1176. "You need to return to the policy of treating Internet service as a public utility service. So many of our freedoms as Americans are getting whittled away (by our own government agencies & now by unaccountable corporations) that if you, as the FCC, effectively take away accessible Internet service from average Americans, you are taking away perhaps one of our last avenues for free speech & being informed citizens...and you'll be complicit in unAmerican activity turning the clock back on our democratic freedoms so many American soldiers are supposed to be defending! "
  1177. We need strong net neutrality rules under Title II !
  1178. Preserve net neutrality and keep it under Title 2!
  1179. "Protect Net Neutrality.  The Internet is a public infrastructure item just like running water, electricity, and phone services.  Allowing corporations to decide who gets high speed service based on who pays the most is unfair and should not be allowed.  Internet companies already have a near monopoly which allows them to price gauge customers.  Don't make corporate profits more important than the American people."
  1180. "We NEED to keep the net neutral. Keeping internet service providers under title II is the best way to accomplish this. DO NOT remove them from title II
  1182. Don’t kill net neutrality. We deserve a free and open Internet with strong Title II rules. This will ensure that the flow of data is determined by the interests of Internet users, not the narrow interests of Internet Service Providers"
  1183. "Dear FCC,
  1184. Net Neutrality is part of the critical infrastructure that supports the First Amendment. It must be maintained to ensure that all have fair and equal access to the means of expressing themselves through free speech."
  1185. The costs of not having an net neutral internet should be considered along with any benefits. You are taking into consideration what may happen if you stifle the small businesses and customers that represent most of America's workforce right?
  1186. I support strong Net Neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs. Do not let politics and business interests impede the flow of information to the American Public.
  1187. "I support Title II.
  1188. We gain nothing by moving back to Title I.  And we have, on record, from every major telecom provider that moving to Title II would not impact investment in network infrastructure or technology.  Title II ensures that regulations can be in place when needed."
  1189. "To Whom It May Concern;
  1191. I would like you to retain the existing Net Neutrality Laws, specifically;
  1193. I support the existing FCC rules that are in favor of Net Neutrality roles. This helped reclassify Internet service providers as common carriers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, treating them as public utilities, like phone service. This means they were subject to more regulation which I support.
  1195. Continuing to have Title II maintain provisions require greater disclosures about hidden fees and data caps and to force ISPs to get consumer consent before using or sharing Web browsing histories.
  1197. Continuing to have Title II maintain provisions that prevent slowdowns of Internet traffic caused by disputes over network interconnection fees, which was a problem for Netflix users before the net neutrality rules were implemented.
  1199. Most sincerely and Respectfully,
  1201. Curt William Fall
  1202. Attorney-at-Law"
  1203. "I want to expand my influence as an artist, and I don't have much money. It'll be hard to accomplish my dream of setting up my own shop online and advertising for it if I have to pay just to access certain sites."
  1204. "As a tax paying citizen, I firmly request that we do not let ISP's return to a type 1 regulation. There was a strong reason as to why we went to type 2 to begin with. It should not be reverted!"
  1205. Net neutrality is vital to keep a well informed public.  Please do not let corporate ties between ISP's and content providers dictate what we consume on the internet.
  1206. The internet is a human right and should be free and open to all.
  1207. "The Seymour Library in Monroe County, Brockport, NY serves a very poor population and is seriously underfunded by the 3 municipalities it serves.  The computers at the Library are the only Internet access for many of our patrons.  Please do not further the current practice of rescinding  with no plan forward.  The Internet must not be subject to $$$$ power,  It must be kept neutral.  Let's not let $$$ determine speed.  What is the benefit?"
  1208. I completely support strict regulation using Title II to ensure a free and open internet
  1209. "I very strongly encourage the FCC to support net neutrality through regulating ISPs under the stronger oversight provisions contained in Title 2.  It is against the public interest to regulate ISPs under Title 1 as doing so would encourage rational corporate strategies to be expressed in actions that can logically be expected to directly and opaquely distort content delivery to the public. In addition to these negative direct effects, the cumulative negative indirect effects of Title 1 oversight such as the stifling of diverse content development and other innovation could be even more harmful to the public interest. I urge you to protect net neutrality. I urge you to demonstrate robust effective challenge the arguments presented for proponents of both classifications, but particularly those of who seek to abandon Title 2 classification and return to its weaker counterpart, Title 1."
  1210. "If you care about this country and understand what we stand for, if you care about everyone having the same access to information, than you will leave the rules and regulations for Net Neutrality alone."
  1211. "I am writing to oppose the current set of changes for Docket 17-108 ""Restoring Internet Freedom"". Specifically, a return to the Title I framework is NOT in the best interests of innovation, competition, nor the protections of freedom of expression. When left unregulated, large, profit-driven companies use any means to increase value. Regulations, such as those that Title II afford, provide a check against company's harmful attempts at growth.
  1213. There is just too much incentive for large ISPs to keep innovation at bay as they will inevitably favor themselves if they can discriminate data rather than being held accountable to keeping data neutral.
  1215. Keep everyone beholden to the Title II rules. It levels the playing field."
  1216. "Losing Net Neutrality takes power away from citizens.
  1218. The Internet belongs to all of us."
  1219. "Once again your horrible attempts at creating a more profitable internet is going to stifle competition and innovation while making the average american suffer. The whole point of the internet is that it has no structure and no rules. This new ""policy"" would turn it into a lesser version of the sad excuse for media that television has turned into. Stop trying to put a price tag on everything you useless waste of tax money."
  1220. "Hi, I felt compelled to reach out regarding net neutrality, because I think it's important to keep the internet an open, creative space. Just like we have anti-trust laws to keep the spirit of the American Dream alive, I think the internet should be similarly protected from the biased interest of large ISPs so that small businesses, creative individuals, and disruptive technologies aren't unfairly suppressed."
  1221. I believe the F C C should keep net neutrality under Title Two
  1222. I'm writing in support of net neutrality as backed by Title 2.
  1224. "I firmly support the Open Internet Rule (or commonly known as Net Neutrality). Specifically, I demand that FCC maintains its stance to classify Internet service providers under the Communication Act of 1934 Title II (Common Carrier).
  1226. Anything else seems a bit like putting all your furniture on the street with a ""Please take me"" sign on it and hoping that no one takes anything."
  1227. "I support government oversight of the monopolistic internet providers, ensuring fair competition amongst services that will ultimately benefit the consumer. The current head of the FCC Ajit Pai does not have the consumers best interests in mind."
  1228. "This is against our rights.
  1229. You already have what we look up, now you wanna take the ability to explore the net freely. That is unfair and a violation of our privacy."
  1230. "Internet deserves to be free, without net neutrality our 1st amendment rights are lost. If the media were attempted to be censored, there would be immeasurable amounts of outrage, as if Big Brother was taking over. The same should go with our internet, humanity's most powerful tool, which must be kept free and fair to all so mankind may continue to evolve."
  1231. I'm a small business owner who needs net neutrality to stay competitive.
  1232. Leave the Net Neutrality rules as they are.
  1233. I whole heartedly support net neutrality and isp must stay under title 2
  1234. I support strong net neutrality backed by title 2 oversight of ISPs and would like this represented in the proceedings.
  1235. I believe in strong net neutrality with reclassification of Internet Service Providers so they fall under Title 2 oversight.
  1236. "As a United States citizen, I strongly urge the FCC to maintain comprehensive net neutrality rules backed by Title II. Chairman Pai's comments about the likely behavior of unregulated telecommunication corporations are disingenuous to the point of hilarity. Seriously, if it's so detrimental to regulate anything, and we're supposed to trust that everyone will act responsibly and fairly without oversight, why have any laws at all? Ridiculous. These regulations exist because they are sorely needed, and Chairman Pai should know all about that if he is at all qualified for his position. The larger telecom corps already monopolize service in many areas of the country. Why should we give them the power to charge us even more money for services that most of us need and use? The FCC should be protecting the rights and needs of the majority of U.S. citizens, and that means responsible regulation of telecom companies. Anything less is unacceptable."
  1237. You guys are insane if you think doing away with Title 2 will aide net neutrality. This is an update based on language from title 1 that couldn't have foreseen the Internet. Net neutrality will die if you remove Title 2. This is damaging to both consumers and my industry!!! Competition will die...along with great jobs that are vitally important to the American economy.
  1238. "Internet neutrality is vital to keeping the market fair, protecting consumers, and placing the burden of meeting regulatory standards where it should be - with the company. Removing Title II would enable companies to take advantage of consumers, and it is disingenuous to pretend that all companies possess the integrity to operate without regulation.
  1240. There is a despicable trend in government of companies using financial incentives to encourage politicians to pass (or repeal) regulations regardless of whether or not it benefits the American people. Politicians in America seem to have forgotten that it is not ""We the Companies"", it is ""We the People."" Regulations should protect the interests of consumers, ensure a fair and open playing field, and prevent unscrupulous companies from taking advantage of consumers. Weakening Internet neutrality goes against every single item on that list."
  1241. "Please keep net neutrality alive! Don't let outside influences determine how companies are classified. They are tier II.
  1243. Thanks"
  1244. I want internet to be free and stay free! I want full access and not limited to all of it and in any country! This will ruin the internet for ever! I don't care about the companies that want to make money and control us! They can go and 'control' themselves! Internet is and will stay free and whoever wants 'modern slavery' through the technology should rethink about the advantages and disadvantages of this!
  1245. "This is total bullshit. These regulations protect consumers from companies that try to nickel and dime us at every chance they get. If these companies installed fiber-optic networks we wouldn't even be having this conversation because there would only be a ""Fast-Lane"". ISP's infrastructure is severely lacking, this is why they charge more for faster internet service, if they gave the fastest speeds to all consumers their infrastructure couldn't handle the load. Now they want to essentially install a digital HOV lane that companies can pay to get into. The real issue is one the ISP's don't want to address because of the massive expense laying fiber cables poses, but that is the only solution. DO NOT GET RID OF THESE REGULATIONS."
  1246. "Please keep net neutrality. Keeping net neutrality ensures equal access for the millions of people whom use the internet, by making sure no specific site (i.e. source of information) is given speed/access preferences over another. Without net neutrality the information the general public receives, and has access to, will be incredibly limited and more likely than not have a political agenda influence.
  1248. Regardless of what you may believe, this sort of power and control is dangerous. North Korea is an example of what a lack of net neutrality can do to a population; believing and being aware of only what the government decides is fit. While I'm sure the US government already exercises this mentioned control to some extent -and N Korea's current situation began well before net neutrality- but net neutrality is a major piece of preventing our society from becoming a totalitarian distopia."
  1249. "Net neutrality is of great value to me, and it is vitally important to our country that the internet remain neutral to all comers."
  1252. THANK YOU,
  1254. The best part of the internet is that it's a place for free exchange of ideas.  Allowing any ISP to prioritize traffic fundamentally takes away what is great about the internet.  I strongly support regulating Net Neutrality under Title 2.
  1255. Commenting to keep net neutrallity to allow the Internet to stay safe from throttling from Internet providers.
  1256. I support net neutrality.....and I vote.  Allowing providers to dictate what information you have easy access to is how authoritarians are born and kept.
  1257. "Hello,
  1259. As an American citizen, I would like to show my support to preserve net neutrality and title 2. Please take this under consideration and continue to have our internet access continue as is. Thank you."
  1260. Please reserve the retraction of Net Neutrality Laws. There are abundant examples of ISPs abusing their control of internet access. Retraction of current net neutrality laws will only embolden them to continue or push forward in their abuse of power of access.
  1261. Preserve Net Neutrality and Title 2. Help us FCC. You're our only hope.
  1262. I feel very strongly about protecting net neutrality and believe that it is in the best interests of the citizenry to continue to enforce Title II Regulation on Internet Service Providers.
  1263. "Please protect net neutrality by continuing to regulate the internet as a Title II utility. We have already seen zero metering in the wireless industry which negatively effects competition by favoring large, established entrants."
  1264. I am expressing my opinion that the FCC should keep strong net neutrality rules backed by Title II.
  1265. It is vital that net neutrality is maintained at all cost. Please preserve regulation under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934.
  1266. "This is unnacceptable for many reasons. Reasons that you are aware of, reasons that you shun, and I guess you are shunning the reasons because your greed is forcing you to.
  1268. no one in 2017 will actually let this happen.
  1269. Jerhame ross"
  1270. "Ending net neutrality would create a situation in which smaller websites would no longer be able to prosper and develop, effectively ending the development of the internet outside of the major players. The only way our internet has become what it is today is because small sites are allowed to develop and share equal priority with larger sites in terms of ISP's.
  1272. Please keep net neutrality, doing otherwise will end what the internet is capable of being and will only cause problems for consumers and small businesses alike."
  1273. "Please keep ISPs under control of Title 2. I do not want ISPs to have the ability, even hypothetically, to change the way I view the internet!"
  1274. I very strongly support strong net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of internet service providers!
  1275. "We need to keep net neutrality, we can't allow businesses to put up walls within the internet. Not having net neutrality would be like charging a premium membership at a library for certain books. Again, keep net neutrality!"
  1276. Don't destroy internet neutrality and title II.
  1277. "Prioritizing corporate interests over equal access and bandwidth distribution will do nothing of benefit to anyone.  ISPs will lose patronage,  which will leave many people without access to the internet and all of the tools it offers for living in a modern society.  The companies that pay the ISPs will lose money for buying into a system that no consumer wants.  Small web development companies will lose equal footing with larger, currently established companies, firmly crippling any chances they have now to succeed in providing new and beneficial services to people.  Getting rid of net neutrality will functionally put a halt on the progress that the internet has made possible for so many people, for so many years."
  1278. "I want to preserve my right to follow the Internet as it is today with all competitors on equal footing.  I want access to free equal internet from vendors, research sites, education and entertainment sites.  I don't want ISP's getting involved in deciding what I access on the Internet and at what speed I access it.  Thank you."
  1279. I oppose the potential changes to net neutrality
  1280. "Dear Mr. Pai:
  1282. I support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight.
  1284. Sincerely,
  1285. Megan Gordon
  1286. Princeton, NJ"
  1287. The internet needs to be kept a utility (title 2) so that internet providers dont start throttling websites to promote their services.
  1288. Please go in favor of net neutrality.  I want to be able to be an informed citizen.  Education and information allows citizens to have and work to keep their freedom.  I want be in informed and free!
  1289. "Please keep Net Neutrality as a title II.   Do not change the law.
  1291. I'm a librarian and I can't tell you how critical it to have open, equitable access to the internet.   I know there are people in the country who don't think there is a digital divide, but I work every day with individuals who struggle to have internet access - access they need for jobs, unemployment, and yes entertainment.  I live in a rural area where just getting service can be an issue - and for those who do have service the idea of losing net neutrality is very scary.   I need the open access and speeds to do my job and help my patrons, and they need neutrality to go about their daily lives.
  1293. Allowing cable companies/IP companies to have the ability to do as they please with less oversight and regulation will allow them to affect download speeds of other websites as they please.  This will happen, it was happening a few years ago before the internet fell under title II.  
  1295. Please please do not change net neutrality laws - please keep net neutrality as title II
  1297. thank you
  1298. Paula Wright"
  1299. Keep ISPs under TItle II.
  1300. Please keep net neutrality. I am a voter and will actively vote against anyone that is in favor of removing net neutrality.
  1301. Keep net neutrality! We need to keep the Internet OPEN!
  1302. I strongly support net neutrality guided by Title Two rules of the Communications Act of 1934 to regulate ISPs. I oppose trying to reclassify them under Title One as they were previously. Thank you.
  1303. We must preserve net neutrality under Title 2
  1304. Regulation is needed to ensure that net neutrality is maintained. If companies are left to police themselves net neutrality will be at risk.
  1305. "Net Neutrality is a necessity to protect from predatory practices. The internet has become vital to both business and everyday living. Allowing IP service providers to charge more for visiting certain site would disproportionately disadvantage the poor. Using legislation would allow companies such as Comcast to lobby Congress to their advantage, something most consumers can not do. It's working just fine. It's not harming these companies at all."
  1306. Please keep a strong defense of net neutrality intact.
  1307. I am a US citizen that supports strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs.  I trust my voice will be heard.
  1308. "Do not rollback Open Internet regulations; doing so will stifle innovation.
  1309. Voluntary guidelines do not provide the certainty needed to entrepreneurs, innovators, and anyone else with an idea that they can access potential viewers and customers, and still leaves the essential internet gatekeeper function in the hands of the few and powerful."
  1310. "I strongly oppose any rollback of the FCC's protections for Net Neutrality. This proposal to allow ""Internet fast lanes"" and allow ISPs to pick and choose which websites are easy or difficult for their customers to access is ridiculous and wrong at its most core level. Such rules stifle all but the richest and most powerful voices, and are the first step in the formation of a plutocracy where innovation stagnates and new players are never given the chance to try their hand. Allowing the Internet, traditionally the great equalizer and a proving ground for people across the country and the world to see what each other have to offer, to become such a place would be a crucial mistake.
  1312. Internet access is an absolute requirement for functioning in the modern day and age, regardless of one's background or circumstances. More and more companies such as banks, schools, medical and insurance companies, and so many others use the Internet to provide essential information and resources for their clients—resources that may not be available to them otherwise or at a moment's notice unless the user can access them online. There has never been a need for this type of website discrimination before, and as more and more companies and individuals start managing their day-to-day lives with the assistance of online resources (a trend that will continue to grow, have no doubt), ISPs can continue to thrive and prosper without these additional fees for what has been--and should only ever be—an ISP's service at its most fundamental level.
  1314. Consider how outrageous it would be if phone companies were allowed to charge customers to have phone calls connected quickly—those seconds or minutes could have life-saving or life-altering consequences, and information transfers or calls made via the Internet are no different. Even just the basic function of the stock market, in which those who react most quickly to changes in stock value are the ones to make profit or save themselves from massive losses, should make it obvious how much connection speed can matter in our fast-paced modern world.
  1316. The Internet is a massively powerful tool, and one that is invaluable not just to some of the most creative and innovative modern minds, but to every man, woman, and child who is looking to you to protect their interests. I beg you to vote for the sake of the future—a future in which all of us can speak and communicate freely about the world we wish to make for ourselves and our children."
  1317. "The internet was founded by free will, let us keep it."
  1318. "The internet is an incredibly powerful tool for solving problems and creating solutions. By forfeiting to the ISPs our freedom to determine what WE need on the internet, our productivity will be chained down by a monopolized system in which the content we use is severely filtered, limited, and restricted. DO NOT END Net Neutrality! Our country's success depends upon it."
  1319. "
  1320. This is a really important issue to keep the internet open, healthy and free from corporate control."
  1321. The internet should be available to every one.
  1322. "Net neutrality MUST END. Just like the ""Bureau of Truth"" is anything but what it sounds like.  Net neutrality sounds good but it is it?  Making the internet a ""public utility"" will lead to censorship via FCC, FEC, etc.. and more crony capitalism. All to end throttling?   Shame on you Mozilla. You should know better. MAGA TRUMP 4 POTUS 2020"
  1323. "Please do NOT change the net neutrality process. I do NOT want my ISP provider controlling speed, content, etc."
  1324. "The internet should not be limited in anyway to any people. Limiting the internet would be an injustice to people, and prevent the exchange of information and ideas. We need net neutrality!"
  1325. "An open and evenly balanced internet is the best way to equal access to this vital utility. It has allowed even the smallest among us to raise their IQ, and their ideas. These are goals that rank among the highest in our democracy. We don't allow water or power suppliers to charge more for better access to some customers. "
  1326. We urge you to preserve Net Neutrality and Title II.
  1327. "I would like to strongly urge you, the FCC, to please keep strong net neutrality rules baked by Title II."
  1328. I support title2 better not mess with it  bitches......
  1329. I would like to urge you to please preserve Net Neutrality and Title II
  1330. Please maintain strong net neutrality laws with protections under Title 2.
  1331. "Fuck you Ajit Pai, you self-absorbed cunt!"
  1332. I fully support strong Net Neutrality oversight with Title 2 regulations
  1333. "Please do not remove net neutrality rules, save Title II."
  1334. resist the 1%!
  1336. I support strong net neutrality. It is wrong to strip that away.
  1337. I support net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISP’s. It preserves our right to communicate freely online and protects our free speech.  Taking this away will be a huge mistake.
  1338. "The internet is a resource for humanity to create, share, learn, and grow. Not keeping easy, fair, and equal access available for all is a step backward toward times of discrimination and oppression, that hopefully we will not have to work out of."
  1339. I support strong net neutrality rules to classify ISPs under Title II for a free and open internet unable to be bought by corporations.  Mr. Ajit Pai and the FCC should NOT reclassify ISPs under Title I of the Communications Act of 1934.
  1340. "I support strong net neutrality backed by title II oversight of ISPs. The internet should not play favorites, and everyone should be equal."
  1341. "I do not need any person, company or government entity determine my use of the internet just as I do not need them dictating which books I obtain and read from the PUBLIC library."
  1342. The citizens of the Unites States have spoken. It is your duty to chose public interest over money.
  1343. The freedom of the internet is what makes it great. Anyone with an internet connection can access anything they would like because of net neutrality. Removing that access would be detrimental to millions of people by limiting the information they have access to.
  1344. "I strongly support Net Neutrality and oppose ""internet freedom.""  We need regulations in place to stop internet service providers from slowing internet services based on their self-interests."
  1345. I support Net Neutrality.  Do not change this policy
  1346. These continued attacks on Net Neutrality and our personal freedoms are not going unnoticed. I am against the act whole-heartedly in support of Net neutrality.
  1347. Please restore Net Neutrality. This is wrongful business proceedings and does not stand for the freedom in America.
  1348. "I believe that Title II should be preserved to maintain Net Neutrality, which I believe is integral to everyone's experience with the Internet. The Internet is a utility for all, not for the few to manipulate how they see fit."
  1349. Please don't reclassify ISPs from Title II. No one should be aloud to block or slow down websites.
  1350. "Telecom companies have a long history of Net Neutrality violations, and the only thing standing in their way now is the current Title II law from the 2015 Open Internet Order.
  1352. Title II led to historic levels of investment in ISP networks. Without any evidence, the FCC has no leg to stand on to change current Title II Net Neutrality laws.
  1354. The public deserves and needs a free and open internet."
  1355. "I oppose any laws or policies that will limit the freedoms of citizens using the internet, including this proposal. The internet is and always has been a telecommunications service, and should be regulated as such. Corporations and service providers should not be granted any rights in limiting, restricting, or controlling access to content found on the internet. In the same way that they should not be allowed to limit, restrict or control access to citizen's phone calls.
  1357. We've had this argument before, and I find it very disrespectful for the government to continue to side with corporations and service providers to try to overrule the clear wishes of the United States citizens. Please remove this proposal and cease all efforts to overrule the wishes of US Citizens.
  1359. Thank you."
  1360. I support Net Neutrality. Preserve Title II please! Allow us to use an open internet! Thank you.
  1361. This proposal is pathetic. Listen to the people you represent rather than the few companies feeding your pockets. Can't believe this agency is now taking directions from an angry wrinkly orange and enacting nonsense that opposes the interests and desires of the masses.
  1362. What a shame it would be to see one more thing that everyone can afford to enjoy become monopolized by big business. Not to mention the freedom it has allowed our minds to become harnessed by the same.
  1363. "As a United States citizen, it is my duty to do what I can to protect net neutrality for myself and my fellow Americans. I would like my voice to be heard, even though I am not a multi-billion dollar corporation. Even though million of Americans like myself feel that their individual contributions are worthless, that the situation is beyond repair and that any action they would try to take is futile, I will not let this stop us from at least doing SOMETHING. So, in the astronomical case that you are reading this, understand that these words aren't simply other randomly generated pixels (dear God, I hope these aren't printed out). There is a person behind these words, and even though I'll likely never meet you in person (and even if we did, how would we know?), I still acknowledge that you are a human being, not simply another cog. It might seem that what's done is done and the situation is hopeless, but I'm not giving up on our country and I'm not giving up on you, either. I wish I knew your name.
  1364. Kalman Clement"
  1365. "Internet access should be free, equal and universal. Allowing private preferential limiting is the antithesis of free expression. The government has no business preferring one entity over any other. Stay out of the way, speech is free. If private entities want to offer preferential access they can establish their own internets out of the public domain."
  1366. "A free, open Internet is vital to free speech worldwide. I want to keep the ability to choose what I watch, read, and do online, instead of having ISPs control it.
  1367. Please support and protect net neutrality."
  1368. "Current plans to reorganize Internet regulation rules are a serious threat to internet neutrality and - possibly more importantly - a serious threat to free competition among  internet content suppliers.
  1370. I am very disturbed and very concerned.
  1372. Internet neutrality must be preserved in order to ensure free market access and free market competition for all internet content providers, and the ability of large ISPs to control the flow of data streams for their competitive  advantage must be restricted and controlled.
  1374. i emphasize how deeply concerned I am on this matter."
  1375. Protect net neutrality. This is a basic freedom along with the laws that make America the greatest country on earth. We the people are tired of Big Corporations along with their Bureaucracy's distorting the constitution and freedom of speech in this country. We will not stand for it!  
  1376. Please support and fight for net neutrality.
  1377. Please leave the Internet as it is. Do not cave in to Comcast or any others!
  1378. Dear sir I am in favor of maintaining net neutrality and this will be reflected in my voting choices in any upcoming election. Thank you
  1379. "I strongly support net neutrality and disprove of any efforts to remove net neutrality protections from federal law. I believe that net neutrality is absolutely essential to preserving free and unbiased access to information for all US citizens, and any legal provisions that would allow for anything but complete neutrality of internet service providers would be an affront to a democratic and free nation."
  1380. Arjun Pai: I support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs. This is critical for a free press and to support the growth of small businesses.
  1381. "I taught using technology for 39 years in a low income school district. It was often hard to find the money to keep us up to date with hardware, and now you are going to make access more expensive and LESS available. Students were so motivated to do research, read and achieve using internet tools and websites. Don't cut access to our students who need it!"
  1382. "I support title 2 net neutrality. though I do not fear that it will actually be taken away, because the U.S. currently has a problem with its lack of causes which in turn has the current generation foaming at the mouth looking for ""injustice"" to fight like a starving wolf looking for a freshly cooked steak hidden in his cave. There are around 200 million people looking for any excuse to fight and so if the FCC and Ajit Pai want to bend over so the various cable companies can take turns swapping between the two, then they should be ready for serious repercussions. Honestly, I pity anyone who tries to fuck with net neutrality, To not see the ass kicking coming from this takes a true moron."
  1383. "Please preserve Net Neutrality and Title II oversight of Internet Service Providers. I believe, as stated by Verizon officials,  that Title II oversight does NOT create a disincentive for ISP investment and is much BETTER for consumers, as it creates a level playing field and would not discriminate based on type of content that is being viewed."
  1384. "Please protect the internet from corporate influence, and preserve it has it should be, a medium of free exchange of ideas, cultures, discussion, and entertainment, for now and future. The Internet is a rare beacon of creativity, and truly equal exchange where nationality and wealth don't matter, and giving companies the ability to censor it through refusal of service or slowing access down to sites they don't like will do irreplaceable damage to this great achievement."
  1385. I want to express that I specifically support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs.
  1386. I strongly support net neutrality and urge the FCC to keep strong net neutrality rules backed by Title II.
  1387. Keep ISBs under the Title 2 regulations of Net Neutrality
  1388. "I would like to inform Mr. Ajit Pai and other members of the FCC debating over this issue that I strongly and very specifically support Net Neutrality, which is already being enforced and protected by Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. Any attempts to ""fix""Net Neutrality, in the way that Mr. Pai and others (including Verizon's CEO), would result in the termination of internet use as we know it in favor of monopolizing access to sites.  DO NOT do anything to change the way Net Neutrality is set up. DO NOT do anything that would give one service provider (like Verizon) an advantage over others that would prevent any budding ISP or network from competing against it. Title II is there for a reason; respect what's already in place. This is not a request. This is a demand; one made by a citizen who, assuming the United States is still a democracy, has made it very clear how this policy should be ruled."
  1389. Had bad service from AT&T. Now getting worse with comcast. And now  ppl want to give em more power over our choices. That's anti consumer.
  1390. "The American people have *already* spoken last time the giant telecom industry tried to pay congress to remove net neutrality protections in 2014. A record number (4 million) comments were left and the FCC took that to mean that the people have spoken and overwhelmingly support enforcement of net neutrality. This government is BY the people FOR the people, not for a few large corporations with more combined wealth than the people. The FCC mandates to enforce the rules were based on the voice of the people, and the people shouldn't have to be CONSTANTLY fighting back against the same laws coming around with different bill numbers time and time again funded by corporate interests. Please do NOT allow these bullies to make the internet terrible for the people in the interest of profiteering and greed. The internet is a treasure of humanity and greedy executives want to take all of it and control it just like all of our other precious resources. FCC, do your JOB and enforce the wishes of the public who you work for."
  1391. "I shall make one comment, and one comment only.
  1392. Stop.
  1393. Let the Internet remain neutral and free."
  1394. "I support strong regulation on Net Neutrality and upholding Title II. Equal access and regulation of the internet is vital for the US economy, education, and opportunity."
  1395. Please preserve net neutrality and title 2--for my future and the future generations.  Protect us please.
  1396. "Ajit Pai, I support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs. You are generally one of the most visually repulsive person I have ever seen, yet your plan to harness the freedom of search and service on the internet literally makes me sick. Preserve net neutrality and Title II."
  1397. I support strong net neutrality  back by title II oversight ISP
  1398. Strongly support net neutrality backed by title 2.
  1399. "This is not in the interest of the American people, and is just for the benefit of big corporations."
  1400. I am petitioning to make sure we have access to the entire internet and not what ISP decides that I should have. I do not think its fair that a ISP can tell me what site will be fast and what will be slow.
  1401. "
  1403. The FCC's Open Internet Rules  are vital to free expression for individual and organizational users.  I urge you to protect these rules.
  1405. My ISP, Aol, should not have the right to limit what I receive; nor should Comcast or any other ISP.  They should not
  1406. have the power to block websites, slow them down, give some sites an advantage over others, or split the Internet into ""fast lanes"" for companies that pay and ""slow lanes"" for the rest of us.
  1408. Protect net neutrality and everyone's equal access to the internet.
  1410. Under Chairman Pai's plan, ISPs will be able to make it more difficult to access political speech that they don't like. They'll be able to charge fees for website delivery that would make it harder for blogs, nonprofits, artists, and others who can't pay up to have their voices heard.
  1412. I'm sending this to the FCC's open proceeding, but I worry that Chairman Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has made his plans and will ignore me and millions of other Americans.
  1414. So I'm also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC's existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai's plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.
  1416. Thank you!"
  1417. "Net Neutrality is important in order to enforce free speech.  Private companies should not have the power to control the content private citizens can access to, nor should they be able to restrict the performance of applications simply because those companies aren't writing them larger checks."
  1418. "The idea that ISPs were stagnating under title II classification is verifiably false. If they can't tell their investors that they are taking losses, the head of the FCC better not be. Corporations self-policing themselves on direct conflicts of interest is a laughable alternative."
  1419. "The open internet allows everyone an equal voice and a fair chance to start a business or be seen online. With restrictive fast and slow lanes for traffic it would take away from average users and only cater to the corporations that are lobbying (bribing) the FCC. The internet works great as is, please don't break it."
  1420. "Please do not change the current rules. Internet access is, and should be, treated like a utility as it is ubiquitous and required more and more in our daily lives. Thank you."
  1421. dont.
  1422. "This deeply affects me and other comsumers. YouTube is one of my many main outlets and you forcing consumers like me to pay extra is awful. I hope you listen to people.
  1423.        - tayadora v.
  1425. Tayadora Villalobos"
  1426. "No! No! No! We don't need the government to hand over to the monopolistic BIG cable providers our FREEDOM OF SPEECH and our VIEWING RIGHTS. Net neutrality is essential!
  1427.                                DON'T MEDDLE."
  1428. I am a US citizen and user of the CURRENTLY free and open internet. I specifically support strong net neutrality backed by Title II Oversight of ISPs. Why? Because I think big corporations like these ISPs are already data mining us and treating us like product as it is. Why should they also have the power to dictate which sites gets used to benefit their own agendas? It's unfair and unethical for companies to have such influence on what we can and cannot take part in.
  1429. "I am in support of Strong Net Neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs!
  1431. I am an American who is now living in Germany. The thought of ISPs being able to decided what type of access people should be receiving (possibly being based on business dealings directly profiting the ISP which hurt consumers) is horrifying. Technology around us is growing, people are using the internet more and more in their life. We should keep access safe and neutral. As seen in the past, large businesses are not looking out for what is best for the people but how to maximize profits for themselves. This greed can lead to the downfall of internet use. While I like the idea of people being able to take care of themselves without government assistance, I think this is a situation where we need federal (as well as international) rules so as not to ruin a tremendous utility.
  1433. Thank you for your time and consideration to support Title II oversight of ISPs."
  1434. I an writing in to say that Title II Net Neutrality should see continued support from the government .  This will ensure that small companies trying to start a new business will not be muscle out of a market.  It would be too easy for the large companies to pick and choose winners that relies on their internet services.
  1435. Please preserve net neutrality with title ii protection.
  1436. I support strong net neutrality backed by title two oversight of ISPs.  Even if your chairman who is/was backed by Verison does not...
  1437. "I urge you to keep ISPs under title II regulation. We need to ENFORCE net neutrality, not simply encourage it. The internet, like other utilities, is too important not to."
  1438. "Not having Net Neutrality is such a bad idea, cable companys already have monopolies, don't give them any more power over people, and I hope you realize, it means that they can see what you are doing too right?
  1439. Randy Titler"
  1440. Do not let monopolies control our internet. I support strong net neutrality backed by Title II classification.
  1441. "Dear FCC,
  1443. education!
  1444. Shevaun Harvey"
  1445. "Please keep current ISP classification under Title II, maintaining net neutrality."
  1446. Do not sell our privacy and freedoms to the highest bidders. Do the job you were intended to do.
  1447. I will not stand for our rights and the ISP's having control over what i can and cannot watch or have them charge other services whatever they want if they want to reach the ISP's customers... Such as what happened with Netflix having to pay more to the ISP so their services wouldn't be throttled!
  1448. "Net neutrality protects small businesses like mine. And Net neutrality is fundamental to free speech. In the interest of our economy and democracy, ISPs must remain classified as utilities. "
  1449. We must protect net neutrality. It is one of the components of a free and open society. We must not move to a nation that controls access to information.
  1450. Preserve net neutrality.Keep the playing field level. It's the right thing to do!
  1451. "I support net neutrality, as a small business owner as a filmmaker, as an American."
  1452. "I see quite a few 'form letter' comments in the queue.  I assure you, this is not a form letter -- it's a plea to please preserve net neutrality.  The Internet is a marvelous equalizer and connector for people around the world.  Rationing content to those who can afford a faster connection, or making it difficult for smaller content providers to have their work seen because the premium on faster delivery speeds is excessive, only widens the wealth gulf."
  1453. dont sell out the Internet to the rich. Keep net neutrality!  
  1454. Leave net neutrality alone!  Why must we even have this conversation?  Stop taking things away from the people.  Isn't big business big enough??  I am so disappointed in the FCC for even considering this.  
  1455. I support strong net neutrality rules. Please dont take them away. Thank you. \r\nLester D. Castor
  1456. "I am a non-US citizen who nevertheless is one of millions of people worldwide who have benefited from the growth of the Internet as an egalitarian, neutral space for free speech since its inception. The content that this has generated has benefited democracies around the world. I believe that weakening this aspect of the Internet's nature, even if just in the US alone, will not only stifle the sharing of ideas and knowledge, but sets a dangerous precedent that governments/powers with malicious intent in other countries may use to, in turn, throttle free expression among their own people."
  1457. Will this affect me in Britain? eh
  1458. I completely support strong net neutrality regulation that classifies ISPs under title 2. Please don't change anything. I do like the cup Mr. Chairman.
  1459. Preserve Title 2 and Net Neutrality as it is. DO NOT alter it.
  1460. Borrowing the statement of a close friend... We need to leave the internet as a free and open resource. Taking away regulations that prevent ISPs from abusing power in their non-competitive regions are bad for everyone. This is a chance to do the right thing. The outcry for keeping net neutrality by American citizens largely outweighs the few in Congress. Please reconsider destroying the freedom of the internet for a few bucks in Telecom's pockets.
  1461. I support net neutrality and Title 2 oversight of internet service providers.  Also please tell the FCC chairman to throw out the coffee mug and grow up.
  1462. "Please keep Net Neutrality, Allowing companies to limit Access or charge on a pay structure is not in our nations best interest."
  1463. I am in support of Net Neutrality and believe in a free internet.
  1464. "I strongly believe that ISP's should continue to be classified under Title 2. Let's be honest here, the only reason for an ISP be reclassified under Title 1 is so that the ability of the FCC to regulate ISPs is diminished allowing them to put in place practices that in the end, serve them financially."
  1465. """The FCC should KEEP net neutrality rules under title 2. ISPs are fundamentally different from internet website providers like Google and Facebook. A consumer can choose not to use Google, but there is no way to opt out of using an ISP or allowing the ISP to see your private internet history. ISPs serve the same purpose as roadways, water pipes, and electricity wires. We do not want roads spying on where we drive or the electric company spying on which appliances we use at which times. We must also prevent ISPs from discriminating and charging different amounts to access different websites or throttling the speed of competitors' websites. We do not want roads charging different amounts for different makes of cars or electric companies charging different amounts to use one brand of dishwasher versus another brand. Net neutrality is good for human rights, privacy, consumers, and competition. Please DO NOT REPEAL net neutrality."" Amen. KEEP NET NEUTRALITY UNDER TITLE 2!"
  1466. net neutrality is something that should not be taken away
  1467. We support the preservation of net neutrality and title II oversight of internet service providers.
  1468. The internet should be a free space for everyone to enjoy. What you are doing is extremely harmful to small business and entrepreneurs. Keep the net neutral.
  1469. Because  the media is just an oligarchy which uses news a a revenue generator rather than the public service that it used to be
  1470. Please leave my internet alone. Don't hand over my internet to big cable.
  1471. "The Internet needs no change, it is a public domain created and governed by the people the FCC are not ""The People"" because they do not represent the rest of the citizens, we did not elect them to do things in our accord, therefore the hold no right no change Public Property, Our Property. Leave the internet as is."
  1472. I am deeply concerned about the recent talk about eliminating net neutrality.  I would like to make it know that I for one support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISP’s.  Thank you for your time and attention.
  1473. "Repealing Net Neutrality is one of the most dangerous things to an internet connected modern society. Throttling a customer, blocking specific websites, and paid access to certain websites is an attack on the internet. The online markets will change so drastically, so much so that it will lead to rampant and unprecedented use of programs in order to bypass systems put in place post repeal. The government should not allow ISPs so much power over the consumers, it is
  1474.  a potentially dangerous and unfair system."
  1475. Preserve Net Neutrality under Title II. I can't believe we're still having this conversation.
  1476. "If you vote for this to pass, the future of our country is at stake.  Open internet is responsible for the children of tomorrow.  Choose the many over your profits.\r\nWestley"
  1477. "The rules that chairman Pai and the Trump Administration are attempting to instill would destroy the internet as it is. Both of these individuals should be ashamed of themselves. I do not support the new policies in any way, shape, or form."
  1478. "Title 2
  1479. Keep net neutrality!
  1481. Thanks"
  1482. Preserve net neutrality and FCC oversight under title II
  1483. Net Neutrality is CRITICAL to maintaining fair and open access to the Internet.  It is not for sale to the highest bidder.
  1484. Net Neutrality is one of the cornerstones of our nation please make sure it endures.
  1485. Please do not overturn the enforcement authority from Title II of The Communications Act of 1934.
  1486. I strongly encourage that net neutrality remain Title 2 and that current FCC regulations remain as is.
  1487. I support the current FCC Title 2 rules for net neutrality. Keep net neutality
  1488. There are no positives that this bill includes. VOTE NO!!!
  1489. "Freedom of choice, Freedom of expression, Freedom to share ideas in order to work together. The ability to pursue whatever our interests are with no boundaries. This is what the internet was created for.
  1490. "
  1491. Do not change the rules! I support the strong net neutrality laws backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.
  1492. "I am writing to voice my support for keeping the internet open and free, and net neutrality rules backed by Title II."
  1493. "The people of this country, whose government this is, want net neutrality.  FCC, please don't be an agency captured by big business interests at the extent of We the People.  That would be an abuse of your power as granted to you by the People."
  1494. Net neutrality must remain. It is necessary that it is kept.
  1495. I support net neutrality and Title II. Stop trying to mess with the internet
  1496. "Net Neutrality makes the internet a better place. I hope the FCC will protect the open internet rules.
  1498. Net Neutrality gives everyone a level playing field because it makes sure all internet traffic is treated the same. It allows consumers to choose the websites they want to visit and not websites that ISPs give a faster connection to. I'm afraid that small internet businesses will suffer if Net Neutrality is revoked because they will not be able to afford faster speeds.
  1500. Net Neutrality benefits the vast majority of Americans.
  1502. Thank You!"
  1503. I support net neutrality. I don't favor large companies being able to influence the flow of content and information over the Internet.
  1504. "PLEASE! You must preserve NET NEUTRALITY!! Free flowing information is essential to a free society. There is absolutely no justification for certain information/media to stream faster, or slower, than other content.
  1505. PROTECT OUR RIGHTS AS CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES!!! Allow freedom and equality to remain across all platforms. Be on the correct side of history and protect our great nation from corporate rule."
  1506. I strongly support net neutrality and tittle II. Reversing this would once again tip the bar to big corporations.
  1507. it's my internet experience and i'll use it how i see fit.
  1508. "The only reason the Internet has been able to reach this level of success and innovation is due exclusively to net neutrality. Do you honestly think Comcast would have let Netflix prosper if it weren't for existing net neutrally laws.
  1510. PLEASE do not destroy my industry. You are directly putting the tech sector of the United States at risk. You will be stifling innovation, all for a nice bribe from big Telco. SHAME ON YOU."
  1511. Communication is a basic human right and free communication on the internet must be protected from those that would control it.  Please protect Net Neutrality!
  1512. "As a citizen, I must appeal to you, as my elected representative, to protect my interests as a constituent and maintain Title II Net Neutrality. Though I see the logic in both sides of the argument, I have chosen to be in support of net neutrality for several reasons. First, as a consumer, I of course would like to have my internet experience unimpeded by restrictions placed on the speed of certain websites unwilling to pay additional money. But in the more important grander scheme of things, I believe that removing the regulation of net neutrality is actually detrimental to the free market. While I am typically not one to be in favor of additional government regulation, in this case, I feel it necessary to prevent even more tech monopolies from emerging. Though allowing the market to run its course without government interference is important, when the market fails, as it did in the mid-1900s which first brought about the anti-trust laws and the pre-cursor to Net Neutrality laws, it is then time to consider government intervention to break up monopolies to allow the free market to dominate once more. Though as private companies it is both the right of the ISPs to allow customers to pay more for additional services and the right of companies to decide to pay more to have these services provided, this creates additional entry barriers for start-up companies and web services that are unable to pay these additional fees to get their content out to users as quickly as larger companies. Net neutrality allows for a closer to perfect competition market as all internet content will reach users at the same speed. I understand the frustration of the ISPs who would like additional revenue to allow for innovation within their companies, and this makes it important for citizens to consider further investment in these companies, but I think there is more to gain by taking away this possible additional revenue from ISPs in favor of giving a more equal opportunity to all web content. As the internet begins to facilitate even more of everyday societal and economic exchange, it is important that the internet remain as neutral and equal-opportunity as possible. I hope you will take this into account and decide to keep Net Neutrality. Thank you!\r\nEmma"
  1514. I do not support the any of the wishes of the Trump (SSP) newly appointed FCC Chairman.  I support Net Neutrality
  1515. I support net neutrality under Title II (two). Please support it too.
  1516. Passing this act is giving way too much power to the ISP's. As long as it is legal we should be able to use the internet as we have been using it. Is it really right to pay for a service and they decide what they want to show when they want it? Or even slow down our connection speed or just flat out block something that we want to inquire about. This is wrong and we should continue to use the internet how it was made.
  1517. "I strongly encourage the FCC to preserve net neutrality under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. Specifically, I urge the FCC to ensure that internet providers do not block or throttle specific sites and apps, and do not establish paid fast lanes."
  1518. I believe that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) should remain classified under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. Internet communication is an example of excising our 1st Amendment right and limiting the ability for everyone and corporations to communicate at the same level field would be restricting this right. Classifying ISPs under Title II helps to protect this level field and helps to regulate the ISPs in the best interest of the people.
  1519. I support strong net neutrality as a pillar of American freedom of speech. No to internet censorship or abridgment of my constitutional rights.
  1520. Keep the net free and private!!!
  1521. I am fully in support of net neutrality and sustaining the title 2 system. I find it entirely ridiculous and downright stupid that there is even any debate for the side against net neutrality all it would do is ruin the internet changing it from what it is supposed to be: a place for anyone and everyone to go to express their ideas and share differences with no worry of censorship or dare I even say lagging internet servers due to lack of payment to larger corporations. Most importantly though if this plan for net neutrality getting shut down is to succeed then a large portion of internet members will band together and find a new way to experience the internet outside of your guidelines so it would all be made into a huge waste of time and most importantly to those government people a waste of money. In conclusion all I am stating is that I am in complete support of net neutrality staying alive. PS - I have never in my life taken time to write about anything other than previous school works so if that is any indication on how much I care about this issue then I hope it is seen clearly.
  1522. "Dear Mr. Ajit Pai,
  1524. I strongly support Net Neutrality, specifically when backed by TITLE 2 oversite of ISP's!
  1526. Thank you"
  1527. "Net Neutrality is a topic that is very important to me. I have seen how small businesses and anyone with a passion have been able to use the internet as a foundation, an equal and seemingly simple foundation to start building their dreams. my uncle started a business for himself. It is very small and consists of only himself and one other. His business is now five years old and still doing well. he has told me many times that he accredits almost all of his success on his web sight that he made himself. my uncle is happy and loves his job that he has made for himself, and I fear that If the rules set in 2015 are stripped away, my uncle along with millions upon millions of small businesses will stand a significantly lesser chance of succeeding. I think I can speak for most of the citizens of the United States when I say that we do not want to see a controlled and unfair internet. Thank you for hearing us, I hope the FCC listens and responds with what the majority of Americans want."
  1528. "This is a disgusting concept pure influenced by people who already have to much money. The Internet is by far the greatest creation humans have every produced. Do not disgrace the millions of collective time humans have spent carefully neutering the Internet to meet the needs of the modern global society. The internet didn't catch on to be a product. The internet is a service, it is essential to modern life. The effort and energy humans spend to improve the internet and everything involved with it is love.
  1530. -
  1532. I'm sending this to the FCC's open proceeding, but I worry that Chairman Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, has made his plans and will ignore me and millions of other Americans.
  1534. So I'm also sending this to my members of Congress. Please publicly support the FCC's existing net neutrality rules based on Title II, and denounce Chairman Pai's plans. Do whatever you can to dissuade him.
  1536. Thank you!
  1537. B'ley White"
  1538. "The title of this proposal ""Restoring Internet Freedom"" must be a joke, unfortunately to the FCC it's not. Internet freedom means a free and level playing field, not pay to play. As a small business owner I urge you to act in the interest of the citizens of this country and expand the laws protecting net neutrality, not dismantle them!"
  1539. I specifically support the preservation of Net Neutrality backed by Title II oversight of Internet Service Providers. Thanks for your time and attention.
  1540. No one has the right to tell me I've watched to many videos in a day!
  1541. I SUPPORT Net Neutrality. Don't send us backwards. We all deserve ease and speed of communication and ideas.
  1542. I specifically support strong net neutrality backed by title two oversight of Internet Service Providers/ISPs
  1543. "Net Neutrality is an important concept simply to give power to the customers, a.k.a. the people. Allowing corporations to further control how we view free information is unethical."
  1544. Preserve  net nuetrality and title 2.     Don't be a bunch of money grabbing asshats like everyone else in the gov right now.
  1545. Please keep the internet free and open. Private companies should not play favorites with content.
  1546. Net Neutrality must be protected.  Do the right thing for the American people.  Not corporations.  Protect net neutrality.
  1547. Please maintain our net neutrality as it is.  Tampering with it will sacrifice the freedom and vibrancy that we currently enjoy and lead to stifling control by powerful interests whose only goal is their economic profit.
  1548. I strongly support net neutrality and believe that it should be protected. Corporate greed should not matter more than our freedom as Americans.
  1549. "I fully support keeping net neutrality as it is and would humbly suggest that the FCC abandon plans of repealing or interfering with it. Simply put, the system works well as is right now."
  1550. Maintain strong net neutrality and title II regulation of ISPs.
  1551. Preserve Net Neutrality under Title II. Ajit Pai is dishonest and misrepresenting the seriousness of this issue; the only people that will benefit from revoking Net Neutrality are big business who will use this opportunity to line their own pockets while the average person is limited in the information they can receive.
  1552. Preserve Net Neutrality and continue Title II status
  1553. Internet providers should not dictate what we do. I use the Internet for my personal and school life. I am highly dependent on the Internet and support net neutrality. ISPs should not be able to interfere with the benefits I receive from the Internet.
  1554. "I specifically support strong net neutrality, backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.  John Oliver says hello."
  1555. I support net neutrality and having isp regulated under title II
  1556. I strongly support Net Neutrality and the oversight that is provided by TITLE II over ISPs.  Thank you!
  1557. "Net Nuetraility is vital for small business growth in America. Small businesses employee millions of Americans and give a our citizens the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. In this day and age, the internet is just as essential to operating a business as electricity and should be treated as such."
  1558. Net neutrality must be maintained.  The internet is an open forum where all opinions and ideas can be put freely.  A compromise in net neutrality is but a short jump from a compromise in our freedom of speech. In our freedom of opinion.  Of expression.  This cannot be allowed.
  1559. Stop the attack on the Net by greedy self interested corporations and individuals
  1560. "To whom it may concern,
  1562. I am writing you to express my strong and continued support for current Net Neutrality rules. As with most Americans, the internet plays a large part in my life. I use the internet not only for work, but also for my personal life. For work (I am a school psychologist), I use the internet to access work e-mail, document/file creation, data storage, and special education student records. If an ISP is allowed to block my access to specific websites and/or slow down my connection, that will most assuredly affect my ability to complete my work effectively and on-time. For my personal life, I use the internet to access personal e-mail, social media, download/upload files, and watch/stream videos and music. I only have access to one ISP (AT&T Xfinity) at my current residence, and reversing the current Net Neutrality rules would put my internet experience at the mercy of AT&T. They would be able to alter my access in whatever way they see fit.
  1564. I urge the FCC to listen to the opinions of the majority (it's American citizens), rather than the opinions of the ISP lobbyists, many or all of whom DO NOT represent the opinions of the majority."
  1565. "I would like you to keep the interner open without having any company allowed to slow down my internet for anything. as well as keep tittle 2, but actually enforce it unlike it was under the obama administration."
  1566. i support maintaining strong net neutrality and title 2 protections
  1567. "Please keep the internet equal. Please represent the will of the common people, not the large corporations!!"
  1568. "I strongly oppose Ajit Varadaraj Pai's proposal to reverse net neutrality protections because a free and open internet is vital for our democracy, for our businesses, and for our daily lives.
  1572. Net neutrality is a vital principle in a democratic society. The biggest losers under Ajit Varadaraj Pai's proposal are independent news outlets, small businesses, start-up blogs, grassroots activist groups, and everyone who uses the internet.
  1576. I submit my public comment to oppose Ajit Varadaraj Pai's proposal to reverse net neutrality protections."
  1577. "I would like to express my strong support for continuing net neutrality as it is currently regulated (Title 2). While I am a capitalist at heart and believe in market solutions wherever possible, the motivation for the few companies that control our access to the Internet to abuse this privilege in their own self-interest and in the interest of their shareholders, is simply too great to leave up to market forces. As a small businessman without the money or clout to influence bandwidth allocation decisions, I would like to be assured that no company can be allowed to choose favorites in terms of Internet access and speed."
  1578. "My family respectfully requests you preserve Title II and maintain strong Net Neutrality.
  1579. Thank you for your consideration."
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