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Ralsei x Anon

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Aug 12th, 2020
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  1. Today was going to be the day, today I was going to finally ask Ralsei a big question I've been putting off for months. Ever since he kissed me in that theater that one time and I rejected it, I'd regretted the decision. I've been trying my hardest to make it right, but nothing I've done seemed to make him happy, so today I'm going to ask.
  5. "Hey Ralsei, I hear the fair's in town, want to go tonight?" I asked him over the phone. "Come on, it'll be fun, look I'll pay, don't have to worry about a thing. Yes, even food, hey, I also hear they have a killer fireworks show. Yeah, I can get a ride, it's not too far, heck, I might even walk there, yeah I'll be careful. See you there Ral. Ok, bye." I hung up the phone, looked at the ceiling for a moment, and let out an enthusiastic "YATA!"
  7. "Hey, Anon, sounds like you got a date tonight, good luck." The manager said as he walked by me in the break room, his antlers hitting the exit sign on his way back to his office.
  9. Gave me quite the burst of energy to finish off this last bit of work and clock out, never finished paperwork that fast in my life. I then took the buss back home, changed into more warm clothes, a nice parka and a matching pair of fleece shirt and pants, then head out to the fairgrounds.
  13. When I made it to the entrance, I saw Ralsei exiting his taxi, right on que. He was dressed in what looked to be a soft, warm green poncho, a pink scarf, the same fleece pants as I have and a brand new hat.
  15. "Hey anon, nice to see you here" the soft fluffy goat spoke, "like my new hat?" He asked.
  17. "It's lovely, green really suits you. Is that custom fitted?" I asked.
  19. "Oh, no, monsters with more goat like features are increasing in numbers, so someone started selling hats for us. Isn't that cool? I mean, if you think it's cool it is." He blushed a little
  21. "That's really cool Ral, I'm glad you found that." I said with a smile.
  23. Ralsei blushed, then replied with "why, thank you Anon."
  25. "Shal we enter, fluffy boy?" I said jokingly.
  27. "Funny, yeah, lets check this out."
  30. "What to do first." I muttered to myself, "Oh, I know, what about the zipper, get a ride on the most dizzying ride before we eat anything yeah?" I asked Ral.
  32. "Sounds like a good plan to me" Ral cheerfully stated as we joined the line.
  34. After a few rotations, the ride began to unload and reload, then we were loaded in the tight sardine can like capsule, tight restraints pressed down on our shoulders, then it began to move. And I freaked out, to the point I was reaching for something, anything to hold onto and there he was, holding out his hand with that same sweet smile on his face that he always has, and I took hold. I never realized just how soft his fur was, just how gentle his grip is until I grabbed hold, his hand felt light as a feather and as warm as the sunshine pouring down on a summer evening.
  36. "That sure calmed you down now, you sure you still don't have feelings for me anon?" He laughed out jokingly as I calmed down and enjoyed the rest of the ride, never once letting go of his hand.
  38. The ride operator opened up the door and we both stumbled out, dizzy as we ever could be stumbling across to the exit, well I was, Ralsei was supporting me, walking me over to a bench next to a hot dog stand.
  40. "What a rush, what's next Ral, I chose first, now you do woah the ground is moving." I said slurring out my words.
  42. "Well, I haven't eaten yet, how about we do that?" He chimed out as he set me down on the bench "Let's wait for for a moment first, get our land legs back alright?" He said as he sat down next to me, leaning his against me, placing his hand over mine, blushing a bright pink blush.
  44. "Thanks Ral." I replied.
  47. We had settled on finding a cheese steak place and both ordered some wiz wits and some generic soft drink, then sat down to enjoy it. Though, I was distracted the whole time by Rals cute mannerisms, taking the smallest bites, sipping his drink so daintily, making sure to wipe his hands every time he puts the sandwich down. My food almost got cold just watching him eat, never thought I'd see the day that would happen.
  49. "Anon, are you ok?" He asked, looking a bit concerned.
  51. "Oh, sure, just got a bit distracted. I'm fine." I replied.
  53. "Don't make me worry about you now." Ral said in a worried tone "So, now we're finished eating, you choose what we do next."
  55. I looked at my clock, noticing it's almost showtime for the fireworks, and said "Oh, I know, let's go on the ferris wheel, perfect place to see the light show."
  59. Just as we were nearing the top, the fireworks started going off, the sound echoed and boomed for miles on end, leaving beautiful trails of shimmering light in their wake. Then, the wheel stopped at the very top, me sitting next to Ral watching this show, I reached for his hand and stated "Hey, Ral, I want to tell you something."
  61. "Wait, first, I want to say something Anon. Tonight's been fantastic, I want to do this again more often." he said looking down, swinging his feet back and forth, blushing the pinkest shade I've seen yet. "Anon, will you be my boyfriend?" He looked up at me with that precious smile, tears in the corner of his eyes, it was at that point I reached over and kissed the heck out of him. It felt as if I were melting into him, his muscles all relaxed and he embraced me while we shared that kiss as the biggest firework went off right as the wheel started moving again.
  63. "It's funny, I was going to ask you the same thing Ral. I really like you, no, love you." I said.
  65. "I love you too." Ral replied, leaning his head on my shoulder as we watched the remaining fireworks go off.
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