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(エモーション・クリエイターズ) - Emotion Creators

Emotion Creators
[Emotion Creators] (Standalone) Release Date: 04/26/2019


DiscordEmotion Creators



URLKoikatu Pastebin

[Game Update]

MEGA Downloademocre_01_plus_oh0705drd_all (Latest Update:07/22/2019)

[Recommended Plugins]

BepInEx_v5.0_BLDownload BepInEx Build#_v133 Post-Unity 2018 Game (x64)

EC_CorePlugins_v1.1Stable Build (Required)

EC_API_v1.4Plugin Support (Add-On)

EC_ABMX_v3.3Additional Bones Modifier Plugin

EC_Overlay_Mods_v5.0.2Adds Overlay Option

EC_Hair_Accessory_Customizer_v1.1.2Adds Configuration Options to Hair Accessories

EC_Invisible_Body_v1.3Adds a Toggle Option to Switch Between Invisible & Visible Characters

[Female & Male Uncensor]

EC_Demosaic_v1.1Installation: Emotion Creators\BepInEx

EC_Uncensor_Selector_v3.7Add a Uncensor to Each Individual Character

[English Translation]

XUnity.AutoTranslator-BepIn-5x-v4.5.0Auto_Translator for BepInEx

EC_English_Translation_v1.0English Translation for Emotion Creators

EC_English_Launcher_v1.0Translated by Marco

[Mods, Plugins & Add-Ons]

MEGA DownloadEC_Mods


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