Vena assassinates Flamy's sleep pattern (and x Thiefman C)

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  1. [01:06:59] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> what even would be the support dynamic
  2. [01:07:19] <Vena> picking a god and praying?
  3. [01:07:27] <Vena> well you've chosen anna so
  4. [01:07:47] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> maybe vena just spoops edwin a lot
  5. [01:09:46] <Vena> Well she is pretty spoopy. ...And hey, there's new people to stalk. Just to see if they notice, of course.
  6. [01:09:50] <Vena> So, what's Edwin doing?
  7. [01:11:03] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Speaking of which, Edwin sits on a log that night, Phantom☆ on his lap, looking up to the sky as he muses to himself. "This is it. This is... really it. It might be our last battle. It might be our last days." He looks down to the very ominous-looking knife. "But whatever it is, I know we can do it. Dracobuster, Kiuru, Ellamae, Gustav, Nanashi, Lucas,
  8. [01:11:03] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Eily, Nihi... everyone. We can do it. And with those new guys..."
  9. [01:14:57] <Vena> Good, then she jumps out of a nearby tree, landing near Edwin. Did you see her coming? Well it's dark and she was both concealed and as still as the dead itself, so that depends. "Well if things had gone differently, us new guys would probably have beaten you to death!" She winks--or does she blink? With her mask half on, it's impossible to tell, but at least one eye
  10. [01:14:57] <Vena> closed.
  11. [01:15:04] <Vena> Good ol' Vena, foistering positive relations.
  12. [01:17:06] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> With an awkwardly surprised yelp that one would expect from the most hot-blooded person here (aside from Grav), Edwin falls off the log, managing to catch Phantom☆ in one hand before it stuck itself anywhere unpleasantly. "Wh-where did you come from? Did you just warp here?"
  13. [01:21:16] <Vena> Vena gets a kick out of the yelp, but doesn't show it in favor of really squeezing out his shocked reaction by being unperturbed. "I came from Acaiah, if you must know. Never got used to the cold, but it has a lot of rich people. Good place to make a living!"
  14. [01:21:22] <Vena> "Not from space or anything."
  15. [01:24:43] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "You're from Acaiah, too?" Eyes shining with suddenly newfound appreciation without even knowing the new shukugirl's occupation, Edwin gets back up. "I am, too! ... wait, are you from space? My friend Ellamae is from space, too."
  16. [01:25:03] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "Erm, _lady_ Ellamae, that is."
  17. [01:30:17] <Vena> "I just said I wasn't from space. If I was from space, I wouldn't be from Acaiah. ...Really, I wonder how cold it is up there. Perhaps it just keeps getting colder. Maybe it's not really unlike Acaiah..." Shrug! "...That said, I haven't met much dragons.  I suppose since you're calling her 'lady', she's one of the scarier ones?" She may have been a bit scary during the
  18. [01:30:17] <Vena> stave training. And she might have held back several colorful expressions when she was nursing you back to health after the dragon incident. ...Said expressioned trained by Nanashi's countless flirts with death.
  19. [01:30:51] <Vena> You'd think she was cheating on Nihi with death, but Nihi is gradually sucking away her soul for more power so really you could lump them together.
  20. [01:30:58] <Vena> ...Still, sort of off the mark.
  21. [01:33:34] * DevaliousL (~No@5079DE31:295A6A1C:F0C527EA:IP) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
  22. [01:34:25] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> He remembers those times well, and winces just a little. "... maybe. But lady Ellamae is a nice person! As is Varos." The trickster stows away the knife for now, extending a hand to the other thief promotion. "My name is Edwin. How about you?"
  23. [01:40:09] <Vena> "Huh. So, a nice one, then, Suppose Varos is related to them in some fashion? Eh, whatever. Vena's my name." ... "It's actually not my real name, but I like it more."
  24. [01:40:20] <Vena> "So it might as well be, you know?"
  25. [01:43:30] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "Hm... hiding a part of yourself?" That seems familiar. "Well, I'm sure you have your reasons for wanting to keep that part a secret." The boy nods, smiling. "Well, if you change your mind later, do tell me."
  26. [01:47:04] <Vena> "Nah. It's a part that stays until the day I stop having a murder fetish." wait what
  27. [01:49:01] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> And then things quickly spiralled downwards. "A... I'm sorry, what?" Edwin has a really blank stare.
  28. [01:49:34] <Vena> "What?" Vena 'plays along'.
  29. [01:51:48] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "D-did you say... m-murder fetish?" The sheer shock from that likely would have caused him to fall off the log. Again.
  30. [01:56:14] <Vena> "Might've~" The shark smells blood, and swims towards it. ...Oh, and Vena's smiling.
  31. [02:00:54] <Vena> "...It's OK though, I'm not an assassin. I'm a bodyguard." The best part is that it's both a blatant lie and a technical truth.
  32. [02:01:22] <Vena> And when someone eventually confirms the technical truth, they assume that the blatant lie wasn't.
  33. [02:03:52] <Vena> Or they assume she's an assassin correctly, but she'll never actually confirm this, and no one else really will either, so it hangs over their heads as a dreadful 'maybe/probably'.
  35. [02:03:55] <Raitaki> she bodyguards the fuhrer by eliminating all who oppose his rule
  36. [02:03:57] <Raitaki> everywhere ever
  37. [02:04:15] <Vena> Yeah, the real truth is that she's both. A very proactive bodyguard.
  38. [02:04:40] <Vena> Isn't that what assassins practically are in a lot of cases, though?
  39. [02:07:56] <Vena> ...By the way, you called Sylvera a bad name. You're on the list now!
  40. [02:09:33] <Vena> She shall be known as the god-empress queen EX PLUS thank you
  41. [02:09:45] <Raitaki> is that her clothing size
  42. [02:09:47] * Raitaki shot
  43. [02:09:57] <Vena> as a dragon sure
  44. [02:10:02] <Raitaki> w
  45. [02:10:37] <Raitaki> so because of the ideal form thing and stuff, if she's EX PLUS as a dragon......
  46. [02:14:53] <Vena> if Flamy doesn't post I'm driving to your house and showing you my fetish
  47. [02:16:45] <Raitaki> sure
  48. [02:16:50] <Raitaki> there's a spare cousin you could gut
  49. [02:17:23] <Vena> well why do that when there's an entry on the list to cross out
  50. [02:23:26] <DevaliousL> How'd it go in here
  51. [02:23:29] <DevaliousL> I had to D/C to fix my net
  52. [02:32:45] <Vena> Edwin's mind broke.
  53. [02:33:06] <Vena> ...As in, he hasn't posted
  54. [02:33:06] <DevaliousL> rip
  55. [02:33:13] <Vena> I think he was thrown into bed or something
  56. [02:33:17] <DevaliousL> I see
  57. [02:33:24] <Vena> possibly by himself because it's late
  58. [05:58:07] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Why am I such a massive loser?
  59. [05:58:18] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Sorry, boss.
  60. [05:58:40] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> ... and with that, I sleep.
  61. [13:51:42] <Vena> zzz--MORNING FLAMY
  62. [13:51:52] <Vena> I SEE EDWIN WAS AT A LOSS FOR WORDS
  63. [13:51:55] * ScarletFlame hides
  64. [13:52:10] <ScarletFlame> FUCK YOU I PASSED OUT
  65. [13:52:41] <Vena> WE CAN START WHENEVER
  66. [13:52:45] <Vena> RESTART WHENEVER
  68. [14:02:38] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "... o-oh. Okay," Tempted to just bolt on the spot, roll into Lucas's tent, take his Runesword (again), and prepare to not die, Edwin instead looks like a very scared young man. "But if you're a bodyguard... that's worse, isn't it?"
  69. [14:08:02] <Vena> Mission success. ...He's got his Phantom☆ though, that'd probably do him better for not dying. She might miss--hahaha never mind. Still, he does pose a question. "...Being a bodyguard is worse than being an assassin? Both jobs certainly involve making heads roll. Honestly, assassins generally only have business with their target and possibly any guard in the way--probably
  70. [14:08:02] <Vena> depends on the mission--but for bodyguarding, there's the potential for entire bandit hordes to 'protect someone' from. Or literal armies, even."
  71. [14:15:56] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Vena de Killer has a point. "And... I guess it's for a more noble cause, since you're doing it to- Wait, what am I doing?! You're a born murderer!" He's about to jump up and miss attacking, but instead remains where he is. "Though... I'm nothing but a thief. Either way, what I steal doesn't make me any better than what you steal..."
  72. [14:22:49] <Vena> She thinks about this for a moment, but replies promptly. "...No, what I steal is certainly worse. You can give gold back, and many other objects have replacements, but lives are a tad bit more sacred. You can't just give those back. ...That said, we're all on the battlefield taking lives, right? In that sense, the only real difference is that I enjoy my work."
  73. [14:27:31] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> A sigh escapes the trickster. Also, Phantom only gets Edwin to 31 Speed. Not even QPU speeds. "In that case, I'm glad you're not pointed at us. But for both of us... we're fighting for... someone else, aren't we? Well, maybe you're fighting for the heck of it, or because there's something in it for you."
  74. [14:34:04] <Vena> "Well, what's wrong with fighting for yourself? There's definitely something in it for me, lest I wouldn't have gotten involved to begin with. ...But I suppose I'm fighting for a few other people now. Still fighting for myself, though."
  75. [14:36:38] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "You said you were a bodyguard, so I thought you were fighting for someone else. Because, you know, protecting them by killing others. Lots of others."
  76. [14:40:07] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "Other people that may also be after friends of the person you're bodyguarding."
  77. [14:40:40] <Vena> "Clients are clients. You don't have to befriend them all." She shrugs. "She just wanted to be escorted, that would just be fighting to do my job and get the paycheck. It'd be more like fighting for the paycheck, not really so much fighting for them. Slightly different now though, client turns out to actually be a fun person. Don't see those every day."
  78. [14:40:57] <Vena> "And if I were to go out of my way like that, I'd probably expect a tip~"
  79. [14:43:34] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "... right," Well, not all people. Not even half-people. A person is a person, you can't say it's only half.
  80. [14:44:09] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> ... fuck that probably causes the Scuttlebug to appear.
  81. [14:52:50] <Vena> "...So, why'd you pick up stealing? You seem to be a goody two-shoes. They're not normally thieves."
  82. [15:01:07] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "I stole, because I had no choice," And because you were inspired by noble thieves. Or is it gentleman thieves? Whatever. "In the end, though, I got caught..."
  83. [15:10:01] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "How about you, though? I can't imagine somebody just... discovering that they loved to kill."
  84. [15:11:32] <Vena> "...And thus began your adventure, eh? ...Judging by your age, I suppose you were...supporting your family? If you were an orphan, I imagine you'd be a bit less idealistic. As for me,'d be surprised what kind of circumstances would lead to such a discovery. It's like discovering how much you like a hobby. You could even compare it to love at first sight, really."
  85. [15:12:37] <Vena> "...Not that it's as simple as I make it out to be, of course. ...And not that I enjoy the very fact that I enjoy it."
  86. [15:17:30] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Such mysterious girls with tragic pasts. What other secrets did they hide? #Shukugirls "My father had died, yes. I hope my mother is alright... gah, she must be worried sick over me." He does go silent on the whole "realizing that you love murder" part. "... I see. I won't press any further, then."
  87. [15:22:24] <Vena> "Good decision. And...I suppose one day, you might be able to return with a wad of cash. Rolant's probably loaded, dragons are known for hoarding treasure. ...And I suppose you've learned a lot, so even if you were kicked out, who would stop you from sneaking a visit in? What sort of thief doesn't do stealth, after all?" For someone so messed up, she seems to be a reasonable
  88. [15:22:24] <Vena> person???
  89. [15:26:55] <Raitaki> can't be a good serial killer if people can't say "they seemed so normal i couldn't ever imagine them being a serial killer" about you
  90. [15:27:41] <Vena> INDEED
  91. [15:27:49] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> The sort of thief who does the Sirrolant-Acaiah Border Pass instead. "I... Perhaps, lady Vena. And... thinking about giving up thievery, too. It doesn't look very good for children, don't you think?" Is Vena technically a shukugirl? They don't seem little girl enough. Hell, how old are they?
  92. [15:29:30] <Vena>
  93. [15:31:28] <Vena> ...Though she hardly seemed normal, either. That mask, man. "Generally, thieves don't get caught, so it shouldn't matter how it looks. And there's plenty of stories out there glorifying thievery, anyway. But, considering you're the way you'll have to find another job, that's for sure. I imagine it'd be hard to put the past behind you, since it's shaped who you
  94. [15:31:28] <Vena> are today." She shrugs!
  95. [15:38:55] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Acceptable explanation. "I accepted a job from a very nice merchant. Maybe I could get away with that," Counter-shrug! "But... I'll have to tell them the truth someday, won't I? When they're old enough, of course. Oh, but... they might get the wrong idea." He should just be upfront about being a thief. At least that would explain him going off to steal better.
  96. [15:49:00] <Vena> "...You should probably think about that yourself. You'll have time."
  97. [16:03:44] <Flamy> > Vena and Edwin have attained a Support Rank of C!
  98. [16:03:54] <Flamy> And it was a long C Support.
  99. [16:04:04] <Flamy> Why the fuck, Giantreehouse.
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