A Facesit/Fart Experience

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  1. One of my most recent experiences was a few years ago. I was 16 and I knew this girl from school called Sophie. She was 17, tall, short black hair and always had the near exact same outfit on which meant she always looked like a kinda punk girl.
  2. Anyway, we were pretty good friends until one day I was over at her house one weekend and we were just watching some YouTube vids she was streaming to the TV.
  3. We ended up stumbling across dare and challenge videos, eventually finding one called "Rock Paper Scissors Challenge" where the winner would sit on the losers face! The loser had like do whatever they were told as well.
  4. Sophie seemed really entertained at the videos, as she said "Can you imagine what that would be like?" to which I proudly replied that I would never be in that position since I rarely lost at RPS.
  5. Looking back, obviously I realize that this seems like I was challenging her, but honestly I wasn't!
  6. Sophie took it as a challenge as we both wound in her bedroom  ready to play, and I obviously lost!
  7. I accepted my defeat, as she laughed in my face and told me to lie down on her bed.
  8.  Now she wasn't dressed in her normal punk attire, no she was dressed in casual jogger bottoms and a hoodie, no black boots just her socks.
  10. I lay on the bed as she stood up above me, one foot either side of my face. I remember looking up at her butt, as my young pervy mind was starting to race (To be fair, it was a big butt xD)
  11. She dropped to her knees, pinning my arms down and slid a foot under each side of my head before leaning back and dropping her big butt on my face!
  12. I could feel my face just sinking into her cheeks as she laughed really damn hard, my nose disappearing into her butt crack!
  13. She then held this position, reverse facesitting me with the scent of her butt filling my nostrils. After a while, I felt her butt begin to rub back and forward, and when I tried to as what she was doing she simply pushed down and squashed my nose for a few seconds so that I couldn't breath.
  14. I heard a HUGE rumble from her stomach, followed by her giddy giggling.
  15. She leaned forward slightly, my nose still in her crack, as she let out a loud wet fart right up my nostrils!
  16. I heard her laughing above me again as she sat back on my face, sealing in the smell, before squirting out another fart. This continued for around 30 minuted I think, as her increasingly sweaty butt rubbed backwards and forwards, my face soaking in both her sweat and her bubbly farts.
  18. I was only let out from my stinky prison when she told me she'd let me go if I kissed her cheeks then gave her butt a "BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG SNIFF." Of course I planted a big kiss on both cheeks, as I felt her feet squeeze my head into her crack as she waited to hear me sniff. I took a huge inhale through my nose, as she then let off her biggest, bubbly fart right into my face!
  21. She got off of me and told me it was just as fun as she thought it was going to be, and said that we should do it again sometime with a wink.
  23. I do have quite a few experiences with her and a few others I still know today, my life so far has been surprisingly filled with this xD. If anyone ever wants to hear more experiences let me know :)
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