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  1. *teleport: FemdomNation Matriarchal Society & Femdom Community, Crystal Gateway*
  2. Ashley: oi
  3. Princess Aiko: oi
  4. Ashley: get outta mah room
  5. *teleport: Ashley*
  6. Ashley: meh, im alright with you being here
  7. Ashley giggles
  8. Princess Aiko: good
  9. Princess Aiko: i will defend this side of the room
  10. Princess Aiko: i am cyborg fembot
  11. Princess Aiko: area secured
  12. Ashley: :o interesting
  13. *HUD 4.14*XUEL AO-P3 v1: ON
  14. Princess Aiko: romance detected
  15. Ashley: ur very stronk
  16. Princess Aiko: pure titanium steel reinforced with 3000 psi amplifier network
  17. Ashley: what the
  18. Ashley: Princess Aiko, attack mode!
  19. Princess Aiko: human slave eliminated
  20. Ashley: phew
  21. kirkul: I'm just looking for a Misstress
  22. Ashley: mmmkay, Princess Aiko feel free to defend my room
  23. Princess Aiko: yes i will destroy the humans
  24. *HUD 4.14*XUEL AO-P3 v1: MAIN AO
  25. Princess Aiko: initiating perimeter cleansing, 3000 kilometer radius
  26. Ashley: OwO uhhhh
  27. Princess Aiko: warning: radiation levels are increasing
  28. Princess Aiko: 80 megaton detonation range 45 kilometer, human infestation, 17 megaton detonation range 90 kilometer, human infestation, 25 megaton detonation range 125 kilometers, human infestation
  29. Princess Aiko: ANALYZING
  30. Princess Aiko: room secure
  31. Princess Aiko: human threat eliminated
  32. *HUD 4.14*XUEL AO-P3 v1: FORZE
  33. Princess Aiko: CONFIRMED
  34. Ashley nods "good android"
  35. Princess Aiko: human civilization will not succeed
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