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  1. "I could tell. Not everything wields a thorn as its defence though. Symbiosis can be a beautiful thing". She used that vine to push herself upwards out of the crude seat, once again standing at full. "Even so, all life is precious. Some, however, such as both of these flowers, are more interesting then others. The Ghostflower for instance, is used by both the vile necromancers and the spirit-walkers of my homeworld. When used in a proper ritual, it allows the inhaler to see the spirits of the dead. There is a story behind that property, but that is one for another time". She stretched. She never usually sat down, usually just temporarily fusing herself to a tree so that it would share its energy with her while she slept, enabling her to stay standing, so it was unusual to her. She had already given him the once over herself, and without further ado, she used that vine to push him as close to her as possible, before simply kissing him gently. She was bored, and he had interested[c]
  2. her. She was sure he'd find a way. All else failing, she was fine with little to no foreplay, and her form transformation was...less then instantaneous, which ruled it out of possiblity. Again, if there was no real foreplay possible, she could simply manifest a flower that would get them both properly in the mood, same as what foreplay would do. [e] [To Nidhoggr]
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