CMC Poop Contest Applebloom Day 1 (SCAT)

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  1. Applebloom Day 1
  3. >You are appleboom.
  4. >You hear Sweetie Belle asking you to get up.
  5. >You have trained your body to wake up when somepony asked.
  6. >Applejack would wake you up in… unpleasant ways if you didn’t.
  7. >Sitting up, you squint as your eyes try to adjust to the light in the room.
  8. >After a while, they do, and you see Sweetie Belle trying to wake scoots up.
  9. ”Ughh, mornin, Sweetie Belle. Scoots, get up. You don't want me to do the same thing applejack does when ah don’t get up in the mornin.”
  10. >”Mhhhmmm”
  11. >You really didn’t want to do this, but you needed to wake scoots up.
  12. ”Cmon sweetie, lets get her out of there.
  13. >You motion over to Scoots side, starting to push her off the side of the bed.
  14. >Sweetie joins you, and soon scoots is on the floor.
  15. >”Ow! Okay, I’m up! Why so mean?”
  16. ”Heh, sorry. Cmon lets go. We have school today.”
  17. >Applejack had always taught you to wake early in the morning.
  18. >Maybe you could teach scoots to do the same.
  19. >Oh well, right now you needed to use the bathroom.
  20. >You follow sweetie to the bathroom, and are graciously granted first use.
  21. >Squatting down to release your bladder, your anus opens involuntarily, and a small head starts to come out..
  22. >You remember the contest, and squeeze shut your hole, forcing it back inside.
  23. >How will you be able to do this? You had always went first thing in the morning so you wouldn’t need to go later.
  24. >’Alright, just one thing at a time, Applebloom.’
  25. >With a little concentration, you are able to empty your bladder without emptying your bowels. >This contest may be harder than you thought.
  26. >You brush your teeth and wait outside for the rest of your friends.
  27. >Once done, you three head downstairs, to find Rarity Cooking you breakfast.
  28. >“Morning Rarity! What’s for breakfast?” Sweetie asks.
  29. >”Well, last night I had a dream I was in Mexicolt, and I figured why not have Mexicolt food for breakfast?
  30. >You sit down at the table as Rarity levitates the plates over.
  31. >Dig iiiiinnnn”
  32. >You are starved, and quickly dig into the meal.
  33. >Eggs and Beans.
  34. >They’re not apples, but hey, they taste pretty good.
  35. >Sweetie is pouring some coffee.
  36. >She gives a cup to you.
  37. >”Coffee?” Scoot asks.
  38. >“Trust me, it will help in the morning.”
  39. >You shrug, drinking it.
  40. >Oh god does that taste bad.
  42. >How could anypony like this?
  43. >You cringe and try to finish the mug, wanting to get through it as soon as possible.
  44. >Scootaloo is currently gagging on her first sip.
  45. >”Ack! What is this made out of? Burnt rocks?”
  46. >“Oh right, sorry, I like mine strong. Here.”
  47. >Sweetie passes the cream to scootaloo.
  48. >Oh how you wish you had some of that cream before you drank the entire mug.
  49. >“Alright girls, if we’re going to do this, we need to do it right. I’ve thought of some rules we will need to follow.”
  50. >”Okay… Shoot.” Scootaloo says.
  51. >“First, we will drink at the same time, and pee at the same time.”
  52. >”Right, do you have a specific schedule in mind?”
  53. >“Alright, we eat breakfast at 8:30, lunch at 11:30, dinner at 5:45, and a snack at 9:00.” >When did sweetie belle plan this?
  54. >”Wow. I didn’t expect you to actually have a time, Sweetie Belle.” Scootaloo remarks.
  55. >“We can go to the bathroom at 8:15, 11:30, 6:00, and at 9:00.
  56. For food, we have to finish what is on our plates, and drink however much is in our glass. Agreed?”
  57. >”…Fine, I agree.”
  58. >Your not so sure you will be able to last after what almost happened in the bathroom, but you didn’t want to give in so easily.
  59. ”Ah agree as well”
  60. >“Good, now lets go, my sister packed us some lunches.” Sweetie says, leading you to some paper bags.
  61. ……….
  62. >You had no idea the coffee would have such a kick.
  63. >It’s almost like you can see everything.
  64. >Scootaloo seems to have the same effect, and she is just staring ahead.
  65. >The walk is brief, and you soon see the school.
  66. >Another boring day at school.
  67. >Or at least, it would be boring if your insides weren't so twisty.
  68. >Bubbles pop in your stomach, and without even recognising it, you pass gas.
  69. >’PBBBBBB’
  70. >You clamp down on your exit, hoping that none of your classmates notice.
  71. >Sweetie looks in your direction, but you see her eyes flicker.
  72. >She doesn’t know its you! Okay, perhaps you can salvage this.
  73. >Sweetie eventually loses interest in who did it, and you try to regain control of your insides. >’Pbbbbbbbbbbbbb’
  74. >A large enough amount of pressure is removed, and you finally have control over your backside again.
  75. >The bell goes off, and you take to the bathroom.
  77. >You need to sort your insides out.
  78. >Locking the door, you squat over the toilet, and relieve yourself.
  79. >Your bladder is empty, but your bowels are not.
  80. >Thinking about it for a bit, you do your best to stretch your butt cheeks apart.
  81. >Once they are, you release a small amount of control over your sphincter. >’pssssssssssssssssssssssss’
  82. >Slowly your gas empties, and you smile at the fact that you did so quietly.
  83. >You flush and open the door, Scootaloo is hopping in place on the other side.
  84. >She runs in as soon as she can, and before you can even close the door you hear her start urinating.
  85. >”Ahhhhhhhhh…”
  86. >The toilet flushes, and Scootaloo comes out with a giddy look on her face.
  87. >She notices you looking at her, and she stops for a second.
  88. >”Where you the one who farted in class?”
  89. >You really didn’t want her to know it was you.
  90. “Uhhh, nope. Ah think it was Sweetie Belle.”
  91. >Scoot looks at you for a second before walking towards the exit.
  92. >You follow her and soon meet up with Sweetie Belle.
  93. >“Did either of you fart in class?”
  94. ”Nope, Scootaloo asked if I did it, and I thought you did.”
  95. >You hated to lie, but you really didn’t want either of them to know.
  96. >“Huh. Well, I feel bad for the filly it happened to. It was loud.”
  97. >She doesn’t suspect you, thats good.
  98. >She gets up and starts heading to the bathroom, and you start eating.
  99. >The bell rings almost as soon as you and scoots are done, and you head back to class. >Nothing happens for the rest of the school day, your insides are a lot calmer.
  100. >You invited your friends for dinner and a sleepover at your house.
  101. >Today was another fluke day. Nothing you tried got you your cutie mark.
  102. >Applejack and granny had made a great Apple salad.
  103. >They even baked a pie!
  104. >After dinner, and when the sun starts to set, you start to get ready for bed.
  105. >Waiting outside the bathroom for sweetie belle, you start a conversation with scoots.
  106. “So, how’re you holding up?”
  107. >”Huh?”
  108. ”Your bowels, how does it feel inside?”
  109. >”Oh uhh, It feels kinda normal.”
  110. “Normal?” you ask.
  111. >”Applebloom, the last crap I took was inside me for 3 days. I’m not nearly at my breaking point yet.
  112. >What about you? How are you holding up? I heard you in class today.”
  113. “You knew that was me?”
  114. >”Of course, I went to the bathroom after you and the entire room stunk!
  115. >You must’ve farted in there, unless….”
  118. >Scootaloo shoves her hoof into your gut.
  119. ”Hey wait! What are you doing?”
  120. >”Feeling, and everything checks out. I was worried for a moment there that you had already lost.”
  121. >Sweetie belle exits the bathroom, and starts to head to bed.
  122. >Scootaloo enters next, and you wait patiently outside for your turn.
  123. >She only takes a few minutes, and you soon are permitted to enter.
  124. >You empty your bladder, and brush your teeth.
  125. >Walking to the guest bed, you see scoots is already asleep, and sweetie is currently trying to. >The bed is nice and warm, and soon you forget about the troubles in your gut, and fall asleep.
  127. Other Day 1 pones:
  128. Scootaloo
  129. Sweetie Belle:
  131. Day 2:
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