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Pirahna Girl One-Off

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  1. Shit, you pissed off the local drug cartel and now they've captured you. You're shaking with fear. You remember hearing all kinds of stories about people being dropped in the amazon with cement feet only to be feasted upon by the native piranhas. You're currently in the back of a van, tied up, with a bag on your head. Suddenly, the van stops. End of the line.
  3. They give you a few cuts on your arms and weigh you down with cement blocks. They kick you into the water and you wallow in despair as you sink to the bottom of the Amazonian river. Things start to get dark as you run out of oxygen. Before you're eyes drift shut, you see them. Dozens of them, wicked smiles filled with sharp teeth. They've come for you.
  5. You're suddenly woken as fresh oxygen fills your lungs. Your eyes jump open and you see a fairly petite young pirahna girl. She smiles wide, giving you a good look at her incisors. Her skin is a burnt caramel color They've already started shredding your clothes and cutting the ropes. You try to struggle free once the ropes are gone but their too strong. They pin you to the river bed with their immense strength. The first ones begin moving into position around your exposed manhood. One takes your flaccid shaft into her hands and gives it a light tug and a few more. She starts to lick the head and your begin to harden. A few more join in and soon your prick is smothered in the embrace of a piranha mating frenzy. Your manhood is encased in the sensation of many tongues running up and down it's length. Occasionally offset by it suddenly being swallowed. The constant varied sensation brings you to orgasm. You hips buck and you shoot your seed into the open water. They go into a frenzy trying swallow the freely floating cum.
  7. A few take turns supplying you with oxygen as the stronger ones fight for the right to mate first. The largest one straddles you first. Her small breasts brush against your chest as she prepares to impale herself on you. First she pokes the head into her soft pussy and once the tip has pierced her she gets a ferocious smile on her face. She slams herself down to the hilt. Her pussy convulses and squeezes you, sending waves of pleasure shooting throughout your body. She flounders about on top of you, slamming the tip of your cock against her womb, quickly bringing you to orgasm. Once again you buck your hips, overcome with pleasure. You explode inside of her, flooding her small womb with your semen. Her face contorts in pleasure as she climaxes. She gurgles as she wriggles in ecstasy. After she finishes riding out the waves of her orgasm she separates from you and the next in line takes her place. They begin to lightly nibble on you here and there. You're forced to cum over and over again until your balls run dry. You never surface once. Once the final one has finished shivering from the pleasure. They all begin nibbling on you lightly. They leave small teeth marks on your skin, marking you as theirs. You are now indentured for the rest of your life as their mate. From now on you will fertilize the eggs of all the piranha girls.
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