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  1. <resources>
  2.     <string name="app_name">Quote of the Day</string>
  3.     <string name="next_button">Next</string>
  4.     <string name="quote_text_0">Problem with internet quotes is that you can\'t always depend on their accuracy.</string>
  5.     <string name="quote_author_0">Abraham Lincoln</string>
  6.     <string name="quote_text_1">Age is not important unless you\'re a cheese.</string>
  7.     <string name="quote_author_1">Helen Hayes</string>
  8.     <string name="quote_text_2">Because of their size, parents may be difficult to discipline properly.</string>
  9.     <string name="quote_author_2">P.J. O\'Rourke</string>
  11. </resources>
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