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  1. # What is your primary characters backstory?
  2. #### Well my Senile old mans story was a pretty good one so i'll post that. Lou Murdock was a pharmacist that never dabbled in his supply he had a son and a lovely wife. One day his mind was becoming a bit off. He started doing things he wouldn't normally do he got addicted to pain killers. His wife fell ill with an unknown disease it was fatal. He loved his wife and wanted to help her. So he decided to give her some painkillers since she was in pain. He forgot about her illness and just thought she was sick with a common cold or maybe her muscles were achy. He gave her pills throughout an entire day she was not really responsive so she never told him no or yes she just kinda sat there. He forgot every time he gave her a pill and at the end of the day he was out and had no idea why. Sometime during the night she passed from taking an entire bottle of painkillers throughout an entire day. Lou was so confused and upset he called an ambulance and they took her away soon the cops showed up to his home and he was taken into custody for murder they showed him 0 remorse and he got 12 years since it was "accidental" He clearly wasn't in the right state of mind. But prison did not help and his mind altered more and more until he forgot he even had a son or that he killed his wife. He got released and his story is to be continued.
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