Last Night, Night Before...

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  1. Once upon a time, the Queen of Clubs and King of Clubs got into a fight. The fight spilled out into public spaces. People were hurled through multiple walls. Buildings were left in ruin. Form and technique approached perfection. The intensity and duration of their battle ensured that it would go down in legend. It also left the king dead and the queen in a coma.
  3. When the queen awoke a few days later, her attendants found that she had gone mad. More mad, rather. Mad by fey standards. She couldn't remember who she was and suffered from fairly terrifying hallucinations which she unconsciously projected into the world around her. Memory problems plagued her to such an extent that it was impossible to perform her duties as a queen without meticulous written and electronic documentation. Despite all this, she appeared to be much happier with herself.
  5. She managed to get her illusory projections under control after a few days. A few days after that, she decided to abolish the monarchy. In its place was a nearly identical "democratic" system with the "mayor" as the highest government position, though the vast majority of her power was delegated to others in order to keep things moving. Fearing that the whole situation was some sort of insane ruse designed to test their loyalty to the queen, the people re-elected her immediately.
  7. A particularly brave political cartoonist decided to test the waters and published a little drawing labeling her as the Night Mayor. When the artist and her staff were not immediately executed for seditious puns, everyone came to the conclusion that the new system was the real deal. The cartoon was posted everywhere. "Night Mayor" seemed to stick in the former queen's memory better than her own name; she soon adopted Night as her only name.
  9. That's what she's been told, at least.
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