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  1. Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Leaks
  3. - Bran is by the tree with the ironborn hidden
  4. - NK General and wights come to fight
  5. - Bran is taken by the General
  6. - Wights dead but theon dies in process
  7. - Becomes a wight and Jon has to kill him
  8. - Fire cuts of some troops and Missandei is caught in it, does not burn but wights kill her and she turns
  9. - Grey worm shaken has to kill her and kills remaining in vicinity
  10. - Drogon injured by spear and flys away
  11. - Dany falls and isn't seen for the rest of episode
  12. - Jorah, Brienne and Jaime cornered while Jorah has dagger in shoulder
  13. - Wight giant
  14. - Left flank decimated
  15. - Quite a chunk of unsullied dead
  16. - New armour for big bum fuck undead dude
  17. - Cleganebowl hype not confirmed
  18. - Around 38 minutes in, little finger theme plays
  19. - NK inside winterfell with nothing but a jazz hand explanation
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