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  1. Porphyra Xebraxa, The Dragon Mother
  3. Genitalia
  4. >Vagina (1)
  5. >Embellishments
  6. >Lubrication
  7. >Musculature
  8. >Cilia
  9. >Lumen
  10. >Plush (x3)
  11. Designed to accept and accomadate "donations" from all manner of incredibly powerful beings and creatures who can enhance the pedigree of my dragon eggs.
  12. 16
  14. Shape
  15. >Enticing
  16. Supernatural allure of a succubi.
  17. 16
  19. Chest
  20. >Gifted
  21. Large and well shaped enough to draw the eye of powerful dragons and God-like entities.
  22. 16
  24. Influences
  25. >Kleptozoological (Oversaturated)
  26. Torso of unearthly beauty with draconic wings and lower body of a great serpent.
  27. >Pseudodevascent
  28. Imbued with power of Angels, Demons, and other magical beings to increase beauty and quality of young.
  29. 20
  31. Face
  32. >Seductive
  33. Entrancing beauty with near hypnotic eyes.
  34. 20
  36. Flourishes
  37. >Ourobouros Metabolism
  38. Goddess-like immortal with no need for things like food.
  39. >Godly Cleanliness
  40. Pristine and beautiful at all times.
  41. >Lactation (Bountiful)
  42. Lots of milk numerous and large young.
  43. >Nurturing
  44. Nutritious mixture just right for strong dragons.
  45. >Addictive
  46. Hatchlings remain dependant on mother's milk even into adulthood.
  47. >Aphrodisiac
  48. When an an egg is ready, I produce so much milk my breasts swell several cup sizes and begin to leak. A sight and scent irresistable to most.
  49. >Dependent
  50. When a dragon hatches, it is sent off to profesionals to be raised or trained. Teiatat's servants collect my milk and send it to the dragon keepers as the need arises.
  51. >Carnal Atmosphere
  52. The problem with being a vessel for producing dragons is that dragons sometimes take notice. Donors are carefully chosen for their pedigree, but particularly large dragons can be hard to stop.
  53. 29
  55. Strategy
  56. >Brooding
  57. I lays eggs and do not give birth.
  58. >Conditional Emergence
  59. Along with the effect from "donations", and spells and rituals, the size and power of a dragon can be affected by how long I incubate the egg while draped over my horde of treasure.
  60. 32
  62. Dowry
  63. >Title
  64. As a bride of Teiatat, I have a title to denote my purpose.
  65. >True Name
  66. I am ound to service as a dragon maker and ultimately controlled by Teiatat.
  67. >Nuptial Torc
  68. My bejwelled collar and golden chain denote my status as an object of utility.
  69. >Lavender Grimoire
  70. Much of my time is dedicated to rituals to enhance attractiveness and the quality of offspring.
  71. >Primordial Woad
  72. Magical cosmetics designed to enhance enchanting allure and emphasize fertility.
  73. >Abyssal Ink
  74. Spells to imbue offspring with power.
  75. >Celestial Charms
  76. Panoply of jewels and accesories to make even more eye catching and show wealth and power of Teiatat.
  77. >Seductive Array
  78. Always dressed to attract potential "donors"
  79. >Filthy Lucre
  80. Provided with an ever growing horde of wealth to provide regal lifestyle and slept on to empower dragon eggs.
  81. 56
  83. Bonds
  84. >Sensual Ritualists
  85. An army of Teiatat's ritualists to care for my every need and comfort, conduct rituals, and make sure I'm always ready for the next step in the dragon making cycle.
  86. >Prime Mate
  87. Teiatat only makes customized dragons for his own purposes and for very loyal followers. Incubating the eggs take a long time and is a big investment. So donors are chosen with incredible care.
  88. 68
  90. Urges
  91. >Mating Dance
  92. My every move and sound, however slight, is impossibly alluring. Especially when a new egg is ready.
  93. >Throne's Shadow
  94. I long ago accepted my position as a tool for making dragons.
  95. >Spoiled
  96. I'm cared for in every way and want for nothing.
  97. 68
  99. Ambition
  100. >Desire of All Hearts
  101. >Key Strategic Asset
  102. I'm a hugely valuable commodity, desired by all kinds of powerful entities.
  103. 70
  105. Pedigree 8
  106. Status 3
  107. Allure 9
  109. Dragons are fierce beings, both physically and magically powerful. They can be tremendously valuable to anyone who can command one. But the size and power which make them so priceless also make them terribly difficult to raise and control. What if one had a way to produce and raise their own dragons from hatchlings with (relative) safety, and even grant them specialized attributes? Porphyra is the result of millenia of magical experimentation to make just such a thing possible. By starting with a mere mortal who desired the things greedy mortals often do such as supernatural beauty, immortality, wealth, and power and imbusing her with the essences of ancient dragons and other magical creatures, Poprphyra was created. An entrancingly beautiful being who lays eggs from which dragons hatch. But this is not her most important feature. Pophyra can produce dragon hatchlings on her own, but by carefully choosing mates with desirable traits, dragons with customized powers and attributes can be created. Things such as aptitude for certain schools of magic, greater intelligence, or physical traits for specialized dragons. But the dragons are born with the weakness of never being completely weaned off their mother's milk. This is a method to control the dragons and to make the owners of such dragons beholden to Teiatat.
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