Littlepip TF

Dec 29th, 2020
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  1. >You had just finished your shift at the office, and, checking the time on your old company computer, saw it was 6:30pm
  2. >You sighed, knowing you wouldn't be getting much free time for yourself anytime soon, and headed out the door to your car
  3. >It was some old model suburban from the early 2000's, but it held up well
  4. >One uneventful ride later, you're home, and closer to the one thing that keeps you sane
  5. >Shitposting
  6. >Pulling out a small bottle of beer, you sit in your living room with your laptop and visit your favorite band of autist
  7. >/pol/
  8. >Expecting to see the regular "lol get cucked whitey" or "SWEDEN YES" thread, you are surprised when you see a new thread with pictures of what look like the DMZ
  9. >Except it's full of craters
  10. >Opening the thread, you read it
  11. >It reads "The fat autistic child actually did."
  13. >You brush it off until your phone goes off
  14. >It's one of those alerts you usually get for severe weather
  16. >Well, shit
  17. >It actually is fucking happening
  18. >Expecting the worst, you run to your kitchen, grabbing anything you think you'd need
  19. >Water
  20. >Dry Food
  21. >Medicine and bandages
  22. >And, quickly grabbing your laptop, you run to your bathroom and jump in the tub
  23. >It would have to do, since you were too poor too afford a basement installed
  24. >Not like you'd need it, what with the little you have
  25. >Checking your phone again, it reads
  27. >Fuck
  29. >Checking /pol/, the South Korean's thread has gained a lot more traffic
  30. >The first few calling bullshit
  31. >The next ones being resigned to their fate
  32. >But the new one horrifies the most
  33. >It's a Filipino, but that's not what scares you
  34. >It's a picture of a pony
  35. >A dead one, impaled on a collapsed buildings rebar
  36. >The post reads
  38. >A second later, you hear sirens
  40. >Cowering and covering your head like school used to teach for tornado's, you await the end
  41. >You hear a small, distant explosion to the east
  42. >Then, one on right on top of you
  44. >You see a light
  45. >Is this the gates of heaven?
  46. >Your question is quickly answered as you feel a burning pain all over your body
  47. >Then, you black out
  49. >You have on of the weirdest and most horrifying dreams of the life
  50. >You're hiding, cradling a oddly shaped gun
  51. >From something
  52. >Your brain is screaming at you to run
  53. >You'd be screaming to run if you were watching them
  54. >Then you look at yourself
  55. >Fur
  56. >Grey Fur
  57. >You wake up
  59. >You wake up and jump in fright, throwing your supplies around the bathroom
  60. >When you land, you hear a loud clop
  61. >You're frozen in disbelief as you look at yourself
  62. >A pony
  63. >You were a horsefucker, though you'd never admit it to your friends, so you knew exactly who you were when you saw the little computer on your arm, er, foreleg
  64. >The pretty radioactive lesbian
  66. >What the fuck are you going to do
  67. >It obvious to you now that the whole world is fucked
  68. >But you still try to call your friend Matt, who, luckily for you, was in the Army Reserve, and stationed nearby
  69. >As your phone tries and fails to get a signal you realize why they chose to bomb Fort Worth
  70. >Carswell Field
  71. >You fall to the hard ceramic of the tub, not caring about the pain in brings you
  72. >You cry as you remember him, your one true friend ever sense you moved here
  73. >No matter what happened, he had been there for you
  74. >Now he's probably reduced to particles, or dying slowly from radiation poisoning
  75. >You lay there, feeling sorry for yourself and crying for what seems like an eternity, not wanting to face the new world outside, until you fall into a dreamless sleep
  77. >Your sleep is interrupted when you hear a harsh knocking on the door
  78. >"Anon, open up you fag!"
  79. >It's Matt!
  80. >You can't go out there like this though
  81. >What if it's contagious, or this is some kind of experiment?
  82. >You hear the front door being kicked in
  83. >"Come out Anon! I know you're here!"
  84. >You weakly let out a "Over here!"
  85. >Fuck
  86. >You sound like a scrawny teenage girl
  87. >And adorable
  88. >Which, you kinda are now
  89. >You hear his heavy boots hit the ground near the restroom
  90. >You try to delay the inevitable by hiding under your supplies as the door opens
  91. >"Anon, come out"
  92. >Your hopes of hiding are quickly dashed as he pulls your supplies out of the tub to reveal a crying toaster repair pony
  93. >"Oh fuck", you hear him say as he slowly reaches down to touch you
  94. >You try, and fail, to squirm away as he slowly rubs your head
  95. >"Easy, easy, just calm down"
  96. >There's a reason he didn't enlist as a medic
  97. >He's fucking horrible at calming people down
  98. >You let out a small "Eep!" as he picks you up, and you feel the cool rubbery skin of the hazmat suit he's wearing
  99. >You start to cry
  100. >You're a fucking horse
  101. >A fictional horse from a fanfic at that
  102. >"Hey, what's this thing on your arm?"
  103. >Great
  104. >Just great
  105. >He's more interested in the fancy computer on your foreleg than the fact you HAVE a foreleg
  106. >Still, you tell him
  107. >"A-a Pipbuck"
  108. >Jesus your voice is cute
  109. >You need to stop thinking that
  110. >"W-what happened?" you ask him
  111. >"World-wide nuclear and biological war" he states as if he had said it a thousand times
  112. >He probably had
  114. >You started to notice a heat coming from your body
  115. >Specifically, your crotch
  116. >Dear god no
  117. >It's too late, you're leaking mare juices on your friends lap
  118. >Being too embraced to face him, you shove your face into his chest and cover your head with your hooves
  119. >"Hey, it's OK, you're just sensitive is all" he says, but you can tell he's obviously freaked out by it
  120. >Trying to focus on something else, he sets you down
  121. > "Here, let's get you something to drink" he says as he grabs one of your water bottles from the floor
  122. >He takes the cap off and puts it on the floor in front of you
  123. >You try to grab it with your hooves, but end up spilling it
  124. >You start to cry again
  125. >Jesus you're a little bitch
  126. >"Oh, right. Sorry about that" Matt says as he opens another bottle, and, picking it up, puts it up to your mouth
  127. >You're basically being spoon fed by your friend at this point
  128. >You quickly put the bottle in your mouth to avoid crying and finish it quickly
  129. >He sets it down on the ground
  130. >"I'm going to get some of your things packed, then we're off"
  131. >When he closes the door, you take the time to inspect yourself
  132. >Looking in the mirror, you see your cutie mark
  133. >A Pipbuck
  134. >Quickly turning to look at something else you see your large green eyes, brown mane, and your, as far as you can tell, useless horn
  135. >You turn around, and look at your backside
  136. >You're winking
  137. >You thought she was a lesbian
  138. >Sitting on your flank, you spy a pair of small teats
  139. >What are you going to do?
  140. >Most of the world is probably in the same state as you
  141. >And you can't even be held without cumming all over your friend's leg
  142. >Just as you have that thought, you hear your friend coming up to the bathroom
  143. >When he opens the door, you see he has packed your bag
  144. >"W-where are we going to go?" you ask
  145. >With his face full of pride, like a child presenting his shitty artwork to his mother, he says
  146. >"Cheyenne!"
  147. >You slap yourself with your hoof
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