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  1. [18:51:58] <@Kain> so we last left off with the whole deal about Renegade’s secret mindclone security system thing that’s entirely too complicated for what it does, but it turns out it was quite helpful in a few ways. Theta would be intent on utilizing some of that help this instance, in fact.
  2. [18:53:55] <@Kain> He had been offered the opportunity to take the piece of equipment recovered from Oeilvert up to some instruments lying about in the attic. Wizards always have weird shit lying around. You’re lucky guns haven’t been invented yet, else their sense of no right and wrong might just have resulted in shotguns lying around on the floor. But SOMEONE decided they were going to invent the gun,
  3. [18:53:56] <@Kain> it’s like you’re TRYING to cause trouble for yourself here. But enough of these nonsensical and completely meta rants. Onward.
  4. [18:54:24] <Theta> In fact, he was making his way to the secret torture se - i mean the third floor to inspect this machinery.
  5. [18:54:39] <@Kain> Nope, no Ricas here.
  6. [18:54:46] <@Kain> therefore no torture sex dungeons.
  7. [18:56:58] <@Kain> You ascend the stairs leading to the third floor, where a sturdy-looking door lies between you and passage into a room of wonders that make Richard Pritchard’s attic seem like the local junk store.
  8. [18:58:06] * Theta attempts to open it hoping this isn't the sentient door from before
  9. [18:58:23] <@Kain> Nope, it’s reinforced but doesn’t actually seem to be locked or alive.
  10. [19:00:13] <Theta> He meanders on in then inspecting just what all is in this attic of wonders
  11. [19:00:33] <@Kain> Inside, you find all manner of odd machinery here and there, a self-utilizing alchemy table that seems to be distilling some sort of thick, amber potion, a box connected to another box with a glass front that flickers with odd light, a few projectors that look like the ones from Oeilvert, along with some accompanying... ports? A large area of the house where the floor is covered with a dark,
  12. [19:00:33] <@Kain> glassy rock etched with arcane symbols of all kinds. A crystal ball, much like Ayane’s, displays a sweeping view of outer space near Gaia itself.
  13. [19:02:35] * Theta 'ooohs' and 'aaaah's, pauses at the crystal ball though. "Is it's pair in orbit, I wonder?" Before moving on to these projectors to see what's up with these ports.
  14. [19:03:45] <@Kain> You also see what looks to be a human-sized, porcelain doll sitting on a chain in the corner, its glassy eyes staring at the ceiling vacantly.
  15. [19:04:36] <@Kain> The terran machinery seems to have a receptacle conveniently the size of the ‘hard drive’ you’ve been carrying around with you. The equipment here is in much better shape than at Oeilvert.
  16. [19:04:50] <@Kain> Might have been built by Renegade himself.
  17. [19:05:32] * Theta is totally sidetracked by the doll and figures he'll glance at it closer on the way out, places the hard drive into the device and sees if it takes over on its own
  18. [19:07:56] <@Kain> Rrrrrr... beepboop. Whrrwhrrr... The storage device is drawn into the machine and the projectors start up, giving you a holographic interface. It takes you a moment to figure out you’re supposed to poke and prod the images of light, this shit is pretty advanced.
  19. [19:08:21] <@Kain> Status messages in Terran scroll over the screen as it boots up. Running ChkDsk...
  20. [19:09:21] <@Kain> It verifies the file cache, whatever the fuck that is, and says something to the effect of “491 errors detected, automatically repairing”
  21. [19:09:31] <@Kain> ...
  22. [19:09:31] <@Kain> ...
  23. [19:09:32] <@Kain> . . .
  24. [19:10:04] <@Kain> After a moment, some new interface boots up, giving you access to the contents of the drive. ...Whoa, this is definitely one of their archives.
  25. [19:13:03] <@Kain> The folders the files are in seem to be categorized by subject. There are a metric shitton of things to look at, mostly concerning Terra. Population figures, history highlights, scanned art galleries, some sort of ‘Terrapedia’ database seems to have gotten uploaded. Technological developments - notably a section on Genomes as well - and quite a lot about planet merger.
  26. [19:15:25] * Theta fumbles around a bit looking over just the wide array of options here. "...Seems Renegade will get more out of this than I will for sure." He starts with the section on Genomes then.
  27. [19:18:08] <@Kain> Project Genome - When the merger of Terra and its latest host, Gaia, unexpectedly failed, the people of the Red Planet majority voted on a plan to seal their souls in suspended sleep until the problem could be solved. In order to facilitate quick rebirth without a populace, the Terrans genetically engineered a vessel race to act as inhabitants for their souls. These would be the Genomes. The
  28. [19:18:08] <@Kain> first Genome, Garland, shall be tasked with engineering the replacement of Gaia with Terra.
  29. [19:20:14] <@Kain> That’s the highlight, at least. Going down reveals much more. Biological data, ethical concerns, some random notes... “It has been observed that Genomes are unable to reproduce with Gaian natives. This could possibly be corrected with modification, but it is likely the offspring would be infertile, as many crossbreeds are.”
  30. [19:21:23] <@Kain> There seems to be a large document entailing the... genome of the Genome? A lot of strings involving the letters TCAG. You don’t really get it.
  31. [19:22:16] <Theta> "..." He takes note of that for later but figures it's something Zidane probably figured out by now given how that's goin on. And tries to memorize what he can of this genetic code bit before seeing what this thing says about Garland.
  32. [19:25:28] <@Kain> “Garland is the first and only Genome to be imbued directly with a will. With a theoretical lifespan of at least ten thousand years, it is feasible that he will find a solution to the merger problem before he dies of old age. To assist in his protection, domesticated dragons have been provided, in addition to the prototype airship and the fortress, Pandemonium. Outlook seems high that he
  33. [19:25:28] <@Kain> wil perish of old age (see document 3C for details concerning Genome lifespan)
  34. [19:26:41] * Theta boops 3C against his better judgement
  35. [19:29:24] <@Kain> This one seems to be catered towards ‘genetic engineers, and is riddled with words you’re having trouble reading. Still, it provides the information that the average Genome lifespan is apparently 110 years when kept healthy - approximately the same as that of healthy Terrans, as the document notes. Details offer advice on how to tweak lifespan for different needs, such as in Garland’s
  36. [19:29:24] <@Kain> case, even shortening lifespans in case of cloning rapidly-growing, short-lived test subjects.
  37. [19:30:33] <@Kain> Argh, you’re close. You can almost feel it, but without understanding the terminology this information isn’t as helpful to you as you might want, and it’s uncertain if this applies to Black Mages at all. Still, this is a lot better than nothing...
  38. [19:33:08] * Theta paces a bit and tries to think what he CAN extract from this thing that'll make sense. It's entirely a relic of a past age, one way more sophisticated than his own, that much is certain. He starts trying to look through the list of articles on technological advancements in general for things that -do- sound completely alien to him
  39. [19:38:02] <@Kain> ‘Genetic engineering’ seems to refer to the science of modifying biological organisms by manipulating some kind of ‘essence’ within their being called DNA. Apparently it’s a helix-shaped sequence of pure, chemical memory, probably coded by the Crystal itself. Creating entirely new organisms was apparently a huge step forward in the field, but creating human-like creatures was banned
  40. [19:38:02] <@Kain> for ethical reasons until the need for the Genomes arose. Before that, they just created monsterous chimeras. It seems like they also figured out how to modify living creatures after their creation, allowing for drastic changes including rapid mutation. You see some mention of ‘Chaos’ being thrown around but it doesn’t seem to refer to the one you’re familiar with. There are some
  41. [19:38:03] <@Kain> mentions of a “Valentine Project”.
  42. [19:39:58] * Theta head scratch. Like the holiday that may or may not exist? Boops the project
  43. [19:40:41] <@Kain> It seems to be named after the subject of an illegal experiment where a man was forced to host modified gene sequences of several creatures and was able to mutate between them with effort.
  44. [19:41:45] <@Kain> This sounds a bit too close to how some non-Qu blue mages these days work.
  45. [19:43:21] <Theta> (huh, interesting. guess we really haven't MET any huh)
  46. [19:44:23] <Theta> He plops down a bit and thinks on what else would be relevant to the current situation. "Ah." He digs around for info on Eidolons. In particular, Ragnorok
  47. [19:45:00] <@Kain> Hm, remind me what I’ve revealed to you?
  48. [19:45:23] <Theta> (The Glutton wants Ragnorok and it was an eidolon from Terra in the shape of a sword)
  49. [19:48:59] <@Kain> The book recounts a few different myths about Ragnarok and its nature. One particular tale is of how Ragnarok was once a mighty eidolon similar to most, posessing its own form and powers, though it was killed in a great battle. Its body became crystal, and before it could return to the world its remains were melted and forged into a blade. It was reborn as the sword Eidolon, Ragnarok, where
  50. [19:48:59] <@Kain> it passed through history as a legendary blade that would bring victory to all who wielded it.
  51. [19:50:08] <@Kain> It seems to find its way into the hands of brave knights the most, but anyone it deems can be a true wielder should they have the spirit.
  52. [19:50:32] <@Kain> The book definitely isn’t written by someone with the viewpoint of a Terran.
  53. [19:50:47] <Theta> (The book?)
  54. [19:50:58] <@Kain> wait, shit
  55. [19:51:12] <@Kain> I thought you mentioned a book, I feel like I did give you a book on Ragnarok
  56. [19:51:30] <@Kain> Sorry, my bad.
  57. [19:52:12] <@Kain> Let’s say that’s included somewhere in a ‘myths and legends’ section. The archive lists Ragnarok on a disambiguation page.
  58. [19:53:01] <@Kain> Ragnarok - the Legendary Weapon, Ragnarok - The Esper, Ragnarok - the Airship, Ragnarok - the Event... the list goes on a while.
  59. [19:54:07] <Theta> "Hrm..." okay then, next query is 'Garment Grid' just for curiousity's sake.
  60. [19:54:18] <@Kain> 0 entries found.
  61. [19:55:15] <@Kain> The search engine seems to ask you, almost cheekily, “Did you mean “fashion grid”?
  62. [19:55:59] * Theta shrugs, clicks on that. hell does he know.
  63. [19:56:16] <@Kain> It brings up something about supermalls and clothing stores what the hell is this
  64. [19:57:50] <Theta> "Bah." he seems a bit stumped on just what to drag out of this thing at the current - tons of information but he doesn't exactly have time to sift through it all forever like a certain magical hologram
  65. [19:58:28] <Theta> So he flips it off and looks over to this suspended live-size doll.
  66. [19:58:44] <@Kain> It short-circuits as you try and flip it off...
  67. [19:59:04] <@Kain> The interface displays a scrolling white text on a blue background, even with no power supplied to it, reading:
  69. [20:01:08] <@Kain> bzzrt
  70. [20:01:29] <@Kain> ...well that was weird.
  71. [20:02:14] <@Kain> As for the doll...
  72. [20:02:30] <Theta> ohgodit'shaunted. maybe. somethng to ask Ammy about.
  73. [20:05:36] <@Kain> The doll, as you examine it, is that of a teenage or young adult woman, you’d guess. She has distinct, silvery colored hair that falls all the way to her ankles and light green eyes. She’s wearing a simple peasant girl’s outfit, orange, with a purple scarf. ...Hm, is that really porcelain? Now that you’re closer...
  74. [20:08:01] <@Kain> That’s definitely a soft material as part of her face. You almost think it’s flesh, actuall- aaand here’s where her eyes blink and come into focus on you.
  75. [20:08:24] <Giantree> (whoa I heard my waifu alarm going off what's happening over h-)
  76. [20:08:53] * Theta thinks to himself 'if this thing starts moving I'm - ' "HOLY SHIT-" He flails about and falls on his ass before crawling back a bit, eyes locked.
  77. [20:09:14] <@Kain> Her outfit, and the chair she’s sitting in, are quite dusty. She’s been sitting here quite a long time, and as you fall backwards, she sits up properly, stiffly.
  78. [20:09:52] <@Kain> The doll doesn’t bear a strong resemblance to the Renegade or his family, but the silver hair does make one think, almost. She stares at you blankly, as if waiting for you to say something else, her eyes occasionally blinking.
  79. [20:10:41] <Theta> "...Do you have a name?"
  80. [20:11:32] <@Kain> Doll: “I am.... .... I am... error...” she says in a voice barely above a whisper. “...I do not recall.” she states, plainly.
  81. [20:12:38] * Theta slowly stands. "You don't recall? Just how old are you to have forgotten?"
  82. [20:12:51] <@Kain> Doll: “...I don’t know.”
  83. [20:12:56] <@Kain> She shakes her head, slowly.
  84. [20:14:20] <Theta> "Then...where are you from?"
  85. [20:15:29] <@Kain> Doll: “...Here, I think?”
  86. [20:15:45] <@Kain> Doll: “Where is... here?”
  87. [20:15:48] <@Kain> She looks around slowly.
  88. [20:17:21] <Theta> "The home of The Renegade. Hm...can you stand? Walk? I mean to speak with him before leaving."
  89. [20:17:38] <@Kain> After a hesitant moment she nods, and stands.
  90. [20:17:53] <@Kain> The dust cascades off of her body, and she doesn’t bother brushing herself off.
  91. [20:18:10] <@Kain> She’s about half a foot shorter than you.
  92. [20:19:36] <@Kain> She looks around, trying to get her bearings, or at least that’s what you think she’s doing.
  93. [20:20:16] * Theta offers her a hand before heading back downstairs with her. "I am Theta, by the way. Let's see what he himself has to answer with."
  94. [20:20:16] <@Kain> Her hands clasp together in front of her as she stands there.
  95. [20:20:42] <@Kain> She looks at your hand a moment as you extend it, then reaches out to take it.
  96. [20:21:07] <@Kain> She’s led along quietly, not commenting as you pull her along.
  97. [20:23:25] <@Kain> Her touch is ice cold, by the way.
  98. [20:26:04] <@Kain> Re-entering the library or what?
  99. [20:26:38] <Theta> Yup, back to the library indeed
  100. [20:27:28] <@Kain> As you walk back into the mess of books, the area transforms into a blue, voidish overlay, as Renegade’s disembodied voice speaks.
  101. [20:28:02] <@Kain> “Find anything worth our time?”
  102. [20:28:56] <Theta> "The hard drive is an entire encyclapedia full of information about Terran civilization. Far too much for me to walk away with much given the time I have, but I imagine it will be to your liking."
  103. [20:29:46] <Theta> "What I did find however was her. I think we need to discuss something regarding what my actual assignment is outside of this ordeal with the crystals."
  104. [20:30:32] <@Kain> “....? ‘Her’?”
  105. [20:30:48] <@Kain> “But very well. Proceed.”
  106. [20:32:26] <@Kain> The girl shows no signs of reaction to the disembodied voice, but does seem to find the images surrounding the two of you curious.
  107. [20:33:46] <Theta> "I presumed you had visual gathering in place here given your observation on my race, but yes, the contrust- I believe she is a construct of some sort? Not entirely unlike the Dolls. Either way..."
  108. [20:35:48] <@Kain> “You appear to be the only one in the room. ...Aren’t you?” for the first time, the Renegade sounds unsure and confused about something. “Unless... oh, yes.... her. Interesting, she can’t be detected by my senses either. I thought I had placed her in the basement... is she active?”
  109. [20:36:28] <Theta> "Given your relation with Garland I presume you know much about what his task was. I myself am doing research on behalf of the village to find a 'cure' if you will to whatever plagues the lifespans of the Gaian Dolls. Unfortionately the severity of my research was elevated when another of my race plaugerized my work and produced a thousand new ones, I believe in attempt to
  110. [20:36:41] <Theta> replicate Kuja's actions."
  111. [20:36:54] <Theta> "And yes, she is. Though she seems unsure of her surroundings."
  112. [20:37:41] <Theta> "I suppose we can begin with what her name and age is. And...just what exactly she is."
  113. [20:40:44] <@Kain> “Troubling, but not much I can do about it at present. As for your inquiry, yes, the reduced lifespans were likely a direct modification from Kuja’s end. Or a severe lack of knowledge about how they work in the first place. You hope to save a thousand dolls? You’re going to need a tremendous amount of energy and access to certain facilities if you wish to fix it the way Garland would
  114. [20:40:45] <@Kain> have. And the Pathway of Souls closed as well, hm, hm... The girl, in any case... I don’t know her name either. I found her during an expedition. She seems to be an artificial lifeform, not too much unlike yourself or the Black Mages, but not of Terran origin.”
  115. [20:43:08] <@Kain> “The only word she’s managed to conjure up about her past is ‘mannequin’ or the like. I haven’t figured out what she means. She went into stasis not too long after I found her.”
  116. [20:43:48] <Theta> "You...found her? Where exactly was this? And if it's not Terran, or possibly even Gaian, just what do you hypothesize it is?"
  117. [20:43:59] <@Kain> “Something older.”
  118. [20:44:41] <@Kain> “Your companions are likely set to go precisely where I found her, even if t hey don’t realize it.”
  119. [20:45:09] <@Kain> Doll: “Mann-e-quin...”
  120. [20:45:47] <@Aori_Radidjiu> (Calco or Brina? :O)
  121. [20:45:49] <Theta> "And just how long ago was this? It seems...odd she would be in a prolonged stasis until just now."
  122. [20:46:19] <Giantree> (It's Marion you wackopie)
  123. [20:46:39] <@Aori_Radidjiu> (D:)
  124. [20:46:46] <@Kain> “It does. And it seems even stranger because I was certain I locked her in the basement with the other potentially dangerous things, not on the third floor...”
  125. [20:47:23] <@Kain> “Something may have been triggered, but what that is I don’t know.”
  126. [20:48:47] * Theta looks to the girl. "Do the words, 'Ragnorok, Odin,' or 'Fenrir' mean anything to you?"
  127. [20:49:12] <@Kain> The girl tilts her head, then shakes it no.
  128. [20:49:58] <Theta> "I was somewhat hoping Garland had entrusted you with enough information that you had dabbled in it your own. My own research is quite stifled on terms of how to progress it. Though if she is as old as you theorize..."
  129. [20:52:47] <@Kain> “Mm, I can see how that might be frustrating. No, Garland was very careful with his secrets concerning the Genomes. He showed me the inner workings of the Iifa Tree. He brought me aboard the Invincible. But he never illuminated the subject of his people, probably in fear I would turn the knowledge against him somehow.”
  130. [20:54:33] <@Kain> “I do know that he had special facilities for ‘maintenance’ however.”
  131. [20:54:47] <@Kain> “These are likely of no use to you since they are on Terra.”
  132. [20:56:03] <@Kain> “Have you considered chaining them all to the lifeforce of an eidolon you’ve sealed within the heart of an arcane forge?”
  133. [20:56:49] <@Kain> “Mm, that might be out of your league. Ah, and there’s that nasty ‘ethics’ thing that might interfere as well.”
  134. [20:58:43] <Theta> "I am not entirely sure many of them will be of much assistance either. Natalie mentioned Pheonix at some point but I am not sure that is entirely applicable given just what we are. So, in a sense, back to square one...though the existance of a potential...third 'branch' of our kind is intruiging."
  135. [20:59:15] <@Kain> The doll seems to consider a moment. “Ambrosia.” she says.
  136. [20:59:45] <Theta> "I'm sorry? Ambrosia?"
  137. [21:00:23] <@Kain> Renegade: “Ambrosia... that is a mythical nectar eaten as sustenance by deities in stories. What does that have to do with anything?”
  138. [21:01:22] <@Kain> Doll: “...I don’t know.” she frowns. “...why did I say that...?”
  139. [21:03:06] <@Kain> Renegade: “One of its properties is to grant immortality, or increased lifespan supposedly, but it’s foolish to put one’s faith into myths, especially the ones that aren’t manifest like Eidolons.”
  140. [21:05:29] <@Kain> Renegade: “Could be her name too, I suppose.”
  141. [21:05:44] <@Kain> Renegade: “But that’s really, really unlikely.”
  142. [21:06:14] <Theta> "Hm. Much as I would prefer to approach this scientifically it seems the divine or magistry always comes into play. Fitting I suppose given its manifestion here on Gaia. Given she was in stasis until now, what do you suppose should be done with ... I suppose it will do for now, Ambrosia."
  143. [21:06:53] <@Kain> She tilts her head for a moment, then nods.
  144. [21:07:45] <@Kain> Renegade: “Well, you’re the one she apparently reacted to. Why don’t I let you decide what to do with her? It should be interesting to watch.”
  145. [21:10:28] <Theta> "It should be worth noting then I myself have an estate in this city. A few of the Dolls reside there, a fitting enough home."
  146. [21:11:08] <@Kain> Renegade: “If you insist. As long as you are getting reaction out of her the result is the same.”
  147. [21:12:15] <@Kain> Renegade: “Your response earlier intrigued me, by the way.”
  148. [21:12:24] <@Kain> Renegade: “Though you should realize something.”
  149. [21:13:38] <Theta> "Which in particular?"
  150. [21:14:02] <@Kain> “That you would rather approach this scientifically.”
  151. [21:14:58] <@Kain> “Though, I have found that science and magic aren’t too dissimilar. There are fundamental differences but ultimately they are both often structured and logical, and follow observable rules. Much like how fire and lightning are different, but both are in the end forms of energy.”
  152. [21:15:10] <@Kain> “That aside I’m curious on how you wish to approach this.”
  153. [21:17:00] <Theta> "The complication is I myself am not a mage exactly. A Geomancer, yes, and the end result may appear similar but the actual practice is quite removed. It was more my hypothesis that the solution resided in some of the lost technologies Terrans had control on that Kuja maybe had no use for given his application, or no feasible way to implement in tihs world as it is."
  154. [21:17:03] <@Kain> “Are you looking to proven methods of the past that may be lost in the rubble of a destroyed world? Do you seek to extend their lives alchemically, develop machines that can perpetuate their bodily functions? Study the ‘science’ of geomancy to learn to geotrance life itself?”
  155. [21:20:00] <Theta> "The first two seem to go together hand-in-hand to me. The third seems impractical given the age we live in. The forth I will admit I have not considered. I found myself with these capabilities quite intrinsically ; far as formal teachings of it...I have yet to hear of."
  156. [21:20:25] <@Kain> “That’s because there generally aren’t any.”
  157. [21:21:04] <@Kain> “But in the field of the sciences, there must always be some pioneer willing to get his hands dirty, testing his hypothesi and theories.”
  158. [21:22:35] <@Kain> “Cid VIII did not build an airship upon the schematics made by someone else. He studied Mist and its properties, and aerodynamics, thermal physics...
  159. [21:22:42] <@Kain> “
  160. [21:24:02] <Theta> He considers this a bit. "It's a fair point. One I will have to consider and explore. Though, I am curious; you have walked this earth longer than any other man. How many Geomancers have you met in your travels anyway? The only other one I have met was one of the sons of Vivi. Compared to more practiced magical heritages it seems..."
  161. [21:24:06] <Theta> "Practically unheard of."
  162. [21:28:24] <@Kain> “A fair share, no doubt. The subject is curious... Spirits are things of Memory and Emotion without Mass, ambient energy used in the creation of the world itself. From what I have observed, to use Geomancy is to know the Crystal’s own power. It is rare because it seems to rely on intuition more than anything. That does not mean, however, that it lacks potential for scientific classification.”
  163. [21:30:43] <Theta> "It's funny you would mention that. I find most my own applications of it to be based more on the material and what can be observed than the spiritual. Though that might just be due to my limited experience with it just yet."
  164. [21:31:28] <@Kain> “The material is half of it. Objects are Memory and Mass.”
  165. [21:32:12] <@Kain> “And your gift breaches that gap between Mass and Energy, reshaping things as you see fit.”
  166. [21:36:42] <Theta> "It's a matter I have much to learn on, as with most things. Thank you for your insight and time. Though I suppose given the task you tossed toward us it will not be terribly long before our return."
  167. [21:37:31] <@Kain> “We shall see.” is that a hint of amusement in his voice?
  168. [21:38:44] <@Kain> (Anything else? Getting rather tired here)
  169. [21:38:58] * Theta looks to Ambrosia. "I'll show you to where you will be staying for now." As they make their leave (Yup that's about it.)
  170. [21:39:31] <@Kain> Ambrosia nods and reaches for your hand as you walk off.
  171. [21:40:01] <@Kain> aaaand </mini>
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