Celestia/Luna Greentexts: Video Games

Mar 17th, 2015
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  1. "Oh my God, yes!"
  2. >You had found it.
  3. >The one thing you had been searching for ever since coming to Equestria.
  4. >The box.
  5. >The box of video games.
  6. >You had found the TV months before, and since then, its partner was the only thing on your mind.
  7. >Inside was a vast array of consoles, controllers, and games, all waiting to be used.
  8. >What to play first?
  9. >Twisted Metal 2 on the Playstation?
  10. >Super Mario World on SNES?
  11. >Glover on the N64?
  12. >Holy Hell, there were so many choices.
  13. >Lifting the heavy box out of the piles of junk in your closet, you head out of the room and towards the lounge, where the TV was.
  14. >Your fevered pace was noticed by anyone you passed, but they didn't matter.
  15. >Hands shaking with excitement, you reached the lounge and pressed through the door, finding two princesses laying about and chatting.
  16. >They were silenced as you walked by with the box.
  17. >"Oh, hello Anonymous."
  18. >"Pray tell, what is that you're carrying?"
  19. >You set the box down in front of the TV, trying to decide what console to hook up first.
  20. "Remember that box I was talking about the other day?"
  21. >"The one with the 'entertainment centers'?" Celestia asked.
  22. "Oh yeah."
  23. >"Clearly, you've found it," Luna quipped.
  24. >The smile on your false didn't falter as you pulled out the SNES and its respective cords.
  25. "Exactly. Now I finally get to play video games again!"
  26. >There was a brief pause as you hooked up the SNES.
  27. >Powering the TV was no problem, considering Celestia had used magic to make it able to run forever.
  28. >Or at least for as long as you lived.
  29. >"Video games?"
  30. >That was something you expected to hear.
  31. "Yep. Video games," you answered as you plugged the cords into the TV. "You mind using that power spell you used on the TV on this?" you asked Celestia.
  32. >As the sun pony's horn glowed, Luna questioned you further. "What is a video game, Anonymous?"
  33. >Your response was a grin at the blue princess.
  34. "You'll see."
  35. >The glow of Celestia's golden aura ceased. "There, it should work now."
  36. >You turned on the TV, then grabbed Super Mario World out of the box and slapped it into the console.
  37. >The power switch on the SNES was flicked, and you waited for the nostalgic glory.
  38. >You and the princesses were met with a black screen.
  39. >"...video games?" came Celestia's voice.
  40. "Oh old hardware, never change."
  41. >You pulled the cartridge out and blew on the bottom of it, dislodging dust from inside the game.
  42. >For good measure, you also blew on the cartridge port, finding it to be pretty dusty too.
  43. >Slapping the cartridge back into the console, you turn it back on, and smile when you hear the familiar *ba-ding!* of a coin.
  44. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEpaZR2Dvlg
  45. >The princesses look at the screen with curiosity as the title screen plays out.
  46. >"So it's just a movie that looks like it was made with an outlandish style?" asked Celestia.
  47. "It's not a movie," you corrected as you pressed a button on the controller, bringing up the save files. "It's a game that you control."
  48. >As you press more buttons on the controller, the sisters are impressed with what they see.
  49. >Selecting an empty save file, you start a new game.
  50. >The beginning text screen pops up telling you and the princesses what's going on with Mario and Dinosaur Island.
  51. >"This is a game? So far, it feels as though I've been reading a book with all of this text," Luna says.
  52. "Don't go saying anything yet, Moonbutt."
  53. >Once the world map comes into view, you begin to move Mario around, and the princesses look on with wide eyes.
  54. >"You really are controlling it!"
  55. >A smug grin is plastered on your face as you begin the first level, watching the screen pixilate into an image of Mario on the stage.
  56. >As you make him run and jump, the princesses get off of their lounging couches to sit next to you and get a better view of the small screen.
  57. >"A game you control...so what do you have to do to win? How can you lose if you control it?"
  58. "I'm not a hundred percent in control. I can only make Mario move and jump. I gotta get him to the end of the level before time runs out."
  59. >"And what if you don't make it in time?"
  60. "I lose a life."
  61. >"A life? That little creature you control can die?"
  62. "Uh, yeah. You lose the game if you run out of lives. Think of them as extra tries."
  63. >The princesses watch in awe as Mario encounters a couple dinosaur enemies and promptly jumps on them.
  64. >"What did you do that for?"
  65. "Those were enemies."
  66. >"Of course. A run to the goal would be lacking without obstacles," Luna muses.
  67. >Mario grabs some coins while Celestia comes up with another question.
  68. >"So if those were enemies, clearly they can take away your 'tries'."
  69. "Yep, that's why you need," you pause, finding a mushroom, "this."
  70. >When the mushroom is picked up, the princesses "ooo" as Mario grows to full size.
  71. >"What does that do?"
  72. "Makes it so I can take an extra hit before dying."
  73. >Mario jumps across the level, bouncing on koopas and kicking their shells.
  74. >You find a warp pipe and travel down it, confusing the sisters.
  75. >"How did that happen?"
  76. "It's called a warp pipe. You can travel down some of them. Not all of them, though."
  77. >Mario runs through the underground area and picks up a dragon coin among normal coins.
  78. >"Is there any reason to collect those golden coins?"
  79. "You get an extra life if you get enough of them."
  80. >"Fascinating."
  81. >Mario reached the surface again and ran about, picking up a starman from a block.
  82. >"He's glowing!"
  83. "Yep. Makes it so I can't be hurt, so it's pretty useful, too."
  84. >Once the starman runs off, Mario finds a fire flower and his clothes change color.
  85. >"What happened to him?"
  86. "I got a power up called a fire flower. I can shoot fireballs now."
  87. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRjP18vxC-c
  88. >Celestia takes particular interest in this ability, watching tiny orange balls be hurled at enemies.
  89. >Once you reach the end of the level, you make sure to hit the bar at the end goal as high as you can.
  90. >In doing so, you manage to get eighteen star points.
  91. >Not bad.
  92. >"I take it that eighteen means something?"
  93. "It does. If I get one hundred then I get to play a minigame to get more lives."
  94. >"What's a minigame?"
  95. "A game within a game."
  96. >Luna frowns at your explanation, confused. "How does that make sense?"
  97. "It's a side thing that doesn't involve getting to the end goal like most levels."
  98. >She nods in understanding.
  99. >Once the stage ends, the princesses are once again ooed as they watch the map change to open up a new level.
  100. >Mario climbed the ladder to the Yellow Switch Palace and waited on an input from the controller.
  101. >You offer said controller to the princesses.
  102. "Wanna give it a shot? This level's pretty easy."
  103. >Celestia holds up a hoof. "No thank you, Anonymous. I think I prefer to be an observer."
  104. >Luna takes the controller in her magical grip. "I'm never one to pass up a challenge."
  105. >She fumbles about with the thing in her magic, so you press the button to begin the level.
  106. >When Luna was given control of Mario, she could only figure out how to make him shoot fireballs.
  107. >"Curse this contraption," she muttered as she figured out the controls.
  108. >She had two and a half minutes before the timer ran out, which gave her a decent amount of time to figure things out.
  109. >Eventually, Luna got Mario to move, albeit slowly, and made him do spin jumps on the level.
  110. >"Haha! I've mastered the little thing!" she cheered as she watched Mario move per her input.
  111. >As the timer reached one hundred seconds, Luna got Mario to travel through the pipe to the next room.
  112. >The increased pace of the music from the dwindling timer frightened Luna, who suddenly panicked and had Mario jumping all over the place.
  113. >"Why is the music speeding up? Am I going to lose? Reach the end, quickly!"
  114. "Luna, calm down. Just keep going to the right and you'll be fine."
  115. >She did as you said, bringing Mario to the huge, yellow switch at the end of the level.
  116. >The timer was at ten seconds.
  117. >"What next, Anonymous!?"
  118. "Jump on the switch, quick!"
  119. >She fumbled with Mario, but was able to make him spin jump onto the yellow switch at exactly two seconds on the clock.
  120. >"Victory!"
  121. "So, what'd you think?"
  122. >She handed the controller back to you. "A riveting experience, but I think I agree with my sister's position on these 'video games'. I shall watch, rather than participate."
  123. "Your loss, I guess."
  124. >You went back to playing the game, and enjoyed the new questions that arose from the princesses.
  125. >"What is Yoshi?"
  126. >"What's a boss?"
  127. >"What does that cape do?"
  128. >All were answered with delight and detail.
  129. >When you beat a boss, they cheered you on.
  130. >When certain danger was lurking, they'd warn you.
  131. >In essence, they almost became backseat players.
  132. >After a couple hours of playing, though, you decided you'd had enough fun with Mario and shut the game off, much to the chagrin of the princesses.
  133. >"Done already?" Celestia asked, pouty.
  134. "Already? I was playing for a good while."
  135. >"That doesn't mean you should stop!"
  136. "Don't you two have royal duties to do?"
  137. >Both shook their heads. "We're not going to be busy anytime soon," Celestia informed.
  138. >Lucky them.
  139. "Alright," you said with mock annoyance, "but I'm playing a different game."
  140. >"There's more than one?"
  141. >You pointed at the box.
  142. "Why not pick one out, Sunny Buns?"
  143. >Celestia went to the box and looked around inside.
  144. "It has to be a cartridge just like the one I used, okay?"
  145. >"Got it." A bit of shuffling later, Celestia came out with a new game to play. "How about this one?"
  146. >A Link to the Past.
  147. >Another classic.
  148. >You grabbed the cartridge and swapped out Super Mario World for it.
  149. >Once the game began, the cycle of reactions from the princesses reset, playing out almost exactly the same as with Mario.
  150. >"How do you win and lose?"
  151. >"What if you can't beat a boss?"
  152. >"Who are enemies and who are friends?"
  153. >A pony's curiosity could stretch on for miles, you figured.
  154. >You play the game for a few hours, but eventually, you get bored of it, too.
  155. >And it's dinner time.
  156. >The princesses reluctantly agree that it's time to eat, and they get up from their spots.
  157. >As the three of you traverse the halls, Celestia and Luna can't stop talking about the games.
  158. >"What should he play next?"
  159. >"Something fast!"
  160. >"Do you have a game like that, Anonymous?"
  161. "I do, but it'll have to come tomorrow. After dinner I'm heading off to bed, like you two will."
  162. >"That's fine. I can wait," Celestia calmly tells you.
  163. >"As can I. I'm eager to see this fast game of yours, Anonymous."
  164. "And I'm eager to show it off."
  165. >Who'd have thought these two would get so hooked on to video games?
  166. >The princesses practically pranced to dinner as you followed them, smiling at their anticipation.
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