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Is "race realism" racist?

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May 11th, 2012
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  1. Is "Race Realism" racist?
  5. Now before we get to the meat of this video, there's something I need to address. Because if I don't, I know that someone's going to bring it up in the comments.
  7. Racism. The term has essentially lost all meaning. It's been stretched so widely out of shape that it's now a joke on sitcoms, to say that something is racist. Yes, 'racism' has been stretched out of all semblance of real meaning. But nonetheless we all do have a sense of what the original meaning of racism was.
  9. So, instead of getting into a long semantics debate about the evolution of the term, let's just move forward and accept that colloquial definition of racism, meaning irrational unjustified hatred for the sake of hatred.
  11. So, race realism. Is it racist? Now this is something I don't like talking about very much. It's come up a couple of times, but as a rule, when it comes to race realism, or human biodiversity theory, or whatever you want to call it, I don't really talk about it for two major reasons. First of all, I'm not very good at statistics. I find social sciences confusing. And when I'm reading something on SSRIs increasing the rate of suicidal ideation, I tend to trust bloggers, other writers, who are generally honest people, to interpret the data correctly, because personally, I am very bad at reading that. Give me calculus instead of stats any day.
  13. But the other reason - and this is probably the bigger reason I don't talk about it - is quite simply, it's rude. It's hurtful to say that an entire population of people has an average IQ of 85, while if you're part of that population it's hard not to be insulted, when somebody says that. And I just don't see, with what I'm trying to do, how it would be productive to regularly offend a large population.
  15. But that said, the evidence I've seen, certainly does point towards the human biodiversity theorem being true, being heavily supported. And so let's ask the question why is it that the race realists on the Internet, on Youtube, why are they talking about it, and why do I occasionally bring it up? Well, the first reason is simply the cold hard truth. When it comes to violence, there is a very large gap between white and black incidences of violence. According to the "Color of Crime" survey done by the FBI, and they do it every 5 or 10 years or so, it's between 7.5 and 8 times as likely that a black person will commit a violent crime as a white person. That is an absolutely enormous difference. And that fact is something that's important to remember in your day to day life. Just as you avoid high crime neighborhoods, it does make sense to avoid events where there's going to be a predominantly black population attending, just for your own safety. That's a fact... It's not racist, it's a fact.
  17. And then there's the matter of the gaps in education. Atlanta City. Between 1985 and 1997 they spent 2.1 million dollars on the education system to try and improve the black-white gap in education. After twelve years they saw absolutely no difference. That 2.1 million dollars was completely wasted on a social experiment that never should have been performed in the first place. Nobody was better off and we wasted a lot of money doing that. And there's a link below to a description of the entire thing from the Cato Institute.
  19. The difference in achievement between the black and white populations is, again, a fact. Facts don't have to be nice, they don't have to be pretty, but it is a fact.
  21. Now in a sane world these would be unfortunate facts, unfortunate aspects of the real world. But we don't live in a sane society, and so we have to look to egalitarianism.
  23. Now egalitarianism, like most of the weird ideas that run society nowadays, is another left-leaning mutation of something that was a pretty good idea to start off with. The original form of equality, of *egalite*, was that every person, regardless of their income, regardless of their birth, regardless of their nation of origin, should be treated equally under the law. That true justice is based upon honesty. That each person should have the same opportunities granted them by the state. The state should not be giving a hand up to some and giving a boot to others.
  25. But again, this once noble concept has been absolutely twisted, so now the default hypothesis nowadays is that if you see a disparate outcome between two groups, that there must be something wrong. The egalitarians insist that we are all absolutely identical, black slates at birth [corrects himself] ... ha, blank slates at birth, and that if for some reason, one person makes a million dollars, and another person winds up in poverty, and that there's a systemic demographic pattern of this, that there must be some sort of evil force at play, holding the poor person down.
  27. Now the pure fact of the matter is that if you take any two groups, and assign any variable to them that differentiates between the two groups, and measure outcomes, you're going to see different outcomes. If you took something as simple as whether or not someone owns a bicycle and you graphed that onto income, you're going to see a difference there. I don't know what difference you're going to see. Maybe more poor people own bicycles. Maybe more SWPLs with fancy jobs. But you are going to see a statistical difference.
  29. Inequality of outcomes is inevitable because we are all unique. And when you put us into a demographic, yes, each demographic is going to have its own outcomes.
  31. But it's more than just that. If it was just that, we could simply point out to the egalitarians how ridiculous it is to measure everybody based on their outcomes.
  33. But it goes deeper. The fact of the matter is there is no - or at least, there is no *huge* bike-riding grievance industry, [just] a few hippies in this town...
  35. The nationally funded, the nationally organized .. these rich grievance-industry government lobbyists are aligning partly on race. You also have feminism as another huge grievance industry that just can't accept the fact that men and women want different things out of life, and this leads men to work harder than women at dirtier jobs, whereas women are more likely to stay home and raise kids, thus earning less income.
  37. And so to combat this huge grievance industry, it's not enough to just say the default assumption, that people are different, they have different outcomes, because that isn't one of our foundational myths any more. Our foundational myth is the blank slate. And so if blacks are underachieving in school as a demographic and if they are more likely to go to prison as a demographic, we need to actually to come up with a theory of mind, a theory of evolution that explains these differences between the races.
  39. Quite frankly, race realism is pretty boring when you get right down to it. It's pedantic and excessive, except that we are so deeply dishonest about what reality actually is, that the race realist advocates need to say this stuff, to fight this idiotic squandering of funds.
  41. A lot of the people that argue race realism are actually pretty sick of the whole bloody thing, and would like to have more important conversation. But so long as these popular grievers are out there, messing with government and stealing public money, it is a necessary argument that needs to get out there.
  43. So that's the policy level. This is why race realism matters on a policy level. Because there are differences between races. And that if we keep throwing good money after bad because not all races have identical outcomes, that's just going to send us into a worse and worse place.
  45. But it does occasionally devolve into anger, doesn't it. And well why, why is there anger about the whole thing. Why are people getting emotionally involved in race realism. The fact of the matter is that the attack on white culture, the attack on civilized culture, on our history, is very real.
  47. Look at affirmative action. Any time I apply for a job, they always ask what your race is. They have this little checkboxes of which races you're allowed to be, and I know as a matter of policy that if they don't have enough people from this recognized group that they'll hire a less qualified applicant over me, because of that. And this is everywhere. This constant, just sneaking... Just knowing the deck is slightly skewed against you, because of some myth of you coming from a dominant, patriarchal, whatever-it-is.
  49. So, you're applying for medical school and you don't get it, but a black friend that you had in school did get the job, even though you're pretty sure you're a better student than he is. That does tend to work up some ill will.
  51. A good comparison is feminism once again. The fact that we aren't allowed to have men's-only gyms, but Curves, the woman's-only gym, is perfectly fine. That we aren't allowed to have workplaces where men can fart and make off-color jokes, but that any office you go into, you will hear the women making very insulting jokes about men. Yes, it does build up some bad blood.
  53. Then there's the widespread attack on civilized values. And you see this throughout the media. Over the past 30 or 40 years, the TV husband keeps getting dumber and dumber, he becomes more... Homer Simpson was bad enough, now we have Peter Griffin, a complete retard. People living in the suburbs are made out to be lame and boring. Meanwhile ghetto culture is glorified. There's a consistent attack on people that obey the law. There's a consistent attack on people that contribute to society. And people are getting sick of it.
  55. Our history, European history, is nothing to be ashamed of. We were far less cruel than others. Everybody was cruel throughout history. It's history. It's warfare, it's survival of the fittest. There is no holy tablet that belonged to the one good society. All societies have been vicious and cruel.
  57. And yet it's only ever European society, the society that invented the concept of human rights, the society that eliminated slavery in the majority of the world, the society that spread medicine and education, and tried to uplift the poor, is the one that's always denigrated.
  59. And so yes, that builds up some bad blood too.
  61. And then as I mentioned earlier, there's the level of violence.
  63. Let's consider Trayvon Martin for a second. Not what actually happened, but let's consider what people in the black community have been told about Trayvon Martin by our lying media. That Trayvon was a good twelve-year-old kid who was just coming back from the store after buying some skittles, but because he looked like a black kid wearing a hoodie, he got shot by an evil racist neighborhood-watchman. Now we know that that narrative is false. But they don't . Are they not right to be outraged? Would you not be outraged if that were actually what had happened, and then the police covered it up and decided not to charge this card-carrying KKK guy who murdered a 12-year-old kid because he was paranoid? That is an outrageous situation.
  65. How do you think whites feel? When we see that the interracial crime rate is even higher than that 7.5-to-8 times as violent. There's actually more black-on-white hate crime than would be predicted by the innate levels of racial violence. And most whites have experienced something where they were subtly threatened or just plain insulted by a group of blacks. And so this does arouse the passions, and in some cases it goes so far as hatred.
  67. Now some of you that may have been paying attention... I was talking about, why are white people beginning to get angry about this. You might have noticed that the affirmative action, that the attack on civilized values, this sure as hell isn't good for black people either, is it.
  69. Now imagine you're a black doctor. Top of your class. You are absolutely brilliant at your job. but the fact of the matter is that affirmative action is in place. So me, when I'm going to hire a doctor, if I see that you have black skin, I am going to assume on default that you got the job through affirmative action, that you're nothing but a token. Doesn't matter how good you actually are, you're being treated like a child. So this default assumption of black underperformance and incompetence is exacerbated by affirmative action, which unfortunately only goes to feed into itself, because if everyone's going to assume that you're incompetent just because of your skin, you might as well be incompetent, because you'll never get fired. And the whole thing just goes into a negative place.
  71. And then there's the attack on civilized values. All the black bloggers and black Youtubers that I subscribe to are extremely critical of ghetto culture. They very much see how the ghetto culture is killing the black race, it's destroying them. And yet it's this attack on so-called white culture, when really we should be calling it western civilized culture, it's this attack on this and the glorification of the ghetto hip-hop culture. It's not only insulting and bad for the whites living in the suburb, it's destructive and bad for the blacks living in the ghettos. Celebrating their underperformance, rather than encouraging them, to do the best that they can.
  73. At the end of the day, politics should not be an outfit. Politics is politics. Demographics are demographics. You are an individual. It's fun to criticize old people who grew up in a world without international television, and now see everything on the news and are too scared to walk outside their door because they think there's a rape a minute because of everything they see on the international news... Obsessing over HBD, over race realism, getting really worked up about it, and then wearing it like a badge on your chest, is not a healthy way to live.
  75. It is very important politically. But individually? it makes sense to avoid large black gatherings if you're a white person, or even for that matter if you're a black person. Violence is more likely to happen at those sorts of places.
  77. But when I meet individuals - race, sure, that does give you some information about them, but it doesn't give you all the information about them. Individuals I meet are individuals. All this bullshit that we talk about on here is politics, it's demographics. My own personal life? Just because I think that most women are bad at math doesn't mean I wouldn't hire a woman who was good at math.
  79. So I will occasionally speak bluntly on the matters of race. But that's because I trust that my viewership is smart enough and strong enough that if I point out that there's a black achievement gap in education, that they're not going to start crying and fail at life because a mean white person said something about them. No, I assume that my viewership is intelligent enough and competent enough that they can handle facts which are indisputably true. No different than my female friends. I will call them on their bullshit if they start quoting some feminist nonsense, and I expect them to be intelligent enough to see the truth for what it is.
  81. So is race realism racist? Well, not really. Sometimes yes. Sometimes, if you start wearing your policies as an outfit, if you start embracing the hatred, you can go too deep into it. And that's not going to help you, that's not going to help the cause. And it does become ridiculous.
  83. But fundamentally, no. Race realism is simply the truth and living a life of lies is sure as hell not going to set us free.
  85. Take care, folks. Aurini out.
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