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  1. WilsonBOT minimum commands.
  3. // Snap Shots
  4. WilsonBOT live snap xbtusd
  5. WilsonBOT 2 minute snap xbtusd
  6. WilsonBOT 2 hour snap xbtusd
  7. WilsonBOT 2 day snap xbtusd
  8. WilsonBOT 2 week snap xbtusd
  10. // Slash Commands
  11. WilsonBOT show position xbtusd
  12. WilsonBOT show pnl xbtusd | WilsonBOT flash your cash
  13. WilsonBOT show rpnl xbtusd
  14. WilsonBOT show upnl xbtusd
  15. WilsonBOT show orders xbtusd
  17. - A live snap is 1 hour.
  18. - xbtusd can be substituted for any contract. xbth19, adah19 etc.
  19. - Full contract names must be used.
  20. Commands can have additional words and be in any order.
  21. 'please xbtusd snap minute 2 WilsonBOT' is an acceptable order.
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