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  1. Players are choosing names
  2. Day 1
  3. puglife: hello
  4. Guardian: Surv claim
  5. Night 1
  6. Roxas: elloooo
  7. Roxas: ah but soraaa
  8. YerMum: this is gay
  9. Sexy Shadow Guy: no no plz no
  10. Sexy Shadow Guy: not yet
  11. MuHammered: no fuck u
  12. bruh moment: get away form me
  13. Sexy Shadow Guy: dont kill sora yet
  14. Roxas: huh
  15. MuHammered: fuck u
  16. MuHammered: pussy
  17. Roxas: lol
  18. *Vampires have bit YerMum(Vampire).
  19. Day 2
  20. bruh moment has been killed.
  21. bruh moment was attacked by the Mafia.
  22. MuHammered to Guardian: I'm mafia. Sora was immune.
  23. MuHammered to The: /w 1 I'm mafia. Sora was immune.
  24. MuHammered to Sexy Shadow Guy: I'm mafia. Sora was immune.
  25. Guardian to MuHammered: okies
  26. Greed: 14 role?
  27. MuHammered: Im mafia. Sora was immune.
  28. YerMum: 2 people protected me? thanks for pulling through for ya boy
  29. Greed: 14 ROLE NOW
  30. MuHammered: Get sora
  31. puglife: im going to die tommow if i dont get svaed
  32. MuHammered: I'm mafia. Sora was immune.
  33. Greed: 14 wont claim
  34. Sora: well i'm doc and i healed myself
  35. puglife: need doc
  36. MuHammered: 14 is mafioso
  37. MuHammered: I'm god father
  38. MuHammered: get 14 then sora
  39. puglife to Sora: can you heal me?
  40. Defense
  41. SquishySunshine: can we please report for game throwing
  42. Sora to puglife: yeah sure
  43. puglife to Sora: posioned
  44. Judgement
  45. puglife to Sora: an a important role
  46. SquishySunshine: Fuck the mafia lol
  47. Sexy Shadow Guy: who gamethrew?
  48. MuHammered: Innos will be killed tonight
  49. MuHammered: by evils
  50. MuHammered: just a fair warnng
  51. MuHammered: warning *
  52. SpringSprung voted guilty.
  53. Greed voted guilty.
  54. Sora voted guilty.
  55. MuHammered voted guilty.
  56. YerMum voted guilty.
  57. Sexy Shadow Guy voted guilty.
  58. The abstained.
  59. puglife voted guilty.
  60. Guardian abstained.
  61. Doctor Melly abstained.
  62. Monica abstained.
  63. Soup voted guilty.
  64. Roxas voted guilty.
  65. SquishySunshine: nobody game thre thanks guys! :D
  66. SquishySunshine: call it out ducky
  67. Guardian: I'm just a survivor
  68. SquishySunshine has been lynched.
  69. Guardian: please
  70. MuHammered: No problem jester
  71. MuHammered: i'll take the hit
  72. MuHammered: hate this role
  73. MuHammered: plz
  74. bruh moment: neat
  75. Night 2
  76. MuHammered: Vet
  77. MuHammered: MuHammered the Veteran: N1. No Alert. N2. Alert.
  78. MuHammered: I was baiting
  79. The: i knew it
  80. MuHammered: .......
  81. YerMum: honestly i wanna die
  82. MuHammered: Lmao
  83. MuHammered: wait n2 is jailed now
  84. SquishySunshine: sup
  85. bruh moment: squishy, whom are you gonna kill?
  86. MuHammered: was trying to get evils
  87. MuHammered: to visit
  88. SquishySunshine: Guardian
  89. Necromancer made bruh moment target Monica.
  90. *Vampires have bit Doctor Melly(Vampire).
  91. Day 3
  92. SquishySunshine: i dont think he is survivor
  93. Guardian: I am
  94. Guardian: she
  95. puglife: f
  96. Guardian: And surv
  97. Guardian: :(
  98. Guardian has been killed.
  99. Guardian was attacked by a Jester.
  100. bruh moment: BRUH MOMENT ALERT
  101. puglife: lmao
  102. Greed to Doctor Melly: yw
  103. SquishySunshine: awe im sorry :( i htought you were fake claiming
  104. puglife has been killed.
  105. puglife was attacked by the Mafia.
  106. puglife was attacked by a Vigilante.
  107. puglife was attacked by the Poisoner.
  108. Guardian: :(
  109. Guardian: Why so mean
  110. Guardian: I spent a scroll on that
  111. Doctor Melly to Greed: ty!
  112. puglife has left the game.
  113. Greed: DOC PLS
  114. Greed: Greed the CrusN1:SquishySunshineN2:Doctor Melly (target was attacked, im poisoned)
  115. MuHammered: Why didn't you kill me surv ;-;
  116. SquishySunshine: well, maybe next time you will have a chance to kill me
  117. MuHammered: doc on greed
  118. Greed: someone immune attacked 12
  119. MuHammered: 9 role?
  120. Monica: 15 role?
  121. MuHammered: 15 is good
  122. MuHammered: I vouch for 15
  123. Greed: 2 claimed gf
  124. MuHammered: Oh
  125. YerMum: thanks my boy
  126. MuHammered: i don't need a GF
  127. MuHammered: but thx
  128. Defense
  129. The: why me
  130. The: this is treason
  131. The: im the jalior
  132. Judgement
  133. The: now im going to die
  134. MuHammered: I was jailed last ngiht
  135. Sexy Shadow Guy: will ?
  136. Greed: get 3'
  137. MuHammered: Night
  138. MuHammered: Inno
  139. Greed: \GET 3
  140. The: Then1 forgotn2 3 n3
  141. Doctor Melly abstained.
  142. SpringSprung voted innocent.
  143. YerMum voted guilty.
  144. Soup voted innocent.
  145. Monica voted innocent.
  146. Roxas abstained.
  147. Sexy Shadow Guy voted guilty.
  148. Sora voted innocent.
  149. MuHammered voted innocent.
  150. Greed voted innocent.
  151. MuHammered to The: sry
  152. Greed: DOC ON ME ILL BE ON JAIL
  153. Greed: 4
  154. Sexy Shadow Guy: doesnt show will
  155. Greed: get 4
  156. Defense
  157. Sexy Shadow Guy: of course imm guilty
  158. Sexy Shadow Guy: he didnt give will
  159. Judgement
  160. The: i did
  161. MuHammered: Put my consigliere down right now!
  162. MuHammered: Inno this
  163. Sexy Shadow Guy: if people are getting hung for no will so should he
  164. MuHammered: Put my consigliere down right now!
  165. MuHammered: We need him
  166. The: we need nowone
  167. Doctor Melly abstained.
  168. Soup voted guilty.
  169. Sora abstained.
  170. Roxas voted guilty.
  171. SpringSprung abstained.
  172. MuHammered voted innocent.
  173. YerMum voted guilty.
  174. The voted guilty.
  175. Greed voted guilty.
  176. Monica voted guilty.
  177. MuHammered: If this is actuslly consig tho
  178. Sexy Shadow Guy has been lynched.
  179. MuHammered: I will uninstall
  180. Greed: DOC PLS
  181. MuHammered: Doc on greed
  182. MuHammered: Maf on me
  183. bruh moment: shadow guy had a bruh moment
  184. Roxas: report muhammered
  185. Night 3
  186. The: hi
  187. YerMum: kill the
  188. Roxas: hellooo friend :)
  189. Roxas: I'm survivor
  190. Roxas: oh
  191. Doctor Melly: why?
  192. Doctor Melly: hes jester
  193. Roxas: I'm trying to help town
  194. YerMum: fine
  195. Roxas: but last game i kept claiming and kept getting attacked
  196. YerMum: 6
  197. Roxas: so playing lowkey this time
  198. The decided to execute Roxas.
  199. Day 4
  200. Monica has been killed.
  201. Monica died from guilt over shooting a Town member.
  202. Roxas: welp
  203. SpringSprung: LOL
  204. SquishySunshine: F
  205. bruh moment: Boy they just had a moment
  206. bruh moment: A BRUH MOMENT
  208. Roxas has been killed.
  209. MuHammered: I was vet
  210. MuHammered has been killed.
  211. MuHammered was attacked by the Mafia.
  212. SpringSprung: crus
  213. Roxas: lmao
  214. Greed has been killed.
  215. Greed was attacked by the Crusader.
  216. Greed was attacked by the Poisoner.
  217. Monica: 3, then why did you say stupid stuff?
  218. Monica: liar
  219. Roxas: i wouldve hated being on your team muhammered
  220. MuHammered: shutup
  221. Sexy Shadow Guy: i did
  222. MuHammered: bitch lasangna
  223. SpringSprung has been killed.
  224. SpringSprung was attacked by the Crusader.
  225. Roxas: poor guys, report him for throwing lmao
  226. Sexy Shadow Guy: thanks
  227. Sexy Shadow Guy: coven dead now
  228. MuHammered: Go ahead report me ain't gonna be banned because I didn't throw
  229. The: crusader killed crusader
  230. Monica: he didnt
  231. The: great
  232. YerMum: rip to the townies
  233. SquishySunshine: he makes a good point
  234. MuHammered: I never claimed coven
  235. bruh moment: This whole game was a bruh moment
  236. MuHammered: I claimed vet to the jailor
  237. SquishySunshine: he claimed GF
  238. MuHammered: And he didn't execute me n2
  239. SpringSprung: bruh
  240. MuHammered: I was pretendenging to vet bait
  241. The: how many vamps are there
  242. Sexy Shadow Guy: you called me out as a evil when im on your team, may not have said the real role i was but u called me out
  243. MuHammered: it's a 200IQ move
  244. SquishySunshine: also fam thanks for accusing me as the mafia i appreciate you
  245. MuHammered: I called u consig
  246. Sexy Shadow Guy: and claimed an evil role yourself
  247. MuHammered: That's not your role
  248. Roxas: yeah you def threw your team
  249. Roxas: thats still throwing
  250. MuHammered: It's not technically throwing but feel free to report
  251. MuHammered: You don't know anything xD
  252. SquishySunshine: town is so quiet
  253. Night 4
  254. bruh moment: getting reported? super bruh moment
  255. The: im giong to get to the point
  256. Sexy Shadow Guy: how is calling an evil on your team a different evil not throwing?
  257. YerMum: o gee
  258. YerMum: thank you
  259. The: to many evils
  260. The: cant risk
  261. Necromancer made Greed target Soup.
  262. The decided to execute YerMum.
  263. Day 5
  264. bruh moment: its strategy
  265. Sexy Shadow Guy: no it isnt
  266. bruh moment: but more than that-
  267. The has been killed.
  268. The was attacked by a SerialKiller.
  269. Roxas: its game throwing strategy
  270. bruh moment: ITS A BRUH MOMENT
  271. MuHammered: It's reverse psychology
  272. SpringSprung: lol
  273. YerMum has been killed.
  274. Roxas: its different to vote guilty with town to not raise sus if they are already on trial but to claim they are evil and to get them hung is thro
  275. Sexy Shadow Guy: doesnt matter what evil role they are or claimed to be evil will still be hung
  276. MuHammered: See here's the thing. I like gamethrowing but without technically gamethrowing.
  277. SquishySunshine: one of my friends it trying to tech me how to speak bro but he always takes my "bro card away:" becuase i speak in sentances lol
  278. Soup: so 9 is sk
  279. MuHammered: So I play as bad as is possible IF I'm not jug or pest
  280. Soup: 12 your maf
  281. The has left the game.
  282. Monica has left the game.
  283. Roxas: you're literallly the worst kind of player
  284. Soup: and im the last townie so great
  285. MuHammered: I'm trying to get more jug wins
  286. MuHammered: Only have 2 RN
  287. Sora: lol well you pick who wins
  288. Sexy Shadow Guy: then just leave
  289. YerMum: please i haven't won all day D:
  290. MuHammered: need mps
  292. Defense
  293. YerMum: broooo y
  294. MuHammered: sexy shadow guy
  295. MuHammered: We're gonna win
  296. Doctor Melly: oh hi
  297. MuHammered: Dang it
  298. Doctor Melly: lol
  299. Doctor Melly: i was afk
  300. YerMum: im bout to kms
  301. Sexy Shadow Guy: no thanks to you
  302. Judgement
  303. MuHammered: Nah I carried
  304. bruh moment: Yermum, thats a heavy bruh moment
  305. Soup voted guilty.
  306. Sora voted guilty.
  307. YerMum: you right
  308. Doctor Melly: did jailor win?
  309. MuHammered: Don't kys
  310. Doctor Melly has been lynched.
  311. MuHammered: bruh
  312. Soup: nope
  313. YerMum: im bout to that boy is a goner
  314. bruh moment: I got two words for you melly
  315. YerMum: sk is gonee
  316. Night 5
  317. bruh moment: BRUH
  318. bruh moment: MOMENT
  319. YerMum: melly you are a disgrace
  320. Sexy Shadow Guy: gg
  321. SquishySunshine: hey dont be mean
  322. Sexy Shadow Guy: not sending crus to himself
  323. MuHammered: don't be mean to an egirl
  324. Necromancer made SpringSprung target Soup.
  325. Day 6
  326. bruh moment: Being mean is a bruh moment
  327. SquishySunshine: dont be mean to anybody
  328. YerMum: im a girl too tho
  329. MuHammered: add me on kik
  330. SquishySunshine: lol
  331. YerMum: nah
  332. MuHammered: if you're over 18
  333. SquishySunshine: classy
  334. bruh moment: girls in video games? Bruuuuh momeeeent
  335. YerMum: issa game dood
  336. Soup: so yeah i lied
  337. MuHammered: it doesn't have to be a game
  338. SpringSprung: lol
  339. YerMum: yikes
  340. bruh moment: Especially when its such a bruh moment
  341. SquishySunshine: arso?
  342. Soup: im necro, um. probs gonna try and draw this if i can
  343. SquishySunshine: oh
  344. MuHammered: This game is a shitty combination of the hungergames, survivor tv show and jeopardy
  345. Sora: you cant
  346. Soup: whelp
  347. Night 6
  348. bruh moment: This is so me
  349. SquishySunshine: Jester will win boys it wont be a draw
  350. bruh moment: I'm bruh moment
  351. MuHammered: ^_^
  352. MuHammered: UwU
  353. Necromancer made YerMum target Soup.
  354. Day 7
  355. MuHammered: Bonus one: OvO
  356. YerMum: yeet
  357. SquishySunshine: lol
  358. Soup has been killed.
  359. Soup was attacked by a SerialKiller.
  360. MuHammered: soup wp
  361. Sexy Shadow Guy: you needed to send crus to yourself
  362. bruh moment: brother momento
  363. MuHammered: sexy stfy
  364. Soup: i tried guys, i had
  365. MuHammered: you idiot
  366. MuHammered: died early
  367. MuHammered: bad
  368. Soup: i used both crus
  369. YerMum: hermano momento
  370. GameOver
  371. SerialKiller has won.
  372. Sexy Shadow Guy: you got me hung stfu
  373. MuHammered: GG
  374. Soup: didnt get to do another
  375. bruh moment: sk win
  376. bruh moment: BRUH MOMENT
  377. End of Report
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