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  1. Spell: Spell Shield
  2. Spell: Call of the Hero
  3. Spell: Brell's Mountainous Barrier
  4. Spell: Ro's Smoldering Disjunction
  5. Spell: Breath of Tunare
  6. Spell: Allure
  7. Spell: Plague of Insects
  8. Spell: Harmshield
  9. Spell: Emissary of Thule
  10. Spell: Gift of Pure Thought
  11. Spell: Greater Familiar
  12. Spell: Hammer of Divinity
  13. Spell: Tears of Solusek
  14. Spell: Sedulous Subversion
  15. Spell: Decession
  16. Spell: Spirit of Khati Sha
  17. Spell: Dead Men Floating
  18. Spell: Flaming Sword of Xuzl
  19. Spell: Shock of Fiery Blades
  20. Spell: Blessing of Aegolism
  21. Spell: Hammer of Souls
  22. Spell: Zevfeer's Theft of Vitae
  23. Spell: Succussion of Shadows
  24. Spell: Cloak of the Akheva
  25. Spell: Divine Strength
  26. Spell: Blessed Armor of the Risen
  27. Spell: Call of the Predator
  28. Spell: Abscond
  29. Spell: Glamorous Visage
  30. Spell: Wave of Healing
  31. Spell: Spiritual Purity
  32. Spell: Call of Earth
  33. Spell: Augmentation of Death
  34. Spell: Torrent of Fatigue
  35. Spell: Hammer of Divinity
  36. Spell: Legacy of Thorn
  37. Spell: Terror of Terris
  38. Spell: Healing Wave of Prexus
  39. Spell: Mark of the Predator
  40. Spell: Primal Essence
  41. Spell: Mass Mystical Transvergance
  42. Spell: The Unspoken Word
  43. Spell: Aegis
  44. Spell: Cannibalize III
  45. Spell: Ro's Smoldering Disjunction
  46. Spell: Minion of Shadows
  47. Spell: Crippling Claudication
  48. Spell: Flame of Light
  49. Spell: Protection of the Glades
  50. Spell: Mark of Karn
  51. Spell: Wrath of the Elements
  52. Spell: Voice of Terris
  53. Spell: Eagle Eye
  54. Spell: Markar`s Discord
  55. Spell: Regrowth of the Grove
  56. Spell: Spell Shield
  57. Spell: Bane of Nife
  58. Spell: Torrent of Pain
  59. Spell: Call of Fire
  60. Spell: Circle of Seasons
  61. Spell: Wind of Tashanian
  62. Spell: Blessed Armor of the Risen
  63. Spell: Banishment
  64. Spell: Thrall of Bones
  65. Spell: Regrowth of Dar Khura
  66. Spell: Cannibalize IV
  67. Spell: Judgment
  68. Spell: Blizzard
  69. Spell: Manasink
  70. Spell: Tears of Prexus
  71. Spell: Mind Wrack
  72. Spell: Improved Invis vs. Undead
  73. Spell: Cobalt Scar Portal
  74. Spell: Glamorous Visage
  75. Spell: Greater Vocaration: Air
  76. Spell: Abscond
  77. Spell: Sha's Restoration
  78. Spell: Transon's Phantasmal Protection
  79. Spell: Vocarate: Water
  80. Spell: Horrifying Visage
  81. Spell: Word of Restoration
  82. Spell: Spiritual Strength
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