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  1. Day One:
  3. It’s not exactly my style. The more I look at this outfit the more I realize that they’re obviously women’s clothes. To be honest I’m not even sure why I bought them in the first place, or if I even bought them at all. They just kind of showed up in an Amazon package today. Probably just forgot I ordered something is all…
  5. I can’t stop tugging and pulling at them, especially the top. In all honesty I should probably just take it all off and put on something more comfortable but… I don’t know, I just kind of don’t want to. Maybe I’m actually into cross-dressing and just never really knew it before now. That or I’m too lazy to actually be bothered to get up and change. Either are pretty likely. Oh well!
  7. Day Two:
  9. Holy shit.
  11. I woke up this morning and I felt weird. At first I assumed it was just waking up wearing such tight women’s clothing, but that theory went out the window fast. What really feels weird are my boobs. My fucking boobs. They’re not massive, but these are not male breasts. They’re too soft, too tender, too… well, too booby. Just touching them sends shivers down my body, but at the same time it’s so hard to ignore them.
  13. My face is looking a little off too. My nose especially seems to be growing, I can see it clearly from my peripheral vision even when I’m not looking down. And there’s that little nub on top of my head. I want to call it a horn, but it’s more of a lump than a horn so far. It doesn’t really have any feeling to it. It just feels kind of numb when I rub it. Still pretty wild though. I might want to go see a doctor, but at the same time this wouldn’t be the easiest thing to explain.
  15. Between the breasts, my face nub, and the whole mysterious package, I’m starting to wonder if this is a fantasy come to life. Like, what are the odds a mysterious outfit I found gives me breasts and a very horn-like nub? Either something is playing to my interests, or I’m going insane. Or both. Probably both.
  17. Day Three:
  19. If this is going crazy, then screw being sane. It’s obvious that I’m becoming a pony, there’s no denying it. My nub has grown out into a proper horn now. If I focus really hard on it shimmering sparks shoot from its tip. It’s like playing with a lighter, flicking it on and off and watching the light that follows.
  21. I’ve got a tail too, the colors are a fairly familiar purple on pink combo. My hair is shifting to that color too, Twilight’s mane color. Whoever did this knows their stuff about me, and as potentially creepy the implications, I’m too busy exploring to really fret about it too much. I’ve been testing out the muscles that swish my tail and move around my forming ears, just really exploring everything there is to explore. And I do mean everything.
  23. I haven’t taken off the top and shorts, I’ve been too scared it might stop these changes. But once I finally work up the nerve to remove them, they’re going to need a good washing. The shorts especially, they’re getting pretty wet. Sure, I could stop them from getting wet, but there’s no way in hell I’m stopping. Earlier today I was just pushing my member down, feeling it shrink and recede into me. But now I’m tickling and caressing the folds of my vagina. That’s so weird to think about. My vagina. Has a nice ring to it…
  25. Day Four:
  27. I. Am. Fucking. Adorable.
  29. I can’t stop staring at myself. I hate to sound vain but there’s nothing I’d rather look at. I keep moving around and posing, watching my reflection put on a show just for me. I love it, I love every second of it. The sound of my bubbly, Tara Strong based voice fills the room as I giggle and squeal in delight.
  31. Despite stuff like ‘reality’ and ‘common sense’: I have become Twilight Sparkle. From my soft purple fur, to my magically charged horn, to my tail, to my ears, every inch of my body is Twilight’s. Despite being in a body so foreign, I’ve never felt more at home in my body skin. It’s who I am, who I want to be, who I was meant to be.
  33. And, as a bit of a bonus, the outfit is a perfect fit now! It clings to my womanly form in as flattering a manner as you could imagine. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect me to work out in, or just lounge around the house in. It’s perfect casual wear. Although, now that this is all over, I should probably go and wash it. And myself. If I’m going to go show off the new me, I don’t want to smell funny when I do!
  35. Day One Hundred Seventy-Two:
  37. Life is going good for little old me! Turns out the world is surprisingly receptive to a magical unicorn horse suddenly existing in the world. I get a lot of glances and lingering looks, but they’re more in admiration than judging or concern. I really do hate being vain, but I cannot blame them for any of the looks. They just simply have good taste!
  39. I’m living up to my role as Twilight. My social sphere is growing pretty rapidly, it feels weird to instagram about what I’m eating or just my random day to day life, but friends and admirers alike eat that stuff up! I’m also partying a lot more, it’s a great way to meet new people. And beyond the more gregarious side, I’m also getting kind of into biochemistry! It’s a weird thing to have as a hobby, but I can’t help that it’s interesting.
  41. What am I up to now? I’m just finishing up my daily jog before heading home. I’ve been looking online for ages, but I think I finally found the site that sent me that outfit in that fake Amazon box. I got in contact with them and mentioned how I never purchased any product from them. They’re so kind about the whole issue they’ve decided to reimburse me for my ‘troubles’! Five free outfits, sent to five friends of my choosing. The list of candidates is wide, but I’m fairly certain I’ll find the five most deserving of filling out the rest of the Mane Six. After all, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share this amazing, life changing experience?
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