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  1. Hi! This is my daily routine on a typical day. It is not always accurate, but it is usually normal.
  2. Before school, I wake up at seven in the morning. I use an alarm clock instead of my parents. I watch TV and get up at half past seven, and I'm going to take a shower. I wash my hair with shampoo and dry with a dryer. Then I put the deodorant. Then, I comb my hair with my comb and brush my teeth. At the same time, my mother or father makes breakfast. After I get dressed quickly, I go to the ground floor and eat breakfast with my brother before we go to school. I usually have cereal (chocolate, of course) with milk, and some fruits.
  3. After a while, I go to school at eight! I bring water along the way and meet my friends.
  4. After school, I am online and surf the net to write and discuss books. I watch TV more (for example), and I usually spend time with my friends or talk to them on the phone. Frequently we go shopping. In my spare time, I like to attend clubs such as photography and chess. I do my homework most of the time before dinner, but sometimes I wait for later. I will paint my nails occasionally. I borrow my sister's nail polish. I read magazines as soon as they dry.
  5. Sometimes, I take a shower at night, then eat dinner. Usually my mother cooks. At this point, the routine is very similar to the morning. I'm going to brush my teeth, take off my clothes, and wear comfortable clothes. I say good night to my parents and go to bed. Then, I do the next day!
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