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  1. Key: TheWorldOfBlack
  3. Name: Braeden Vonstein
  5. Race: Manakete
  7. Rank: King of Blood
  9. Plans for the Rank/Rare:
  10. TL/DR: My main plan will be to take the Palace of Greed for my own. Using it's sacred power to ultimately bring about destruction of mankind. Playing as a villain character, forming a cult/group to achieve such a goal.
  12. In this complacent world you've set? There can only be one true power. One true ruler to take dominion over a cursed throne. Lead the lesser species into the pit of darkness and despair and rip away any light that they may hold with in them. Cast them into an ethereal darkness so that only he remains.
  14. He will bring together destruction of all and anything those around him hold dear as he fights his way into dominion. Challenging everything set against him in a desperate attempt to cease back control.
  16. Stopping at nothing to achieve this goal. Regardless how underhanded that may be.
  18. Personality: A manipulative and sadistic man who sees himself as the alpha in every way. A being who was lived through eons of famine and war and seen sights many could only hope to imagine. Twisted and dark, he holds no loyalties to anyone and isn't above striking down his own followers for failing to complete commands. A narcissist at best- He views himself as an unstoppable god. One who is destined to rule the world. Or bring it to absolute ruin beneath his hands.
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