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  1. [Tools] I found a cigarette in Greg's mom, dad and coat.
  2. Greg, did you smoke? Not dad
  3. He is lying
  4. There is no doubt.
  5. Greg, I am afraid that your punishment will fight snakes for 4 hours.
  6. This gives you time to think about what you did.
  7. man! I will tell him this.
  8. Ian, you're worried that you are burning with your brother and looking for a day in the firebox.
  9. smoking.
  10. Why is such a boy so bad? They live in the wrong place.
  11. Brady? Yes.
  12. There are robberies, bandits and drug dealers.
  13. name.
  14. Do you need pancakes? Peter: No.
  15. Gemini witnesses are the worst situation.
  16. Lois: [singing] “They seem to watch today” Sexual violence in movies and television. Fortunately, there are people who can say positively "all of us", "laughter", and "family".
  17. Do you receive collagen injections? There is no need to change the appearance.
  18. As you know, the self-esteem of most problems in the world is low.
  19. Hanging music at the gym [laughing men and women] [growing] great! The mind control unit is almost complete! Lois. Stewie, I said there are no games on the table.
  20. Damn, evil woman! You have suspended my work since I escaped from his miserable womb.
  21. Do n’t write, honey.
  22. When you were born, the doctor said you were the happiest child you have ever seen.
  23. But of course.
  24. It was a Victory Day.
  25. I will avoid the ovary of Bastille deeply. Please return your device! No game, Stewie
  26. Then very good
  27. Don't forget my word: at least your support will come when you expect! Mom, are you warming up? Do not touch the thermostat or Meg.
  28. Dad is angry
  29. come
  30. This will be 90.
  31. Who touched the thermostat? How do you always know God? Brain implant, Meg.
  32. Every dad has.
  33. Notify when a child messes up the dial.
  34. Man: My job is gone! Is the thermostat all right? Yes, everything is going well
  35. -Is my baby here? forget! Misinformation! Brian: Ahoy's butt.
  36. Peter, I got another 7 pants
  37. What happened is a deer.
  38. Lois, I worked hard for this family for a week.
  39. I am at home.
  40. Like this person, I tell you to give me permission to the party.
  41. Listen and at least promise not to drink
  42. Alcohol always causes problems.
  43. come
  44. You are not worried about anything.
  45. Remember when you drank sacred wine in the temple? So the Lord God did a bad job.
  46. I hate it when you speak.
  47. Priest: But it's strange that Job still maintained his dignity.
  48. Is this really the blood of Christ? -Yup.
  49. A man was wasted at an ice cream shop.
  50. Butterram is my favorite.
  51. Do you remember having an Irish coffee when you went to Philadelphia? I am a crying audience.
  52. Big guy
  53. Tom Hanks, that's it.
  54. Interesting person, Tom Hanks
  55. I'm just saying it's a stitch.
  56. There is AIDS.
  57. Promise me, Peter.
  58. Lois, I promise.
  59. Even today, a drop of alcohol does not reach the lips.
  60. Who wants to drink beer? It is here
  61. You win.
  62. This is normal.
  63. What will I win? Another beer! Aim for a high score! In fact, Charlie got the highest score.
  64. Man.
  65. The clock will not flash.
  66. Feel bad
  67. I promised my wife not to drink alcohol.
  68. That's not bad, Peter.
  69. -word.
  70. I didn't think so.
  71. Are you attracted to pornography? Did you bring pornography? You will like it
  72. It's classic.
  73. Listen
  74. If I take it and you are not there, you will regret it.
  75. Neither today nor tomorrow.
  76. Rick: But soon and in the rest of life.
  77. Come on, Ilsa! Sit down! [Cool TV music] Narrator: This statue was a gift from France.
  78. What is this? Man.
  79. My child should write this for a history class.
  80. [Moaning] The Statue of Liberty? What are we going to do? Boys drink until warm.
  81. -Serious enough for work.
  82. Meg, pancake
  83. Chris Father Elbow
  84. Thank you son
  85. A good example for kids, Peter
  86. Yes.
  87. New family record.
  88. Dad, how to lift the bar.
  89. Chris, 13 years old.
  90. Do not say
  91. Everyone, Dad is just drunk, and the Statue of Liberty can take off his clothes.
  92. What did you promise last night? I don't drink at the party.
  93. What did you do I almost drank a deer that went the right way.
  94. What to say! The accountant seems to be adding a car to my head.
  95. [Car sound] Dick, what is it? Paul, that is a dangerous idea.
  96. You are faithful to your work.
  97. All right
  98. Acquisition? A hangover is a natural way to say I am right.
  99. MEG: Mom, are you alright? Lois. Do it
  100. The chair legs were free.
  101. Are you stupid? The neck may break.
  102. Not at all! [Spanish books
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