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  1. ### Chapter 915: Interception
  3. **Translator:** Thunder07 **Editor:** adeadaxe
  7. Sacred Lords didn't usually appear in the outside world, and this was the Grand Elder of one of the Eight Big Families. Furthermore, there were three young, talented disciples of the Ji Family next to Sacred Lord Star Demon.
  9. "I'm just taking these juniors to the Imperial Palace so that they can increase their knowledge. May I know why Sacred Lord Duanmu is here?" Sacred Lord Star Demon's expression was the same as usual as he gave a general reply
  11. The Duanmu Family was based in the northeastern region and was only one province away from the Imperial Capital, but Duanmu Qing had appeared at the borders of the western region. He probably had an important issue for him to come here.
  13. "I had some important matters I needed to attend to, so I had to leave the family." Duanmu Qing also gave a general reply, but it didn't make anyone unhappy.
  15. However, everyone from the Ji family instinctively looked at the golden\-haired and golden\-eyed youth.
  17. Zhao Feng was the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor of the Cang Ocean, and he had re\-cultivated after taking over the body of a disciple from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. This place they were in right now wasn't too far away from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.
  19. In addition, Ji Lan was certain about this golden\-haired youth's mysterious eye\-bloodline techniques, and everyone else was sure that a genius with an eye\-bloodline like his had never appeared in the Duanmu Family.
  21. The identity of this youth was extremely similar to Zhao Feng, and Duanmu Qing had come all the way here to take Zhao Feng back to the Duanmu Family. There was only one reason – the battle to become Crown Prince.
  23. Even the top eye\-bloodline family in the continent wasn't able to see through Zhao Feng's mysterious eye\-bloodline techniques in the Divine Illusion Dimension or here. He could definitely help the Duanmu Family get one more spot.
  25. "Sacred Lord Duanmu, the teleportation array has been fixed. I'll be going first."
  27. The group from the Ji Family said goodbye to Duanmu Qing.
  29. In reality, the city teleportation array had been fixed a while ago, but no one dared to interrupt a conversation between two Sacred Lords.
  31. "Grand Elder, what was with Zhao Feng's eye\-bloodline technique just now?" Ji Wuye couldn't help but ask after they left. At the same time, the other two Elders and juniors paid attention. From their point of view, only Sacred Lord Star Demon could tell them the answer.
  33. Sacred Lord Star Demon had reached an incredible mastery of the Purple Star Eyes and was still creating more eye\-bloodline techniques that were suitable for the Purple Star Eyes. He had contributed many new and powerful eye\-bloodline techniques for the Ji Family. Therefore, while Sacred Lord Star Demon's cultivation wasn't very high, his eye\-bloodline techniques were terrifying.
  35. "Disintegration." Sacred Lord Star Demon only said one word.
  37. "Disintegration?" The other five people were puzzled. Zhao Feng lightly said this word as well when he used his technique.
  39. "Grand Elder, I know an eye\-bloodline technique as well that can decrease the power of another eye\-bloodline technique, but it's completely different from Zhao Feng's."
  41. Ji Wuye didn't quite know what the word meant, but he had seen similar eye\-bloodline techniques.
  43. "The eye\-bloodline technique of that junior is similar to dispersion eye\-bloodline techniques." Sacred Lord Star Demon thought for a while before slowly responding, "Dispersion eye\-bloodline techniques find the critical point of an attack and destroy it in order to decrease its power. You can think of that junior's technique as dispersing all the critical points of the attack."
  45. Those from the Ji Family were stunned by what the Grand Elder said. They knew that dispersion\-type eye\-bloodline techniques required an enormous amount of energy, and the damage was very low. Only certain eye\-bloodlines could use such a skill, let alone put it to great use.
  47. Grand Elder said that Zhao Feng had dispersed all the critical points.
  49. Destruction and dispersion were completely different. It was like destroying a wall. Destroying it was extremely easy, but if one wanted to break through the wall while still keeping the bricks intact, it would be extremely troublesome.
  51. How much soul power and eye\-bloodline power were needed for one to reach that level? No wonder Zhao Feng stopped halfway through.
  53. "Those are just my conservative thoughts." Sacred Lord Star Demon seemed to think and spoke slowly.
  55. Everyone instantly went silent. They were all masters of eye\-bloodline techniques and knew that Grand Elder was speaking the truth.
  57. After watching those from the Ji Family leave, Zhao Feng and Duanmu Qing also entered the teleportation array. The other remaining people let out a breath only after the two Sacred Lords left.
  59. "Who is that golden\-haired youth? He managed to defeat that genius of the Ji Family with just one move, and it was an eye\-bloodline technique too!" A youth from the City Lord's force was stunned.
  61. After being teleported to a neighboring city, the master and disciple duo sat on the flaming chariot once more and shot into the sky.
  63. "Zhao Feng, was that the new ability you gained with the evolution of your God Eye?" Duanmu Qing revealed a surprised look. Even he didn't know the theory behind Zhao Feng's eye\-bloodline technique.
  65. "The left eye only increased my sight and dispersion ability. The eye\-bloodline technique I just used was created by combining that with another eye\-bloodline technique I know." Zhao Feng explained. He told Duanmu Qing the new ability of his God's Eye and how it was formed.
  67. "Looks like I was wrong." Duanmu Qing tried to see it from another angle. Zhao Feng's eye\-bloodline technique wasn't as terrifying as he originally thought.
  69. Zhao Feng could only make part of a soul attack disappear, and it required a lot of energy, which is why he had to stop halfway through. It also didn't seem to contain any offensive abilities.
  71. However, because no one knew the principles behind it, they found it mysterious and powerful. After all, humans were scared of the unknown.
  73. The two talked for a bit more before Zhao Feng entered the Misty Spatial World.
  75. The sparring just now made Zhao Feng understand a lot of things. Disintegrating Ji Wuye's soul attack was completely different from disintegrating rocks and flowers. The latter's soul attack also contained physical damage.
  77. Zhao Feng's left eye received a large amount of unknown information, which made his eye hurt and caused him to stop. After Zhao Feng digested this information, he would be able to disintegrate Ji Wuye's attack next time much more easily.
  79. Zhao Feng had suppressed his Soul Intent to Ji Wuye's level in order to test his technique. Sacred Lord Star Demon had definitely seen this, but he was only interested in Zhao Feng's eye\-bloodline.
  81. Zhao Feng didn't mind showing it off. One could tell that the new ability was not normal since even the little thieving cat was scared of it.
  83. "Every time I disintegrate something, I receive information about its structure, and this information is stored within the golden ball. I can check it any time I want and don't need to use my left eye to replicate it like in the past." Zhao Feng was very satisfied by this.
  85. "Atoms and particles have some similarities… particles contain elements."
  87. The more Zhao Feng disintegrated things, the more he understood. Zhao Feng guessed that, if he could fully understand this information, dispersing and disintegrating anything in the future would be a lot easier.
  89. "Particles aren't just made up of the elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. There are different amounts of different elements, and the structures they form are different as well."
  91. Zhao Feng was completely immersed in this world, and he delved deeply into this topic. More than a dozen days passed, and Zhao Feng now knew the structure of particles.
  93. "The physical body, the soul, and Mystic Light Sacred power form the body of a Sacred Lord. Their defense and recovery ability are extremely strong, but if I could split those three powers apart…"
  95. Zhao Feng started to think. If he could split the physical body, soul, and Mystic Light Sacred power of a Sacred Lord apart, then their advantages would drop dramatically.
  97. Of course, this was just Zhao Feng's hypothesis. He couldn't confirm it without practice, and he didn't have the ability to disperse in a wide area yet. The bigger the range, the more pressure and energy required.
  99. However, one thing was for sure – Zhao Feng's dispersion ability could ignore the defense of Sacred Lords and split apart their Sacred bodies. If these Sacred Lords didn't know anything about atoms, they wouldn't be able to heal themselves; they would have to rely on the basic recovery speed of their Sacred bodies. This would mean another card for Zhao Feng that he could use to threaten Sacred Lords.
  101. "The deeper I go, the more I feel like the golden eye is unusual. It seems like I can continue to dig even deeper."
  103. Zhao Feng was like a starving person who discovered a buffet as he delved into the world of particles.
  105. Right now, understanding everything was the most important. Half a year passed in a flash, and Zhao Feng focused on this one topic alone.
  107. Circulating the golden eye required too much Soul Intent and eye\-bloodline power, so Zhao Feng could focus only on it; because of this, he didn't use the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to multitask. Besides, Zhao Feng's cultivation, Golden Kun Sacred Body, and Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique had broken through not long ago and needed time to consolidate.
  109. "Zhao Feng, we're almost at the Duanmu Family," Duanmu Qing's voice sounded, and Zhao Feng came out of the Misty Spatial World. He looked forward and saw countless beautiful elegant buildings and streams ahead. It was like a garden of the gods. The Duanmu Family was surrounded by mountains, and the only exit was a stream that was dozens of yards wide.
  111. "Elder Qing, who is this brat?" Five Elders from the Duanmu Family appeared at the entrance to the Duanmu Family. They had been waiting here for a long time.
  113. "This is my disciple," Duanmu Qing replied as he radiated the aura of a Sacred Lord. The terrifying aura caused the air nearby to become heavy. Duanmu Qing looked down from above, as if he was a king.
  115. The five Elders were all just Emperors but acted as if they were interrogating Duanmu Qing. This obviously meant that the Grand Elder was behind their backs.
  117. "Elder Qing, please calm down. We're not here to trouble you." An elder in green robes was slightly weaker and immediately gave a wronged expression under Duanmu Qing's Sacred Lord aura.
  119. "Elder Qing, Zhao Feng is one of the Purple\-Haired Demonic Duo and is rather infamous. He's not suitable to join the Duanmu Family."
  121. "Zhao Feng offended too many forces in the Divine Illusion Dimension. The Duanmu Family has just started to recover our name, so we can't tarnish it."
  123. Several Elders spoke and made Duanmu Qing's expression change slightly. After all, Duanmu Qing was from the Duanmu Family and wanted the Duanmu Family to rise once more. He knew what kind of person his disciple was, but stealing from others in the Divine Illusion Dimension was understandable. Did the three\-star super forces not do the same thing to the two\-star powers? The strong ruled while the weak were eliminated.
  125. However, these "experts" had fallen at the hands of someone they thought was weak and felt as if they had lost face, so they tried to get their face back by trash\-talking that person.
  127. "Elders, that isn't the true reason, right?" Duanmu Qing calmed down and said.
  129. The Elders all stopped and lowered their heads. It indeed wasn't the true reason.
  131. A beam of green light suddenly shot out from the Duanmu Family and lit up the place nearby toward Duanmu Qing.
  133. "This is the true reason," a bright but old voice swept over.
  135. ####  *![Thunder07](* Thunder07### Chapter 916: Pressure
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  140. A beam of green light suddenly shot out from the Duanmu Family and lit up the place nearby toward Duanmu Qing.
  142. "This is the true reason," a bright but old voice swept over, and Duanmu Qing's expression became grim. He didn't expect the Grand Elder to come out directly.
  144. Zhao Feng felt that something was wrong. He was Duanmu Qing's disciple but didn't even have the right to enter the Duanmu Family?
  146. An elder with a square face clothed in white instantly appeared in front of Duanmu Qing.
  148. The auras of the two Sacred Lords caused the wind to howl and the clouds to move. Space itself twisted as the two clashed. The five Emperors immediately retreated.
  150. The square\-faced elder had cold eyes and paused slightly when he saw the golden\-haired Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng's golden hair and golden eyes made him feel that something was amiss. Normal eye\-bloodlines would only change shape or color when something happened to it. Why was his hair gold too? Furthermore, Zhao Feng didn't even move when the auras of two Sacred Lords clashed. It was incredible that he was able to block the force of Sacred Lords so easily while he was only a King.
  152. "Duanmu Qing, do you not know what Zhao Feng did in the Divine Illusion Dimension? How can someone with such a personality join the Duanmu Family?" The square\-faced elder gazed coldly at Zhao Feng before continuing. "Furthermore, this junior's friend is extremely evil. He slaughtered the elites of Nine Darkness Palace in the Divine Illusion Dimension after inheriting the power of an Evil God and is still being chased by Nine Darkness Palace right now."
  154. Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly. Nan Gongsheng was in the continent zone and in more danger than himself?
  156. Thinking about it, it was most likely because, if one tried to return to the Cang Ocean from the Divine Illusion Dimension, it would take a lot longer than going to the continent zone. In order to escape from the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, Nan Gongsheng had to enter the continent zone.
  158. At the same time, Zhao Feng was thinking about what kind of level Nan Gongsheng had reached. One could tell that he had become much stronger from the fact that people were chasing him for two years but was still alive. He didn't know how much Nan Gongsheng's personality had changed though.
  160. "Nan Gongsheng…" Duanmu Qing's heart was heavy. Nan Gongsheng was the Head disciple of the Mystic True Sacred Clan and a once\-in\-a\-thousand\-years genius.
  162. Because he had inherited the power of an Evil God, Nine Darkness Palace and other demonic forces were all chasing after him. Nan Gongsheng's personality had also been affected by the power of the Evil God – he became cruel and bloodthirsty. Many forces that were pursuing Nan Gongsheng were killed by him instead.
  164. Duanmu Qing was unable to save Nan Gongsheng, and the Duanmu Family was unable to protect the inheritance of the Evil God.
  166. "Furthermore, Zhao Feng specializes in illusions and eye\-bloodline techniques. He cast an illusion on Zhao Yufei and now he even dares to come to the Duanmu Family," the square\-faced elder continued as his tone became cold, and killing intent flashed through his eyes.
  168. "Grand Elder, it wasn't like that!" Duanmu Qing immediately retorted. Zhao Yufei and Zhao Feng knew each other even before the Mystic True Sacred Clan, so it definitely wasn't like what the Grand Elder said.
  170. "If it wasn't for the fact that you are his master, I would have slain this junior by now," the square\-faced elder stopped Duanmu Qing and looked at Zhao Feng with angry eyes, as if he was about to explode.
  172. "Duanmu Qing, you are from the Duanmu Family, but you're acting against it. You're against Zhao Yufei marrying into the imperial family and you're spoiling your disciple. You need to know that Zhao Yufei is your Junior Martial Sister." The square\-faced elder didn't give Duanmu Qing any chance to speak.
  174. Duanmu Qing was someone who thought well of his family and wanted to make it great again. The square\-faced elder's logic made Duanmu Qing unable to retort.
  176. "Duanmu Qing, tell your disciple to leave and never trouble Zhao Yufei again," the square\-faced elder continued and acted as if he was taking a step back.
  178. Zhao Feng heard everything that the Grand Elder of the Duanmu Family said. This Sacred Lord sacrificed members of his family in order to make it great and pretended to be righteous when doing so. Zhao Feng felt lucky that he didn't choose to come to the Duanmu Family with his Master back then; a family like this wasn't worth his effort.
  180. *Whoosh! Whoosh!*
  182. Right as the square\-faced elder and Duanmu Qing were in a stalemate, three more figures flew out of the Duanmu Family, but from the clothes they wore, they were definitely not from the Duanmu Family.
  184. "Grand Elder, sorry for disturbing you, but this issue is also related to us," the leading middle\-aged male in black\-and\-golden robes explained.
  186. There were two elders behind him who were both Peak\-tier Kings. The three had their eyes trained on Zhao Feng, and it was obvious that there was enmity between them.
  188. "You're Zhao Feng? We're from the Grand Duke's Palace of the Fengcai Province," the black\-and\-golden\-robed male questioned.
  190. The Fengcai Province was the province next to the Duanmu Family, and the Grand Duke's Palace was the ruler of the province.
  192. Duanmu Qing's expression changed slightly. He didn't expect that someone close to the imperials was here. The ruler of the Fengcai Province was the older brother of the Sacred Emperor and the Thirteenth Prince's uncle. The two behind him should be from the Thirteenth Prince's faction.
  194. "I am Zhao Feng." Zhao Feng's expression was the same as usual as he looked at them.
  196. "That's good. Now we don't have to go find you." The middle\-aged male spoke in a proud tone and had a disdainful expression as he continued, "You used an eye\-bloodline technique to trick Zhao Yufei in the Divine Illusion Dimension. Thirteenth Prince won't count this against you, but since they are now engaged, you will be held accountable if you trouble Zhao Yufei in the future."
  198. The tone of the black\-and\-golden\-robed male became colder and said the last couple words with a pause between them.
  200. "Did Zhao Yufei agree to the marriage?" Zhao Feng's expression remained the same as he asked.
  202. The expression of the three males changed, and killing intent flashed through their eyes as they looked at Zhao Feng. If Zhao Yufei had agreed, then they wouldn't have needed to come here in the first place.
  204. The upper echelon of the Duanmu Family also told Zhao Yufei that they were negotiating with the imperials and saying that they were going to cancel the marriage in order to calm her down, but the main target of the Duanmu Family's upper echelon and the imperials was very obvious – Zhao Feng.
  206. "You don't need to worry about that." The male from the Grand Duke's Palace spoke in a decisive tone with a disdainful expression. From his point of view, a measly Void God Realm King from a two\-star power was definitely unable to clash against the Imperials and the Duanmu Family. A goddess with the Spiritual Race bloodline wasn't something that he could have.
  208. "Zhao Yufei and I come from the same family and we've been friends since we were young. We cultivated together and now have both come to the continent zone. Being her older brother, why can't I worry about it?" Zhao Feng angrily told everyone an unknown truth.
  210. "What?" The hearts of everyone present shook.
  212. Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei came from the same family? Even Duanmu Qing didn't know this.
  214. Although the two were both surnamed Zhao, how many people were there in the world with this name? Everyone thought that this was just a coincidence, but Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei really did come from the same family? This meant that Zhao Feng could be considered Zhao Yufei's older brother.
  216. An elder behind the black\-and\-golden\-robed man revealed a deadly smile and spoke slowly, "Utterly ridiculous. Do you really think that we'll believe you just because you say your Zhao Yufei's older brother? There are far too many people in the world that have Zhao as their surname. Does that mean that all of them are Zhao Yufei's brothers?"
  218. The black\-and\-golden\-robed male revealed a joyful expression as the elder said that.
  220. "Are you afraid to let Zhao Yufei come out and join the conversation then?" Zhao Feng snickered coldly. He could tell that there was something wrong with the engagement or else it wouldn't be so hard for him to even see Yufei.
  222. "Zhao Yufei is currently in seclusion. She isn't someone you can see just because you want to!" the male roared and was obviously impatiently.
  224. "Junior, get out of here!" the square\-faced elder roared as his Sacred Lord aura crushed over like a tsunami.
  226. Zhao Feng was caught off guard and took half a step back as the True Yuan and blood within his body tossed and turned. The other three people revealed a smug and cold smile.
  228. Duanmu Qing felt that something was wrong since the upper echelon of the Grand Duke's Palace and the Duanmu Family were both here. If Zhao Feng stayed, the situation might become even worse.
  230. "Zhao Feng, leave first. If there's a chance, I'll let you see Junior Martial Sister Yufei," Duanmu Qing messaged.
  232. Zhao Feng gazed coldly toward the square\-faced elder and the other three people. The three imperials felt their souls shake when Zhao Feng's golden eye looked at them. It was as if all of their secrets had been exposed. Unknown fear spread across their bodies, and they started to sweat coldly.
  234. "Master, this disciple will be leaving then." Zhao Feng bowed and immediately left. It was impossible for him to see Yufei even if he stayed.
  236. Since Duanmu Qing was from the Duanmu Family, it wasn't good for him to protect Zhao Feng. The three imperials were all cunning and couldn't be killed; if Zhao Feng took action against them, it would only make him more infamous and give them an genuine reason to attack him.
  238. However, where should Zhao Feng go now? He took out the map he bought while they were travelling.
  240. "The Duanmu Family is based in the Yun Province, and I'm currently in range of Long Rainbow City. Let's go there for now."
  242. His Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique had reached the 8th level – the Fire of Wind Lightning – but Zhao Feng didn't have any fire elemental resources and needed to purchase some.
  244. Within the hall of the Duanmu Family:
  246. "Grand Elder, leave this to us." The male in black\-and\-golden robes revealed a wicked smile.
  248. "Nine Darkness Palace doesn't know about Zhao Feng's whereabouts right now, but we'll tell them." An elder from the imperials planned.
  250. "Why don't we just do it ourselves?" The other elder was impatient.
  252. "Hmph. Zhao Feng still has one more God Slaying Arrow. However, a Sacred Lord from Nine Darkness Palace was killed by Zhao Feng, so they won't let him off so easily." The black\-and\-golden\-robed male revealed a cunning expression.
  254. "Hehe, true. We'll let those from Nine Darkness Palace go first then."
  256. "He only has one more God Slaying Arrow remaining. Zhao Feng can't escape."
  258. Four of the Duanmu Family's upper echelon members nearby had unwilling expressions, but they had to do so for the family.
  260. "Grand Elder, don't worry. Once Zhao Feng dies, the marriage will be much easier. The Thirteenth Prince is extremely favored right now. If he becomes the Crown Prince and then becomes the Sacred Emperor… hehehe." The black\-and\-golden\-robed male had an excited expression, and the expressions of the Duanmu Family's upper echelon became decisive.
  262. Everything was going forward just like how the black\-and\-golden\-robed male said it would. The Duanmu Family would soon be able to rise again and return to its peak. It might even become one of the best among the Eight Big Families.Chapter 917: Saint Herb Pavilion
  263. Translator: Thunder07  Editor: adeadaxe
  265. Chapter 917 - Saint Herb Pavilion
  267. Although the Thirteenth Prince had average talent, his birth was extremely noble, and he was favored by the current Sacred Emperor. His mother was also the Empress. Therefore, the forces behind the Thirteenth Prince were extremely strong, and due to Zhao Yufei's engagement, the Duanmu Family was now pulled onto the Thirteenth Prince's side as well.
  269. There were rumors that the Empress was making even more preparations. Right now, the Thirteenth Prince even had the ability to fight with the Fourth Prince, who had the strongest power right now.
  271. The Thirteenth Prince had a big chance to become the Crown Prince. Even if he failed though, the Thirteenth Prince would have a high status among the imperials in the future, and the Duanmu Family could still use him to rise.
  273. The four upper echelon members of the Duanmu Family nodded their heads after thinking for a while.
  275. There was left than a year and a half left till the battle to become Crown Prince, and all the information agencies were gathering information regarding the princes to analyze who would be the winner. All forces in the lord dynasty were starting to take their sides.
  277. While Zhao Feng was looking around, he bought a report on the estimation of the princes' strengths.
  279. A total of ten princes were participating in the fight for Crown Prince.
  281. Amongst them, the Fourth Prince was smart and had the greatest strength. He was ready to fight right now, and he was ranked first.
  283. The Thirteenth Prince had many powers behind him and was ranked second. Zhao Feng couldn't help but be surprised. One could see just how strong the forces behind him were for him to be ranked second.
  285. The Ninth Prince was extremely talented, but since he had a limited background, he was ranked sixth.
  287. The Eighth Prince was known for his calmness and was also talented. He was ranked seventh.
  289. However, this was just the current estimation of the princes, and there would be changes in the future.
  291. "The Ninth Prince has the weakest background amongst the ten princes but is ranked 6th."
  293. Zhao Feng knew more about the Ninth Prince. Of the three princes he had interacted with, the Ninth Prince gave Zhao Feng a good impression.
  295. Zhao Feng stopped walking and looked at an elegant building ahead.
  297. Saint Herbs Pavilion. This was the largest herbs market in Long Rainbow City, and it was the most famous in Yun Province.
  299. With Zhao Feng's current wealth, he could obviously buy the best herbs and medicines.
  301. "Welcome, may I ask what you need? I can introduce everything to you." An elegant female in a long green shirt came forward and helped the customers.
  303. "I need precious and rare herbs of the Fire element," Zhao Feng said.
  305. "Sure, please come with me. The precious materials are all on the 5th floor."
  307. The elegant female was happy. She could tell just from his looks that this customer was not normal, otherwise he wouldn't have asked for precious resources right away.
  309. The Saint Herb Pavilion had nine floors. Each floor was extremely big and contained many resources, and Zhao Feng looked across all of them with one glance.
  311. The first floor of the Saint Herb Pavilion was almost completely full and contained the resources needed by those at the True Human Rank.
  313. There were only a couple hundred Sovereign Lords on the fifth floor that were choosing their herbs. Zhao Feng's expression remained calm as he continued forward.
  315. "Dear customer, you…?" The expression of the elegant female changed slightly. This customer didn't even look at the herbs on the fifth floor.
  317. "I want the very best," Zhao Feng's voice sounded in this female's soul, and her body shook as she followed behind Zhao Feng; "Dear customer, please come with me to the eighth floor."
  319. The higher floors had aura sealing arrays, but Zhao Feng could still sense it.
  321. There were only five Emperors on the eighth floor picking their herbs.
  323. "Brother Zhao, why are you here?" A handsome youth in golden robes paused for a moment as he saw Zhao Feng's golden hair before coming forward with joy.
  325. Behind the golden-robed youth was an elder in black with one eye. He looked at Zhao Feng with a deep glance.
  327. The elegant female saw that Young Master Nine knew this this golden-haired youth and immediately retreated because the pavilion owner had said that no one was to question anything about Young Master Nine.
  329. Zhao Feng didn't expect to see the Ninth Prince here as well. The Ninth Prince needed to come personally to choose his own herbs? And needed Old Ying to come with him? Zhao Feng seemed to guess something and raised his head toward the ninth floor.
  331. "There were some things going on so I came here." Zhao Feng didn't want to talk about what happened in the Duanmu Family.
  333. "May I know what Brother Zhao thinks now?"
  335. When the Ninth Prince saw Zhao Feng, he had thought that the latter agreed to his request and came here to find him specifically, but the Ninth Prince knew that he had thought too much after hearing Zhao Feng's reply.
  337. However, he didn't give up. As long as Zhao Feng wasn't recruited by any other prince, he still had a chance.
  339. "I'm not sure yet, I still need to think for a while."
  341. Zhao Feng came here for the marriage and didn't have time to care about anything else yet.
  343. The Ninth Prince's expression faltered for a moment before smiling; "This is indeed Brother Zhao's personality. You're very similar to the one up top."
  345. "Why not let Brother Nine introduce the one up top to me?" Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile.
  347. Although the materials on the eighth floor were indeed rare, there wasn't a large amount of Fire elemental resources. It was better to find the owner if he wanted to find more precious resources. Furthermore, the owner was definitely not simple if the Ninth Prince wanted to recruit them but felt defeated.
  349. "Sure, let's go." The Ninth Prince immediately agreed. He now had an excuse to go back up.
  351. The instant he stepped onto the ninth floor, Zhao Feng knew that he had come to the right place since the air was filled with plentiful Fire elemental atoms.
  353. "Young Master Nine, you really don't need to come anymore. I won't agree," the voice of an impatient male sounded from the ninth floor.
  355. At the entrance was an elder in black clothes who had the cultivation of an Emperor. He only gave a faint nod when he saw the Ninth Prince.
  357. "Elder Sister Su'er, my friend Brother Zhao wants to meet you and buy some precious resources while he's at it," the Ninth Prince explained.
  359. Zhao Feng looked over and saw a female in white clothes. Her skin was extremely smooth, but she had furrowed eyebrows. She bent down and looked at a purple beehive within a purple wooden box.
  361. Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. He didn't expect the owner of the Saint Herb Pavilion to be such a young and pretty girl.
  363. "Not interested. The other floors have all the materials." Zhou Su'er's eyes were trained on the purple beehive, and she had furrowed eyebrows. She didn't even look at the Ninth Prince.
  365. The Ninth Prince looked at Zhao Feng and signaled that the owner's personality was like this and there was nothing he could do.
  367. Zhao Feng paused for a moment. Based on the fact that this girl didn't even put the Ninth Prince in her eyes, the force behind her was not normal.
  369. "Pavilion owner, I came to the ninth floor because I want the resource in front of you." Zhao Feng looked at the beehive within the purple wooden box.
  371. Zhou Su'er's eyebrows furrowed as she turned around and looked at Zhao Feng impatiently, "You want this? Do you even know what it is?"
  373. Zhou Su'er was speechless. From her point of view, this was just some random person that the Ninth Prince found to talk to her.
  375. "Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive," Zhao Feng quickly said. His left eye could see through anything and remember everything he ever saw.
  377. Zhou Su'er was slightly surprised. This random person that the Ninth Prince found answered correctly.
  379. The Ninth Prince and Old Ying paused as well. They didn't know the name of the beehive either, but Zhao Feng answered correctly. Could it be that Zhao Feng also knew a lot about herbs?
  381. "En, you got it right, but the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive hasn't been refined yet, so I'm not selling it." Zhou Su'er inspected the youth in front of her and declined in a straightforward manner.
  383. "Then get rid of all the poison and sell it to me," Zhao Feng said, and Zhou Su'er almost fell over as she turned around and stared at Zhao Feng while she cursed in her heart, This brat is doing this on purpose. If I could get rid of the poison, then I would have done so long ago.
  385. "Or you can sell it to me right now and I'll get rid of the poison myself," Zhao Feng added when he felt that Zhou Su'er was looking at him with anger.
  387. "What? You!?" Zhou Su'er exclaimed but stopped herself. She had obtained the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive a month ago and still didn't know how to get rid of the poison, and now a random youth said that he could?
  389. "Hmph, if you take it back with you and die from the poison, it'll tarnish the name of the Saint Herb Pavilion." Zhou Su'er pouted as she inspected Zhao Feng.
  391. "How about I get rid of the poison right here, and if I succeed, you sell it to me?" Zhao Feng smiled.
  393. "Sure, if you can get rid of the poison in the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive, I'll give it to you and help you choose whatever other resources you want." Zhou Su'er didn't believe this youth in his teens could really get rid of this poison. Of course, if he could, she could secretly learn the technique off him, so giving it to him wouldn't matter.
  395. The Ninth Prince revealed a joyful expression. If Zhao Feng really could get rid of the poison, then he'd have something to talk about with Zhou Su'er.
  397. Zhao Feng looked at the purple beehive and circulated his Magnificent Power so that it floated in the air. A layer of golden light suddenly appeared from his left eye and released a surge of Soul Intent from his God Tribulation Lightning Soul Body.
  399. The three spectators and the elder guarding the entrance felt their souls shake as they looked at the golden-haired male in shock and panic.
  401. "What strong Soul Intent!" The elder guarding the doorway felt his heart tremble.
  403. "Who is this youth!?" Zhou Su'er's expression became solemn. This youth was definitely not normal.
  405. Only Old Ying and the Ninth Prince knew that Zhao Feng was actually suppressing his Soul Intent.
  407. Weng~~
  409. As the Intent was released, a faint golden undulation merged from the golden ball into his left eye.
  411. Whoosh!
  413. A mysterious golden beam of light scraped across the surface of the purple beehive, and Zhao Feng soon understood the situation of the poison.
  415. The atoms of the poison flowed through the cracks of the beehive and almost became one with it, but from Zhao Feng's point of view, the poison atoms had the element of Darkness while the atoms of the beehive had the elements of Fire and Wood. The difference between the two were extremely obvious, and the erosion of the poison wasn't very strong. The two types of atoms hadn't merged together yet.
  417. Disintegrate!
  419. A faint golden light suddenly shot forward, and the surface of the purple beehive that was touched by the golden light instantly turned red.
  421. Zhou Su'er and company had bulging eyes as they looked at Zhao Feng's golden eye in disbelief. It was this easy? Did he just change the color of it?
  423. At this moment, Zhao Feng stopped his disintegration. This was a new use that Zhao Feng had developed in the Misty Spatial World, and it was very useful for separating two atoms of different elements.
  425. It required more energy and control. Even though Zhao Feng had cultivated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique, he didn't dare to be overconfident. Zhao Feng wasn't able to use this technique in battle.
  427. "You really got rid of the poison? How did you do it?" Zhou Su'er was unable to remain calm. She couldn't even figure out what he did, let alone secretly learn his skill.Chapter 918: Stubborn
  428. Translator: Thunder07  Editor: adeadaxe
  430. Chapter 918 - Stubborn
  432. "You really got rid of the poison? How did you do it?" Zhou Su'er was unable to remain calm. She couldn't even figure out what he did, let alone secretly learn his skill.
  434. Even Old Ying, who was extremely knowledgeable, was stunned and in deep thought. He thought that Zhao Feng would use some kind of unknown hand technique to get rid of the poison, not an eye-bloodline technique. Most eye-bloodline techniques affected the soul; it was very difficult to affect items in the physical world. On top of that, he couldn't even understand what type of eye-bloodline technique it was.
  436. Whoosh!
  438. Zhao Feng waved his left arm and put the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive into the Misty Spatial World.
  440. "Take me to choose the other resources now." Zhao Feng ignored Zhou Su'er's questioning, and a playful smile appeared on his face.
  442. "Fine, you can choose any ten items of the same value as the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive. I won't charge you for them if you tell me how you got rid of the poison." Zhou Su'er stomped her foot in anger and tried to acquire Zhao Feng's poison removal technique.
  444. One had to know that the value of the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive was the same as a Green Water Sky Lotus, and it was very rare in the outside world. This was something that even more peak Emperors couldn't resist.
  446. "I have a lot of Primal Crystal Stones," Zhao Feng replied.
  448. "Fine, you have Primal Crystal Stones, you can do whatever you want." Zhou Su'er stomped her foot in anger and squeezed out a smile. This youth was extremely stubborn.
  450. The Ninth Prince laughed secretly. He didn't tell Zhou Su'er about Zhao Feng's identity. Zhao Feng had obtained a lot in the Divine Illusion Dimension and wouldn't care about the value of these materials.
  452. The Ninth Prince felt happy when he saw Zhou Su'er, who had always rejected him, be defeated by Zhao Feng, and he almost laughed out loud.
  454. "I want the best Fire elemental resources here." Zhao Feng went straight for the best.
  456. If it was under normal circumstances, Zhou Su'er would be very happy if a customer said this, but at this moment in time, she glared at Zhao Feng with deadly eyes, and a sentence filled her heart; So stubborn.
  458. Zhou Su'er took out some Fire elemental resources from the treasury and let Zhao Feng choose from them.
  460. The golden eye allowed Zhao Feng to see the number of Fire atoms within each herb, so Zhao Feng could see how much use each one was to him.
  462. "Elder Sister Su'er, you should think it through. There are many rare herbs in the Imperial Tombs, and even some treasures left behind from the Ancient Era." The Ninth Prince went forward and tried to persuade her again.
  464. "I've already thought it through. I'm not going." Zhou Su'er's eyes were stilled trained on Zhao Feng, who was picking herbs, and didn't bother with the Ninth Prince.
  466. "I know you don't like father, but…" The Ninth Prince sighed.
  468. "Shut up! Don't you dare talk about him." Zhou Su'er stopped the Ninth Prince, and her gaze went cold.
  470. Zhao Feng was surprised, and he could guess the identity of this girl.
  472. The Ninth Prince wanted to recruit Zhou Su'er mainly because of her healing abilities. Zhao Feng originally just wanted to buy some resources, and if he could, help the Ninth Prince recruit whoever he wanted, but the Ninth Prince was stopped by Zhou Su'er right away.
  474. "The current Sacred Emperor favors the Thirteenth Prince, and he is very likely to become the Crown Prince. If you don't like the current Sacred Emperor, then why don't you help the Ninth Prince become the Crown Prince? Isn't that very good?" Zhao Feng gave a warm smile as he finished picking what he wanted and casually said with the identity of a bystander.
  476. Zhou Su'er's heart seemed to be touched, and she turned toward Zhao Feng as if she was about to say something. In the end, she didn't say anything and just looked into the distance.
  478. The hearts of the Ninth Prince and Old Ying jumped. What Zhao Feng said was perfect, and only an outsider's words could persuade her. The Ninth Prince gave Zhao Feng a grateful expression before turning toward Zhou Su'er and awaiting her reply.
  480. Zhao Feng took the herbs and left an interspatial ring behind before leaving. He then walked around for a while after leaving the Saint Herb Pavilion before leaving the market.
  482. There were continuous hills and trees around. This was a place where there weren't many people.
  484. "You guys are pretty patient." Zhao Feng stopped and suddenly turned around as his left eye locked onto a certain place several thousand miles away.
  486. "Go!" Four gray figures shot out from the forest and surrounded Zhao Feng.
  488. "Demonic Dao aura? Nine Darkness Palace?" Zhao Feng asked as he looked at a grim-faced elder.
  490. The elder didn't move. He started to send messages to the other three.
  492. They had been following Zhao Feng from the very beginning and became cautious when they saw that Zhao Feng had entered the Saint Herb Pavilion and started to talk with the Ninth Prince on the eighth floor.
  494. The current time period was extremely sensitive, especially if something had anything to do with the battle for Crown Prince or the princes. If Zhao Feng was recruited by the Ninth Prince and they killed him, then the imperials would definitely find out, and because that would disturb the battle for Crown Prince, even Nine Darkness Palace would be in trouble.
  496. A black metallic token suddenly appeared in the elder's hands, and with a Soul undulation, a surge of information entered the elder's soul. The elder with the grim expression faintly nodded toward the other three figures, and the four Demonic Dao Emperors instantly spread their Little Worlds and merged them together. An invisible force full of laws filled the air.
  498. It was as if Zhao Feng had entered a world of darkness. Dark beams shot through the air, and they could shake one's soul. The laws of the Little World made space unstable, so the Misty Spatial World couldn't be used.
  500. "Nine Darkness Palace still hasn't learned their lesson after losing a Sacred Lord last time?" Zhao Feng smiled and spoke confidently.
  502. "Junior, you really think you can kill a Sacred Lord without a substandard God weapon?" The elder covered in darkness couldn't help but snicker.
  504. Zhao Feng was only at the late stages of the Void God Realm, and even if he was extremely talented, they had three unrivalled Emperors and one peak Emperor. This was more than enough. Furthermore, they had a plan to counter him.
  506. The four surrounded Zhao Feng and slowly damaged him with long range attacks. Once Zhao Feng used his God Slaying Arrow, they would run, and only one of them would die, which was simply a matter of their luck.
  508. The four Emperors all used their Little Worlds to increase their power, and Zhao Feng became suppressed.
  510. "Sacred Lightning Dominating Body!"
  512. Zhao Feng's body glittered with golden arcs of lightning as he became taller and turned into a miniature giant. His physical strength caused the four Little Worlds to twist and become unstable.
  514. Boom! Boom!
  516. The four Emperors' attacks landed on Zhao Feng's body and caused lightning to flash, but they soon faded away.
  518. "What? This junior's body has become so strong?" The elder with the grim expression was surprised.
  520. In the information that he had received, it said that Zhao Feng's physical defense was extremely strong, but he didn't expect it to have reached such a level that he could manage to block the attacks of four Emperors. This meant that it would be hard to force Zhao Feng to use the God Slaying Arrow.
  522. "Attack with our full strength!" The voice of an old granny sounded from within a ball of demonic black flames as she sent out a weird black-and-white fire with her hands.
  524. "We can't let him live!" A black-and-white bone staff appeared in the hands of the elder with the grim expression. There was a black demonic pearl on it that gave off a cold aura.
  526. "Demonic Sky Blast!" The elder with the grim expression waved the bone staff, and the black demonic pearl released a surge of demonic light and a Soul undulation.
  528. Boom! Boom! Boom!
  530. The four Emperors circulated their power and attacked with their full strength. The entire world of darkness started to shake as ghastly cries and screams sounded.
  532. "Hahaha, come!"
  534. Sacred Lightning Protection!
  536. Weng~~
  538. A barrier of lightning suddenly appeared around Zhao Feng alongside the hum of wind and lightning. All the attacks were blocked by the Sacred Lightning Protection as lightning crackled.
  540. Boom!
  542. The barrier glittered with lightning and crushed all of the attacks, and the soul attack that passed through touched Zhao Feng's God Tribulation Lightning Soul Body and was instantly destroyed.
  544. Zhao Feng watched all of this happen and suddenly had a thought. Could he alter the Sacred Lightning Protection and create a defensive soul technique? However, right now wasn't the time.
  546. Zhao Feng hadn't fought with anyone head-on after his Sacred Lightning Body reached the peak 5th level. There was finally someone here that could be used to test his Sacred Lightning Body and ignite the physical power within his body.
  548. The power of the Little World nearby suddenly disappeared. The four Demonic Dao Emperors had used secret techniques to run away.
  550. "Not good, I revealed too much of my strength and scared them away." Zhao Feng felt slightly awkward before laughing coldly. "But can you guys run away?"
  552. Boom!
  554. This voice sounded in the souls of the four Emperors and caused their souls to shake. They started to sweat as they ran away even faster.
  556. Weng~ Weng~
  558. Zhao Feng's left eye released a surge of golden Soul power. A faint golden Eye of Heaven appeared in the sky above the elder with the grim expression. A bolt of golden lightning shot down into the elder's soul. The golden lightning entered the depths of his soul before the power of God Tribulation Lightning flashed, and the elder's body fell.
  560. At the same time, a beam of golden light landed on the head of a black figure who was trying to escape several thousand miles away. A weird scene happened; the black figure's head suddenly disappeared, and then his body fell.
  562. Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!
  564. After using two eye-bloodline techniques, Zhao Feng turned into a scarlet-red bolt of lightning that disappeared into the air. The next instant, Zhao Feng reappeared several thousand miles away, and his Sacred Lightning Body released a pressure that crushed down on the area. The Scarlet Wings of Lightning behind his back flapped and raised a storm of fire and lightning.
  566. Sacred Lightning Dominating Fist!
  568. Zhao Feng punched out with both hands and unleashed fist after fist of golden light that engulfed the granny in black.
  570. "Not dead yet?" Zhao Feng's eyes locked onto a blinking dark figure.
  572. Bam!
  574. Zhao Feng circulated his Blood Devil Sun bloodline and radiated a wave of fire.
  576. Shu~~~~
  578. Zhao Feng charged forward with unparalleled speed and power.
  580. Boom!
  582. The granny was hit by a ball of fire and lightning, and her body shattered into pieces.
  584. Miao!
  586. With a flash of dark silver, the little thieving cat appeared on Zhao Feng's shoulder and had a successful expression.
  588. Four Emperors had been killed.
  590. Zhao Feng let out a breath. Due to many reasons, he couldn't do anything at the Duanmu Family and was extremely frustrated, but these people from Nine Darkness Palace came and let him release his anger. It was very nice of them.
  592. After finishing off these four people, Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile as he looked into the distance; "Was that a good show for you two?"Chapter 919 - I Want to Kill as Well
  594. "Was that a good show for you two?"
  596. Zhao Feng's calm greeting sounded in the souls of two middle-aged males and woke them up from their daze as their souls started to shake in fear and panic. The two looked at one another, then took out a dark yellow talisman and imprinted their Soul Intents into it. The talisman then merged into the air and disappeared.
  598. They were responsible for getting information, and they specialized in tracking, sensing, and stealth, so they were able to understand most of the battle just now. However, they never would have expected Zhao Feng to have noticed them from the beginning.
  600. Zhao Feng purposely chased after the old granny in order to get closer to these two while they were unaware so that they didn't run away.
  602. They approved of Zhao Feng's strength and intelligence, and since they couldn't escape, the only thing they could do before they died was to send news out.
  604. Whoosh!
  606. A faint golden beam shot forward into the distance. The next instant, the dark yellow talisman appeared and slowly faded away.
  608. The hearts of the two males shook once again as they looked at the arriving giant of fire and lightning with despair. They found it hard to speak just from the pressure alone, and they knelt on the ground, awaiting their future.
  610. Zhao Feng's left eye released a surge of Soul power that immediately restrained the two males' souls.
  612. "Soul Search!"
  614. A wicked Soul undulation came from his left eye and charged into their souls. Two breaths later, Zhao Feng waved his hand, and the power of scarlet lightning and his fire bloodline turned the two men into ashes.
  616. "Thirteenth Prince!"
  618. Zhao Feng's eyes went cold. After performing the Soul Search, he now knew everything. The Thirteenth Prince's force had sent news about Zhao Feng to Nine Darkness Palace. They wanted to let Nine Darkness Palace take action first because they were scared of Zhao Feng's God Slaying Arrow and wanted to probe his power. If Nine Darkness Palace failed, the next assassins would be better equipped to counter Zhao Feng.
  620. "As I thought, Yufei is being tricked." Zhao Feng was now completely sure, and his eyes became cold.
  622. Getting rid of Zhao Feng was part of the Thirteenth Prince's plan. As long as Zhao Feng died, Zhao Yufei's support would crumble, and with the engagement, the Thirteenth Prince would be able to comfort Yufei and slowly win her heart. Then, if he became the Crown Prince, then everything would become much easier.
  624. "Hehe, you want me to die and become the Crown Prince?" Zhao Feng laughed coldly as a cold light flashed through his eyes. Invisible killing intent made the sky turn dark.
  626. "But Nine Darkness Palace and the Thirteenth Prince's force won't give up so easily."
  628. Zhao Feng revealed a thoughtful expression. The Thirteenth Prince would definitely try to get rid of Zhao Feng in order to get Zhao Yufei, and the forces behind him were extremely strong. On top of that, Nine Darkness Palace had the same idea as the Thirteenth Prince, and they were even willing to send four Emperors in order to force Zhao Feng to use his God Slaying Arrow.
  630. Those four Emperors probably didn't even know that the upper echelon of Nine Darkness Palace didn't have any hope of them killing Zhao Feng. However, they were all dead now, and no one would be able to send any information.
  632. After thinking for a while, Zhao Feng revealed a smile. "Hehehe, looks like this is destiny."
  634. The ninth God's Eye… the Ninth Prince.
  636. Since he made a decision, Zhao Feng immediately flew toward Long Rainbow City.
  638. Back in the Saint Herb Pavilion, the Ninth Prince was still on the ninth floor talking with Zhou Su'er, so Zhao Feng just went straight up.
  640. "Why are you back here again?" Zhou Su'er's dissatisfied voice sounded. She couldn't do anything to Zhao Feng. This youth was just too stubborn.
  642. Zhao Feng completely ignored her and walked to the Ninth Prince, "Ninth Prince, if your promise still stands, then I agree."
  644. The Ninth Prince paused for a moment before becoming filled with joy. When he saw Zhao Feng, he asked this question, and Zhao Feng replied that he still had to think about it. He didn't have much hope since two and a half years of time should've been more than enough time for Zhao Feng to think all of it through. However, Zhao Feng left for five minutes, and now he suddenly came back and agreed.
  646. Like Zhou Su'er thought, Zhao Feng was stubborn, but because of what Zhao Feng suggested earlier, his talks with Zhou Su'er were progressing forward.
  648. The Ninth Prince was instantly filled with confidence. In his heart, Zhao Feng specialized in soul attacks and could become one of his main battle powers. He was also a talented beast tamer, and he had the Misty Spatial World, which was extremely useful.
  650. Zhou Su'er's eyebrows furrowed slightly. After Zhao Feng left, the Ninth Prince told her about his identity and surprised her. She felt a lot better after thinking about how all the other forces in the Divine Illusion Dimension and ancient mysterious palace had been beaten by Zhao Feng and couldn't do anything either.
  652. The Ninth Prince then told her how he wanted to recruit Zhao Feng, but he still hadn't agreed even after two and a half years. He hadn't joined any other Prince's force yet either.
  654. Zhou Su'er was the same. Right now, the Fourth, Seventh, and Eighth Princes had also come more than once, but she rejected all of them.
  656. "Why did you suddenly agree?" Zhou Su'er walked forward and looked at Zhao Feng's eyes.
  658. Zhao Feng didn't agree to the Ninth Prince after two and a half years' time. Why did he suddenly agree after going out for a while? She felt extremely puzzled. What could've happened to make him so decisive?
  660. "Because I want to kill the Thirteenth Prince." Zhao Feng gave a faint smile as he spoke.
  662. First, the Thirteenth Prince basically ruined Zhao Feng's relationship with the Duanmu Family; Duanmu Qing didn't know what to do about the situation, and Zhao Yufei was extremely sad and worried. Now, he tried to kill Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng couldn't forgive such a person.
  664. The expressions of the Ninth Prince, Old Ying, and the elder in black who was guarding the entrance changed dramatically. They all stopped breathing as they looked deeply at Zhao Feng.
  666. If those words were said in public, then Zhao Feng would be destined to die.
  668. Although the Ninth Prince was the Thirteenth Prince's older brother, almost all of the princes had different mothers. While it seemed like the relationship between princes was calm, everyone hoped the others would die. They wouldn't take action themselves, but they wouldn't be sad if it happened.
  670. None of the princes would attack another prince even in secret, because once they were found out, their imperial bloodlines would be stripped away forever.
  672. "Hehe." Zhou Su'er suddenly started to laugh coldly and then spoke in a nonchalant tone, "I also want to kill younger brother Thirteenth Prince. I agree."
  674. The Ninth Prince was still wondering why Zhao Feng would say what he did, and Zhou Su'er also suddenly agreed to his recruitment.
  676. All of this came too quickly, and he couldn't believe it. In just an instant, he had two experts on his side.
  678. He suddenly thought that all of this was because of the Thirteenth Prince, so he should give the latter his thanks.
  680. Old Ying revealed a smile as he gave Zhao Feng a deep glance. The original chance of the Ninth Prince winning was zero, but now there was a tinge of hope.
  682. "Little Friend Zhao Feng, now that we're on the same side, can you tell me how you got rid of the poison?" Zhou Su'er's attitude suddenly changed as she revealed a cute smile and looked at Zhao Feng as if they were very familiar with each other.
  684. The others nearby started to sweat. As they thought, women flipped faces faster than books. However, they were also curious about that matter.
  686. "I'll explain later when I have the time. However, now that we're on the same side, are the herbs in the Saint Herb Pavilion free?" Zhao Feng avoided Zhou Su'er's question and countered.
  688. It didn't really matter if he told them about the ability of his left eye, but the principles behind it definitely couldn't be spread.
  690. Zhou Su'er's face instantly stiffened. Indeed, it was impossible for her to be at an advantage against Zhao Feng.
  692. "Hahaha." The Ninth Prince laughed. Today was a good day.
  694. "Ninth Prince, I've just come to the inner area of the continent and don't have anywhere to stay. May I…?" Zhao Feng asked slowly in an awkward tone. He also came to the Ninth Prince to find a place to stay.
  696. "I understand. Why not come to my place? It's a calm and quiet place that suits cultivation." The Ninth Prince instantly understood what Zhao Feng meant, and he knew how much of a cultivation maniac Zhao Feng was, so he invited Zhao Feng to his place.
  698. "Thank you." Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head and wasn't very respectful.
  700. There was no place safer than the Imperial Palace. This meant that he now had an identity as well, so even the Thirteenth Prince and Nine Darkness Palace wouldn't dare to attack him.
  702. "Elder Sister Su'er, then I'll be leaving." The Ninth Prince said goodbye to Zhou Su'er, then he left toward the Imperial Palace with Zhao Feng and Old Ying.
  704. "Ninth Prince, Zhou Su'er is a Princess?"
  706. Zhao Feng could guess a thing or two from how the Ninth Prince called Zhou Su'er.
  708. "That's right, and Elder Sister Su'er was once father's most favored princess," the Ninth Prince gave a faint smile and said.
  710. "Then why did she leave the palace?" Zhao Feng didn't understand. Why did Zhou Su'er dislike the Sacred Emperor and the Thirteenth Prince?
  712. "Zhou Su'er's mother was once the Empress, but now she's gone." The Ninth Prince's expression softened a little as he sighed.
  714. There was no such thing as friendship between princes, but it was different with princesses since they had no reason to interfere with princes. All of the princes would try to get on the princesses' good side because their future partners would be extremely famous and strong.
  716. Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head as he understood. After Zhou Su'er's mother died, the Sacred Emperor married another woman whose son happened to be the Thirteenth Prince.
  718. However, while Zhao Feng had said what he did, he wouldn't act rashly. The Thirteenth Prince had the Sacred Emperor and Empress behind his back, and behind the lord dynasty was the four-star Grand Imperial Hall. He wouldn't take action against the Thirteenth Prince unless he was certain of victory.
  720. More than twenty days later, Zhao Feng arrived at the Imperial Palace. Zhao Feng could feel a surge of power guarding this place when he got close. Zhao Feng felt as if all his actions were controlled by a mysterious power when he entered. Apart from the Sacred Emperor and a few others, flying was not allowed here.
  722. Zhao Feng followed the Ninth Prince and entered through the main gates of the Imperial Palace.
  724. "Zhao Feng?" a familiar voice sounded.
  726. "Big Brother Eighth Prince." The Ninth Prince had a faint smile and a smug expression. He believed that the Eighth and Thirteenth Princes knew how strong Zhao Feng was. The Eighth Prince even knew Zhao Feng before the Divine Illusion Dimension, but it was the Ninth Prince that managed to recruit Zhao Feng.
  728. It was still Luo Zun next to the Eighth Prince. They both had complicated expressions as they looked at Zhao Feng.
  730. The Eighth Prince was actually slightly regretful. If it wasn't for Luo Shui'er, he wouldn't have harassed Zhao Feng so many times, and maybe it would've been him that recruited Zhao Feng.
  732. Zhao Feng's display in the Divine Illusion Dimension had even suppressed an important subordinate of the Fourth Prince, Xin Wuheng.
  734. Zhao Feng had now reached the late stages of the Void God Realm, but the Eight Prince didn't dare to estimate his true strength nor look at the golden eye. His soul would tremble if he did so.Chapter 920 - Entering the Imperial Palace
  736. "Younger brother Ninth Prince, congratulations on recruiting such an expert," the Eighth Prince said.
  738. He and Luo Zun felt disgusted and helpless when facing Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng's mysteriousness and his troublesome ways were deeply imprinted in their hearts.
  740. However, the Ninth Prince recruiting Zhao Feng didn't change the situation much. After all, the force behind the Ninth Prince was too weak, and he didn't have many strong experts. His overall strength was still ranked very low.
  742. According to previous experience, the Crown Prince only came from the princes ranked in the top five. Those that were ranked lower had almost no chance of winning.
  744. They went to the Imperial Tomb to find fortune and consolidate their strength. They might be able to receive a high position of power in the future, and it would be even better if they could join the Grand Imperial Hall.
  746. However, there was still some time till the battle for Crown Prince, so no one knew what would happen.
  748. They greeted the Ninth Prince and soon left. There was nothing to say between Zhao Feng and Luo Zun.
  750. "Luo Zun." The Eighth Prince could sense that Luo Zun was acting weird, and he knew why. When they first met Zhao Feng, he wasn't even a True Lord. They didn't put him in their eyes at all, but now Zhao Feng had become a peak existence amongst the younger generation. His ranking on the Imperial Dao geniuses had risen to 7th place. It wasn't a good feeling seeing a weak ant become stronger step by step and surpassing them.
  752. "Eight Prince, I'm fine. Zhao Feng will definitely not be my match when my dual-element Little World is formed." Luo Zun's eyes suddenly released a bright light as battle intent burned in his heart.
  754. He was now a Void God Realm Emperor. The main difference between Kings and Emperors was the understanding of Heaven and Earth and the power of their Little World. If Luo Zun was able to fully form his dual-element Little World, he wouldn't be scared even of old peak Emperors.
  756. "That's good. Even if our next talk doesn't go well, our overall strength will increase."
  758. Even if he wasn't the hot candidate to become the Crown Prince, the Eighth Prince was going to give it his all and leave no regrets. The Imperial Tombs had many secrets. It wasn't always the strongest that won.
  760. The Great Gan Imperial Palace was extremely magnificent and was filled with golden light. It was as if there was a golden-scaled dragon staying here. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within the palace was several tiers higher than the outside world, and there was the invisible protection of providence here.
  762. The princes stayed in the areas of the palace with the densest Yuan Qi.
  764. Many members of the imperial force greeted them on the way.
  766. "Your Highness Ninth Prince."
  768. "Ninth Prince is back?"
  770. "Your Highness acquired a lot this time."
  772. While they were greeting the Ninth Prince, they were also inspecting Zhao Feng curiously. They didn't need to ask; they knew that this person that the Ninth Prince had recruited was extremely young. What did he specialize in for the Ninth Prince to take him here personally?
  774. However, those that didn't think well of the Ninth Prince didn't pay much attention to Zhao Feng. Most of the people that were recruited by a prince were legends from the older generation. There were some exceptions, such as Xin Wuheng under the Fourth Prince, but Xin Wuheng was famous across the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Who knew what kind of place this golden-haired brat came from?
  776. "He's too young. Even if he is talented, he's inexperienced, so he won't be of much use."
  778. "Of course, only those with strength and intelligence know what to choose."
  780. An old butler quickly came forward when the Ninth Prince returned.
  782. "Your Highness, just a while ago, Grandmaster Beast Tamer Liang Sang from Sky Pond City came to visit." The butler had a joyful expression as he reported while he also inspected Zhao Feng.
  784. "Okay," the Ninth Prince replied before leading Zhao Feng to a side hall.
  786. The old butler paused for a moment. Beast Tamer Liang Sang was someone that the Ninth Prince placed great importance on. He wanted to recruit the man but had been declined. Now that Beast Tamer Liang Sang had come to visit, the Ninth Prince was acting like he didn't care. There was definitely something going on.
  788. "Your Highness, Liang Sang said that if you can give him five rare Peak-tier King beasts, he will agree," the old butler followed behind and continued.
  790. "If Liang Sang comes again in the future, just decline him straight away," the Ninth Prince led Zhao Feng to an extravagant side hall and told the old butler.
  792. The old butler was stunned. Decline him straight away? Could the Ninth Prince have already found a beast tamer? It wasn't that golden-haired youth, right?
  794. "Could it be that his Highness has already given up on the battle for Crown Prince?" The old butler shook his head. Such a young beast tamer was definitely not a match for Beast Tamer Liang Sang.
  796. There were a few princes among the ten princes that weren't actually interested in becoming the Crown Prince. However, these princes still had the ability to take people into the Imperial Tombs with them, so a lot of forces paid a heavy price to try to obtain a spot and let the geniuses of their families or factions go in to find fortune.
  798. From the old butler's point of view, His Highness may have sold a spot to some faction or family.
  800. "Ninth Prince, I'll be staying here for now then." Zhao Feng was very straightforward and direct. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here was extremely dense, and he had the protection of providence here. Cultivating here would be much easier.
  802. "Brother Zhao, I have some things to attend to. You can stay here without worry. If you need anything, just tell Butler Qi."
  804. The Ninth Prince and Butler Qi told him some things before leaving with Old Ying.
  806. Zhao Feng walked into the hall and entered seclusion.
  808. His cultivation was still too low. There was no limit on age for the experts that entered the Imperial Tombs, which meant that it wasn't just an exchange between those of the younger generation. It was also between the previous generation and elites of the older generation.
  810. Each team had someone responsible for a certain aspect. Since Zhao Feng was using the Ninth Prince to protect himself, he would help the Ninth Prince as much as he could.
  812. The God Tribulation head floated in the dimension of his left eye above the golden ball.
  814. Zhao Feng found that, even though the purple mist had disappeared, he could summon the power of God Tribulation Lightning, and it would automatically disappear and merge into his soul.
  816. Zhao Feng's soul was more condensed than others. A strong soul meant a strong mind and strong Soul Intent. Furthermore, his soul contained the symbols of God Tribulation Lightning, which would appear whenever he circulated his soul power. Therefore, any of Zhao Feng's soul attacks would contain God Tribulation Lightning.
  818. Once his Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body broke through to the 6th level, he would be able to use the God Tribulation Lightning Soul Body to refine his Sacred Lightning Body. At that point in time, Zhao Feng's soul and physical body would both contain the Intent of God Tribulation Lightning, which would be of great help when he faced the God Tribulation in the future.
  820. Zhao Feng split his consciousness into four parts.
  822. The first was to absorb the God Tribulation Lightning. The second cultivated the Fire of Wind Lightning. The third comprehended the structure of particles within the golden ball, and the fourth refined the Sacred Lightning Body by using the power of Scarlet Lightning Blood Fire, which was formed by merging the Blood Devil Sun bloodline and the Fire of Wind Lightning.
  824. "Fire Scaled Grass, Fireweed…"
  826. Zhao Feng took out the Fire elemental resources he had bought from the Saint Herb Pavilion and used them.
  828. If others saw this, they would curse at him and cough out blood. These resources were extremely rare, and even peak Emperors would turn them into spiritual pills first, but Zhao Feng just directly ate everything.
  830. "I haven't removed all the poison from the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive yet, so I'll use it later."
  832. The aura of Fire radiating from Zhao Feng's body instantly rose, and his Fire of Wind Lightning started to boil. His Fire of Wind Lightning True Yuan quickly circulated and absorbed the medicinal energy while the remaining part of the energy was absorbed by the Blood Devil Sun bloodline.
  834. On this day, the Fire of Wind Lightning within Zhao Feng's Crystal Core rose rapidly.
  836. "My Fire of Wind Lightning has consolidated at the early stages."
  838. Hu~~
  842. Zhao Feng let out a breath.
  844. He understood most of the theory behind particles within the golden ball in the dimension of his left eye. After all, Zhao Feng hadn't disintegrated many items yet, so he hadn't really received any important information yet.
  846. "There's nothing of value to disintegrate in the Little World of the Misty Spatial World," Zhao Feng concluded. If he wanted to disintegrate flowers, he could just disintegrate real flowers of the outside world.
  848. Zhao Feng's eyes suddenly lit up. There was an Earth-grade weapon within the storage of the Misty Spatial World, and he took it out.
  850. "If I disintegrate the enemy's weapon in battle… hehehe."
  852. Zhao Feng circulated the power of his left eye, and a faint golden beam of light shot through the weapon, but the Earth-grade weapon didn't change even after a long time.
  854. "Creating any weapon requires a couple dozen or even hundreds of materials, and they're refined together through high temperature. The atoms have changed shape and have merged with each another."
  856. Zhao Feng stopped the disintegration and closed his left eye. Just now, his left eye had received a lot of information regarding the structure of metallic elemental atoms. However, most of these atoms had changed shape. The toughness of weapons was decided by how condensed the atoms were, and the countless atoms made Zhao Feng's head dizzy.
  858. "As I thought, disintegrating a weapon isn't realistic."
  860. Zhao Feng had to give up for now.
  862. At the same time, within another hall.
  864. "Reporting to the Thirteenth Prince, these are the people that the Ninth Prince took into the palace a while ago."
  866. A servant knelt on the ground and handed over a white piece of paper. The Thirteenth Prince took the white piece of paper, and the image of a handsome male with golden hair and a golden eye entered his mind when his Soul Intent touched it.
  868. "This… isn't this Zhao Feng!?" The Thirteenth Prince immediately stood up with an enraged expression.
  870. "What? Chen'er, you said that the Ninth Prince took Zhao Feng into the Imperial Palace?" A powerful male sitting on a chair in the back stood up with deadly eyes.
  872. "Uncle, it's Zhao Feng, but the color of his eye and hair has changed." The Thirteenth Prince was completely sure.
  874. "Bunch of trash!" The powerful male had an enraged expression.
  876. He wanted to kill Zhao Feng, and his subordinates had promised him that Zhao Feng would die, but now Zhao Feng had entered the Imperial Palace and was most likely the Ninth Prince's subordinate now. Since he was now part of a prince's force, they weren't allowed to touch him.### Chapter 921: Grandmaster Beast Tamer
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  880. Chapter 921 \- Grandmaster Beast Tamer
  882. "Then I'll let him live for a while. The day I become Crown Prince is the day he dies."
  884. The Thirteenth Prince had cold eyes.
  886. When the battle for Crown Prince ended, Zhao Feng would no longer be a member of the imperial force, and since he wasn't an official, he wouldn't be able to stay in the Imperial Palace anymore. Killing him at that time would be as easy as flipping a palm.
  888. Hearing that, the powerful male shook his head and sat back down.
  890. Zhou Chen was too young and inexperienced. Since Zhao Feng hadn't died, the issue with Zhao Yufei would be a lot more difficult. If that had happened, news of the marriage would spread to the public, and the Thirteenth Prince's forces would expand, but unfortunately, it didn't happen.
  892. There was still a bit more than a year remaining till the fight for Crown Prince. They could only hope that the Duanmu Family would be able to confine Zhao Yufei. They couldn't let Zhao Yufei see Zhao Feng, and it would be best for her to not hear any news about Zhao Feng at all.
  894. "Chen'er, how's your recruitment going?" the powerful male asked. He was still slightly worried about Zhou Chen, so he asked about what kind of plans he had.
  896. "Right now, it's full. If there are better candidates, we can replace someone."
  898. The Thirteenth Prince was extremely confident. Most of the issues regarding the battle for Crown Prince were decided by his mother and his uncle, but he had participated in recruiting many people and had some unexpected gains that made him smug. He would be able to surprise his mother and uncle at that time.
  900. "Good." The powerful male became slightly more relaxed. Zhou Chen probably wouldn't make any mistakes about who was stronger or weaker.
  902. Besides, there would also be a fight for the spots before the battle for Crown Prince started. For example, many people that supported the Thirteenth Prince didn't believe in the beast tamer's strength and could challenge them. If they won, they would become the new beast tamer.
  904. This rule had only started a couple generations ago in order to allow the forces that supported the prince to all have a chance to enter the Imperial Tombs and have stronger experts on their side.
  906. Within the Misty Spatial World, Zhao Feng split another consciousness from his mind and formed the Domain of Wind Lightning. He hadn't had much time after his re\-cultivation, so Zhao Feng had only formed his Illusion Maze Domain so far.
  908. "It's about time to form a Little World," Zhao Feng murmured.
  910. His cultivation had reached the late stages of the King level and was just one step away from the Emperor level, but that didn't mean he couldn't form his Little World right now. Zhao Feng's learning and comprehension abilities surpassed others, so he could go one step further when creating his domain, and there was nothing wrong with that.
  912. Furthermore, Zhao Feng had cultivated twice now, and his understanding of the laws of Heaven and Earth surpassed other Peak\-tier Kings. On top of that, Zhao Feng felt that the evolution of his left eye would be of great assistance in creating his Little World.
  914. Therefore, he had to create his Domain of Wind Lightning before he could confirm what element his Little World should be.
  916. Zhao Feng exited seclusion three months later and came to the Ninth Prince's palace.
  918. "Butler Qi, can you send someone to the Saint Herb Pavilion in Long Rainbow City and get some resources for me?" Zhao Feng went to find Butler Qi.
  920. "No problem." Butler Qi paused for a moment. It had been three months, so he almost forgot about the golden\-haired youth that lived here.
  922. "Go directly to the pavilion owner and tell her that Zhao Feng needs the most precious and rare Fire elemental resources."
  924. Zhao Feng had used up all his Fire elemental resources other than the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive since he hadn't finished completely removing all the poison. However, going to the Saint Herb Pavilion required two months.
  926. Butler Qi's expression changed, and he laughed, "I didn't think that Young Master Zhao was on such familiar terms with the owner of the Saint Herb Pavilion."
  928. The pavilion owner was Zhou Su'er, a princess of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Everyone knew this. Zhou Su'er was extremely talented, and her healing skills made even the various imperial doctors praise her.
  930. However, what stunned Butler Qi was the identity of this youth; it was actually Zhao Feng, one of the Purple\-Haired Demonic Duo that had created chaos in the Divine Illusion Dimension.
  932. At this moment, the sound of a male sounded, "This one is Grandmaster Beast Tamer Liang Sang from Sky Pond City and is here to visit the Ninth Prince."
  934. Butler Qi immediately went out and spoke, "Grandmaster Liang, His Highness isn't here."
  936. "Then tell the Ninth Prince that, after some consideration, I'm willing to help him if he gives me three rare Peak\-tier King beasts."
  938. Liang Sang had a proud expression and acted like was taking a step back.
  940. Rare beasts were different from normal beasts. Rare beasts were harder to tame and had more potential. They weren't something that normal beasts could be compared to.
  942. "I'm sorry, Grandmaster Liang, but His Highness said that he doesn't need a beast tamer anymore," Butler Qi gave a glance toward the side hall and said with a faint smile.
  944. "What?" Liang Sang was extremely surprised.
  946. At this point in time, most forces had picked their sides already.
  948. Grandmaster Beast Tamers were already rare, and the reason he initially turned down the Ninth Prince was because he wanted to reap a big profit from the imperials.
  950. However, several months had gone by, and there were no messages from the Ninth Prince, so Liang Sang personally came and even lowered his requirements, but the Ninth Prince had already found a beast tamer? At this moment, Liang Sang wasn't able to accept it. If he had known it was going to turn out like this, he would've just agreed back then.
  952. An elder next to Liang Sang spoke, "May I ask; who is the Ninth Prince's beast tamer?"
  954. Liang Sang came from Sky Pond City, and this elder was the City Lord of Sky Pond City. He had the title of Marquis, and Sky Pond City hadn't chosen which prince they wanted to support yet because of Liang Sang. Once Liang Sang supported a prince, Sky Pond City would follow them and reap more rewards.
  956. Liang Sang's eyes lit up. If he knew the name of the beast tamer, he could challenge him in the fight for spots later.
  958. Coincidentally, Zhao Feng walked out at this instant. The old butler didn't say anything but glanced toward Zhao Feng.
  960. "I am that beast tamer," Zhao Feng said.
  962. He had heard some things about the battle for spots. At the moment, the Ninth Prince hadn't given Zhao Feng a specific position yet, but he felt that being the beast tamer wasn't bad. This could prevent him from having to reveal his strength and allow him to inspect everyone else from the sidelines first.
  964. "May I ask what your title is?" Liang Sang was surprised but didn't show it on his face. He had never heard of such a young Grandmaster Beast Tamer with golden hair and a golden eye.
  966. "Zhao Feng."
  968. Liang Sang paused for a moment before laughing coldly, "Zhao Feng?"
  970. The elder from Sky Pond City also furrowed his eyebrows.
  972. "Junior, you can't just claim to be a Grandmaster Beast Tamer without any foundation." Liang Sang puffed out his chest, as if teaching his junior.
  974. No one didn't know the rumors about Zhao Feng. Apparently, his eye\-bloodline was the strongest, but even if it was biased toward the soul and could affect beasts, affecting and taming were two different matters. Furthermore, Zhao Feng was extremely young; how much beast taming experience did he have? These juniors thought too highly of themselves.
  976. "Why don't we let our spiritual pets spar with one another? You can't call yourself a Grandmaster Beast Tamer if you haven't defeated a Grandmaster Beast Tamer before."
  978. Liang Sang was excited and used the title of Grandmaster Beast Tamer to pressure Zhao Feng. Although Liang Sang was a beast tamer, his fame was nowhere near Zhao Feng's. Now was a great chance to use his forte and defeat the opponent. He could win the spot and some fame at the same time.
  980. "Sure. Then you can give your title of Grandmaster Beast Tamer to me." A smile formed on Zhao Feng's face. Now was the time to use this Grandmaster Beast Tamer from Sky Pond City to make himself known. Then, it would be quiet when the fight for spots started.
  982. "Fine. If I win, then you give me your spot."
  984. Liang Sang was laughing in his heart. Young people were indeed rash.
  986. The two came to an agreement and started to walk toward the martial arts field of the Imperial Palace. The Sky Pond City Lord and Butler Qi immediately followed behind.
  988. The Imperial Palace restricted flying everywhere apart from the martial arts field.
  990. Many members and disciples of the imperial force would spar here, and some guards and servants that had enmity with one another would settle it out here. After a long time, there were always some bored imperials, guards, or servants here watching the fights for entertainment.
  992. There were two guards in the martial arts field right now fighting. They were both peak Sovereign Lords. One wore silver armor and held a long sword. The sword was surrounded by fire and summoned waves of hot air that increased the temperature of the entire martial arts field. The other guard wore golden armor and was covered in a layer of protection as he used his two fists and attacked steadily.
  994. "Zhao Feng, wait for a moment. That golden\-armored guard will soon win," Liang Sang smiled and said.
  996. "He's about to lose." Zhao Feng faintly shook his head.
  998. While it seemed as if the silver\-armored male was at a disadvantage, his every attack used up a lot of True Yuan and radiated a lot of heat. He definitely had some sort of hidden card. Zhao Feng also sensed that there was a weird disturbance of True Yuan within the silver\-armored male's body, but the golden\-armored male still hadn't detected it; therefore, he would definitely lose.
  1000. In the next instant, the silver\-armored male released a surge of red flames and raised the long sword in his hand. A suction force suddenly appeared, and all the heat in the air started to condense together. The long sword instantly released a wave of scarlet\-red that shot into the sky.
  1002. *Bam!*
  1004. The barrier around the golden\-armored male was instantly broken, and he was sent flying as his chest turned black.
  1006. "Exciting!"
  1008. "Cheng Chuan wins and becomes the captain of the 3rd Guard Team!"
  1010. "Hahahaha, he's fine!" the silver\-armored Cheng Chuan laughed.
  1012. Liang Sang's face was slightly red. He felt awkward, but he stepped into the martial arts field, and Zhao Feng followed behind him.
  1014. "This one is Grandmaster Beast Tamer Liang Sang from Sky Pond City," Liang Sang introduced himself to the spectators.
  1016. "Beast tamer?"
  1018. "This will be exciting."
  1020. "No beast tamer has fought here before."
  1022. Everyone was interested in a fight between beast tamers.
  1024. "My opponent is Zhao Feng of the Imperial Genius rankings, who currently holds the beast tamer position for the Ninth Prince in the battle to become Crown Prince." Liang Sang gave a faint smile and introduced Zhao Feng as well.
  1026. "Zhao Feng? Could it be the Zhao Feng from the Divine Illusion Dimension?"
  1028. "Zhao Feng of the Purple\-Haired Demonic Duo?"
  1030. "Zhao Feng was recruited by the Ninth Prince!?"
  1032. "Oh god, I didn't think that Zhao Feng was also a beast tamer."
  1034. The spectators started to discuss, while Liang Sang snickered in his heart; *All this fame will be mine when I defeat you.*### Chapter 922: Decline
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  1038. Chapter 922 \- Decline
  1040. Everyone had big reactions to the rumored Purple\-Haired Demonic Duo. Furthermore, this was a battle between beast tamers, so there were more and more people being attracted.
  1042. "The bet between Zhao Feng and I is for the title of Grandmaster Beast Tamer and the position of the Ninth Prince's beast tamer in the battle to become Crown Prince." Liang Sang smiled and looked toward Zhao Feng.
  1044. While his words seemed like he was scared of Zhao Feng reneging on his bet, it was actually to attract even more attention. The words "Grandmaster Beast Master" and "battle for Crown Prince" would create a lot of discussion.
  1046. "Good! This match will be interesting."
  1048. "Both sides will give it their full strength for such a bet."
  1050. "Quick, call everyone else over!"
  1052. "Grandmaster Beast Tamer Liang Sang, can we start?" Zhao Feng asked somewhat impatiently. This guy was acting as if he was in a show.
  1054. "Sure." Liang Sang's expression suddenly changed, and he opened a spiritual pet bag.
  1056. A green armored lizard that was a couple dozen meters long landed on the ground. It had one green crystal\-like glittering horn.
  1058. *Roar~~*
  1060. The green lizard roared and unleashed the aura of a Peak\-tier King. Some of the spectators who had low cultivation felt their hearts shake, and they almost fell on the ground.
  1062. Everyone that was watching took a step back. Even though there was the protection of providence, no one dared to go too close to a battle between Peak\-tier Kings.
  1064. The green lizard was like a small mountain as it glared cruelly down at Zhao Feng.
  1066. "This is a rare beast that I tamed in a swamp in the face of danger. It's called a Crystal Horn Lizard, and it has reached the level of a Peak\-tier King, but its battle\-power has reached the level of an Emperor." Liang Sang smugly introduced the Crystal Horn Lizard. Its defense and offense were both top\-tier. The only weakness was that it wasn't agile enough.
  1068. Beast tamers didn't just need to subdue beasts, they also needed to make them listen to their commands and fight for them. Utilizing the intelligence of humans would fully unleash the potential of a beast's battle\-power.
  1070. "What a unique lizard!"
  1072. "As expected of a rare beast. Just its looks tell us that it's not simple."
  1074. "I heard that lizards are considered descendants of dragons, so they're definitely one of the top species."
  1076. Zhao Feng glanced at it. There were many rare beasts in the Divine Illusion Dimension.
  1078. Zhao Feng waved his left hand.
  1080. *Weng~~*
  1082. A flashing five\-colored bee the size of a fist flew out. The difference in size between it and the Crystal Horn Lizard was like Heaven and Earth.
  1084. "So pretty. What kind of beast is it?"
  1086. "Its aura is so weak. It's just a normal King."
  1088. "The difference between this and Grandmaster Liang Sang's Crystal Horn Lizard is way too big."
  1090. Those present weren't able to recognize this small and colorful beast, but as a fellow beast, the Crystal Horn Lizard's eyes bulged, and it started to tremble. It instinctively felt wary of the Five Poison Distinct Bee.
  1092. "This is…?" Liang Sang's eyes also looked at the small bee, and his expression changed dramatically, but it was too late.
  1094. *Weng~~ Weng~~*
  1096. The large body of the Crystal Horn Lizard suddenly became its weakness. It moved slowly and was caught by the Five Poison Distinct Bee, which stabbed its tail into the lizard and self\-destructed.
  1098. *Boom!*
  1100. After the smoke faded, a large black hole was revealed in the Crystal Horn Lizard's stomach, and black blood kept flowing out.
  1102. Liang Sang's face was filled with anger and shock. He immediately called back the Crystal Horn Lizard and started to put some medicine on it. Luckily, the Crystal Horn Lizard was very big, so the injury didn't take up a large portion, otherwise he would have lost a rare beast already.
  1104. Liang Sang didn't expect Zhao Feng to have a Five Poison Distinct Bee. The bloodline of this ancient rare insect was close to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. No wonder Zhao Feng wasn't scared; these ancient rare insects didn't even need to a beast tamer to control them. The Five Poison Distinct Bees could just bum rush the enemy and self\-destruct.
  1106. *This brat definitely has more Five Distinct Poison Bees.* Liang Sang gritted his teeth as he revealed a jealous expression, and discussion broke out. That weak little bee was incredibly strong and made the fierce Crystal Horn Lizard instantly lose its battle\-power.
  1108. "Zhao Feng, let's see how many more Five Poison Distinct Bees you have." Liang Sang revealed a pained expression as he opened another spiritual pet bag, and a dark green giant turtle landed onto the martial arts field.
  1110. The giant turtle had thick armor and skin. It was extremely large, and the instant it appeared, a barrier of water surrounded it.
  1112. Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly. This beast perfectly countered the Five Poison Distinct Bees.
  1114. "Little thieving cat."
  1116. *Miao!*
  1118. The little thieving cat jumped out of the Misty Spatial World and shook his head, saying that it was a hidden card and couldn't reveal itself, so it heavily recommended its little friend, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly.
  1120. Zhao Feng was speechless. The little thieving cat's display was proof that he wasn't a good beast tamer.
  1122. "If that's the case, then let's just decide the victor straight away." Zhao Feng's expression became grim. Even if the little thieving cat won against the turtle, Liang Sang would probably just take out even more spiritual pets and prolong the fight with Zhao Feng, and since Zhao Feng wasn't actually a professional beast tamer, he didn't carry many spiritual pets around with him.
  1124. "Hmm?" Liang Sang was surprised and felt that something was amiss. What did Zhao Feng mean by that?
  1126. Zhao Feng waved his left hand, and a chubby jade\-like silkworm appeared in the air.
  1128. *Boom~~~~*
  1130. The entire martial arts field fell silent as a terrifying aura of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races shook the spectators' hearts, and everyone immediately retreated dozens of yards. Their faces went white, and their breathing stopped.
  1132. The dark green giant turtle shook, and the bloodline within its body trembled in fear as it looked at the little silkworm in disbelief. The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly opened its jade\-like eyes and looked at the dark green giant turtle.
  1134. *Hu~~*
  1136. The giant turtle yelled in fear and immediately stuck its head into its shell. Its shell kept on shaking on the ground and created an earthquake.
  1138. Liang Sang's mouth fell wide open; "Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races!"
  1140. Even though he was far away, he could feel the aura of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly. It had reached the level of an Emperor, but since it was an original species of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, its true strength could even affect Sacred Lords. All beasts that weren't from the ancient era would be suppressed by an entire cultivation level by it. This meant that his rare Peak\-tier King beast was only an early\-stage King against it.
  1142. Liang Sang would only be able to fight back against the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly if he took out a rare Sacred Lord rank beast.
  1144. Liang Sang took back the giant turtle and looked at Zhao Feng with envy and jealousy, but he could do nothing. No matter what he took out, he wouldn't be able to win. His spiritual pets didn't even dare to look at the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly directly.
  1146. Why did Zhao Feng have rare Five Poison Distinct Bees? Why did he even have something from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races? All of this was unfair in his mind, but Liang Sang didn't consider the fact that, even if he was able to meet a species from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, he wouldn't be able to tame it.
  1148. "This one admits defeat."
  1150. *Whoosh!*
  1152. Seeing Liang Sang admit defeat, Zhao Feng took back the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly.
  1154. Some of the spectators were still in shock from the pressure of that ancient aura. They hadn't even seen what kind of spiritual pet Zhao Feng took out, and the fierce battle they were looking forward to didn't happen.
  1156. Grandmaster Liang Sang admitted defeat in this fight. Liang Sang quickly left the field and had no face, so he left with the Sky Pond City Lord.
  1158. Butler Qi arrived at this moment with a smile, "As expected of Young Master Zhao. Your beast taming skills far exceed the level of a Grandmaster."
  1160. Butler Qi felt a bit diffident because he didn't really want them to fight, but since he wanted to see Zhao Feng's beast taming skills, he didn't stop them. Now that he saw it, how could Zhao Feng's beast taming abilities be bad if he could even control a species from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races?
  1162. "Good, very exciting!" A laugh suddenly sounded across the entire martial arts field, and a bulky male in golden dragon\-robes walked out. He had a strong air of providence around him. Next to him was a youth in white.
  1164. "His Highness the Fourth Prince!"
  1166. "Fourth Prince."
  1168. Some of the spectating imperial members bowed while the servants and guards went down on one knee. The entire field went quiet, and Zhao Feng's heart jumped. In the reports, the Fourth Prince was ranked the strongest in forces supporting him and in terms of individual strength as well.
  1170. "Zhao Feng, long time no see." Next to the Fourth Prince, Zhuge Yun gave a faint smile as spoke.
  1172. "Zhuge Yun?"
  1174. From the looks of it, Sky Suspension Palace was standing behind the Fourth Prince's back.
  1176. Zhuge Yun was a strategist who directed the group from Sky Suspension Palace in the Divine Illusion Dimension. He was only below that of Xuanyuan Wen.
  1178. The Great Gan Lord Dynasty only had two four\-star powers: Sky Suspension Palace and the Grand Imperial Hall. Since the Grand Imperial Hall was the host of the battle for Crown Prince, they didn't participate.
  1180. "I heard Brother Zhuge and Xin Wuheng talk about you. Seeing you has indeed opened my eyes," the Fourth Prince looked at Zhao Feng with twinkling eyes and said.
  1182. "You're overestimating me. Fourth Prince is also powerful and unique."
  1184. Zhao Feng's left eye flashed. The Fourth Prince had reached the level of a Quasi\-Sacred Lord and could break through at any moment. His true battle\-power was probably comparable to Sacred Lords, and he was indeed several times stronger than the other princes.
  1186. "I have one spot left for a beast tamer in my group. Is Brother Zhao Feng willing to help me?" The Fourth Prince looked at Zhao Feng with honest eyes.
  1188. Everyone was dead\-silent. Being the strongest prince actually going for the position of Crown Prince, his group was filled with countless experts. How could he possibly have an empty space?
  1190. How glorious would it be to be recruited by the Fourth Prince himself? Everyone was instantly envious of Zhao Feng, and Liang Sang, who was not far away, had the urge to hit his head against a wall and kill himself. He never expected that the Fourth Prince would have seen his fight with Zhao Feng.
  1192. He felt like he had just performed a show with Zhao Feng specifically to let the Fourth Prince pick Zhao Feng and give him his invitation. This was something that he didn't even dare dream of.
  1194. Next to Zhao Feng, Butler Qi's breathing rate increased. He felt regretful, but he didn't dare speak.
  1196. Most people wouldn't be able to reject this temptation. The Fourth Prince's overall strength was ranked 1st, and he was the most likely to become the Crown Prince. Once a prince became the Crown Prince, then all the members that supported him would be rewarded and given territories. They would receive a large amount of lord dynasty providence, and they could even join the Grand Imperial Hall in the future.
  1198. "I'm sorry, but I'm already a member of the Ninth Prince's group." Zhao Feng smiled and declined the offer.
  1200. He didn't really care about receiving a title or providence. Everything was unrelated to him as long as the Thirteenth Prince didn't become the Crown Prince. Besides, Zhao Feng wouldn't betray his friends.
  1202. *Hu~~*
  1204. Everyone's breathing rate quickened. Zhao Feng actually declined the offer.### Chapter 923: Storm
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  1208. Chapter 923 \- Storm
  1210. Those present couldn't believe their ears. Zhao Feng declined so decisively. The Fourth Prince was the most likely to become Crown Prince, but Zhao Feng declined him and was instead going to help the Ninth Prince, who was only ranked 6th. What was he thinking?
  1212. Even the Fourth Prince was surprised. He thought that Zhao Feng would at least hesitate. Furthermore, the reason Zhao Feng declined him was simple, and it was something that made others admire him. Betrayal was something that everyone hated. Were they going to made Zhao Feng a traitor?
  1214. Zhuge Yun felt slightly regretful. He was looking forward to working with Zhao Feng. If Zhao Feng was willing to join the Fourth Prince's side, then the Fourth Prince's group would become even stronger than it already was. Furthermore, the current golden\-haired Zhao Feng gave him an unfathomable feeling. He couldn't help but remember the power of the Purple\-Haired Demonic Duo in the Divine Illusion Dimension.
  1216. Cold sweat dripped from Butler Qi's forehead, and he felt lucky that Zhao Feng declined, otherwise he would have caused a disaster. Butler Qi looked at Zhao Feng's calm expression, and his perspective of Zhao Feng changed for the first time.
  1218. Liang Sang almost fell over.
  1220. "That brat actually declined?" Liang Sang almost went crazy. The heavens had given him such a chance, but he actually declined.
  1222. "Liang Sang, let's go and make some preparations. Let's see if we can get a spot from any of the other princes." The Sky Pond City Lord sighed. They had missed their chance and could only depend on luck now.
  1224. "Zhao Feng, I await seeing you in the Imperial Tombs." The Fourth Prince radiated a force as if he was challenging someone.
  1226. Zhao Feng gave a faint smile and put his hands together, but he didn't speak.
  1228. The Fourth Prince then led Zhuge Yun and left the martial arts field.
  1230. "Your Highness, Zhao Feng is extremely talented," Zhuge Yun said in a low tone.
  1232. "I know."
  1234. The Fourth Prince had a grim expression. How many Grandmaster Beast Tamers could control a species from the Ten Thousand Ancient Races? If his guesses were correct, that Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly should be his Thirteenth Uncle's.
  1236. Apparently, his Thirteenth Uncle treasured this Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly, but it had fallen into a deep sleep and was about to die, and yet it was extremely alive and right in front of him. From this, one could see how capable Zhao Feng was.
  1238. Furthermore, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's supportive abilities were extremely shocking. There were many rare beasts of different eras in the Imperial Tombs, and a talented beast tamer would be extremely useful since they could control a group of super strong beasts.
  1240. "Zhao Feng won't help me unless younger brother Ninth Prince gives up on the battle for Crown Prince."
  1242. The Fourth Prince had clear eyes. If Zhao Feng helped him, then his chances of winning would increase a bit more, but if Zhao Feng helped the Ninth Prince, the latter still wouldn't pose much of a threat.
  1244. "Thirteenth Uncle?" The Fourth Prince saw Duke Nanfeng quickly arriving.
  1246. "Your Highness Fourth Prince, was that Zhao Feng at the front?"
  1248. The Fourth Prince faintly nodded his head. He originally wanted to talk with his Thirteenth Uncle, but seeing that the latter was in a hurry, he didn't say anything and just watched as Duke Nanfeng left.
  1250. After Duke Nanfeng became a Sacred Lord two years ago, his territory expanded, and it wasn't impossible for him to join the Grand Imperial Hall in the future.
  1252. "Looks like Duke Nanfeng will very likely stand behind the Ninth Prince. The Seventh Prince will be extremely angry." Zhuge Yun gave a faint smile. After Duke Nanfeng returned to the Imperial Palace, he and the Seventh Prince had talked many times, but to no avail. From the looks of it, Duke Nanfeng was waiting for Zhao Feng.
  1254. "Duke Nanfeng." Zhao Feng had a joyful expression. Ever since coming here, Duke Nanfeng could be said to be the only person he was familiar with.
  1256. "My Duke, please come have a seat in the Ninth Prince's palace. Discuss anything you want there," Butler Qi immediately followed behind and said in a respectful tone.
  1258. Under Butler Qi's guidance, Zhao Feng and Duke Nanfeng arrived at the Ninth Prince's palace.
  1260. Duke Nanfeng looked warmly at the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly. If it wasn't for Zhao Feng, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly would still be in deep sleep right now, and perhaps it never would've woken up. He also wouldn't have been able to become a Sacred Lord.
  1262. "Congratulations on becoming a Sacred Lord." Zhao Feng smiled and put his hands together.
  1264. "It's all thanks to your Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. Oh yeah, Zhao Feng, what's with your eye?" Duke Nanfeng gave a faint smile as he asked. He had a deep impression of Zhao Feng's eye\-bloodline.
  1266. "It evolved."
  1268. "Evolved?" Duke Nanfeng was extremely surprised. Zhao Feng's eye\-bloodline was extremely strong, so an evolution would only make it even more unfathomable.
  1270. No wonder he wasn't able to see through Zhao Feng even after becoming a Sacred Lord. He didn't even dare to look at the golden eye. While Duke Nanfeng was interested in Zhao Feng's left eye, he didn't ask too much about it.
  1272. "Why are you helping the Ninth Prince?" Duke Nanfeng was slightly puzzled. This was the main reason he was here.
  1274. He didn't think well of the Ninth Prince's chances, but since they were in his palace right now, he didn't want to say that the Ninth Prince was at a very big disadvantage. Duke Nanfeng even mentioned that, if Zhao Feng was willing, he could help him gain a spot in the groups of the Thirteenth Prince, the Seventh Prince, or some other princes. He didn't know that Zhao Feng just declined the Fourth Prince a moment ago.
  1276. "It was a coincidence. I wanted to participate in the battle for Crown Prince, and the Ninth Prince wasn't very far away from me." Zhao Feng thought about it and didn't know how to reply. He couldn't exactly say that he only joined because he wanted to kill the Thirteenth Prince, not to mention that they were right in the Imperial Palace right now.
  1278. Hearing that, Duke Nanfeng almost spat out the tea that he just drank. If he didn't know Zhao Feng well, he would think that Zhao Feng was toying with him.
  1280. "Zhao Feng, you look at everything with such a casual perspective." This was the only thing that Duke Nanfeng could say. If it was someone else, they would be trying to obtain as many benefits as possible.
  1282. Their conversation became much smoother after that. Most of it was Duke Nanfeng introducing the situation of the Imperial Palace and the situations of the other princes to Zhao Feng. The little thieving cat and the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly were talking about something on the side.
  1284. "Duke, I'll be entering seclusion in a while. If there's news from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion or the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan during that time, tell them to join the Ninth Prince's side."
  1286. There was one year left, and Zhao Feng needed to enter seclusion to become stronger.
  1288. Even if the Ocean Smoke Pavilion made some progress, it used to be just a subordinate force for Nine Darkness Palace, so it would be crushed by a peak three\-star power. Therefore, it was more likely for Bi Qingyue to go under the banner of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, but that still couldn't guarantee their safety.
  1290. Duke Nanfeng thought for a moment before patting his chest; "Don't worry. I'll be going now."
  1292. Zhao Feng entered seclusion after Duke Nanfeng left. After hearing about the situation from Duke Nanfeng, Zhao Feng felt that it wasn't impossible for the Ninth Prince to win.
  1294. Within the Misty Spatial World:
  1296. "I can finally use the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey now."
  1298. Zhao Feng was slightly impatient. This was the first time he was going to use the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. At the same time, he split his mind into several thoughts and started to multi\-task.
  1300. The first focused on comprehending the Domain of Wind Lightning. If it was possible, Zhao Feng was planning to form his Little World before entering the battle for Crown Prince. Most people that were entering the Imperial Tombs had the battle\-power of an Emperor at the least, and forming a Little World would be the fast way to increase Zhao Feng's battle\-power.
  1302. The second thought focused on comprehending the Fire of Wind Lightning and merging the God Tribulation Lightning from his Soul Body into the Fire of Wind Lightning.
  1304. Zhao Feng focused on the quality of his True Yuan, not quantity. According to Duke Nanfeng, increasing cultivation in a hurry was bad.
  1306. The other parts of his Divine Sense directed the power of God Tribulation Lightning to refine his soul and analyze the structure of atoms.
  1308. Zhao Feng cautiously used one portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey and felt a sacred and holy aura seep into his body, moving throughout his organs and limbs until it reached the depths of his soul. Zhao Feng felt as if his entire body had been blessed by the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey and that he had ascended for a short amount of time.
  1310. Maybe because of the Sacred Lightning Body, the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey spread throughout his entire body and was slowly absorbed.
  1312. Zhao Feng immediately circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and instantly became taller. Blue and golden light surrounded him, and arcs of lightning occasionally flashed around him. After using the Sacred Lightning Body, his rate of absorbing the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey doubled, and most of it was used on refining his body.
  1314. *Boom! Boom!*
  1316. At the same time, Zhao Feng formed another thought that circulated the Fire of Wind Lightning to refine the Sacred Lightning Body and absorb the energy to the maximum degree.
  1318. Three days later, Zhao Feng's body shook as it released a glow of lightning, and his aura increased.
  1320. "Looks like I still underestimated the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey."
  1322. A light flashed through Zhao Feng's eyes. He had only absorbed 60% of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, and his Sacred Lightning Body successfully broke through to the peak 5th level. He immediately tried to stop his body from absorbing the energy.
  1324. *Hu~~*
  1326. Faint purple bolts of lightning appeared around Zhao Feng's entire body as he released his Soul Intent.
  1328. "Since there's still energy remaining, I can use it to refine my Soul Body."
  1330. Zhao Feng had always ignored the God Tribulation Lightning Soul Body mainly because he didn't understand it enough, but when he knew more about the use of the God Tribulation Lightning Soul Body, he would be able to dig out its potential.
  1332. Another couple days later, Zhao Feng's soul had completely absorbed the leftover Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. His soul was even more condensed than before, and it wasn't transparent anymore.
  1334. Faint arcs of God Tribulation Lightning blinked across the surface, and after being cleansed by the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, Zhao Feng felt that his God Tribulation Lightning Soul Body had a different feeling from before, but he couldn't quite describe what it was.
  1336. "My Sacred Lightning Body has reached the limit of the 5th level. Let's go test it out in the Ancient Dream Realm."
  1338. Zhao Feng's heart moved. He hadn't entered the Ancient Dream Realm in a long time.
  1340. The mysterious golden ball had replaced the blue lake, and there was also a golden whirlpool when Zhao Feng put his consciousness into it.
  1342. *Weng~~*
  1344. Zhao Feng appeared in the forest where the Yao bird and giant snake guarded the tree. However, Zhao Feng felt that something was amiss the instant he appeared here. A terrifying pressure and ancient aura made his bloodline and True Yuan tremble, and this was still under the basis that Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body had greatly improved. What was going on?
  1346. "Is this… a storm?"
  1348. Zhao Feng looked around and saw that the sky was dark. Arcs of lightning flashed everywhere as a storm ravaged the area. The pressure was extremely strong, and the rain created loud crackles when it landed on Zhao Feng.
  1350. *Boom! *
  1352. A bolt of lightning shot down. It was like a god descending to Earth.
  1354. Zhao Feng's soul was extremely pressured as he stood there. This bolt of lightning made Zhao Feng's body shake, and he became dazed as a boom of thunder resounded throughout his mind. Even a Sacred Lord would turn into ashes if they were hit by that bolt of lightning.
  1356. "Is this a storm of the ancient era!?" Zhao Feng exclaimed after a long time.
  1358. ####  *![Thunder07](* Thunder07
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  1362. Thunder07### Chapter 924: Power of Ancient Lightning
  1364. **Translator:** Thunder07 **Editor:** adeadaxe
  1366. Chapter 924 \- Power of Ancient Lightning
  1368. "Is this a storm of the ancient era!?" Zhao Feng exclaimed after a long time.
  1370. The clouds in the sky were like dark dragons, and the lightning was like scales. There were countless bolts and arcs, and each bolt of lightning that descended was like a giant fang that suppressed all living beings.
  1372. Zhao Feng never expected that nature could be so powerful, and he felt respectful toward its power. He could clearly feel how weak and small he was in comparison.
  1374. Zhao Feng used lightning to refine his Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body, but he didn't dare to absorb the ancient lightning from the Ancient Dream Realm. From what he saw just now, even Sacred Lords would be instantly killed by that bolt of lightning.
  1376. Zhao Feng didn't even dare to absorb the remnant aura of the ancient lightning. To a certain degree, his Sacred Lightning Body was a conductor, so if Zhao Feng stood here and tried to absorb the remnant aura of the ancient lightning, the next bolt might go right for him.
  1378. "Such powerful lightning… what a shame."
  1380. Zhao Feng sighed in his heart. He cultivated a supreme technique that allowed one to refine their body using lightning, but he didn't dare to absorb any of this lightning.
  1382. However, staying here and comprehending the aura of Wind Lightning from the ancient era was beneficial for Zhao Feng. The Wind Lightning here allowed Zhao Feng to touch the power of laws, and Zhao Feng could store some of the stray Lightning aura that happened to pass over him.
  1384. At a certain moment, Zhao Feng's left eye managed to disintegrate a wisp of ancient lightning. It had a complicated structure, but it was similar to the lightning from Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body. Zhao Feng even felt like the lightning that he cultivated was a simplified version of this ancient lightning.
  1386. *Boom!*
  1388. Another bolt of lightning fell down not far away from Zhao Feng. The earth shook, countless trees were destroyed, and many powerful Yao beasts roared. The aura of ancient lightning swept over and even numbed Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body.
  1390. "I can't circulate my Sacred Lightning Body to absorb the lightning, but I can store it and take it back."
  1392. A light flashed in Zhao Feng's eyes as he looked toward the area where the lightning fell, and he was stunned. The God Tribulation head inside the dimension of his left eye was something that could store God Tribulation Lightning, but there was only abound 20% of it remaining. It would soon be completely used up. Zhao Feng had never found anything else that could store powerful lightning.
  1394. While the strength of the ancient lightning wasn't quite as strong as the God Tribulation Lightning, it was purer, so it was a great source of lightning to refine the Sacred Lightning Body and his Soul Body.
  1396. Zhao Feng thought about what level his Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique and Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body would reach if he transformed the lightning within his body into ancient lightning. Zhao Feng's heart moved, and he walked toward where the bolt of lightning just hit.
  1398. He met some normal wild beasts on the way and easily finished them. Zhao Feng soon arrived where the bolt of lightning had struck.
  1400. The place was scorched black, and there was a deep hole in the ground. Many trees nearby were still burning, and the aura of lightning spread onto him when he got close.
  1402. Zhao Feng approached a black piece of wood and found that the aura of lightning within it was extremely weak and fading away.
  1404. "I've calculated wrongly. The trees here aren't qualified to store the power of ancient lightning."
  1406. Zhao Feng sighed, but he didn't give up and continued his search.
  1408. "Hmm? The material of this tree is slightly different and contains more power of ancient lightning than the others."
  1410. Zhao Feng revealed a surprised expression as he looked at the tree in front of him. Although it was also black, the inner portion of it was relatively complete, and small wisps of lightning appeared on its surface.
  1412. Without saying anything else, Zhao Feng immediately put this black tree into the Misty Spatial World. He then found a similar tree, as well as some other pieces of wood that also contained the power of lightning.
  1414. Zhao Feng went over the place several times to make sure he didn't overlook anything. He waited for a long time, but no more lightning fell.
  1416. After all, the range of this storm was just too big, and he couldn't even see the end.
  1418. If the lightning fell too far away from Zhao Feng, he wouldn't dare to go there because the Ancient Dream Realm was several dozen times more dangerous than the Divine Illusion Dimension. Zhao Feng had used a long time just to get those few pieces of wood alone.
  1420. The next instant, Zhao Feng returned to the Imperial Palace and entered the Misty Spatial World.
  1422. "Let's try the power of ancient lightning." Zhao Feng impatiently circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and moved a piece of black wood into the air with a thought. He then created a tentacle with his Fire of Wind Lightning and made it touch the piece of black wood.
  1424. *Crackle!*
  1426. The two types of lightning instantly attracted one another. A wisp of pure white lightning was directed from the black wood and wrapped itself around the Fire of Wind Lightning. Wisps of ancient lightning then slowly moved to Zhao Feng's body as the Fire of Wind Lightning faded away.
  1428. *Weng~~*
  1430. Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body released a glow of bright lightning. He then circulated the technique in an attempt to slowly merge this ancient lightning into his Sacred Lightning Body.
  1432. The ancient lightning didn't conflict with the lightning in his body. Zhao Feng even found that the lightning within his body seemed to follow the ancient lightning around.
  1434. By increasing the power of Lightning in his body, Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body would be able to withstand even stronger lightning in the future. At the same time, it would increase the Sacred Lightning Body's rate of progress. The defense and strength of reflection of his Sacred Lightning Protection would also get stronger as the power of lightning increased.
  1436. Zhao Feng spent half a day to merge the ancient lightning within the black wood into his Sacred Lightning Body.
  1438. "Let's try merging the power of ancient lightning into my True Yuan."
  1440. Zhao Feng had a thought. The Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique was also based on Wind Lightning, and the True Yuan dimension – which contained his Fire of Wind Lightning – also had the power of God Tribulation Lightning. However, the God Tribulation Lightning didn't merge with the normal lightning and instead existed as a separate identity.
  1442. Like before, Zhao Feng first directed the ancient lightning into his Fire of Wind Lightning to increase the strength of his offense.
  1444. *Hu~~*
  1446. Zhao Feng slowly directed the Fire of Wind Lightning, which now contained the ancient lightning, into his True Yuan dimension. The power of ancient lightning didn't act the way it did with the Sacred Lightning Body; it merged into his True Yuan dimension when he circulated the Fire of Wind Lightning until it completely disappeared.
  1448. Zhao Feng could feel the element of Lightning within the Fire of Wind Lightning become a tiny bit stronger. Through the analysis of his left eye, Zhao Feng found that the structure of the atoms within the Fire of Wind Lightning had become a little bit different. The number of atoms within each structure had increased.
  1450. "Looks like my theory can be realized. I can indeed turn the power of lightning within my True Yuan into ancient lightning."
  1452. Zhao Feng's heart moved. If he was able to harness the ancient lightning, then he might be able to fight back against the Little World of Sacred Lords with his peak 5th level Sacred Lightning Body.
  1454. However, in order to do this, Zhao Feng would need to find more items that could store the ancient lightning since he hardly had any of the stuff. Therefore, Zhao Feng could only convert his Fire of Wind Lightning for now. The trees weren't exactly good storage items, and the power of ancient lightning were fading away.
  1456. "I need to manage my time well. The longer I take, the faster the ancient lightning fades away."
  1458. Zhao Feng had an urgent expression. He couldn't guarantee that he would find more items in the Ancient Dream Realm that could store the ancient lightning.
  1460. Several days later, Zhao Feng had merged most of the ancient lightning into the True Yuan dimension where his Fire of Wind Lightning was stored. At this moment in time, his Fire of Wind Lightning contained an original and ancient aura that made his power of lightning purer. At the same time, the power of ancient lightning had purified Zhao Feng's Fire of Wind Lightning and completely consolidated it at the early stages.
  1462. The surging Fire of Wind Lightning made the surrounding area of the Misty Spatial World become chaotic and slightly unstable.
  1464. Zhao Feng could also merge the Fire of Wind Lightning with the Blood Devil Sun bloodline and create Scarlet Lightning Blood Flames, which contained extreme explosiveness and power. If he added the God Tribulation Lightning into it as well, then it would be enough to threaten Sacred Lords.
  1466. Zhao Feng had a joyful expression and couldn't contain his anticipation to test it. He remembered how his Scarlet Lightning Blood Flames were pushed aside by the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Mystic Light Sacred power before they even got close, but now it would be different.
  1468. "En, I've succeeded in forming my Domain of Wind Lightning."
  1470. Zhao Feng sensed something and had a thought. While he had been cultivating the power of ancient lightning in the past couple days, he had split his Divine Sense and was focused on forming his Domain of Wind Lightning as well.
  1472. "Can I merge the power of ancient lightning with the Domain of Wind Lightning in order to make it stronger?" Zhao Feng suddenly had this thought. He didn't have much ancient lightning storage items, so he had to make a decision quickly.
  1474. The idea was quickly rejected by him. He originally wanted to create a Little World from either the Illusion Maze Domain or the Domain of Wind Lightning. If he wanted to implement this idea, then it would be better to just create the Wind Lightning Little World and merge the ancient lightning into that.
  1476. "I'll put it aside for now and think about which domain to choose first."
  1478. Zhao Feng had a lot of information regarding Little Worlds. Little Worlds were formed from a source of power and could materialize mental energy.
  1480. He had fought with countless Emperors and was familiar with the power of Little Worlds as well. Nan Gongsheng's evil Little World and the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's Sacred\-Lord\-level Little World gave him the deepest impression and made him desire the power of a Little World, but he had to think it through properly and choose the most suitable source.
  1482. "The evolution and new ability of the left eye doesn't belong to the mental energy side of things, and I've been comprehending a lot about Wind Lightning recently. I even have items that store ancient lightning, and…"
  1484. Zhao Feng revealed a stunned expression while he was thinking. He suddenly realized that this was a perfect chance to form his Little World of Wind Lightning right now.
  1486. The storm within the Ancient Dream Realm! While he didn't dare to circulate his Sacred Lightning Body and absorb the power of ancient lightning into his body, what if he replicated the storm within the Ancient Dream Realm to form his Little World of Wind Lightning?
  1488. A storm\-like Little World.
  1490. "There's some danger involved."
  1492. Zhao Feng had a calm gaze. The ancient lightning wasn't a joke, but the actual danger involved was quite low. Zhao Feng could copy the images of the Ancient Dream Realm into the dimension of his left eye and use them in the future.
  1494. "Let's go give it a try."
  1496. Zhao Feng's consciousness entered the dimension of his left eye with a solemn expression. The next instant, Zhao Feng appeared in a replay of the scenery in the Ancient Dream Realm where the sky was dark and a storm ravaged across Heaven and Earth.
  1498. ####  *![Thunder07](* Thunder07
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