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  1. Transcript of Jessi.Slaughter's.Dad.Raging.LOL
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOD5Rp1F5Rs
  4. Gene Leonhardt: -investigated!  I might go to jail tomorrow!
  5. Jessica Leonhardt: I know that!
  6. GENE: Well you-
  7. JESSI: -but mom's just 'bitch bitch bitch bitch' it's like 'I wasn't even on the webcam' thank you goodbye!
  8. Dianne Leonhardt: Jessica!
  9. GENE: Shut the hell up!
  10. DIANNE: Wait'll the cops come over.  You think life's gonna be better?
  11. GENE: Can you ever shut your mouth?
  12. DIANNE: Go ahead and hit me asshole!
  13. GENE: Why does your mouth have to run!
  14. DIANNE: Cuz that's (unintelligible)
  15. silence follows for 32 seconds
  16. JESSI: Don't unplug that computer!
  17. GENE: You shut your fuckin' mouth! (strikes daughter) Don't tell me come back tomorrow when I might give a fuck!  Jess'ca I don't trust anybody, anybody, anybody...especially your friends!  And you can tell 'em all that on the internet!  They're a bunch of untrustworthy little bitch brats...and they lied about their ages and they belong off the internet!
  18. JESSI: Um...
  19. GENE: Every one of em-
  20. JESSI: Dad!  Kelcie is twelve-
  21. GENE: -is a liar.  Lies!  Lies!
  22. JESSI: Um, I talked to her mom, do you wanna talk to her mom?  Do you want to talk to Kelcie's mom?
  23. GENE: (groans, obviously drunk and confused) ...stop arguing with me.
  24. JESSI: I'm just saying, do-
  25. GENE: So why was your webcam on.
  26. JESSI: Because I was trying to adjust the settings to get it off.
  27. GENE: Stop yelling at me.
  28. JESSI: I'm trying to get it so that it'll only show a picture.
  29. GENE: Jessica do you realize how serious this is?
  30. JESSI: Yes I do.
  31. GENE: Yeah how do you when you're still on the internet?  If you realized you'd be offa it right now.
  32. JESSI: Yeah, ok.
  33. GENE: Whaddyou mean 'yeah ok' Jessica?  The internet's what's got us where we are!
  34. mother is heard calling from the other room
  35. GENE: Shaddup Dianne!  Why you wanna lose your daughter?  Why do you wanna lose her!  Why do you wanna lose your daughter!
  36. unintelligible reply
  37. GENE: Then shut yer mouth!
  38. JESSI: It is off.  Mother.
  39. GENE: Jessica they're all a buncha bullshitters.
  40. JESSI: Kelcie isn't.  You can talk to her mom.  (recording flaw)  Really, you want me to call Kelcie right now?
  41. GENE: N- Jessica the cops are watching the internet right now.
  42. JESSI: They're watching me sit here...like a picture and that's it.
  43. GENE: Jessica, they are watching every word you're saying and you keep typing.  Stop typing.
  44. JESSI: I just typed 'dot dot dot' and then I typed a frowny face.
  45. GENE: Well tell, tell everyone, you can't talk to them anymore.  You are being Federally investigated.
  46. JESSI: K.
  47. GENE: What you need to see, you realize Jessica, is how serious this situation is.
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