why god

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  1. Within the realm of sleep the mine wonders upon the daily events, that is what I would say if I wasn't ass blasted tired from shagging a fucking Lilim or a kitsune, fuck if I know when they switch. Freeze frame and loop this back.
  3. Four hours ago or five, fuck if I know. I was at an office party in generic whos it wats it city. Im just chilling during the after dinner section and this meaty ass Lilim who reminds me of farquaad. No clue why but for some god forsaken reason she reminds of Lord Faquaad. This hunk of fucking meat is my CEO and she is tagged along her if I do say so "Milf queen" of a Kitsune. Fluffy fucking tails, like god damn a man can get lost in that shit.
  5. So there rolling in and shit, I hit them up with a one-two hello. So chatting like normal human beans. Im chatting and advancing the payload, they seem to be reciprocating extremely well. Way to well. None the less skip like five minutes and they laying on the ritz like its going on style. So we still going and the party is at the tail end of closing up. At this point the two of them are staring into my soul and im a bit spooked. With no clue of whats gonna come next, at this point the party has wrapped up and were all beginning to head out.
  7. Im packing my shit while still entertaining these fine units and there clinging a bit close. As im about to say goodbye, they ask if they I can drive them back. The inner Honorable retard comes over me and I agree. My stupid ass is helping them move there gifts and load them into my Peace of Shit Honda and we begin the long haul home.
  9. Half way to there stop one of them proposes they chill at my place for coffee. At this point my brain is rendered more of a potatoe than a human and the inner dog chasing a carrot replies with "EEEE". Which for those that don't speak sleep deprived means "fuck it". I agree and we head on into my God forsaken Apartment, there laying there stuff out and it all sinks in at once.
  11. My dick is gonna be fucked twelve ways to sun down. At this point I hear the sound of clothing slapping the ground. Past this point its a blur.
  13. All I remember is getting rode like a god forsaken stallion, my dicking going in some ones hat and tail. As well a lot of me nutting in puss puss. Not the spider kind. At the final point I realize immma be a dad which is gucchi.
  15. None the less I black out into the void of sex. In the morning my brain snaps to and I find these Destroyers and as I sit here telling you this piece of shit. I have one more line.
  17. "This is how I meet you fuckin moms shitlips".
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