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Oct 13th, 2019
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  1. My Dad and I were playing No Man's Sky. We had found each other on the same planet and were traveling in one direction, hoping to find something of value. I looked back at him, and asked, "Where is your ship?" He pointed towards space. "There," He said. I nodded, understanding that he could just call his starship to park next to him, but not understanding how he got onto the surface himself in the first place. Soon after, we found a weird looking ship. It had two seats, and it was open. It almost looked like a golf cart except with a propeller and larger engine. Almost like a helicopter, too. A helicopter that could fly in space. We decided to steal the ship, but there was a small camp not far, about 100 or so units away from the ship. We saw a man and assumed it was an NPC because finding a real player in this game is 1 in a billion chances. Basically impossible. I came up to the ship, observed it briefly, while my Dad was standing behind me and unholstering his pistol. The owner saw us and started walking towards us. "Go ahead and steal it! Steal the ship!" He yelled at us, and I quickly told my dad to shoot him. My dad was shooting, but very slowly. Once he shot, he had to pull out the used up bullet, and then repeat the process. None of the shots were landing on the man that was walking closer and closer to us. I ended up almost mounting the ship, but I thought of the fact that if it had no fuel, I wouldn't be able to get more fuel in time to escape from the owner of the ship. I told my dad to run. We started running, and the environment changed from being a game in No Man's Sky to a Walmart with aisles of shoes and clothes. My dad and I had picked up two small metal boxes from the ship, and we started running. Very slowly, though. There was a second person, a lady. Both the man that was previously the owner of the ship and the lady were both around 50 to 60 years old. They both had gray hair and had pretty rough voices. The lady yelled at us, "You can't run from us! You'll never outrun us!" I went into a panic, and as I yelled to my dad to follow me, I saw the man run into a direct view towards my dad and grab him. I didn't think and turned away, running in the opposite direction. I dropped the small metal box since I knew it was slowing me down. I ran down one of the aisles, and the lady came out of a corner. I turned left and swiftly ran around her. She yelled something inaudible, but I kept on running. I eventually ran through a small crowd of people, and they were all looking at me weird. It was as if they were asking, "What are you running from? Did you do something wrong?" I sensed these questions. Of course, I did something wrong, but it was a game and I have done things like that in games plenty of times before. I ran through in between the people and eventually got to the entrance. I stood next to the opening and closing doors and tried to catch my breath from running so much. I then realized I lost my phone. There was no chance I was going back in there to look for it, so I  decided to just keep moving without it. I ran away from the entrance, away from the parking lot, and into a forest. A couple of hours later, although it seemed like a couple of minutes to me, I was walking through the forest when I saw an Indian looking young guy, around his 20s, sitting on a horse not far from me. I raised my hands and yelled for help. He saw me, and quickly fell off his horse clumsily and ran away. I sighed in frustration, hoping he wouldn't run and would help me find my way back to wherever I came from since I was completely lost. I ran around several trees to the right, trying to find him. There was a blonde girl there, and the Indian ran up behind her, holding her there with a rifle in his hands. I ran up to both of them, ripping the rifle from his hands and attempting to shoot him. He ran further away and hid behind a tree. 'Good,' I thought to myself. 'He's an easy target since he's unarmed.' I turned back to the girl, also in her mid-20s, and I randomly asked her for her birthday. "Not yet, look out behind you!" She answered and then exclaimed. I turned to look towards where the Indian had hidden, and he was holding two pistols and was shooting towards us. I shot back at him, and the girl behind me also had two pistols and was helping me shoot. That environment soon faded away, and I found myself riding a motorcycle on a large dusty road. There were a lot of vans in front of me and behind me. A marathon, I thought. My motorcycle suddenly broke down, and I parked it right behind another van that was on the side of the road. I was visibly annoyed since I actually wanted to win this race, or whatever it was. I climbed under the unoccupied van and pushed the lever toward the inside of the van and it came roaring to life, the red lights lighting up behind it. I climbed back out and pulled off a cap on the fuel tube. I then took the thing that pumps the fuel and inserted it into the side of my motorcycle. While waiting, I saw some more vans pass by. I then thought, how would I know when to stop? I just ripped off the pump away from the motorcycle's fuel hole, and some of the fuel spilled out on the ground. Alarmed, I ran a few feet away from both vehicles, hoping the fuel wouldn't cause anything to blow up. I quickly walked back over, moved my motorcycle away a bit, and pushed the lever under the van with my foot, and the engine seemed to turn off. I then climbed back on my motorcycle and started driving away. After maybe a mile or so, I came to a turn to the right, then the left, and then to the right, and to the left again. I saw the white car in front of me driving this way, but the driver didn't seem to see me. I slowed down, keeping to the far right of the road, and the driver, who was another girl, saw me and said, "Excuse me." Even though her windows were closed, I could hear her. I drove past her, and she drove past me, and I drive another mile on the straight road. My motorcycle disappeared, and I was walking in the same direction I was driving in. The motorcycle was a bit like a mo-ped, though. Wasn't as fast as a motorcycle. I kept walking, and then checked my case for the phone, and it was empty. Forgetting how I had lost it before, I went in a panic and thought I left it back at the van where I had filled up my motorcycle/mo-ped with fuel. It was a bit far, but I went to walk back the opposite way I had been driving. I thought I could find the girl in the white car and have her give me a lift, but she was nowhere to be found. I found some apartments after several minutes of walking, and I saw a girl that looked really similar to my mom, but it wasn't my mom. She was also in her mid-20s. I came up to her and asked her if she had a bicycle or car I could use. She pointed towards a small bicycle behind a trash bin, and it was next to the entrance to an apartment. I asked her if she could help me with finding my phone, and she said yes. "It would be better if we didn't use the bicycle." She said. "It's literally a few miles away, though." I answered. She didn't listen but told me to lead the way. "Okay," I answered, walking towards the path that I remember walking past before. There was a body of grass and along the wall a very thin line of asphalt. About the width of my foot. "I remember walking here, definitely." I say and walk past the grass and past the small line of asphalt. We walk past several roads, and I recognize a couple of them. We try one road, and I say it's the wrong one. "There should be an olive green coloured van on one of the roads. That must be where I lost my phone." I said, and she nodded, looking for the van. We decided to turn back, and I found the road that looked the most familiar. Then I saw the van. "There!" I exclaimed, seeing the same van that I had stopped next to before. Once we were closer, I saw the small cap on the ground that I hadn't placed back on the fuel hole in the van, and I saw the lever on the lower back part of the van. We walked closer, and there were a lot of people next to it. One man was standing right behind the van. The girl and I came up to the man. "Sir, have you seen a large phone somewhere around here?" I said, forming the size with my hands. He shook his head, "No. I haven't." I knew it was here, so I looked around, and there was nothing but mud on the ground. I accused the man of stealing my phone and mentioned that it was a thousand dollar phone and there was really important information on there. He denied ever seeing the phone again and told me to leave. I refused to leave and walked past the van and towards a bed that looked exactly like my bed. I looked in the boxes on the shelves and did not find my phone. Although I did find my tablet, which was covered with a tissue, on the top shelf next to the pillow. I told him it was mine and asked where my phone was again. He again said he did not know. I ended up giving up. I accepted the fact that I would never find my phone again. The thought of shooting the man passed through my head, and I could search him for a key maybe. With that key, I could be able to find a chest in his tent and find my phone in it, but I never got around to doing that. The dream was about to end. Right before it ended, I realized this whole thing was a dream, and that I would see my phone once I woke up, and that there was nothing to worry about. I then woke up.
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