The Chronicles Of Alexstrasza CH1EP1 Walkthrough Alternative

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  1. 1. Starting the Game
  4. Graphics
  6. The game requires still quite amount of power when played with all the graphic settings activated. Weaker machines should look for a way to deactivate some things so they don't have big frame drops. Looking at Sex-Animations with just 5 FPS isn't that fun right?
  8. In youe Whorecraftfolder there is a path: UDKGame -> Config
  10. In this folder there is a file called: UDKSystemSettings.ini
  12. Open this with Editor and start messing around with the graphics if you know what you are doing, if not let me get you a few hints:
  14. Activated settings are marked with a true, so to deactivate it you have to delete the True and put a False in. The easiest way to get high FPS back in the game is to deactive just one simple thing:
  16. DynamicShadows=True ---> Switch it to False
  18. This will remove the Dynamic Shadows from the game and it should fix the FPS problems for most of you. Other things which I deactivate often are some cosmetic things like:
  20. LensFlares
  21. Bloom
  22. Motionblurr
  23. Distortion
  25. The game runs fine for me and still does not look bad. You even can deactivate
  27. DynamicLights
  29. But I wouldn't recommend it because that could make the whole thing a little bit too dark.
  31. When you changed the things you wanted to change, you have to save the new file on your desktop, because you can't save it in the game directy, at least I can't do it with Windows7, after that it is yours to decide if you make a backup copy of the old file, or just overwrite the old one with the new.
  35. Save Load
  37. Auril implemented a Save System in the game so if you like one particular scene or place in the game you can put a save there and reload it later to get to this scene without playing the whole game again, but at the moment the save system just loads the last save you made, so you can have different saves, but you would have to take the newer files out of the save folder to be able to load an older one.
  39. Simply press F5 to save
  40. and press F6 to load
  42. Like you would do it in most Steam games.
  44. From the game Main Menu you can click Load too if you want to reload the last save.
  46. If there is a command to load older saves from the game I haven't tried or tested it yet.
  48. Dellstone made a thread to provide us saves so if you need one for a certain scene you get it there:
  49. -Link got killed by the Forum-
  51. The Path for the Saves is:
  53. C:\Your Directories\Binaries\Win32\UserCode
  55. As far as I understand it, all the files in there together are 1 save. So you would have to prepare a seperator folder for each save and swap them as you want to switch between saves, but I never tried that myself.
  59. Steam
  61. If you don't like UDK using your Steam to run the game and telling everyone that you play with the Unreal Development Kit you can diable it by altering the DefaultEngine.ini in the UDKgame/Config. Simply add the following two lines to teh file and save it.
  63. [OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.OnlineSubsystemSteamworks]
  64. bEnableSteam=false
  66. Keep in mind when you disable the SteamWorks overlay you also deactivate the Screenshot function.
  70. Screenshots
  72. Easy task. Press F12. Steam will handle the screenshots for you. If you don't run Steam while playing I don't know if it works. But there is no reason not to, because in Steam there always stands that you are playing UDK, not specifically "You are playing a Sex game and everyone knows it."
  76. Administrator
  78. Since the new Main Menu you have to run the game in Administrator Mode. Else the Play button will always throw you back at the title screen of the game. To run the game as Administrator you simply have to Rightclick the UDK.exe and click on "Run as Administrator", then it will load the maps.
  81. 2. The Commands
  83. Movement
  85. There are a couple of Movement Commands that help you get around faster. I would recommend to play the game the first time the way it is and after that you can use these to run to the scenes you want to watch. To activate the CommandLine you have to press Y or Z and then you have to erase all the text that is written there. After that you type your command and hit Enter.
  87. Fly:
  88. Fly is an easy command. it makes you flying and so you are able to just get easily everywhere you want on the map without following the paths. But its drawback is, that the SetSpeed Command does not work while flying, so you are limited to normal movement speed.
  90. Walk:
  91. Walk gets you right back on the floor. So if you have enough of Ghost or Fly, you type this in and you walk normally around. This Command it quite important if you use Ghost, because when you ghost somewhere and then talk to someone you will fall through the ground, so you have to setup yourself to walk before talking or interacting with anyone.
  93. Ghost:
  94. Ghost is like Fly, you can run everywhere you want but with the addition through everything in your way. So you don't have to run around houses or rocks, you can simply run through them, but you shouldn't interact with something while in ghost. You will fall through the world and would have to retype ghost fast and then walk back up again that could take a while.
  96. SetSpeed:
  97. SetSpeed will make you as fast as you want from 1 to 10, I usually use SetSpeed 5 to get a fast, but controlable movement speed to get around. It is a bit tricky to handle on tigh places like stairs but you will run from location tocation in no time.
  99. Camera Movement:
  100. This is a post of Rhazael regarding the camera controls while displaying a sex scene. It is nice to know if you want to look at a scene from a certain angle that the usual camera position does not allow. I didn't try it but the pictures look very tempting and I will take a look at it the next time I play the game. Here is the Link to his post: Rhazaels Camera Controls
  104. Graphics
  106. If you don't like the Cel-Shading on the new Release and want to have your game look more warcraftish, there is also a command to remove those effects
  108. Show PostProcessing:
  109. Just type this in and it removes all the PostProcessing Effects in the game, if you want them back, just retype this command and they will be activated again.
  112. 3. The Prologue
  114. Daemia as Child
  116. The Game starts with the little Daemia at home. She looks for her mother that is at the top floor in her room, giving Uncle Jack a handjob, this animation is taken out so there is nothing to see. After talking with Daemias mom Cassandra Daemia leaves the house and meets Joy in front of it. Joy wants to go swim but Daemia has to find her father down at the docks. So you run down to the ship and talk to Mr. Fox as she ships leaves the dock.
  117. After that Daemia heads back up to her home or to Joy again. It does not matter where you go, but if you go to Joy up the streets she will at least talk a few words with you, else you get directly into the loading screen for a timewarp 10 years later where the game begins.
  120. 4. The Birthday Night
  122. Getting Up
  124. After the loading Screen you will see that the game now takes place ten years later and and the little Daemia is now a grown up woman.
  125. Sex Scene: Daemia getting Fucked by her stepbrothers Ricko and Packo. ---> MMF / Goblin / Draenei / Anal / Oral / Active / No Camera Controls / Final Picture
  126. Right in the beginning Daemia gets banged by her Goblinbrothers and tells that this happens almost every night. After that she wakes up naked. You go to the window and see that Joy is waiting outside for you, next to Packos bed there is a blue glowing book.
  127. Comic: 1/3 Books, Bloodelf Interrogation
  128. Then you go naked to the bedroom of you mother again where you can encounter her having sex with your uncle.
  129. Sex Scene: Jack licking Cassandra while you mastsurbate. ---> MF / Oral / Goblin / Draenei / Masturbation / Active / Camera Controls / No Picture
  130. After that scene you go back into your room to your wardrobe get dressed and get into the next room where you find a key. You take it and go downstairs and leave the house.
  134. The Town at Night
  136. After you left the house you head around it to meet Joy at her bike. You two chat a bit and then you drive to the town entry, where you get stopped by Bob. After the conversation you have to talk to Joy again and she sends you down to the docks again. But at first you head to the left to the Tauren house so he gives you the quest to find his key. You go to the docks, can talk to the Dock worker and then meet Mr. Fox.
  137. Sex Scene: Mr. Fox takes a trollgirl from behind. ---> Human / Troll / MF / Doggy / Passive / No Picture
  138. You have to talk to him twice, first he tells you that the ship comes back tomorrow that left 10 years ago and second he tells you where to get alcohol to bribe Bob. After that you jump from the dock and grab the glowing key beneath the pier. The next step is going up again to the tavern and straight back again to Cassandra and Jack.
  139. Sex Scene: Cassandra rides on Jack. ---> Goblin / Draenei / MF / Passive / No Picture
  140. Daemia envies her mother for having sex all the time as she watches them. Then you go back down into the kitchen, there you can take some matches and a bottle of wine. When you leave the room Ricko guards the door and forces you to let him fuck you.
  141. Sex Scene: Ricko uses Daemias ass again. ---> Goblin / Draenei / MF / Anal / Active / Final Picture / Camera Controls
  142. After he came he lets you leave the house. Your first way should know be back to the docks and to the island nearby. You swim there walk the path to to the bushes and burn them down. Then you go to the middle of the island and visit the nighelves there.
  143. Sex Scene: At first there is a Futa-Nightelf masturbating and Nightelf riding another Futa, they ask you to join and if you accept you get double penetrated. ---> FuFuF / FuF / Masturbation / Double Penetration / Active / Camera Control / Final Picture / Nightelf / Draenei
  144. The next step is going back to the town, to the Taurens house give him the key, enter his home, look at the TV and Alexstrasza Picture if you desire and walk upstairs, then you can decide to knock the Tauren out or get some Birthday Present.
  145. Sex Scene: The Tauren haves kinky time with Daemia. ---> Tauren / Draenei / MF / Oral / Vaginal / Active / Camera Control / Final Picture
  146. When the Tauren is tired you grab the key and leave the house, go back to Joy and Bob and bribe him with the bottle of wine. Now you are ready to go!
  150. The VIP-Club
  152. One the way to the club you two crash into a druid cat and Joy goes back to the village to find a healer for the cat, while she asks you to go to the club. There is no reason to follow her back to the village because there is nothing to find and so you run up the mountain to the club, enter it and at first walk to the stage to take a look at our beloved human mage jaina. Now it is time to get upstairs and to the left, the first door you see you can enter and behind it there the WC.
  153. Sex Scene: A nightelf getting humped at the sink by a human. ---> Nightelf / Human / MF / Vaginal / Passive / No Controls / No Picture
  154. But you head to the toilet next to them because of the writings on the wall. If you decide to wait until 11:30 PM you get visitors.
  155. Sex Scene: A foursome with 2 humans and a gnome. ---> Draenei / Human / Gnome / MMMF / Oral / Titjob / Handjob / Vaginal / Anal / Camera Controls / Active / Final Picture
  156. That should be enough time wasted, we should get back into the main hall now and get a seat, waiting for Joy until she arrives and gives you your birthday present. After a little dancing The Screen fades out to a Loading Screen for the next Morning.
  159. 5. The Next Morning
  161. Getting up Again
  163. Again you wake up naked and as you leave your personal areal in the room Ricko asks you to take a look at the photo on the table. It shows Daemia and him having sex. In Order to get it from him, so he won't show it around she agrees to let him use her.
  164. Sex Scene: Ricko really loves Anal sex! ---> Goblin / Draenei / MF / Anal / Camera Control / Active / Final Picture
  165. After he came all over you you should clean yourself up and get some clothes. Then you can go into the next room and find a book.
  166. Comic: 2/3 Books, Booty Bay Call
  167. Now you enter your parents bedroom again. Behind the bed there is a Dildo to discover and then you can talk to Jack.
  168. Sex Scene: Jack shows Daemia why every lady loves this small green guy so much. ---> Goblin / Draenei / Anal / Riding / Active / Camera Control / Final Picture
  169. After having your fun with Jack you go back to the room with the comic to get Joys note to meet her at the waterfall. So Daemias journey begins to find out what is Joys problem.
  173. Off the tracks
  175. Well we could go to the waterfall, but Joys problem can't be that big that can't wait a few minutes? So let's go back to the island where Daemia met the nightelves yesterday and what is there? A movie set! Just run on the stage and Hemet will shout at you, but as Cassandra who stands there tells him to that he shall not shout at her daughter, he gets a daydream.
  176. Sex Scene: Hemet dreams of a threesome with Daemia and Cassandra. ---> MFF / Dwarf / Draenei / Oral / Anal / Active / No Camera Control / Final Picture
  177. Then you go back to the town and visit the blacksmith. Hm noone here? But there is a crowbar on a barrel. Take it for later.
  181. Finding Joy
  183. Now you follow the route outside the city and this time not up the street, but down. Then to the right and on the side of the path at a tree there are 2 druids and a dryad.
  184. Sex Scene: Threesome between the druids and the dryad. ---> MMF / Oral / Doggy / Passive / No Picture / No Camera
  185. But as Daemia decides to not get involved into this you head up the path to the waterfall and visit Joy, where you discover that he has turned into a Futanari. She begs you to find a way to heal her from this curse.
  189. Look for a way to get to Jaina
  191. So now we get back to the club but now is there a giant rock that blocks the street. The bloodelf guard tells you that you could find some fireworks for him so he can blast the boulders away. Down the street at the mine you should look to find some. Good thing we got our crowbar to break the entry of the mine open, in the mine we find 2 druid cats arguing. If you accept to help the young druid cat, he fuck you.
  192. Sex Scene: The druid tries to make you cum before him. ---> Druid Cat / Draenei / MF / Beast / Doggy / Active / Camera Controls / Final Picture
  193. Behind the two druids there is a barrel full of gunpowder, take it and bring it back to the guard, after the explosion you can run up to the club just to hear that Jaina isn't there, she is in the town at Sylvannas house. Rund back to the town to the townshall next to the hanging place. The guard won't let you in, so you have to leave that house and listen to the two bloodelves talking that a dwarf was arrested for sneaking into Sylvannas home. He could help you.
  196. 6. The Prison
  198. Into the Jail
  200. So you go outside the village again and over the bridge nearby to the prison, talk to the guard until you can enter and in there you get forced between three other guards.
  201. Sex Scene: Foursome with the guards. ---> MMMF / Draenei / Troll / Orc / Oral / Riding / Handjob / Active / Camera Controls / Final Picture
  202. After using you all the guards get to bed and so you can walk into the inner yard.
  206. Prison Break
  208. There is still one guard left fucking a human prisoner.
  209. Sex Scene: Bloodelf raping an imprisoned woman. ---> MF / Doggy / Bloodelf / Human / Passive / No Camera / No Picture
  210. On the table nearby is a key, but you can't take it as long as the elf is conscious. So you walk into the next room, the stairs to the right up and take the knife, then you go on the other side into the tower, climb it up and on the prison walls you can cut a rope with the knife, so that a bucket falls on the elfs head. Run back down free the human girl if you want, take the key and get into the jail downstairs, talk to Bobur and that's it. Back outside!
  214. Getting a Key
  216. At first you visit the blacksmith like Bobur told you and ask him for the key. He will send you to find a camera. The camera lies hidden at the back entrance of Sylvannas' house. To get there you walk the same path you walked to the watefall but you turn right at the ramp where the druids were fucking the dryad, you should see the gate at the left in the mountains and under the stones lies the blue glowing camera. Bring the camera back to the blacksmith and he will send you to the island, where you have to talk to Hemet. After talking to Hemet you can go back to the blacksmith to get the key, but you don't want to do that, you want more sex!
  220. Be a Pornstar
  222. Hemet asks you whether you want to participate in his movie, you just have to find the missing script page. You get that on the big tree trunk to the right, it is sticked on it (Be careful someone could watch you). When you got it you bring it back and get a role in his movie.
  223. Sex Scene: The Little Red Riding Hood is meeting the big horny wolf. ---> MMF / Draenei / Worgen / Dwarf / Handjob / Double Penetration / Oral / Active / Camera Control / Final Picture
  224. The dwarf thanks you for participating in the movie and tells you that you will be a pornstar and also that your clothes got stolen by two goblins.
  228. Goblins are mean
  230. In Order to get your clothes back you want to investigate at home in your room. There they are. Ricko and Packo forcing you into the bed or they will spread the photos of you.
  231. Sex Scene: Ricko and Packo doing what they can do best. ---> MMF / Goblin / Draenei / Active / Camera Control / Final Picture
  232. Still without clothes you seem to have to go back to the blacksmith and finally get the key to sneak into the mayors house.
  235. 7. The Mayors House
  237. Arrow in the knee
  239. With the key you go back to the place where you found the camera for the blacksmith before and open the door, you get inside the building through this door and land in a small room with a statue and an arrow you can take. Take it and place it into the knee of the statue to open the secret door. You walk through the next room and follow the moaning until you find Sylvannas and Jaina in the bedroom.
  240. Sex Scene: Sylvannas fingering Jaina. ---> FF / Human / Banshee-Elf? / Fingering / Celebrities / Passive / No Camera / No Picture
  244. Dragon Sperm
  246. They tell you to bring a flower called Dragon Sperm to them until them they take care of Joy. In Front of the bed on the upper stage there is a table with the a blue glowing book.
  247. Comic: 3/3 Books, A Taste Of The Voodoo
  248. Now you leave the house and walk back down to the docks where the ship arrived, you have a short talk with the captain who invites you into his cabin and then you go back to the island. Near the big tree trunk where the script page was is now the flower you are looking for. Not far away from the place where the movie set was, hidden behind a tree and a rock are two nightelves.
  249. Sex Scene: Standing sex between two nightelves. ---> MF / Nightelf / Vaginal / Passive / No Controls / No Picture
  250. Now you go back to the mayors house.
  254. Best Friends Forever
  256. You bring the flower back to the three women in the mayors house but surprisingly you see them not brewing some potions.
  257. Sex Scene: Sylvannas riding Joy, while Jaina masturbates. ---> FFFu / Vaginal / Human / Bloodelf / Banshee-Elf / Masturbation / Celebrities / Passive / No Control / No Picture
  258. After a short chat with Jaina you are naked too and you have to prove that you are Joys true friend and you will do everything for her.
  259. Sex Scene: Joy has to fuck and cum inside Daemia while Jaina and Sylvannas are helping out. ---> FuFFF / Bloodelf / Human / Draenei / Banshee-Elf / Vaginal / Internal Cumshot / Lesbian / Control Camera / Active / Final Picture
  260. Now you have cured Joy from her Futanari curse you have still a meeting to attend to with the captain.
  264. Aye, Aye Captain
  266. At first use Sylvannas' wardrobe to get some slutty clothes to blend in as a whore on the ship, then you go down to the docks and enter the ship where you are meeting the captain who doesn't like much talking.
  267. Sex Scene: The captain bangs his whore! ---> Human / Draenei / Anal / Oral / Activa / Camera Control / Final Picture
  268. After covering you with his cum he leaves the room so you can look at his logbook what happened to your father, sadly he notices you spying around and orders his sailors to bring you to a hidden place, where they take advantage of Daemias helpless situation.
  269. Sex Scene: Two sailors fuck Daemia standing. ---> Human / Draenei / Double Penetration / Active / No Controls / No Picture
  270. This ends with a dramatic fight in which Mr. Fox tries to save Daemias life.
  273. 8. Joy
  275. The Hanging
  277. Joy wakes up and is no Futanari anymore so she also grabs some clothes from Sylvannas and runs out on the streets to find her friend. On her way there is a hanging of a night elf because he was framed by Bobur as the person who sneaked into Sylvannas house. He is granted one last wish and he wishes to fuck Joy in public and the red headed bloodelf has no chance to say no or she will be hanged too.
  278. Sex Scene: Joy and the nightelf in front of the whole town. ---> Nighelf / Bloodelf / MF / Standing sex / Active / Camera Control / Final Picture
  282. The Smith
  284. Now Joy can finally search for Daemia. Well.... No at the blacksmith she discovers that the owner is pretty sad, because some thieves stole his crowbar and he can't leave his working place because of that. But he has to get some ore, so he asks Joy to get it for him and he will give her a reward. Joy accepts and travels to the mine in which she finds some of the ore the smith wants, but as she reaches the exit it is blocked by a giant rock. Looking for a way you get back into the depths of the mine and suddenly there is a little gnome deathknight. He offers you to open a portal if you do him a favor. Joy always knows what men want!
  285. Sex Scene: Joy allows the gnome to fuck her so he opens a portal. ---> MF / Gnome / Bloodelf / Sideposition / Titfuck / Camera Control / Active / Final Picture
  286. Sadly that isn't what the gnome wanted, he wanted his notebook which he lost in the mine. You go back into the mine and it can be found to the right. After you brought him the notebook he opens a portal back to the town. You return to the smith and he grants you his special reward.
  287. Sex Scene: The smith takes Joy from behind and covers her face. ---> MF / Human / Bloodelf / From Behind / Handjob / Active / Camera Control / Final Picture
  291. Cassandra
  293. Finally you can look for Daemia, let's start with going to the tavern maybe she is at home. At Daemias home there is only Cassandra masturbating and inviting Joy to test her new toy.
  294. Sex Scene: Lesbian action between Joy and Cassandra and a doubldildo. ---> FF / Bloodelf / Draenei / Dildo / Licking / Active / Camera Control / No Picture
  295. Daemia still isn't there so you leave Cassandra and exit the house.
  299. The Docks
  301. Daemia wanted to look for her father at the docks so she could be there. Except blood on the pier there is noone at the docks so you travel downwards to that hidden cave next to the docks. There you see Mr. Fox kneeling above Daemias body. When you arrive there you see that she is stabbed by a dagger. Joy and Mr. Fox are schocked that Daemia has been killed by the pirates but suddenly a Val'kyr hovers in the sky, flies down and takes Daemia with her so it seems that she still has a future that is yet unknown.
  304. 9. Statistics
  306. All the scenes
  308. The game contains 28 sex scenes throughout the whole story with sidequests included. 11 of them are new ones or old one with additions. 3 from the old ones were removed.
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