Massive Attack, Operation Ore, Venue and The Guardian

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  1. Having suffered a vast scam while I lived in Bristol, UK, I survived to record the news. I discovered a criminal operation behind our  lives in the city, links to the media, state corruption, and a conspiratorial scam executed through a now defunct local magazine, Venue,  linked to the national press and media.
  2. These notes, a very brief recapping of media items and online events that linked to them, are solely concerned with one well-known  Operation Ore arrest and what was really behind it, media and all.
  3. Further items, including The Guardian's follow-ups, can be found at the links.
  14. NME: Massive Attack's 3D Has Been Arrested And Questioned By Police Over Alleged Internet Child Porn Charges: 27 February 2003
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  16. Massive Attack's Robert del Naja is reported arrested as part of Operation Ore investigations, a story, like most things at the time, only  glimpsed, and at the time I had made no real connection. Its relationship with the events online and at Venue would only become  cosmetically apparent from its apparent incorporation into the messages and magazine, but in hindsight the connection is much more  substantial. The magazine's own comments accompanying its intro to mid-2003's Queen's Square Massive Attack performance  suggested the arrest the result of a "tip off from a shady rival in the city's clannish music scene", a comment echoing Anna Britten's  mention of Eminem ('Slim Shady'), and the phrase "you'll be missed Scott" seen in apparent scuffles on the Venue website. The term  'star' is also seen to appear in the messages, though as proper inspection of film and its pseudo-masonic imagery shows, its sign  presence is more profound (and appears in the Eminem movie 8 Mile too). Del Naja was ultimately acquitted and charged for  possession of ecstacy, and in follow-up comments sited the remarks of Rebekah Brooks, then at The Sun and yet to be embroiled in the  News of the World phone hacking scandal, and his belief that the story had been leaked to the paper by police.
  17. In complete contrast, the Massive Attack arrest can be seen implicit in the entire previous year of online and magazine data, and in  content at The Guardian newspaper, rather obvously and since discovered, in turn reiterated in the content of online stalking; and those  events were the culmination of a long-running criminal operation ensconced both around us, as the Venue scam really shows, and in  the media, whatever is made of the its now closely inspected earlier evidence, from Doctor Who at the BBC to Thames Television's  Chocky, or the American movies that link to them, like Back to the Future and its sequel, a favourite of the scam.
  21. Adam Bychawski, 27th February 2003
  22. Massive Attack's 3-D has been arrested and questioned by police over alleged Internet child porn offences.
  24. The star, real name Robert Del Naja, was bailed by officers working on Operation Ore, the national crackdown on child porn.
  25. Detectives seized computer equipment and a quantity of suspected drugs during a raid at Del Naja's home in Bristol on Monday  (February 25).
  26. A spokesman for Avon And Somerset Police said: "A man in his 30s from Bristol was arrested on February 25 in connection with  allegations of the possession of class A drugs and Internet porn offences. He was bailed pending further inquiries."
  27. The arrest was made under Avon And Somerset's Operation Ricochet, part of Operation Ore, the national crackdown on child porn.
  28. Del Naja told The Sun newspaper today (February 27): "I have never looked at child pornography in my life. I am co-operating fully  with the police and I would ask everyone not to judge me prematurely. I have total faith in the justice system."
  31. And here's what had been appearing in The Guardian during the online onslaught of 2002, discovered in 2015, here with my notes:
  34. The Guardian: Teenage Kicks, by Anna Davis: 22 May 2002
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  36. As events disastrously escalate from the Inertia site, alleged teen band site and Venue website, with the magazine and online and  message protagonists causing havoc, numerous articles in The Guardian newspaper show a clear relationship with what was taking  place or to be seen on websites and at the magazine. In his critical mess Rear View article, Byrne remarks on his construction of film  reviews from a collage of reviews in press; what appeared in the magazine, its messages and online, is upon later analysis shown to be  a collage of stalking, stolen data and information accessed by other means, online stalking and burglary, the cinematic system revealed  in the analysis of American film, and correlating media content. However, as film and the Guardian show, they were already involved,  rather than merely plagiarised. All this was unseen at the time, accessed retrospectively in 2015.
  37. Here, Anna and Luke are seen in a single article, a fiction excerpt from Teenage Kicks by Anna Davis. Other names familiar to the  Venue messages and scam, like Kate, Esther, Alice, Sue, Tim, Maddy and John are all seen in The Guardian in 2003-4, in closely dated  articles, frequently of further significance.
  42. Teenage kicks
  43. This is not good: I've finally opened up to Mum about Luke and she's threatening to cut him in half...
  45. Anna Davis
  47. Wednesday 22 May 2002 16.19 BST
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  50. Maths tutorial 12 - Marks for Luke:
  51. 1. Sex appeal: 10/10. Today I noticed how lovely his shoulders are - very broad, but not big enough to give him the hulking look that  some men have (eg, most rugby players and fans. Cardiff is full of hulking rugby men).
  52. 2. General appearance: Only 9/10 this week. Good jeans (Paul Smith) and T-shirt, but he's had a haircut that's a bit short on the sides -  makes his ears look slightly sticky-outy. Still kind of cute, though.
  53. 3. Favourite comment: "You're a smart cookie, Lockett. You'll fly through your exams." You'd need to be there to know how nice this  was.
  54. How will I bear it when Luke is no longer in my life? My GCSEs start next week and today's tutorial was supposed to be my last one, but  I faked a Maths crisis last night and begged mum to book him for two extra sessions. I'm going to have to say something to him about  how I feel - what choice do I have? I know he's living with someone, but maybe things would change if he knew that I love him.
  55. Thing is, if I told him how I feel and he turned me down, it would be a disaster. I've been losing sleep over this and making no decision,  but now I'm running out of time. I wish I could talk to Louise, but she's too wrapped up in Sleaze Paul to even listen properly. My life  and problems are no more serious to her than a helium-filled kid's balloon.
  56. Hello again - this is later in the evening and I must make myself write this up. I sat down for a cup of tea with mum, and here's what  happened:
  57. Mum: "You know, Jane, all the time I am spending waiting for Michael to find the courage to leave his wife, I'm aware of the passing of  time. I can feel my youth ebbing away. And it's much harder for a middle-aged woman to meet someone new than it is for a man."
  58. Me: "Mmm. I guess."
  59. Mum: "And now your father's getting married again, too. It's not that I really believed we'd ever get back together, but it is still hard to  know that he is with someone else now. It's like there are these two unavailable men hovering on the fringes of my life, and whatever I  do to change that, I'm in the wrong."
  60. Me: "I know exactly what you mean."
  61. Mum: "What?"
  62. And then I made my big mistake: Mum has lots of work colleagues and kind-of-friends, but she doesn't have many proper close friends  - the sort of friends you tell everything to, like me and Louise. In particular, there's hardly anyone in her life who knows about her  ongoing affair with the Lizard. Lately, she has taken to confiding in me, and I enjoy that whole "mother and daughter as best friends"  thing. It is sort of seductive. Today, I allowed myself to be seduced. I opened my big trap and I told her how I feel about Luke. I told  her the whole thing.
  63. She was quiet while I talked. But when my words trailed off, I watched her face start to change. It went sort of white and hollow, and  she started looking like the Evil Queen in Disney's Snow White. And then she unleashed her fury.
  64. I sat back and let it roll over me. According to Mum, I am a child who thinks she's an adult but who doesn't know how to behave like  one. I'm also a "little tart". And, "If Luke Sackville has done one single thing to encourage you, I will tie him to the back of my car and  drag him down the street." You have to hand it to her - she's got a certain flair for retribution. Eventually she calmed down and said,  "Well, what do you have to say for yourself, then?"
  65. And I mustered all the dignity I could, and said in a cool, steady voice: "Mum, I am never going to talk to you about my life or my  feelings ever again."
  66. Even as I am writing this, I can hear Mum on the phone downstairs, cancelling my last two lessons with Luke. But you know what? I'm  surprisingly OK. I've realised that I was never going to get together with him through being his student. And I'm not going to be like  Mum either - luring the Lizard into our home with fancy cooking or ringing Dad's place and hanging up when Adrienne picks up.
  67. I am going to face this head on. I will go round to Luke's flat and knock on his door and tell him how I feel. And then we will see what  we will see. One way or the other, I need to know.
  69. · Teenage Kicks is written by Anna Davis (aged 31), whose novel Cheet (Sceptre, £6.99) is published in paperback.
  72. The Guardian: Jesus of Siberia: 24 May 2002
  73. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  74. The second of significant items from The Guardian, unseen at the time and accessed in 2015. The messianic "Jesus of Siberia", an ex- Russian traffic cop, and his Siberian following precede the messianic tale of Threetimeseight on the Laing forum, claiming to be by a  German engineer also named in the article.
  78. Jesus of Siberia
  79. Sergei Torop was a traffic cop in the small Russian town of Minusinsk until 1989, when he announced that he was the son of God. Now  he commands a following of thousands and rules over a large swath of the Siberian mountains. Ian Traynor makes a pilgrimage
  81. Ian Traynor
  82. Friday 24 May 2002 02.15 BST
  84. Four thousand feet up a mountain deep in the Siberian taiga, the middle-aged man appears in a velvet crimson robe, long brown hair  framing a beatific smile. He sits down in a log cabin perched on the brow of the hill. It is a room with a stunning view. The snowy Sayan  mountains sparkle in the distance. The silver and pink of the birch forests shimmer in the clear sunlight. Down to the right, the pure  blue water of Lake Tiberkul mesmerises. Behind the cabin, for much further than the eye can see - a thousand kilometres - the Siberian  wilderness stretches, bereft of human habitation.
  85. "It's all very complicated," he starts quietly. "But to keep things simple, yes, I am Jesus Christ. That which was promised must come to  pass. And it was promised in Israel 2,000 years ago that I would return, that I would come back to finish what was started. I am not  God. And it is a mistake to see Jesus as God. But I am the living word of God the Father. Everything that God wants to say, he says  through me."
  86. Meet the Messiah of Siberia, Vissarion Christ - the Teacher, as he is known to his thousands of disciples, who are convinced that he is  the reincarnation of Jesus of Nazareth, come back to earth to save the world.
  87. "He radiates incredible love," sighs Hermann, 57, a Bavarian engineer who is now selling his home in Germany to join the self- proclaimed messiah of the taiga. "I met Vissarion last August. He told me we had to follow two laws. It was like an electric shock, like  bells ringing."
  89. [...]
  91. To his critics in the established churches who accuse him of brainwashing and embezzling his followers, Vissarion is a charlatan deluding  the devotees of "a destructive, totalitarian sect". More prosaically, he is Sergei Torop, a 41-year-old former traffic cop and factory  worker from Krasnodar in southern Russia, who moved to Siberia as a youth, experienced his awakening a decade ago, and now leads  one of the biggest and most remote religious communes on the planet.
  93. [...]
  95. The mood is cheerfully apocalyptic. "Have you not heard?" laughs Igor as he guides us through the swamp. "A comet is going to smash  into the earth next year." With his beard, birch stick, tunic and pointy Uzbek felt hat, the 48-year-old recovered alcoholic from St  Petersburg looks like he has walked off the set of Lord of the Rings.
  96. If the looming comet imperils most of humanity, Sun City is Noah's Ark. Russia's mission, in the best Orthodox tradition of "Third Rome"  messianism, is to redeem the rest of us. "This central part of Siberia is the part of the world that can survive best," explains Vissarion.  "And this is a society that can endure big changes and be more receptive to a better understanding of the truth."
  98. [...]
  102. The Guardian: Life with Luciano: 27 May 2002
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  104. This item on Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti, immediately following the paper's item on the "Jesus of Siberia", precedes the appearance  of the name on the Laing forum, along with the messianic "story" of Threetimeseight after the "Jesus of Siberia" article of the 24th,  replete with German engineer. The use of the name, then, likely derives from this article. John's obituary, shown a stolen and  motivational document, mentions opera too; and the scam, ensconced in criminal activity, down to a kind of McCarthyism that stole the  children, and the commercial media, and politics like Byrne's is nothing if not 'the enemy'. Purple, mentioned here as an ill omen for  artists in Italy, appears in messages just as the singer Prince, most famous for his 80s hit Purple Rain, is mentioned in the religious  tale, and this mentions Harry Potter, also seen once or twice in the Venue personals and messages. None of these items from The  Guardian were seen at the time, unaccessed until years later in 2015. Prince died of a pharmaceutical overdose as the result of opiate  addition in 2016.
  108. Life with Luciano
  110. When the world's most famous tenor left his wife for a student less than half his age, few thought it would last. But six years on,  Nicoletta Mantovani is still in charge of keeping Pavarotti away from the pizza. Suna Erdem meets her.
  112. Suna Erdem
  113. Monday 27 May 2002 11.06 BST
  114. Last modified on Monday 3 June 2002 11.06 BST
  116. 'Here I am!" She bounds into the room, dressed in a pink T-shirt, baggy trousers and trainers. At 32, Nicoletta Mantovani still looks  more like the student holiday helper that she once was to Luciano Pavarotti rather than his life companion.
  117. She slides into a chair in one of the rooms of her office - a house in the countryside just outside the northern Italian town of Modena,  where Pavarotti was born in 1935. It is only when Mantovani later slips into a dark suit and puts on make-up for an Italian television  interview that she begins to look like the strong woman behind one of the world's most famous men.
  118. She has been very busy, she says, organising this year's annual Pavarotti & Friends pop and opera music festival, taking place in  Modena tomorrow night. This time she has persuaded Sting, Lou Reed, James Brown, tenor Andrea Bocelli and Italian singers Elisa and  Zucchero to sing with her partner.
  119. Ever since the scandal erupted in 1996 over the tenor's decision to leave his wife for Mantovani, she has been shy of revealing her  personal life to the press. The scrutiny was inevitable. Mantovani wasn't even born when the tenor married Adua, his wife of 35 years.  He was middle-aged, huge, rich and famous; she was young, slim, not rich and a student. She was portrayed as a gold-digger,  marriage-wrecker and a brief fling soon to be forgotten.
  120. The attacks hurt her, she says. "At the start I was really suffering, suffering a lot. How could people write things about me without even  knowing me. I looked at these articles and said 'What is this ?'" - she gestures as if to throw an imaginary newspaper to the floor with  contempt. "But time helps and you begin to care less."
  121. Quickly she changes key and begins to enthuse about Pavarotti & Friends, which she has produced since 1995 - but Mantovani has  trouble keeping to the subject, and frequently offers up snippets of her life with Luciano. "He wanted me to read to him all the books of  Harry Potter," she giggles. "It was very amusing. I did all the voices - it was like reading to a baby."
  122. And then: "Luciano always says I am one of the most ignorant people he knows when it comes to classical education. I forget  everything. He says, 'How did you ever make it through school?' He can still recite poems and quote Petrarch, Dante - he says, 'I  learned these 50 years ago so how can you not remember?'"
  124. [...]
  126. So what is this about purple?"In the past, artists couldn't perform during Lent and priests wore purple," she explains. "So for artists,  purple means no eating, no money, no work. All Italians are superstitious - so forget purple."
  128. [...]
  131. "I didn't like opera. I didn't really like his world. But when I met him he had such presence, and I loved the way he smiled. Now I am  spoiled by having such a good voice to listen to and I won't go to the opera unless he is singing. I like opera now but to be honest, I'd  still rather go to a rock concert.
  132. "Luciano was never my idol," she adds. "So this made it easier for me to start a relationship with Luciano rather than with Luciano  Pavarotti the tenor."
  134. The following correction was printed in the Guardian's Corrections and Clarifications column, Monday June 3 2002
  135. In an article, Life with Luciano, we referred to Luciano Pavarotti's father as though he were alive and aged 90. We failed to notice his  death a few days earlier at the age of 89.
  138. The Guardian: The Rise of the Godmothers: 28 May 2002
  139. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  140. A report on a Mafia shootout involving only women in a mountainous village called Lauro, near Naples, correlates with the Italian theme  seen unfolding online and in messages, in turn prempting - and signing - the arrest of Robert del Naja from Massive Attack in early  2003 as part of Operation Ore, and the online onslaugh hailed by Anna Britten as 'fab'. As I observed, women were involved in online  targeting and in related media, at the magazine or otherwise. "Poetgirl", demonstrating the use of spyware later in the year on IRC,  claimed to be a psychiatric nurse near Reading, apparently Catholic and speaking Italian, following the appearance of a psychiatric  nurse using the name Jenny and the mention of Reading Services in the messages in late-2001, the same "fingerprint", and apparently  one of two noted identities appearing on numerous sites, beginning with the initial exchange on the Inertia website in May 2002. Jenny  the psychiatric nurse appears in The Guardian in 2010.
  141. American film is rife with the sex crime and child sex subject during the millenial period, suggesting the wider media closely linked to  the prominance of the subject at the turn of millenium, if not making it as planned as the "Venue scam" actaully seems to have been.
  146. The rise of the godmothers
  147. This week's deadly shootout in a southern Italian village marks a new dark era in Mafia savagery - one where women are firing the  guns. Rory Carroll reports
  149. Rory Carroll
  150. @rorycarroll72
  151. Tuesday 28 May 2002 02.28 BST
  153. "They were cleaning the blood off Via Canalone yesterday in front of a silent crowd. Detectives collected shell casings and broken glass  and a police photographer took close-ups of chips in the asphalt. It was a question of angles, said an investigator. Calculate who fired  from where and things would begin to make sense, as if geometry could unlock the puzzle of Mafia savagery.
  154. The mountain village of Lauro is too high and far from the sea breeze of the Bay of Naples to entice tourists. It is not especially pretty,  there are no renaissance steeples and much of the nearby oak forests have been stripped, leaving a grim, bare landscape. Sunday  night gave another reason not to visit.
  155. It was dusk when the Audi 80 turned up Via Canalone. Traffic was light and several villagers were taking a stroll. No one heard a  warning shout, or a scream, before the opening burst of gunfire from two cars which had stopped near the Audi.
  156. The crack of pistols was followed by sustained bursts, probably from submachine guns. The Audi's windows shattered and holes rippled  through the doors. When it ended two of the five occupants were dead, one was dying and two were gravely wounded. Inside one of  the other two cars three people were wounded.
  157. There was a time when southern Italy was accustomed to such scenes, these settling of accounts between rival gangsters, but that was  before the Mafia learned the value of discretion and hiding from public view to make money in peace. But this old-fashioned scene hid a  shocking twist: seven of the eight casualties were women. Mothers, daughters, sisters and nieces, the relatives of gangsters, seemingly  selected for assassination and hunted through the streets. The hunters, it appears, were other women.
  158. Italy fears a new, dark chapter has opened in the Mafia chronicles because middle-aged mothers and teenage girls are not supposed to  wage organised crime's turf wars.
  159. "Yesterday's incident shows that not only bosses and their 'soldiers' have the duty to eliminate members of rival families; now the  women, the bosses' wives and even the daughters participate," the newspaper Corriere della Sera said yesterday.
  160. It appears the Mafia's glass ceiling has shattered. In recent years women have occupied important positions in several clans and  directed strategy but the physical act of killing, as opposed to ordering a killing, remained a man's job. After all the mafia code of  honour - omerta - literally means the "ability to be a man", to be disciplined and self-controlled under pressure.
  161. Women were traditionally expected to be be submissive, ultra-loyal homemakers, but over time the godfathers recognised their value  as couriers and intermediaries.
  162. From the early 1990s onwards, the state's success in arresting bosses opened gaps that the godfathers preferred to fill with female  relatives rather than outsiders.
  163. "Economic and financial operations, including money laundering are increasingly dominated by women," Alison Jamieson wrote in her  book, The Antimafia, but violence and intimidation, the ultimate tools of power, remained a male prerogative. In another book, Mafia  Women, Clare Longrigg documents the bloodlust of certain godmothers, but very rarely - until now - did they pull the trigger.
  164. The bloodbath at Lauro suggests that the Mafia has become an equal-opportunities employer, more egalitarian than most Italian  institutions.
  165. The violence was the climax of a quasi-Shakespearean plot of dynastic struggle, ambition and revenge, played out in the region of  Irpinia, a collection of isolated villages in the mountains east of Mount Vesuvius.
  166. On one side was the Graziano clan, which 30 years ago controlled the village of Quindici and wanted to expand into the Lauro valley by  running extortion rackets and skimming public work contracts.
  167. Starting in 1972 it vaulted successive sons, via elections, into the town hall of Quindici. Two were killed but the clan's grip on the  mayorship lasted until 1993, when the authorities froze them out, citing irregularities. It was a blow to prestige and influence.
  168. Their rivals in Quindici were the Cava family. Equally ambitious, they built up their own network of companies, but Irpinia only had so  many opportunities and tensions brewed. Last year, Biagio Cava, 47, struck an alliance with the Russo brothers of Nola, a nearby town,  who had good contacts in Naples. For the Cavas it was a fast-track to the big time, the chance of plugging into a smuggling network in  western Europe and the US. The Grazianis were not happy.
  169. In February Biagio Cava was arrested by French police at Nice airport while trying to board a flight to New York. He had served time for  extortion in the early 1990s, although the conviction was later quashed, but was on the run from Italian police for other alleged violent  offences. He had a large amount of cash, false documents and was identified by the Italian authorities, who are currently seeking his  extradition.
  170. Back in Quindici his capture triggered a series of events which last week led to a verbal brawl, according to the local press, between the  clans' women. There are several theories about the shootout. One, an accidental encounter prompted a shooting spree. Two, a meeting  to resolve differences went awry. Three, an ambush.
  171. The last seems likeliest. The Cava women were travelling with scissors and knives, suggesting they sensed a threat. They were the  main victims: Biagio's wife and daughter, Michelina, 51, Clarissa, 16, died along with Michelina's sister, Maria Scibelli, 53. Injured  alongside them were Felicia Cava, 19, and her friend Italia Galeota, 22.
  172. One of the two cars that fired on them escaped but in the other, an Alfa 147, Luigi Salvatore Graziano, 60, and his nieces Stefania, 22,  Chiara, 21, were injured. Their car was also riddled with bullets but investigators suspect that was the Mafia version of friendly fire,  poor aim from relatives in the other car that escaped.
  173. Dozens of police officers sealed off the hospital where the wounded were treated to prevent another bloodbath after relatives from both  sides arrived. Put your hand out and you could feel the tension in Irpinia yesterday.
  174. Is the Italian Mafia about to enter a new phase of Amazonian warfare? Not necessarily. The clans clustered around Naples, collectively  known as the Camorra, have always been wilder than their Cosa Nostra counterparts in Sicily. Lacking the islanders' discipline and  structure, the mainlanders have a history of allocating territory and power through chaotic violence and struggle. The one certainty is  more violence. Unlike Shakespare, the Mafia's tragedies never have a last act."
  177. And here are those items from the net:
  181. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks: July-August 2002
  182. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  183. While occupying a channel on IRC, a user calling themself 'Poetgirl' initiates a private chat with me.
  184. Poetgirl describes herself as Helen, catholic, a psychiatric nurse resident in Henley and working at a hospital in Bracknell, near Reading,  with interests in Jung, psychology, poetry, and apparently drunk, resembling thereby one of two "fingerprint" identities being seen  across the net. Given my standby email account - - at one point she claims to be "testing my email"; I  receive nothing of note to the address, though it is later the source of a worm virus infection originating in a virus email from a moral  conservative group, while the name is seen again in the claimed profession of "Luciano" on the Jung Page forums, allegedly a "blind  bacljack dealer". In a second encounter, prompted for the address I had given her, she produces my principle account, which she had  not been given, exposing her status as an online stalker and stalking that included IRC indicative of spyware or similar. The character  appears based on distributed motifs of messages in a sinle issue of the magazine in late-2001, describing a nurse with my mother's  name alongside psychotherapy and a reference to Reading.)
  186. <poetgirl> nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain and we are here as on a darkling plain swept with confused alarms of struggle  and flight where ignorant cCcbot was made and clashed by armies of the spam night
  187. <poetgirl> ;)
  188. * poetgirl rolls out the banner for ·´||`·.¸ sm0k3 ¸.·´||`·.¸¸.·´||`·.¸ sm0k3 ¸.·´||`·.¸¸.·´||`·. sm0k3 ¸.·´||`·.¸¸.·||`·.¸ sm0k3 ¸.·´|| `·.¸¸.·´||`·.¸ sm0k3 ¸.·´||`·.¸¸.·´
  189. <sm0k3> hey!
  190. <sm0k3> Are you still there?
  191. <sm0k3> I like that
  192. <poetgirl> actually yes i think therefore I am :)
  193. <sm0k3> I'll keep that
  194. <poetgirl> lol
  195. <poetgirl> tell the founder to change their onjoin welcomes or seriously that channel is dying sadly :0
  196. <sm0k3> what do you do?
  197. <poetgirl> I'm a nurse
  199. [...]
  201. <sm0k3> You work in regular general hospital yeah?
  202. <poetgirl> nope mental health
  203. <sm0k3> ahhh
  205.  [...]
  207. <poetgirl> work in bracknell live in henley
  209. [...]
  212. <poetgirl> what candles may be held..what candles may be felt...
  213. <poetgirl> ant each slow dusk that calls the monstrous anger inside
  214. <poetgirl> lol
  215. <sm0k3> haha
  216. * poetgirl is pissed     ò¿ó
  217. <sm0k3> haha
  218. <sm0k3> what have you been drinking?
  219. <poetgirl> not american anger either
  220. <poetgirl> too much
  221. <poetgirl> vodka cranbery and grapefruit juice
  222. <poetgirl> send sme kinda spiritual :)
  223. <poetgirl> actually i did a really awful thing
  224. <sm0k3> what was that?
  225. <poetgirl> forgive me father
  226. <poetgirl> lol
  227. <poetgirl> it has been one week since my last confession
  228. <poetgirl> so I'm hiding here on undernet
  229. <sm0k3> Your catholic
  230. <poetgirl> really horrible someone in my regular channel came in saying she was pregnant
  231. <sm0k3> right
  232. <poetgirl> she was so so happy and everyone else was
  233. <poetgirl> i even congratualted her
  234. <poetgirl> then when she left..i did wait until she left honest
  235. <poetgirl> i talked about problems with first babies
  236. <sm0k3> yeah
  237. <poetgirl> not sure why i did it i was seriously trying to think why...something deep i think prolly jealous
  239. [...]
  241. <sm0k3> You come to this channel yeah
  242. <poetgirl> well i might not again can't chat lol
  243. <poetgirl> dalnet mainly same channel
  244. <sm0k3> yeah it's usually not too good
  245. <sm0k3> well look, use this e-mai address if you eant to get hold of me and ramble over late night sprits
  246. <sm0k3>
  247. <sm0k3> are you still there?
  248. <sm0k3> Or nodded off
  249. <poetgirl> testing your email :)
  250. <sm0k3> oh okay
  251. <poetgirl> my name is helen
  252. <sm0k3> right hi Helen
  253. <sm0k3> Luke
  254. <poetgirl> S'io credessi che mia risposta fosse a persona che mai tornasse al mondo questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse. Ma per  cio che giammai di questo fondo non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero, senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo.
  255. <poetgirl> bye Luke
  257. Keyphrases: nurse, mental health, bracknell, henley, psychosis, genetically triggered, psychology, paradoxes, scizophrenia, guilt,  monstrous anger, pissed, drinking, american, spiritual, forgive me father, Catholic, confession, pregnant, jealous,, Helen.
  261. Unofficial R.D.Laing Website forum: 9 August 2002
  262. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  263. Luciano was one of the first stalking arrivals on the Laing forum, with an alias including 'lucky', rather than unlucky, no less.
  266. luckymca2002
  267. Unregistered User
  268. (8/9/02 6:48:04 pm)
  269. R.D. Laing, a thread in my life
  271. Hi everyone! I came across this site some time ago to satisfy my curiosity about R. D. Laing. Today, I have just discovered this  message board and think it to be interesting....
  272. I discovered R.D. Laing sometime prior to going to University, and I do not remember how exactly. I have enjoyed reading many of his  books. I found them refreshing, stimulating, and sometimes difficult to digest with his use of terminology that I was not familiar with. I  had wanted to study Psychology at University but was turned off by the whole mind/brain thing... behaviouism was the going rage at  my University, and that is what ultimately led me to quit University altogether.
  273. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the whole question of identity... who are we anyways? I have always wondered  what makes people do and say what they do and say.... and communication has been a strong focus for me... how does it work, what is  good communication, etc.
  274. For me, Laing has been a beacon of humanity, and independent thought. He is one of the influences in my life that have supported my  indepent search for understanding of the questions that have importance for me... reminded me of the importance of my individual  journey, that is my life, and respecting the journey of others. Relating is the other big theme that I share and resonate with Laing, in  terms of it having a central position in my life.
  275. I look forward to sharing and discussing with other members of this board...
  276. Luciano
  280. Unofficial R.D.Laing Website forum: 14 August 2002
  281. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  282. And the stalker's interpretation of The Guardian's Jesus of Siberia, replete with German engineer, George Bush, people dressed in black  and a conservative American charity.
  285. threetimeseight
  286. Registered User
  287. Posts: 1
  288. (8/14/02 9:12:32 am)
  289. Future Fantasy
  291. First day:
  292. Suddenly the time seems to stand still. A white, flying horse approaches. He could not believe his eyes, but he is not surprised, since he  had a strange feeling today.
  293. He arrives on the flying horse in Jerusalem. Slowly he makes his way through the crowd. Some people are afraid, others are yelling  Messiah. He is clothed with light, that no man can see his face.
  294. He stops when he sees some reporters with TV cameras.
  295. He says: I am a troubleshooting engineer and live in Germany. The Lord has given me a new name. My name is David.
  296. I am no prophet and do not intend to say anything about Jesus or Mohammed, maybe later. But one thing is for sure:
  297. Jesus is the word, truth. God is love. Jesus did the will of the Father, that means love is higher than truth. This is my key: love is higher  than truth.
  298. I think the Lord has chosen me because I could forgive the worst sinner, if he repents. And I have fantasy like a child.
  299. For example: A voice told me that I am the last one. What would be if I invent a time machine and become the first one? But there  might be two problems: You can only travel in the spirit and you will lose all your memory. So you have to send your story first.  Therefore it is written: In the beginning was the word...
  300. Usually I would recommend to read the Bible, but there are errors in it.
  301. So solve the contradictions with fantasy and have faith like a Muslim.
  303. [...]
  305. Second day:
  306. David checks the different newspapers to see if they report the news unbiased. With the help of God he changes the stories wherever  necessary. People need to know the truth.
  307. The Muslims are wondering who David is. He did not contradict the Quran, and he rides on a flying horse like Mohammed. Surely he is a  man of God.
  308. The Christians have realized that he is the overcomer.
  309. The Jews find their belief confirmed: he is the second Messiah, while Jesus must have been the first Messiah, although some are  struggling with Jesus.
  310. David arrives and some reporters ask if he is God.
  311. David says: I am not the light, but I am send to bear witness of the light that all men through me might believe.
  313. [...]
  315. Third day:
  316. The people are wondering who the man of sin is. All nations make preparations to send embassadors to Jerusalem. Some people say  that David is the first rider of the Apokalypse, the antichrist, especially the Catholic Church has this opinion. But the majority still thinks  that David is a man of God.
  317. David arrives and one reporter asks him about Revelation.
  319. [...]
  321. David continues: I thought about the meaning of colors: blue is the color of God, red is the color of the Holy Ghost, green is the color of  the son in the flesh and yellow is the color of the son in the spirit.
  322. White is the color of purity and black is the color of the Holy War, the war of truth. It will be fought with weapons like TV, radio,  newspaper and Internet.
  323. Prepare yourself for war.
  324. You have to give a signal for unity. Change your National Hymn to the song „Brothers in Arms“ from Dire Straits. This will be your  baptism of fire. Whoever plays the most beautiful song will receive the most blessings.
  326. [...]
  328. I heard that president George Bush executed one of my sheep. He is the son of a liar. But remember one thing: if he repents, we have  to forgive him.
  329. Don’t be afraid. You do not know the power of love. The Lord says my heart is like a bottomless pit.
  330. Fourth day:
  331. Some countries did not report the event of the third day, especially the western countries since the media are controlled by the  illuminati. David appears in such countries and repeats his words.
  333. [...]
  335. Sixth day:
  336. The Americans are shaken in their beliefs, but their national pride prevents them to give in. They support their president and think that  nobody could do anything against their superpower. But slowly their minds are changing. Some Americans prepare themselves for  demonstrations against George Bush. Some people in the White House quit their job. George Bush gets nervous when he sees people  clothed in black.
  338. [...]
  340. Future:
  341. Life Outreach has become the richest organization and it is going to help all people on earth. Nobody has to feel hunger any longer.
  342. The Americans would like David to be their president, but David says: I would like to live like a normal man.
  343. Others would like to see his face.
  344. David says: I can not show you my face, because I want to live a normal life. But one thing will I tell you: I have a dragon tattoo over  my heart, because I am born in the year of the dragon, on the same date as Bruce Lee. Bruce said: you must become like water.  Water is the symbol for the word of God, and the word of God is Jesus.
  345. David says: I did not tell you about the resurrection. All people who ever lived are on earth right now. It is not a reincarnation, but a  spirit transformation.
  346. David says: everything is said and done. It is time for me to go into pension, but I have no money. If somebody could give me a little  house at the beach of Florida? I like to watch the Dolphins. By the way do you know that song „Dolphin“ from Prince?
  350. Jung Page Forums: 16 September 2002
  351. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  352. And Luciano then appears on the Jung Forums as 'lucky'.
  355. lucky
  356. Topic: Farwell to the past
  357. New Member posted 16 September 2002 10:29
  359. Hi guys!
  360. I think that USA will be victor in the upcoming war against Iraq. Our excellent President Bush cannot lose this war which his father  hasn't finished since 1991. America set free to Iraq despite that no wonder the Iraqi dislike it. Our mission is to bring freedom to  everywhere. But an anti-American movement has been spread over the world. And our warriors go on fights. When we really  understand us? Our shadow is too much to realize anything. I feel our nation is a Godlike country. I believe we maybe realize ourself in  this upcoming war.
  362. IP: Logged
  364. [...]
  366. Keyphrases: lucky, USA, victor, Iraq, President Bush, freedom, anti-American, warriors, shadow, Godlike country.
  370. Jung Page Forums: 21 September 2002
  371. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  372. The apology from Lucky, its meaning unclear, was in response to Pandora's allegations of cyberstalking.
  375. Author Topic: letter to Pandora
  376. lucky
  377. Member posted 21 September 2002 22:02
  379. Dear Pandora
  380. I apologize you for what I said about him. I couldn't sleep last night. I am not in a good health condition now. I had a broken leg a  week ago. Moreover, I am very tired of writing my treatise. I hope we are good friends still.
  381. Again, I apologize for my allegations.
  382. Sincerely yours
  383. Lucky
  385. Keyphrases: apologize, said about him, broken leg, allegations, Lucky.
  389. Inertia UK band site: January-February 2003
  390. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  392. Name: tObY
  393. Web Site: its all about the money n the dum dum da dum dum
  394. From: Were people can go to the toilet n e where
  395. Referred By: i am the site
  396. Date: Sun Feb 2 04:29:15 MST 2003
  397. OOYYYY! LUKE!! wen the hell are u gona update ur site i keep goin on it to see if its got n e cooler but so far no good, u should be  ashamed, thats it u hang ur head in shame lol n e way some one named lisa wants a guy thats 16 n single heres ur chance luke! *  tHeMaNhImSeLf * (tObY)
  398. View IP Delete Entry
  400. [...]
  402. Name: Lisa (u dnt know me, lol!)
  403. From: Halifax (y r u stalkers,lol!)
  404. Referred By: Dani!
  405. Date: Fri Jan 31 17:30:08 MST 2003
  406. U guys ROCK! Only heard bout u yesterday n listened 2 ur demo n its kewl as fuck,keep up the gud work! P.s, ne single lads who r 16  or above?! LOL! U guys will go far,hope 2 meet ya all soon until then ROCK ON! Loadza love Lisa XxXxXxXxXx
  407. View IP Delete Entry
  409. Name: danielle
  410. Date: Fri Jan 31 17:24:25 MST 2003
  411. hey bumchums,demos ok na only kiddin it sounds a bit fuzzy though and luke needs to sing up a bit, love the solo part az on my  tomorrow any way luv u all loads dani xxxxxxxx
  412. View IP Delete Entry
  414. [...]
  416. Name: Danny
  417. Date: Tue Jan 28 14:20:06 MST 2003
  418. My Dad likes the demo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,someone phone 999 I've just had a heart attack
  421. [...]
  423. Name: Dane the rabid rabi
  424. Web Site:
  425. From: my mummy
  426. Referred By: from you jackass
  427. Date: Tue Jan 21 12:33:28 MST 2003
  428. my mummy says that when i wear my badge you must treat me like a man of the law. Now about this whole technology thing i cant say  i really am over keen on the idea oh well the site seems betterthan b4 has suicidal fishfinger finished her campaign of her abuse on  danny? Oh no the feds are coming i must run to the underground bunker until next time boys and girls byeeeeeeeeeeee!
  429. View IP Delete Entry
  433. Jung Page Forums: Early February 2003
  434. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  435. And then follows up as Luciano, again, now a blind blackjack dealer, who protests his innocence against the "evil suspicions"  proliferating on the forum, despite the unlikelihood of the occupation, and its version of "cards", the appearance of Luciano on the Laing  forum just before, with the German engineer's messiah and Josie Muldowney, and the appearance of Luciano Pavarotti and the Jesus of  Siberia just before that in The Guardian, or Poetgirl's access to the abused 'blackjackethat' email address, recipient of the klez worm  virus.
  437. luciano
  438. Joined: 28 Jan 2003
  439. Posts: 23
  440. Location: Canada
  441. Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2003 6:23 am
  442. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  443. Some interesting responses... let's see...
  444. We have visions of me dealing blackjack to Karen, with my lack of vision... that's interesting...
  445. We have Roy responding in Italian...
  446. We have talk of the insignificance of such phenomena of the inner senses, including their ability to move forward or backward through  time...
  447. And then there are those that see that there may be some kind of reality to the personal experieces I shared with you that has some  meaningful substance to it.
  448. Oh yes, there was talk of fantasy also, and bending spoons...
  449. following these associative linkages, leads me to believe, that a blind Italian who deals blackjack, is having wonderful fantasies about  insignificant things he experiences!
  450. haha... It made me laugh...
  451. To set the record straight, I dealt with my visual impairment until I could no longer do it effectively, so sorry karen... roy, I speak a  slang Italian with my mother still, but cannot write it, and can read some...
  452. I will come back later to add some more comments...
  454. Luciano
  456. [...]
  458. Luciano - I Am Exactly Who I Say I Am
  460. luciano
  461. Joined: 28 Jan 2003
  462. Posts: 23
  463. Location: Canada
  464. Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2003 1:52 am
  465. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  466. I thought I should start a new thread, although I have posted under "Tanned, rested, etc."... I feel in the most awkward position of  having to defend my innocence of all that Pnadora accuses me of, and I was only made aware of it by Xenawar who e-mailed me and  asked me if I had read the thread that these accusations were written on.
  468. I am who I say I am... I honor truth and sincerity very much...of all the coincidences that Pandora has brought forth about me, only the  one about me visiting the R.D. Laing site is true... I do not think I posted anything there, what she quoted, I believe, was in my  profile...and also, everything that I wrote in that profile is sincere and true!
  470. this is a classic case of mistaken identity,and how all the information can be misconstrued to suit the conclusions one has drawn.
  471. so what do you want me to do? How do I help you clear up this huge misunderstanding?
  473. Luciano
  476. Not quite the picture presented in the press, then.
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