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  1. Hi :O My names Brianna and I just joined this group <3
  3. I would like to prefix this with that I am looking to see if anyone has advice for me or can even relate to me because I feel so alone with my problems.
  5. I am a 23 year old software engineer and own a large business with a lot of followers and it feels like everything I say is under a microscope and like every person is constantly trying to catch me speaking in a certain way that fits their agenda so that they can blast me for it by writing an article or forming a hate group about it. It is so frustrating to hear someone take a single line of my writing where my thoughts were miscommunicated and scream at me for being insensitive, pompous, mean, corrupt or so on.
  7. I wish people would tell me when something I say is messed up so I can correct it rather than attacking me for it. But this almost never happens. I hired someone to specifically read through all my chats and monitor everything I say as to make sure I don't make any critical mistakes and his suggestion is to just stop talking to people in the workplace and hire someone else to do it. But all I do is work and that isolates me so much and that is not at all what I want to do. I need to be able to relate and have a relationship with the people who use my products and not talking to them makes me feel like i'm locked in closet with my laptop pumping out chunks of code for people to use with no sense of reward beyond money.
  9. Anther thing is I function so well in most outward expressing ways that people find it impossible for me to struggle the way I do and don't give me an ounce of slack when I make a speech mistake. "Well if she can write so well then there's no way she doesn't understand how to communicate correctly" people seem to always think. This is so discouraging to me because all I do is try and no one cuts me slack. People used to do this for me when I was younger but now that im 23 and "Adults couldn't possibly have autism" people give me nothing. My doctor says this has a lot to do with the social power that comes with owning a successful company. Whereas people wont correct someone if they are positioned above them.. So I guess i'm not allowed to be successful and have disabilities?
  11. Life is so stressful. I really wish I didn't struggle the way I do and every year that goes by we see more and more people on Twitter and Youtube getting their careers ruined for saying stupid things. I seriously hope this never happens to me for something I miscommunicated.
  13. Anyway that is my rant if anyone has advice or comments that could help me out that would mean the world to me. If anyone could even relate to one or more of my issues that would make me feel less alone <3
  15. All Love <3
  16. Brianna
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