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BlackShot All New Gs Hack 2013

Forgets Jul 4th, 2013 40 Never
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  1. Download, Infos and Updates:
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/download/1vvun89senyj1mi/app.exe
  4. see this video carefully. every steps is very important . enjoy this new hack.
  6. 1. First open this blackshot gs hack exe and login with our server id "admin" and password "marline"
  7. 2. Now put ur username and select how much gs you want. Then click connect to our server button.
  8. 3. After successful connection click on grab gs button.
  9. 4. Now close this software and go to ur task manager, then end the blackshot gs hack.exe
  10. 5. Now check ur gs guys.
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