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  1. In 3303, the group began establishing diplomatic relations with select minor factions and coalitions in an attempt to market it's services to a wider range of customers.
  2. However, during the "Thargoid Revelations" in April, May and June of that year the company became significantly more involved in scientific research, at least publicly. Once evidence came to light that major galactic powers and factions had been involved - a new tactical wing, McCoy Security Services, was established.
  4. After the group's founder was located following a missing person's search, begun by pilots from The Sovereignty on 23/03/3303, business has returned to normal.
  5. However, reports suggest that he has begun taking his personal security more seriously due to a series of undisclosed threats against his person.
  7. In early 3303, after a year transitionary period, the company made a formal buyout of the minor faction The Brotherhood of The Dark Circle and utilises them as a subsidiary responsible for control of Spaceways' assets, at the time including the well-known starport Ray Gateway. The Brotherhood recieved significant support from the Leviathan Scout Regiment and Sektion 20 with the modernisation and security concerns of their facilities.
  9. 3304 began as a strong year for the group due to investments made by business partners Sirius INC - leading to Spaceways' assistance with the vessel Dionysus - but very quickly deteriorated after an unknown party began launching attacks against Brotherhood assets in the Diaguandri and HIP 13644 systems, eventually culminating with a narrow victory for Spaceways' main subsidiary at The First Battle of HIP 13644 where the group gained ownership of the surface installation Herndon Penal Colony, a small triumph after their initial loss of Piccard Arena.
  11. As of 13/01/3304, the group began a foray into the Sirius Government markets, to attempt a mutually beneficial solution with regards to the Diaguandri system's expansion, growth, and status within the galactic power community. It is also reported that the group is seeking investment opportunities with the Sirius INC subsidiary, SI Terraforming.
  13. On 20/01/3304, representatives from McCoy Spaceways, McCoy Security Services and The Brotherhood of The Dark Circle met with ambassadors and diplomats from the Exodus Coalition (EXO) and Sirius Government (SGov) to determine the status of The Brotherhood within the Diaguandri and HIP 13644 systems. The negotiations concluded with Spaceways turning over control of the starport Ray Gateway to the Exodus Coalition, in exchange for their assistance in the takeover of the HIP 13644 system and re-establishment of operations at Davis Gateway and Piccard Arena.
  15. As of 01/02/3304 the Headquarters of The Brotherhood of The Dark Circle, and therefore the main operating facility of McCoy Spaceways, was relocated to Herndon Penal Colony in the HIP 13644 system following the implementation of The Diaguandri Partnership Agreement.
  17. Due to rising tensions within the HIP 13644 System caused by recent elections with HIP 13644 Commodities, a Civil War broke out between The Brotherhood of The Dark Circle and their long-standing rival - the Revolutionary Party of Diaguandri in mid-August of 3304. Violence quickly flared at multiple points across the system, an initial bomb attack by the Party against Wallis' Inheritance igniting conflict there; whilst Herbert Beacon suffered damage due to debris impacting the surface from dual orbiting conflict zones. Scattered reports of Farragut-class Battlecruiser movements - operated by the Federation-aligned Party - took several days to be disproven, further adding to anxiety during the conflict, even though the Brotherhood would likely have been able to secure Majestic-class Interdictor support from their Imperial-aligned customers.
  19. On 20/08/3304, it was announced that The Brotherhood of The Dark Circle had achieved victory in their conflict with the Federation-aligned Revolutionary Party of Diaguandri, and that an additional surface settlement - Renenbellot Base - had been placed under their control. A short address by Vice President Pauline Dickson thanked all involved parties, and highlighted the contributions of Loren's Legion Commanders in the war effort.
  21. In early September of 3304, the Natural Diaguandri Regulatory State began a hostile engagement with the remaining Brotherhood forces stationed in the Diaguandri system - however after several weeks of bloodshed without valid cause, the conflict ended in a stalemate after the Regulatory State realised that there were no hostile assets within the system for them to take control of. Cleanup efforts have continued into late September, and an independent inquest has been launched into the circumstances precipitating the conflict, especially given that there was not an achievable goal - except loss of life.
  23. 3305 began as a turbulent year for the Brotherhood, marked by several small elections against other factions challenging for control of Herndon Penal Colony, and yet another conflict in the Diaguandri system - leading to the loss of the Red Copper Mining Group to the People's Met 20 Liberals - although little effort was made to prevent this outcome, as negotiations for formal takeover of the Mining Group had not yet been completed at the time of conflict.
  25. In mid-January of 3305, the Liberals of HIP 13644 - a long standing rival - finally began an outright conflict against the Brotherhood forces stationed in the HIP 13644 system. Tensions had been mounting between the two factions for several years, beginning with the Liberals' initial takeover of Piccard Arena in mid-3303, with observers noting that both sides seemed to be making battle plans and preparing for a conflict - involved parties knew it was only a matter of when, rather than if, all-out war occurred. In an almost inverse account of a similar previous conflict, scattered reports of Farragut-class Battlecruiser movements - this time operated by the Federation-aligned Liberals - took mere minutes to be confirmed, further fueling apprehension amongst those involved. Within twelve hours, however, rumours began circulating that a Majestic-class Interdictor, operating a Lavigny's Legion transponder - the LLV Charybdis - had been sighted approaching the vicinity of the HIP 13644 system.
  27. Unfortunately, from the very beginning of the conflict, repeated malfunctions in Pilots' Federation monitoring firmware stacked the odds against the Brotherhood, as the Liberals - who retain significant use of Federation-specific hardware and software, including backup systems - remained largely unaffected. After seven days of intense conflict, and repeated setbacks - even with the assistance of Dragon's Chosen and Hastari Navy forces - on 23/01/3305, the Brotherhood were forced to surrender their control of Herndon Penal Colony. The Liberals had achieved their greatest victory, in the three-year conflict.
  29. In late-January of 3305, the Brotherhood engaged with both the HIP 13644 Central Company and the Natural Diaguandri Regulatory State - the former challenging them at the polling stations in the HIP 13644 system, and the latter launching a civil war against them in the Diaguandri system. After seven days of intense campaigning, in early February it was announced that the Brotherhood had won the elections with a 71.4% lead - although this was disputed by the Central Company who declared the percentage was lower at 57.1%. A few days later, the civil war against the Regulatory State concluded with another Brotherhood victory.
  31. On 06/02/3305, the Liberals once again engaged the Brotherhood in HIP 13644, this time to expand their control over HIP 13644 1 F. Seven days later, still affected by repeated malfunctions of monitoring and interface software, the Brotherhood cascaded into a total defeat, and lost control of Roberts' Settlement - and by extension, any remaining influence over the planet. Meanwhile, in a striking turn of events, the Brotherhood had made massive influence gains in the Diaguandri system with seemingly little effort, leading to rival corporation Diaguandri Interstellar launching an electoral challenge. Prompt liaisons with EXO, the controlling faction of Diaguandri, allowed the election to be concluded with haste, although the results still remain uncertain and unverified due to the fact that no space- or ground-based assets were contested.
  33. In mid-March of 3305, a second civil war broke out between the Brotherhood and their earlier rivals - the Revolutionary Party of Diaguandri - in the HIP 13644 system. It is notable however, that the scale of the conflict was minor when compared to previous clashes - with the majority of fighting centred around the Cooperative Broadcasting Hub, Piccard Arena and Wallis' Inheritance - and unlike the earlier engagement, it was clear from the outset that the Federation-aligned Party did not deploy Farragut-class Battlecruiser support. Five days later, the conflict concluded in a four-one victory for the Brotherhood, with heavy losses inflicted against the Revolutionary Party. On 23/03/3305, merely a few days after the conclusion of the last conflict, a third civil war broke out between the Brotherhood and the Revolutionary Party in the HIP 13644 system. This time however, what appeared to be the full might of the Revolutionary Party had been deployed to various conflict zones surrounding planets HIP 13644 1 A, HIP 13644 1 C and HIP 13644 1 E A, including a significant number of Farragut-class Battlecruisers. Security forces at Wallis' Inheritance had already been on alert due to the previous two attempts by the Party to forcibly take the settlement, and were prepared for a potential third assault - this advantage was somewhat negated however by the fatigue experienced from frequent fighting. Echoing the previous engagement, five days later the conflict ended in a four-one victory for the Brotherhood.
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