Fem Droid TG

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  1. Robert came dressed in a DIY constructed robot costume made out of cardboard boxes and some air duct tubes. The whole thing looked like it was designed by a five year old and looked like it was a very last minute idea.
  3. Of course he didn’t care, he heard they were serving cheap drinks and the only requirement was to come dressed in a costume. So he threw together a basic robot costume with some stuff he found in the dumpster outside his apartment.
  5. He was making his way to the bar when he noticed a waiter with bottles of beer on his tray. His initial thought was “free beer!” and he was partially right about that.
  7. The magic hit him before he could grab a beer off the tray. His cardboard began to quickly melt, turning to a metallic liquid, kind of like mercury, covering him entirely. Just as quickly, the liquid metal began to harden, taking on a more curvy humanoid shape.
  9. Robbi, the fem-droid shook her head as it formed. Her mechanical brain trying to focus on what just happened. It was very unusual for her to black out like that but now she needed to find her creator for the next round of plans.
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