dragon shit

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  1. [18:18:12] <Giantree> NOW,
  2. [18:18:15] <Giantree> ur doin dragon stuff
  3. [18:18:33] <Giantree> n ur boi says "wanna go draggin"
  4. [18:18:36] <Giantree> n ur liek ROAR n shit
  5. [18:18:42] <Giantree> ok actually
  6. [18:18:53] <Ellamae> DRAGON STUFF, the stuff Ellamae gets to do when she's not patching up Nanashi/Edwin/other losers!
  7. [18:18:57] <Giantree> You're doing dragon stuff in town, which is to say, 'stuff that isn't actually dragon at all.'
  8. [18:19:11] <Ellamae> Stuff is stuff, it's just done by a dragon!
  9. [18:19:22] <Giantree> Meaning pretty much yeah, there's a hospital or somesuch where ACTUAL healers (like Eily, poor Eily) get to heal the plebs who get their asses kicked all the time.
  10. [18:19:32] <Giantree> oh but Eily is working part-time selling groceries, so I guess it's like..........
  11. [18:19:34] <Giantree> ...
  12. [18:19:38] <Giantree> norn's getting the ninja dick
  13. [18:19:39] <Giantree> ...
  14. [18:19:49] <Flamy> pls
  15. [18:20:00] <Giantree> ..... citrine's being a valley girl with her girlfriends....
  16. [18:20:23] <Giantree> holy shit victor and esmé are the only healers with any reason to give a shit
  17. [18:20:33] <Giantree> and this is in a campaign with a MILLION healers
  18. [18:20:34] <Giantree> DAMN
  19. [18:21:20] <Flamy> Edwin has a reason! Sort of.
  20. [18:21:24] <Giantree> yes
  21. [18:21:31] <Giantree> but he also has a reason
  22. [18:21:35] <Giantree> to give the dick to his girl
  23. [18:21:42] <Flamy> ... point.
  24. [18:21:42] <Giantree> and by 'the dick' i mean 'that one ring he never gave her'
  25. [18:21:46] <Giantree> maybe he'll put it on his dick
  26. [18:21:50] <Giantree> shit that would hurt actually
  27. [18:21:52] <Flamy> That, too- No.
  28. [18:21:55] <Giantree> OKAY SO
  29. [18:22:32] <Giantree> With all the battling shit on standby a moment before you finally go decide the fate of dragonkind and whatnot, you ahve some alone-time with a special shota who's satisfied for leaning all he's learned.
  30. [18:22:56] <Giantree> He's also incredibly nervous because he has to see the emotions of like 70+ people all at the same time, but he's since gotten used to it.
  31. [18:24:03] <Giantree> "So... what did you have in mind?"  You're together in a furnished inn room with 70s-style sexy music blaring mysteriously in the background.
  32. [18:27:50] <Ellamae> >literally throwing them into a love hotel
  33. [18:27:54] <Ellamae> YOU MIGHT HAVE TO GIVE ME A MINUTE HERE
  34. [18:28:48] <Giantree> don't worry, you can trust me
  35. [18:29:04] <Giantree> i'm actually just stalling where i find the specific sexy music i want because i can't remember its name and it's rustling my jimmies
  36. [18:31:42] <Ellamae> well all I can hear is
  37. [18:32:45] <Giantree> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO soundcloud doesn't have it AT ALL so i have to use SHITTUBE
  38. [18:32:50] <Giantree> so is what i was looking for
  39. [18:33:07] <Giantree> yeah that's good too i guess
  40. [18:33:54] <Giantree> Alright, now that my search has at long last come to a close, time to go YOLO
  41. [18:34:21] <Giantree> As you lustfully gaze into one another's youthful dragon eyes, the door BURSTS open and SLAMS shut.
  42. [18:34:51] <Giantree> "Don't mind me, ladies!  Just let me hide for a sec!"  Says the handsome man with a ponytail and some chin... oh, what's that term for chin hair, i forgot it
  43. [18:34:54] <Giantree> whatever, that
  44. [18:35:07] <Giantree> "... Ladies?"  Varos remarks quizzically, squinting.
  45. [18:35:17] <Giantree> ...
  46. [18:35:20] <Giantree> Something smells weird.
  47. [18:36:04] <Giantree> 1,1flamy i hope you're paying attention because i can't wait to see your reaction to what's about to happen
  48. [18:36:48] <Ellamae> Her initial nervousness causes her to 'eep', ever so quietly, when someone BURSTS IN. It takes her a few seconds after to realize what he did there. ...And thankfully notice something before he accuses that man of misgendering her cute dragon husbando. She eventually catches up. "...Wait, is there someone else IN here?"
  49. [18:39:14] <Flamy> Oh, I'm watching intently, alright.
  50. [18:39:45] <Giantree> "Shh," Nix remarks as he freezes while standing upright in the corner.  It isn't long before you can hear stomping- oh, and there's the smell again wafting from outside too.
  51. [18:39:50] <Flamy> It's stubble, by the way.
  52. [18:40:00] <Giantree> oh, thank you
  53. [18:40:10] <Flamy> No probs, no probs.
  54. [18:40:35] <Giantree> "YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST ESCAPE AFTER ALL THE SEARCHING I DID, HUH?"  Shouts a young girl's voice from outside.  "YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMIN'!"
  55. [18:41:09] <Giantree> ...
  56. [18:41:11] <Giantree> A beat.
  57. [18:41:25] <Giantree> The source of the voice outside can be heard sniffing.
  58. [18:41:28] <Giantree> Sniff, sniff.
  59. [18:41:49] <Giantree> Varos cringes a little bit.  "Someone isn't happy..."
  60. [18:42:29] <Giantree> ........
  61. [18:42:57] <Ellamae> ........She's shhing!
  62. [18:43:12] <Giantree> AND THEN THE DOOR IS BURST OFF ITS HINGES.
  63. [18:44:14] <Giantree> 1,1Iiki stands there, eyes full of fury and nostrils flaring.  And then she notices you two in there and shies down a bit, suddenly embarrassed.  "Oh.... um... I'm really sorry.  My mistake.  You haven't seen my husband anywhere, right?"
  64. [18:44:50] <Giantree> Varos is so used to wacky shit happening by now that he just wears the Saitama face.
  65. [18:45:27] <Flamy> ... so do I, Tree.
  66. [18:45:37] <Giantree> ♥
  67. [18:46:00] <Flamy> SO I GUESS VENA GOT NETORI'D?
  68. [18:46:25] <Giantree> nnnnnnnnnot necessarily, calm down peanut gallery
  69. [18:46:28] <Ellamae> "I, uh, um, no." She might have seen this coming BUT STILL HOW ARE THEY GOING TO CLOSE THE DOOR NOW--wait. "...Wait, your what?"
  70. [18:47:18] <Giantree> "Yep!  Tall, stubble, handsome... I smelled you guys and thought it was him.  Didn't expect to... see... us.... in a place like this."
  71. [18:47:46] <Giantree> And then you can probably recognize her as the one from the dance party, as she definitely does, lifting a finger and pointing.  "Oh!  You're the ones from back in Rolantia!"
  72. [18:48:42] <Giantree> "Uh... hehehe... let my emotions get the better of me.... lemme just...."  Iiki lifts up the ENTIRE door - which looks just as hilarious as it sounds - and walks backwards, trying to set it back on its hinges.  "Ally-oop..."
  73. [18:48:47] <Giantree> ...
  74. [18:48:52] <Giantree> And then it falls over.
  75. [18:49:50] <Ellamae> "Huh. A-and yeah! Recognized you earlier, but...well. a lot suddenly happened!" Like not being deployed for the same maps. ...And shen she tries fixing the door. "...I-it's OK. We'll find a way to...get some makeshift security..." SUFFERING NEVER ENDS.
  76. [18:51:17] <Giantree> "Y-Yeah... If you can hold it here, maybe I'll be able to um... melt it back into the frame..."
  77. [18:51:49] <Giantree> Without a moment's notice you can hear dragonstone SFX.  And then the victim comes out of hiding, voice filled with terror.  "Wait, no, don't do that!"
  78. [18:52:11] <Giantree> Iiki flips the door open vertically, revealing herself staring with a smug grin.  Unfathomably smug.
  79. [18:52:16] <Giantree> Reaction image tiers of smug.
  80. [18:52:18] <Giantree> er
  81. [18:52:21] <Giantree> horizontally actually
  82. [18:53:00] <Giantree> "Yeah, using other signatures to mask your own is JUST like you.  C'mon, we're gonna make up for aaaaaaaaaaaaaall those years!"
  83. [18:53:56] <Flamy> So Nix was a dragon... all along?
  84. [18:53:58] <Giantree> "Y... Yes, ma'am."  If this were Vena she'd have her hopes and dreams shattered seeing this side of her boss.  Which is all the more fortunate that it isn't, huh?
  85. [18:54:05] <Flamy> Indeed.
  86. [18:54:07] <Giantree> THE SIGNS WERE SO OBVIOUS, FLAMMIE
  87. [18:54:19] <Giantree> go back through last night's thing and read it again
  88. [18:54:26] <Giantree> it's like impossible to not catch now
  89. [18:54:31] <Giantree> in fact
  90. [18:54:36] <Ellamae> ...On one hand, she should really be upset that what appears to be a lover's quarrel has interrupted potential alone-together-time. On the other hand, this is, um, quite something.
  91. [18:54:45] <Giantree> that was specifically a thing i was dropping CONSTANT hints at, even more than leblanc being one of the BBEGs
  92. [18:54:46] <Giantree> hhehehehe
  93. [18:55:39] <Giantree> Nix is dragged off (get it?) by a loli he's whipped by, but as he's leaving you can hear something happening to the door.  "That should hold it a LITTLE bit maybe.  Uh, thanks for trying at least!"
  94. [18:56:03] <Giantree> Varos is still saitamafacing.
  95. [18:56:16] <Giantree> "At... least... it isn't boring?"
  96. [18:56:28] <Giantree> The door falls over again.
  97. [18:56:34] <Giantree> "... Maybe we should just take a walk instead."
  98. [18:58:05] <Ellamae> "...Yeah, that would probably be better, huh?" More of a chance to not be interrupted, simply because there's not as much relevent parties in the area. And less zany ones!
  99. [18:59:44] <Giantree> The problem is that it's cold.  But, scales make that less of a problem.  Etc etc etc hold a dragon in your arms etc etc etc.
  100. [19:01:24] <Giantree> "So um... I know it's been pretty wild," you do indeed start moving, at least, "But I just wanted to say thanks again for letting me come with you all."
  101. [19:02:15] <Giantree> "But, I just want to ask you personally without using my powers: Are you ready?  It seems like the next battle is going to be the biggest yet, and if you wanted to run away from it I think even Noa would understand."
  102. [19:05:35] <Ellamae> "...I'm definitely ready. I have no idea what's going to happen in there, for better or for worse...but, well, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself for running away after all of this. I'm...not gonna be even a little two-faced. Gonna fight for the peace I am trying to attain here!" It goes without saying, so she doesn't say it excessively! She COULD launch into at least
  103. [19:05:35] <Ellamae> two more sentences about the subject, but she doesn't!
  104. [19:07:19] <Giantree> "Hehe.  I guess that is what I like about you, after all," he gives you a little poke on the nose.  "And seeing those two earlier... I wonder if we really can last.  Doesn't stop me from being afraid of the future, but..."
  105. [19:11:21] <Giantree> INTERMISSION:
  106. [19:11:23] <Giantree> [19:11:08] <BlendedSolosis> more like thracia 666
  107. [19:11:28] <Giantree> END INTERMISSION
  108. [19:12:57] <Ellamae> "Yeah, I'm...sorta worried I might only start getting more intense, and end up like her." She shivers at the thought! "She seems maybe a bit possessive. But...I can control myself, so we should be fine on that front! ...The future is pretty scary though." It could end up being Thracia 666. "It's hard to say whether or not we'll even all still be on this planet once
  109. [19:12:57] <Ellamae> all is said and done, much less what they'll all end up doing."
  110. [19:15:07] <Giantree> "... Yeah.  That's what I'm worried about the most.  Fear of the unknown and such.  It seems a lot of the other feel the same way- this is a kind of tension I've never felt before.  As much as I longed to experience it, it's still an empty feeling, and something I hope to never feel again."
  111. [19:15:24] <Giantree> "Well... enough moping, though.  How about we find a secluded spot and appreciate the view?"
  112. [19:18:46] <Ellamae> "Yeah, sounds good! Here's to a more certain future~!" She's hyped herself just enough to make herself feel warmer in this BITTER COLD. Nice. To a nice spot! A nice alone spot. Hopefully there's a nice alone spot somewhere here.
  113. [19:23:05] <Giantree> Oh yeah, with all the pegasi flying around and couples chasing each other and declarations of marriage going on, there is a surprisingly quiet spot.  And instead of doing anything productive, you happily waste the way away giving/receiving lap pillows and so on and so forth.
  114. [19:27:06] <Ellamae> Nice, nice nice nice nice nice. A good thing everyone else is finding love here too!
  115. [19:27:57] <Flamy> Edwin only finds a special kind of suffering from the sort of memelords his in-laws are.
  116. [19:28:15] <Giantree> Yeah, you thought he was going to jump on the bandwagon and propose?  Despite being the feelingshota, he values experiences more than sentimental value, and is more satisfied to spend time together than engage in HUMAN activities.
  117. [19:30:12] <Giantree> ok on second thought i don't want to sceneswap to where Vena sees the aftermath of what you discovered, because i'm not THAT prepared to break her heart
  118. [19:30:33] <Flamy> NICE
  119. [19:31:02] <Giantree> But perhaps soon
  120. [19:31:14] <Giantree> Now can I catch a ramiel or am I out of balls?
  121. [19:31:15] <Ellamae> Which is fine! It might be better to like, propose to him AFTER all of this is done. After all, he doesn't like the fear of the unknown, right? It might not be the very best time to suddenly commit, she could end up using her life to seal away the darkness of the world or something.
  123. [19:33:28] <Raitaki> skimming up and
  124. [19:33:30] <Raitaki> <Flamy> So Nix was a dragon... all along?
  125. [19:33:31] <Giantree> it'll have to be you, because i'll be back in an hour
  126. [19:33:39] <Raitaki> I can't recall a time when I didn't think nix was a dragon
  127. [19:33:45] <Giantree> FUCKING
  128. [19:33:46] <Giantree> SEE?
  129. [19:33:50] <Giantree> RAITAKI FIGURES OUT ALL MY PLOT SHIT
  130. [19:33:53] <Raitaki> <3333
  131. [19:33:55] <Flamy> SHIT MAN WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US YOU SHIT
  132. [19:33:59] <Raitaki> Also
  133. [19:34:01] <Giantree> (though i think you were the only one who didn't catch on, flams)
  134. [19:34:02] <Ramiel> . . .
  135. [19:34:02] <Giantree> fucking
  136. [19:34:05] <Giantree> even shuku knew
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