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Super 028 - What Is Your Name?

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  1. Lucky -> seek Shade
  3. Rochelle -> j o i n
  5. >Approach therapy room
  7. >Shade. Snores.
  9. Lucky:
  10. >Stand in front of sleeping Shade
  11. >Stare
  12. >Cross arms
  13. >Kick his foot
  15. Rochelle: >standbymode.jpeg
  17. >Shade.
  18. >Snorts. Starts awake. Reaches behind him but then stops.
  19. "Oh. It's you. Hey, Kid."
  21. Lucky: My name is Finn.
  23. >Shade.
  24. "Um. Yeah, I know. Sorry."
  26. Lucky: ...What's yours?
  28. Shade:
  29. "Uh. Shade?"
  30. "Did I? How long have I been asleep?"
  31. >Looks around. Kinda confused about what's going on here
  33. Lucky: I don't care. What's your real name?
  35. Shade:
  36. >Straightens up a bit.
  37. "That's kinda personal...."
  39. Lucky: So was the fact that I'm a time bomb.
  41. Shade:
  42. "Huh?"
  44. Lucky: Alright, let's start small. Why am I here?
  46. Shade:
  47. "Uh. Because Wither is in a hospital and we're all here supporting her??"
  49. Lucky: I can't tell if you're really confused or just that much of a dick.
  51. Shade:
  52. "What? I have no clue what you're talking about."
  53. >Genuine. Still shaking the sleep out.
  55. Lucky: I'll take your word for it. I'm here right now because I don't trust you anymore.
  57. Shade:
  58. >Adjusts.
  59. "Alright. Does anyone around here?"
  61. Lucky: Nope. Do you want us to?
  63. Shade:
  64. "That would be nice, sure, but we can't all have our cake and eat it too.
  65. "What are you getting at here?"
  66. >Gets up and starts walking over to a vending machine.
  68. Lucky: >Follow
  69. Lucky: Start being honest, and we will.
  71. Shade:
  72. "Sounds fair."
  73. >Puts in a dollar. Starts looking over his options.
  75. Lucky: ...Oh. Really?
  77. Shade:
  78. "Sure."
  79. >Scratching his chin.
  81. Lucky: ...Your name, please.
  83. Shade:
  84. "Sorry. No can do."
  85. >Presses a few buttons. Whirring of machinery begins.
  87. Lucky:
  88. >The machine jams
  90. Rochelle: ?!
  92. >Shade looks closer. Kicks the vending machine.
  94. >The vending machine is resolute
  95. Lucky: You know all of ours.
  97. >Shade looks around. Makes a sound as if a lightbulb had clicked in his head. Starts walking down the hall.
  98. "Yeah. I can understand why you might feel at a disadvantage.
  100. Lucky: I don't.
  101. [Telekinesis 9]
  103. >Shade freezes.
  104. "Hurk!"
  106. Lucky > walk calmly in front of Shade. Stare.
  108. Rochelle: Lucky....?
  110. Lucky: It's okay. It won't hurt him... I think.
  112. Rochelle: >Follow
  114. >Shade
  115. >Stares back. He doesn't exactly have a choice in the matter.
  117. Lucky: You're not in charge of us anymore, and if you want to keep being a part of our team, you need to start being honest with us. Your name?
  119. Shade:
  120. >Stares.
  121. "What do you think you're doing here?"
  123. Lucky: I'm trying to trust you, because I think you'll be useful for what's ahead of us.
  125. Shade:
  126. "Mhm."
  128. Lucky: But not if you're going to keep things from us. If that's the case, I think you're a burden.
  130. Shade:
  131. >Voice is strained. You can't tell if it's from physical or emotional exertion.
  132. "And what are you gonna do about that, Finn?"
  134. Lucky: I'm not threatening you. If you don't tell me your name, I'll leave you alone and you can keep chasing the mafia or whatever it is you do... but I want your help with something a lot bigger than whatever you've been doing with your life. Show me I can trust you.
  136. Shade:
  137. "What I- I've been doing with my life... What I've- is what I'm supposed to be doing. What I'm meant to be doing. My "name" doesn't factor into that equation for shit..."
  138. >You can probably feel him struggling against the hold, but it's not doing much.
  139. "Let me go..."
  141. Lucky: ...It's the fate of the world. Literally. I know you're skilled, and I want your help... but I can't trust you if you won't even tell me your name.
  142. Lucky: ...And... I can't control this. Asking me to let you go won't do anything.
  144. Shade:
  145. "Then we might be standing here for awhile, compadre.
  146. "My name doesn't matter. You don't want the shmuck behind the mask. You want Shade. The fuck does it matter....?"
  148. Lucky: That's the thing: I do not want Shade. I can't trust Shade. I want someone I can know as a person... I want someone with a name; a life; reasons for doing what he does, being how he is. I want someone I can call a teammate... not a tool. I need that... It matters to me.
  150. Shade:
  151. > He sighs.
  153. "Finn, I get where you're coming from, honestly. I know you want that. You want to know who I am. But you don't. And I don't want you to either.
  155. Shade is all that matters here. It's who I am. It's who I've been for a long time, okay?
  157. "I'm sure that's not gonna satisfy you, and part of me is sorry about that, but the other part of me knows that everyone has secrets, so I'm not gonna be ashamed to keep mine to my damn self.
  159. "So, sorry."
  161. Lucky: .............
  163. Shade:
  164. "Then again, if you really want to know?"
  165. "Go ahead. Mask is there for the taking. Not like I can stop you. So please. Be my guest."
  167. Lucky: It wouldn't mean anything if it wasn't your choice... and I already know what you look like.
  169. Shade:
  170. "Hm. It was worth a shot."
  172. Lucky: There are so many ways I could figure out your name, so many I can think of just off the top of my head... but it's not about that. You know why I want you to tell me.
  174. Shade:
  175. "I'm sure there are plenty of ways you could. And if you did, I'd have to do everything in my power to fix that situation.
  177. "And I might be able to guess why you want me to tell you. But I'm not gonna. Because that would be rude."
  179. Lucky: I'm not afraid of you. Actually, you should probably be afraid of me. I am. I don't know why you invited me along in the first place.
  181. Shade:
  182. >He snorts.
  184. "Finn, I am fucken afraid of you. I'm fucking terrified by all of you. Every single one of you superpowered assholes. I've seen people level buildings with their bare hands. Tear men in half by looking at 'em.
  186. "I lose sleep over every single one of you. I've spent months of my life researching and pulling my hair out over you all."
  188. >His voice is getting a tad heated at this point.
  190. I have nightmares, okay? You want the truth? Huh? That's the damn truth! Those dreams that wake you up in a cold sweat at night, where you're screaming in that one moment where it's all too real? Mine have all got supers. Every fucking one.
  192. "So yeah, I'm well awake just how afraid I should be of you. I'm aware you don't need me. You don't. You don't need an old asshole who hides behind a mask.
  194. "But I need you. And that's why I'm willing to give you every goddamn curtousy in the book. If I want to do more than beat up pushers and the occasional terrorist, I need you. And it scares the shit out of me.
  196. "I'll do everything I can, and I'll do my best to do right by you all, but I've got one, single thing protecting me-  the people I care about most if anything ever flies off the handle. So it's not just that I won't tell you who I am.
  198. "I can't. And I need you to understand that."
  199. >Honestly, he just sounds tired and worn down at the end of that. He wasn't ready to talk about all of this. He's still upset and his body is tensed but it's ragged and raw.
  201. Lucky: ...
  203. >He looks down, faltering
  205. Lucky: You're just as good as any of us... if not better..... and we trusted you because we knew that. I did, at least. I still think you're better than me. I think we need your help with what's going to happen... and you really need ours.
  207. >He's starting to cry
  209. Lucky: But not if you can't trust us. It's so much more important than you understand, and I can't tell you anything about why because you don't trust me and I don't trust you. You're a liability in this if you don't trust us, because you're so much better than us.
  211. Shade:
  212. "I... I'm not as good as you, kid. I'm just not. I'm just paranoid and afraid. Knowledge is the only thing I've got. That doesn't make me better.
  214. "You're better. You can be better.
  216. "Don't put me on a pedestal. You could snap my neck right now if you wanted and I couldn't do a damn thing.
  218. "I know you want something, anything to go off of. And I know that a name doesn't seem like so much, but it is to me. I'm sorry Finn. I just can't. I can't tell you.
  220. "I'm not your hero. I'm not better than you. I'm not who you need to be coming to for help. I'm just not. I'm just a man. I'm just flesh and bone. In the end, I'm just going to disappoint you.
  222. "I rounded you all up and put you all together. I did my part. I don't want you to, but you all gotta move on. I'm just a man with a gun. And that's it.
  224. "Okay? I'm sorry, Finn. I really am."
  226. Lucky: ...Alright.
  228. Lucky -> Take Control of the Situation
  230. >Lucky takes a moment to calm himself, then looks up at Shade.
  232. Lucky: Then you're out. You don't come around any of us, you don't talk to us unless we contact you first, and you stay out of our business. I... can't tell Wither what to do with you, but you do not get involved with the rest of us. You stay away. If you want to help us at all, and you can't trust us... then this is the most you can do. You might not think you're a threat to us... but you are. And besides, I don't want to see the look on your face when you realize how wrong you are. Once was enough...
  234. >The telekinetic hold fades. Lucky backs up and starts walking away.
  236. Lucky: Try to keep yourself safe from what's coming. I might not know your name, but it probably does, and it wants all of us dead. If I see you around uninvited, I might hurt you... whether I want to or not...
  238. >The vending machine suddenly starts working again. Shade's selected item drops.(edited)
  239. Lucky: And keep Zen.
  241. [Shade does not respond and just eats his chips. Lucky leaves.]
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