What is black hat seo ?

Jul 1st, 2020
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  1. What is black hat seo ?
  2. I wanna know more about black hat seo. Kindly share your experience with me....
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  14. OP got 6 years SEO exp.
  15. SEO that you do after wearing a black hat.
  18. 6 years huh?
  20. "I have over 6 years of experience in seo and link building. I am aware of latest Seo Techniques "
  22. And wants to know what is black hat seo.....:anyway:
  25. Guys stop messing with him it's a serious question!
  26. When you sit in your chair and go black hat you literally put on a black hat and market your digital products services or personal stuff. We like black because it makes us feel like evil genius masterminds.
  27. White hats the same but your looking for upbeat happy feels.
  28. Grey hats when you are excited to start but it's cloudy and your not 100% black hat or white hat.
  29. The hats also keep the sun out of your eyes and make other marketers and clients take you seriously.
  30. Bigger the hat collection the more money you make and the greater the online rep. That's why @BassTrackerBoats where's a hat in his photo, shows authority and he's one bad MF
  32. 6 years amazing
  34. 3. What's The Difference Between Black Hat SEO & White Hat SEO?
  35. White hat SEO is the process of strictly adhering to the Google Webmaster Guidelines to optimise a website. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35769?hl=en
  36. Black hat SEO is the process of using tactics advised against in the Google Webmaster Guidelines (e.g., buying backlinks) to optimise a website.
  38. Whatever the length of your content and the purpose of writing may be, proofreading is a must-to-do job. Even you will have proofread your piece of writing that is writing every
  40. day to practice whereby you can learn and develop writing skills.
  42. #11. Have someone or free tools to verify your write-up
  44. It is always recommended to have a personal tutor to check your content and to provide feedback on your writing. Only the third-eye can offer a proper review on anything. Make
  46. sure that, the tutor or a partner you are having would be proficient in English writing.
  48. However, there are plenty of grammar checker and proofreading tools available online. You can though utilize such free tools rather than having a personal tutor. Those tools will
  50. enable you to spot your mistakes, fixing those corrections, and further, justifies you the cause of the errors and suitable suggestions in correcting such errors.
  52. “You can’t improve if you can’t measure your performance.”
  54. Then, What’s the Best Practice of Using Anchor Texts?
  56. Neil Patel suggests not to over think anchor texts. Don’t have your anchor texts optimized. Let it be no-optimized and hence, natural. Here are some of the ideas to have your
  58. anchor texts strategic.
  60. #1 Adhere to the topic
  62. Relevancy comes first in link building what Google looks for. That means the anchor text word or phrase must be closely matching the topic of the embedded URL. Say for example you
  64. are into SEO services to business, then you must drive audiences to land on your blog posts content on “Importance of SEO for business”, “SEO strategies for small businesses”,
  66. etc.
  68. In such links, you must have your anchor text words or phrase related to SEO content on your blog. Otherwise, Google will treat it as a manipulative link and punish you.
  70. Relevant Anchor Text
  72. Refer to the above image. While clicking on the link, it will take to a blog post that’s an exact match.
  74. Anchor Text Relevancy
  76. If I didn’t redirect you to the relevant page, then you won’t believe in me. Further, you won’t visit my blog again.
  78. Hence, having the right anchor texts also helps to build trust among the readers.
  80. By doing so, the links will be natural and versatile.
  82. #2 Don’t Over-Optimize
  84. Try to have your anchor texts be natural by having it non-optimized. Let it be innate as the content flows. Don’t over think to anchor the exact keywords or commercial keywords
  86. to hit by Google penalties. You can avoid anchor text over optimization by keeping its content relevant.
  88. Considering your keyword as ‘daycare center’, placing most of your links with anchor texts like ‘best daycare center’, ‘child day care center’, etc. almost close to the exact
  90. keywords won’t be appreciable.
  92. #3 Strategic Link Building
  94. We all know that Google pays more attention to the quality of the links. It’s safer to stay out of linking to and from low-quality spammy sites. Hence, strictly say ‘No’ to
  96. spam links. In case of buying links, there are higher possibilities to have unnatural or irrelevant anchor texts.
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