Anonymous Declaration of #OpNYT

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  1. Anonymous Declaration of #OpNYT
  4. In mid-August, Wikileaks released a trove of e-mails culled from the 5.6 million seized from the criminal private intelligence firm Stratfor, which aside from its public geopolitical analysis work was soon revealed to have been engaged in covert surveillance operations against activists including those located in Bhopal and engaged in advocacy for those sickened by the Union Carbide disaster. Having engaged in regular correspondence with the executives of another firm called Trapwire which oversees deployment of an eponymous surveillance and "data-mining" capability used in an unknown number of cities and regions around the world - correspondence conducted in large part in reference to the corrupt promotional bargain the two firms had struck - Stratfor's e-mails included a good deal of confirmable information as well as assertions regarding the nature of the product itself and the way it might be used.
  6. While real researchers poured through the release and compared the info therein with primary sources like those stemming from the 70,000 HBGary e-mails, The New York Times put on the story some yahoo who declared fears to be "wildly exaggerated" in part because two unnamed, titleless sources at the Department of Homeland Security told them they tried it and didn't like it. No indication is given as to whether or not this was proven to the reporter, or if he saw any evidence of it at all. At any rate, this reporter did not see fit to mention what was elsewhere being shouted by Anonymous, Telecomix, Wikileaks, ProjectPM, and independent researchers: that Cubic is in control of this capability, and that this was where the main problem lay.
  8. Cubic Corporation has successfully hidden its ties to other secret subsidiaries such as Ntrepid, which tax documents from 2010 show to have been "wholly owned" by Cubic even in addition to having a board virtually identical to Cubic's other, acknowledged and respected subsidiary, Abraxas. That Ntrepid won the 2010 persona management from CENTCOM/USAF - another matter that we have screamed to the rooftops about since OpMetalGear and through - is simply one of several matters that absolutely should be of concern to every population in which Cubic controls aspects of civilian, public space security. This should be doubly the case in light of the Team Themis scandal, involving Palantir, HBGary, Berico, the
  9. Jusice Department (which for some reason failed to investigate when deferred to by the netfascist Lamar Smith of SOPA infamy), Bank of America, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Incidentally, the NYT was offered the first look at the e-mails which produced that and other scandals, but declined, and the e-mail evidence of this and other incompetence will be provided to all through other press channels within the next 48 hours, or else via the usual Anonymous venues.
  11. The facts on Trapwire have since been confirmed by a series of other outlets ranging from The Daily Caller to Pravda to The New American to to Cryptome, and by six Australian outlets that were promptly forced to delete the assertion via Cubic's powerful lawyers - but these facts have yet to be acknowledged by the NYT nor by those other outlets that still think highly of the Grey Lady despite her being a filthy, poorly-composed whore - Thomas Friedman's syphilitic dominatrix.
  13. Death to this horrid paper. And dox upon Mark Mazzetti, who was caught sending an unpublished column to a CIA spokesman with the note, "This didn't come from me," - an incident that has since been inexplicably described by The Time's own spokesperson as a favor Mazzetti did for the author of the column even after the managing editor said it was some sort of secret he couldn't tell Politico for reasons of, presumably, national security.
  15. For the present, we will simply extend the bounds of sanity to the extent possible by spreading these and other failures of the New York Times by attaching the info to those deeds to come, and by encouraging all Anons to assist in this brief engagement, done in conjunction with #OpTrapwire and #OpBigBrother. Incidentally, the apparent changing of a New York Times website administrator password earlier today was, although amusing if true, not in accordance with generally-accepted Anonymous tradition of non-aggression via hacking or DOS towards publications not run (officially) by the state. Gawker has been only exception, lol Kayla.
  18. Jeremy Hammond and others who have been charged with stealing secrets from the gods are not the responsibility of the New York Times, the media, or the public. They are our heroes. As such, it is our duty to do whatever possible - within the ethics agreed upon by the individual actors who may choose to conduct this and other operations and generally exemplified by prior Anonymous-attributed activities - to force attention to those portions of the information of great and demonstrable relevance to the Grand Imperial Republic of the United States, its pseudo-vassals, and those populations within reach of its situational awareness and covert operational capabilities. We will do this despite, and because of, the failures we continue to see from a media that has evolved under pressure of a degenerate market demographic, the American
  19. people, but which could have easily chosen to compete for the honest and the virtuous and supported itself while encouraging the civic virtue that will either revive soon, or be transformed into guerilla online civil war of a sort even more unexpected than what we have brought you these years past.
  22. Don't wait. Retaliate.
  24. We do not forget.
  26. Anonymous
  28. / #ProjectPM
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