What Happens When You Challenge a Dead Guy to a Swordfight

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  1. [17:50:02] <`Krauss> I'll start us off this time.
  2. [17:57:54] <Nagare_Shinobu> oh god it's gonna be eight paragraphs
  3. [17:58:00] <`Krauss> You fuckin know it
  4. [18:00:06] <Gianree> 9 paragraph boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. [18:00:50] <`Krauss> Remember when I mentioned you'd have time to catch up with Krauss? Yeah this seems like as good as time as any to do that. So here goes.
  6. [18:00:50] <`Krauss> It's late at night, and after basking in the affection of likely everyone in camp (That didn't outright hate you), things are beginning to cool off and you're finally left to your own devices. It's around this time that you notice Krauss walking off from the camp by himself, not a big surprise really, he's known to leave for some training, even in the middle of the night after all, but perhaps this might be an opportunity
  7. [18:00:50] <`Krauss> to actually get to speak with him. You talked for a bit back at the shrine, got the greetings out of the way, but for whatever reason you'd have noticed throughout the night that Krauss has been somewhat avoiding you, intentionally of course. Guess you better go hit him up then before something bad happens, whatever that could be.
  8. [18:00:54] <`Krauss> Following him then, you'd eventually come back to the area around the shrine, not quite at it, but close enough that it can be seen at the distance. It's the base of Falchea peak, and you'd notice something...rather interesting about the area (Forgive me tree for making up shit.)
  9. [18:01:00] <`Krauss> Snow falls gently around the area, but strangely enough it's ONLY around this area ,and not anywhere else. On top of that, though it's quite clearly just snow, the color, for whatever reason is a vibrant pinkish-red, giving the appearance of hazily falling petals. (Cherry blossoms nerd. We one piece by the way.)
  10. [18:01:04] <`Krauss> At any rate, you'd spot the familiar swordsman hanging around the area, leaned up against a tree with his arms crossed. It seems he isn't training tonight, simply admiring the scenery. So much so, that he isn't likely to notice you approaching.
  11. [18:03:00] <`Krauss> (even if we aren't really gathered in a camp, I imagine it's hard to make long distance travel out in the middle of snow-land, so I just figured at least some people would stick together)
  12. [18:03:36] <`Krauss> (Unless we have like, kotta with the 45 rescue/warp saves)
  13. [18:03:43] <`Krauss> (staffs*)
  14. [18:05:59] <Gianree> Staves.
  15. [18:06:10] <`Krauss> shhh
  16. [18:09:48] <`Krauss> 5 paragraphs incoming?
  17. [18:09:52] <`Krauss> Or just shuku mode
  18. [18:10:07] <Nagare_Shinobu> Yeah, and Miyuki probably- what tree said- is a fair bit clingy to her onee-san, but Shinobu, being Shinobu (and also a ninja), manages to sufficiently evade everyone's notice to... be alone! Or to find his swordbro. Say, interesting snow color there. Swordbro, too. So therefore, Shinobu... waves to him once he got close enough, facemask off! "Hey, Krauss!
  19. [18:10:07] <Nagare_Shinobu> That tree big enough for the two of us?" Don't deceive yourself, Shinobu.
  20. [18:10:26] <Nagare_Shinobu> No, but I also currently am figuring out timezones with my flamlings.
  21. [18:10:26] <`Krauss> (>onee-san)
  22. [18:10:42] <`Krauss> (I imagine she'd get close, but like)
  23. [18:11:59] <Nagare_Shinobu> ... did I screw that up? Blast, I did, didn't I? But no, she's definitely the sort of person who looks up to her big bro's really cool skills, and trains to be like him.
  24. [18:14:38] <`Krauss> "..Hey man, don't you have a wife? Plenty of other trees out here tonight." He'd give a light laugh before stepping out into the falling snow. "I had a hunch you'd be following me...what's up then, looking for a fight for old times sake..." The way he spoke had a hint of sadness, or rather, a large amount of sadness to it. Though from your side of things you pretty much just woke up from a coma (Unless you floated around
  25. [18:14:38] <`Krauss> as a ghost or something-were you the best ghost in that case?), for him it's been quite a lot longer than that.
  26. [18:15:21] <`Krauss> He definitely doesn't carry the same appearance, that's for certain. Though it's still unmistakably Krauss, he seems at least a fair bit older, his hair is a bit longer, his coat got cooler, and he carries two swords at his side now.
  27. [18:15:30] <`Krauss> A pair of them, strikingly shiny I might add.
  28. [18:16:34] * WhiteKnight ( has joined #WhenYouNeedYourEmblemsToFire
  29. [18:21:10] <Nagare_Shinobu> Yeah, that tree's not a giant tree. "... something like that. So, how's life been to you these days? You've changed, so's Norn, Mistel's changed for the worse I reckon, and I think I'm either a couple months younger than everyone else, or everyone else is a couple months older than me." Has he even patched up where that arrow sniped him? Probably not. "Nice
  30. [18:21:10] <Nagare_Shinobu> swords, by the way." Say, are Killing Edges dual-wielded by Swordmasters, or are Nohr swords excluded from being dual-wielded?
  31. [18:21:50] <`Krauss> (Only like 3 specific hoshidan katana's are dual-wielded)
  32. [18:21:56] <`Krauss> (Sunrise, Hagakure, Vengeance)
  33. [18:22:38] <Nagare_Shinobu> Okay, yeah, I remembered Sunrise and Hagakure were dual-wielded, didn't know it was only those two and Venge. Rip.
  34. [18:24:14] <Gianree> HOW IS THAT RIP
  36. [18:24:48] <Raitaki> rip
  37. [18:25:01] <`Krauss> "So I have..." He doesn't even try to snark back at that, weird. "And thanks...figured it was time for an upgrade. Clinging to the past wasn't doing me much good, I was ready to move on after what happened." He'd crack a small smile, though obviously it wasn't to convey a good emotion. "You wanna spar a little then? I'm interested to see how much I outclass you now." Alright, there's that familiar grin. "I know you said
  38. [18:25:01] <`Krauss> you couldn't take me up on an offer like that, but trust me on this one Shinobu." Oh wow, he stopped calling you Johan finally.
  39. [18:25:18] <Nagare_Shinobu> It's "Rip", because Shinobu can't dual-wield Kill Swords.
  40. [18:25:29] <Gianree> he couldn't if this were a videogame
  41. [18:25:34] <Gianree> all you had to do was ask me
  42. [18:25:37] <Gianree> fam
  43. [18:25:38] <Gianree> bro dog
  44. [18:25:41] <`Krauss> The swords themselves aren't dual wield anyways
  45. [18:25:44] <`Krauss> Only swordmasters can do it
  46. [18:25:49] <`Krauss> They're single blades for everyone else
  47. [18:26:00] <Nagare_Shinobu> Yeah, I know, but as uh, Devman says
  48. [18:26:07] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Swordmaster Shinobu when"
  49. [18:26:16] <`Krauss> True
  50. [18:32:20] <Nagare_Shinobu> "I'd ask what's up with the whole 'fighting the planet" thing shortstacks said, but..." Shinobu smirks right back, drawing his Killing Edge. "A spar sounds good, even if it's just to see how much I need to catch up... 'specially to you, Krauss."
  51. [18:33:25] <`Krauss> "That's the spirit man, alright let's see how rusty you've gotten over these past months." Even if you were technically dead.
  52. [18:33:54] <`Krauss> Since you're previous duels were basically jokes or staged, now would be a good time to pray.
  53. [18:34:10] <`Krauss> Here's hoping you can handle a guy wielding an S-Rank sword with 50+ spd
  54. [18:34:36] <`Krauss> Alright I'll do the opening move though
  55. [18:35:29] <Nagare_Shinobu> Ambush 'em!
  56. [18:36:12] <`Krauss> "Let's start off nice and easy." Wasting no time in getting started, Krauss draws one of his swords, only one, and rushes at Shinobu, starting off with a pretty easily blockable attack, just to get you started.
  57. [18:39:10] <Nagare_Shinobu> Just one sword...? Better watch out when he draws out both. Blocking that one, and responding in like! "Hey, I've only been dead for a couple months!" Though... how long would it take to improve upon a technique like Astra?
  58. [18:41:03] <`Krauss> "Couple months is a lot longer than you'd expect." He'd effortlessly back away after taking his swing, before rushing in for one more, or rather, two more if the swing count is anything to go off of. One from the left, one from the right. Wait how do you do that with only one sword.
  59. [18:47:58] <Nagare_Shinobu> ... A couple months, apparently. Guess Krauß was going in bravely. He should be given kudos by default, but right now isn't the time for that. "I can tell." The ninja shifts away and to the right, and barely stops the second swing from connecting. Warily, he begins to take a step back, though there's definitely more to the swordsman now, than when they last
  60. [18:47:58] <Nagare_Shinobu> saw each other. What other tricks did the guy have up his sleeve?
  61. [18:55:48] <`Krauss> "Not gonna strike back?" I mean he'd probably try if you gave him a chance for that. "Then I'll end this quickly." Here it comes, are you ready boiz. "Sorry about this.." Chasing you down faster than any human should be capable of, Krauss wastes no time in unleashing his new technique on the poor soul. A flurry of slashes, a torrent of-okay I'm not gonna go that far into describing it, it's pretty clear how this works.
  62. [18:55:48] <`Krauss> Drawing his second blade finally, the attacks come at you blindingly fast, and only get faster as it goes along.
  63. [18:56:45] <`Krauss> The first few swings seem familiar, so much so that you might actually have a shot at blocking them, but afterwards you're left with a large text on display that reads 'NO FUTURE' or something equally depressing.
  64. [18:58:32] <`Krauss> The attacks are all directed at one point, your blade, and it seems like he has no intention of actually hitting you with any of the attacks
  65. [18:58:35] <`Krauss> Which is a good thing
  66. [18:58:49] <`Krauss> Because you definitely wouldn't be left with just a few scars if they did start hitting you.
  67. [19:02:17] <Nagare_Shinobu> "No, I am. Here I go! SHOOTING STAR SWOOOOORD!" Declaring his version of Astra, Shinobu meets sword with his own sword, matching the first few attacks, then proceeding to get rekt on the fourth one, not expecting the sudden variation. NO FUTURE. So this was... what he learned. Just as expected out of one who mastered the sword! There definitely wouldn't be a
  68. [19:02:17] <Nagare_Shinobu> way to catch up to him, as he was now.
  69. [19:03:27] <`Krauss> (Just roll with this next bit flimflam, trust me)
  70. [19:06:42] <`Krauss> Their attacks would meet, and though at first he held no expression, upon seeing their swords clash, Krauss would crack a smile once more. "There's hope for you yet my friend, but as for now..." Here comes the finishing strike. In the hail of swings, his pair of swords had been positioned for one last push. Twisting himself around, he'd strike with both blades simultaneously, causing them to intersect on a single point.
  71. [19:07:06] <`Krauss> A loud sound would ring out as the results of the battle were announced to everthing in the are (Which is nobody I guess)
  72. [19:07:16] <Nagare_Shinobu> Yeah, in the are.
  73. [19:07:28] <`Krauss> (Typo Man: 2016)
  74. [19:08:22] <`Krauss> Standing over the defeated, Krauss would sheathe his swords with a peaceful look before offering Shinobu a hand. It might take you a while to notice by the way, but your sword is gone now. In your hand one moment, and gone the next.
  75. [19:10:39] <Raitaki> oen tpyo man
  76. [19:13:46] <Nagare_Shinobu> The sheer impact of the dual-striking attack stance knocks Shinny down, but not quite out. Swordless, though. Rest in peace, Killing Edge. The ninja hardly knew ye. Vena might be pissed... nah probably not, she has the King Sword to comfort her. "I think I've got a lot more than three months, if I'm ever gonna match that. Thanks for the spar, Krauss." He
  77. [19:13:46] <Nagare_Shinobu> accepts the hand... with his sword hand!
  79. [19:16:41] <Vena> it's more like a tyrant sword really
  80. [19:17:07] <Nagare_Shinobu> Empress Sword?
  81. [19:17:09] <`Krauss> As he pulls you up, in the same motion you feel the weight an object thrust upon you. Looks to be a sword...wait, isn't that? "Aren't you supposed to be the best? Don't let a loss get the better of your thinking. 3-months is plenty, trust me." Given the sheer size of that grin, it's pretty clear he intends to help you personally. "Take it" Oh now he decides to talk about the sword. "I had someone take a look at it, and fix
  82. [19:17:09] <`Krauss> it up. I'd planned on leaving this by your grave but...looks like you'll be able to get some use out of it yet."
  83. [19:17:43] <`Krauss> The sword by the way, if it wasn't obvious, was the same sword Krauss had wielded previous. The one he'd used in most of his travels, and of course, the one Vena had seen with the name on the side of the blade.
  84. [19:18:26] <`Krauss> Speaking of which, if you'd take a look you'd notice a bit more than she did. On it wasn't just Tielle's name, but Lucas' as well (Though that one is a bit faded), and below that...hey, isn't that your name?
  85. [19:19:19] <`Krauss> (If you ask about the lucas thing you'll get an interesting bit of info, pretty minor though.)
  86. [19:23:53] <Nagare_Shinobu> Catch the sword with non-sword arm, and get up to examine that sword. "I might have learned how to do your technique, but it's... definitely not the same." Oh, huh, names on the sword. Tielle was... the name of that chick, right? Then who was pho- Lucas? "... I'm guessing Lucas is the name of your brother, or something? This is definitely one hell of a
  87. [19:23:53] <Nagare_Shinobu> sword, though. I can feel that."
  88. [19:29:32] <`Krauss> "Oh, is that part still readable? He tried really hard to get it off there." He'd give a light chuckle and reflect on some memories. "A long time ago, my father used to always tell me a bunch of things I should do if I planned on fighting. One of them was that I should write down the names of the people important to me...that way I'd always have an easy reminder should my conviction waver." Rest in pieces dad. "Still
  89. [19:29:32] <`Krauss> though...when I told Lucas that he got pretty mad that I put his name down. He told me if I needed a reminder of him, I only had to look over my shoulder. Said something about always having my back if you'd believe it. That was back when we were kids though, things have changed a lot since then." Right, should probably get to the point by now.
  90. [19:30:45] <`Krauss> "Anyways, what I'm tryin to get at is that I want to impart that advice on to you. Write a few names down, and make sure to keep it close."
  91. [19:31:18] <`Krauss> "That blade has served me well...and if you plan on catching up any time soon, I imagine it'll have to do the same for you."
  92. [19:39:53] <Nagare_Shinobu> "Heh, sounds like you and him are pretty close in your own way. Me? I had to go train soon as I possibly could, so I didn't have much time with any of my siblings or cousins, 'cept for Miyuki," Rest in peaceful pieces to Talron, though. He had WTD against a Swordmaster. "I'll keep that in mind, though. As its new wielder, the least I can do is respect its
  93. [19:39:53] <Nagare_Shinobu> previous owner's wishes." Shinobu turns the blade around, looking for a good spot to write down some names. "... we should probably get back to the others, before they start worrying that I died again."
  94. [19:41:00] <`Krauss> "Heh, that might be a good idea. I'll follow you shortly then, I feel like taking in the scenery a bit more." And so he'd go and lean back up against the tree, staring out at the mountain as the Cherry-Blossom snow continued to fall.
  95. [19:41:06] <`Krauss> Oh I should probably say it now.
  96. [19:41:12] <`Krauss> >Shinobu has obtained a new sword
  97. [19:41:12] <`Krauss> Second Star: A blade to represent companionship. The handle portrays the symbol of the brightest star in the night sky.
  98. [19:41:12] <`Krauss> 16 MT, 85 HIT, 40 CRT:  Grants the user +4 Skl/Spd
  99. [19:42:34] <`Krauss> (Shiny new weapons are fun)
  100. [19:44:40] <Nagare_Shinobu> Definitely.
  101. [19:46:43] <`Krauss> (Anyways, go ahead and wrap things up then)
  102. [19:48:00] <`Krauss> (Oh, and have fun with that +60 crit on shooting star sword)
  103. [19:50:28] <Nagare_Shinobu> I sure am gonna have some fun with +60 Ryuseiken. "Don't get too lost in it, though. Wouldn't want the second-best swordsman to not be around for the end of the world." With that, Shinobu walks back to wherever it was that the others set up camp. Yeah, he'd probably get more lost than a native would. Silly ninjas.
  104. [19:52:30] <`Krauss> Do the thing then flambo
  105. [19:52:55] <Nagare_Shinobu> > Krauss and Shinobu have attained a Support Rank of A+!
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