Celestia/Luna Greentexts: Staff Nap Time

Feb 15th, 2015
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  1. >The guards patrolled the castle late into the night, checking for intruders or general mayhem.
  2. >The royal sisters deserved a good night's rest, and it was up to the guards to protect them.
  3. >Of course, the guards weren't the only ones at work.
  4. >Throughout the castle, there were also pencil-pushers who got to any paperwork that may have come in during the night hours.
  5. >Needless to say, they were usually stacked with much on a Saturday to Sunday night to morning, seeing as the princesses attended more to social matters on a Saturday.
  6. >The pay was hefty and the sisters were kind, so the paperworkers didn't mind missing sleep over writing on pieces of paper.
  7. >On the other side of the castle, early cooks were already prepping the sisters' breakfast so that it would be ready by the time they woke up.
  8. >Maids and servants cleaned around the castle, glad the sisters were as immaculate as they were.
  9. >Truly, the castle and its staff were like a machine.
  10. >Even when the heads of the castle rested, there was still much work to be done.
  11. >How the staff were able to push on, nopony knows.
  12. >Some theorized that their dedication to Celestia and Luna overrode their basic needs.
  13. >Those who thought so may not have been far off.
  14. >However, all of this came to a halt on Sunday mornings.
  15. >The staff were given a special time on Sunday mornings to finally give in to one need in particular.
  16. >The one they were able to satisfy the least.
  18. >Celestia awoke in her bed with a yawn and a stretch.
  19. >She looked out the window to find the moon was almost under the horizon.
  20. >She smiled, and with her magic, pushed the moon out of the sky slowly.
  21. >Simultaneously, the sun princess brought her namesake into the sky, the reddish-purple of dawn breaking out across the clouds.
  22. >As with every morning, once she finished her duty, she went into the bathroom and prepared for the day.
  23. >A couple hours later, Sunbutt emerged from her room, ready to face the day ahead of her.
  24. >She let out a deep breath, began her trek to the dining room, and then tripped over something, landing squarely on her snout.
  25. >She got up, scowling and looking behind her to see what tripped her up.
  26. >A lone guard lie on the floor, curled up and sleeping like a foal.
  27. >It was then that Celestia remembered what day it was.
  28. >As she remembered, she and Luna had agreed to give the staff a special resting time on Sunday mornings.
  29. >Every time she would have to remind herself of this, though, mainly due to the inconvenience it wrought on her and her sister.
  30. >She sighed, and watched where she stepped as she continued to the dining room.
  31. >As she moved through the hallways, she encountered more of them.
  32. >Maids, guards, and other staff, all curled into a ball and soundly sleeping.
  33. >At the halfway point to the dining room, Celestia met up with her sister.
  34. >Luna sighed as they walked together.
  35. >"Sunday morning again," the moon pony commented.
  36. >"As with every other Sunday, we must make due with the circumstances."
  37. >The sisters found their way to the dining room, but pushed forward into the kitchen to retrieve their food for themselves.
  38. >The cooks all lie down asleep, the food kept heated with a low flame.
  39. >The princesses grabbed themselves plates, served up their food, and went back to the dining room to eat.
  40. >Without the hustle and bustle of the staff, the dining room, and by extension the castle, was quiet.
  41. >Celestia and Luna tried to keep up a conversation, but like with every other Sunday morning, the silence held their attention more than each other.
  42. >The clatters and clangs of their serveware were the only sound that rang throughout the dining room.
  43. >Between the sisters, they could hear each others' breathing, when they swallowed their food, and every shift of their hooves.
  44. >It was almost eerie.
  45. >The sisters finished their food, took their plates back to the kitchen, and placed them in the "to be washed" pile.
  46. >With breakfast finished, the sisters continued their day without their staff's assistance, now heading to the throne room to prepare for politics.
  47. >Not much happened on Sundays in terms of politics.
  48. >However, there was still the occasional bureaucrat who came in to propose some kind of law, or a citizen who would file a complaint.
  49. >Reaching the throne room, the sisters take their seats and wait for the first pony to come through the doors.
  50. >They wait.
  51. >And wait.
  52. >And wait.
  53. >And-
  54. >"Uh, excuse me, your highness?" comes a voice as the throne room doors creak open.
  55. >Right, of course.
  56. >The guards were asleep, and so couldn't let in anypony at the throne room doors.
  57. >"I-I'm sorry. Nopony was outside, so I wasn't sure if I could let myself in."
  58. >"Of course. You're excused. Please, come in," Celestia calmed the nervous pony.
  59. >After the pony's proposal, he left.
  60. >Luna opened the door for him with her magic, and continued to do so for entering and departing ponies.
  61. >Really, with no staff to do things for them, the princesses realize every Sunday how often they take them for granted.
  62. >When court finished, the sisters left to their own devices to wait out the staff's nap.
  63. >Celestia went back to her chambers to work on any paperwork that may have not been finished yesterday.
  64. >Luna, on the other hand, patrolled through the castle, acting as a guard.
  65. >She would step over the sleeping staff as she traveled, patiently waiting for them to wake up and resume their duties.
  66. >Time passed.
  67. >Celestia and Luna knew that the staff usually woke up around two o' clock.
  68. >What came before two but after noon was arguably their least favorite part of the day.
  69. >This time was signaled by the sound of their rumbling stomachs.
  70. >Celestia sighed and got up from her desk.
  71. >"Lunch time."
  72. >Luna rolled her eyes as she stopped at the castle wall, wishing she could resist her hunger.
  73. >"Lunch time."
  74. >Neither of the princesses knew how to cook, but they reluctantly made their way to the kitchen.
  75. >They pilfered the cupboards for something to eat, trying their best not to wake the sleeping chefs.
  76. >"So, what sounds good to you for lunch, Luna?"
  77. >The moonpony brought out a head of lettuce, carrots, and onions from the fridge.
  78. >"Salad?"
  79. >Celestia shrugged, bringing out two knives and cutting boards.
  80. >"I suppose it's the easiest thing to do."
  81. >The boards were lain on the counter and the vegetables set on them.
  82. >Try as they might, though, the sisters' cuts of the vegetables were uneven and sloppy.
  83. >The onions were in chunks more than slices, the carrots were jagged, and the lettuce was cut so much that only tiny pieces remained.
  84. >The sisters didn't even bother tossing the salad, as they knew it would result in a bigger mess than they had already made.
  85. >Stuffing a sizable portion of the mix into two bowls, Celestia and Luna take their food out to the dining room and eat in silence again.
  86. >The maids and servants were going to have a bad time cleaning up after the sisters.
  87. >Celestia crunched on an onion chunk and grimaced.
  88. >"I think I put too many onions in my salad."
  89. >Luna pushed her bowl forward.
  90. >"And I believe I have too many carrots. Care to switch?"
  91. >The bowls were swapped, and the respective sister enjoyed their extra vegetables as much as they could.
  92. >Fine cuisine was not their strong suit.
  93. >As they dined on their poor attempts at cooking, one chef came out of the kitchen in a half-asleep daze.
  94. >"Your...majesties...?"
  95. >The staff were waking up now.
  96. >It couldn't have happened any sooner.
  97. >"Lucky Kettle, good afternoon."
  98. >His response was to wave.
  99. >Not too long after, more chefs pushed through the double doors to greet the sisters as well.
  100. >Celestia and Luna beamed as the castle began to wake up, the sounds of the staff's regular activities filling its halls once more.
  101. >"Oof, what a mess in there," one of the chefs commented as he pointed to the kitchen. "Think we oughta buy them some easy to make foods from now on?" he asked another chef.
  102. >"The kinds that you just throw onto the range and cook for a few minutes? No way! Royals shouldn't have to touch that stuff!"
  103. >"...not even those instant hay noodles?"
  104. >"Especially not those!"
  105. >The sisters chuckled and left the dining table, glad the castle was returning to its normal, working state.
  106. >Guards patrolled and stood watch.
  107. >Maids and servants kept the castle clean.
  108. >Pencil pushers finished their remaining work and went home.
  109. >A normal Sunday.
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