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  2. ▲: Feferi knocked on the door, followed by a little call of “I’m here!” The Pisces lost the bet (a simple mistake on her part) and was here to hold up her end of the deal; doing whatever you said for a day. A whole 24 hours. ‘It’s just for a day. How bad can it be?’ she thought. Stepping back from the door, she waited, thinking this would be the easiest day of her life. (( Take this in whatever direction you would like! Paragraph preferred. ))
  3. ▼: ((preferred characters? OCs, yes or no? Trolls, humans, other?)
  4. ▲: (( No preferred characters, if you want to do an OC that's fine, doesn't matter. ))
  5. ▼: (oh, cool. I've been meaning to work on this one...thanks!)
  6. ▲: (( No problem! ))
  7. ▼: ( figuring out where to go is hard...>.< just a sec...)
  8. ▼: Mettia grinned when he heard the knock. "I almost didn't expect her to show up...but that's Feferi." The simple mistake had been, of course, betting against Mettia when he had any influence over the potential result. He certainly didn't cheat or manipulate events, but there was something weird about him; his presence seemed to tweak things ever so slightly in his favor. When someone would mention it, he'd just shrug and say something about "good luck". The slightly intoxicated dice game a few days prior most likely hadn't been a good idea. He walked to the door, opening it and gesturing for his guest turned servant to enter. "So...what do you want to do today, my little minion?"
  9. ▼: (is this alright?)
  10. ▲: (( It's fine! ))
  11. ▲: Thing was, Feferi didn't think she knew this troll very well. She had no gauge on how things would go for her today. Feferi always did her best to keep any promise she made, and this bet was one of them. Hopefully, he wouldn't abuse the fact that she had to do anything he told her to. Entering his hive, she took a quick look around before turning her attention back to Mettia. "That would be up to you. I don't have much say in the matter."
  12. ▼: "Oh, but you do. Because my first direction is for you to tell me about yourself." His smile stays plastered on his face. "I've been meaning to get to know you better, but we never see each other much." Mettia walks further into the hive, the walls and floor an almost sterile white. They go down two tiny flights of stairs and back up three; once they remove their shoes just outside the door, the pair enter a much more vibrantly colored room. Instead of bare floor, there is soft, coppery-red carpeting. The walls match at the bottom, and slowly fade to a rich blue at the ceiling. The ceiling itself is shades of blue; dark at the edges, almost white in the center. Mettia flops down into one of the several large bean-bag chairs and itches at the base of his rather short but significantly backwards-curved horns. "So...yeah. Tell me about yourself."
  13. ▲: As they walked, Feferi took note of her surroundings. The design in the room they ended up in was impressive. On the subject of Feferi, what was there to talk about? The big thing was that she was the heiress. "Whale, as you probably know, I'm the heiress, and I have to fight Her Imperious Condescension for the throne. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet, and she cod be on her wave to krill me at any tide. My beliefs are much different than hers, one being that I want to get rid of the hemospectrum altogether so blood color wouldn't matter. In fact, I have lots of fronds all over the hemospectrum. Being the highest blood color doesn't necessarily make be betta than anyone. I also want to change what culling means. On a somewhat different note, I cull hundreds of cuttlefish and keep them at my hive. It's so much fin to watch them change colors!" After speaking that much, she felt like she was rambling and stopped.
  14. ▼: "Huh...Interesting. What do you mean by 'changing what culling means'? Oh, and feel free to pull up a seat." He gestures to the bean-bag chair adjacent to him, then leans back with his hands behind his head.
  15. ▲: Taking a seat in the bean-bag chair, she continued, "I mean that instead of krilling off the weak, they are taken care of instead. Kind of pike redefining it in our society."
  16. ▼: He nods in thought. "That seems reasonable, though I suppose I do have a bit of a skewed perspective." He turns to look at her and winks. "Now then. Tell me more. I mean...that almost sounded practiced." His smile has shifted a bit, and he seems to be teasing her. "So what are some things that you wouldn't tell just anyone?"
  17. ▲: Practiced? That was pretty much basic knowledge about her. He wasn't going to get anything much deeper than that. They barely knew each other! He wasn't that specific about his request, either. "What do you mean? What kind of fins are we talking aboat?"
  18. ▼: "Oh, playing tricky then?" An eyebrow raises slightly. "Alright. What kind of quadrant business have you been up to lately? Anyone you're keeping an eye on?"
  19. ▲: What quadrants? They were practically empty. "I'm currently moirails with Eridan, and that's pretty much it. Someone has to keep him from krilling all the landwellers."
  20. ▼: "Is that it? I would have thought someone as pretty as you are would have lots of people trying to get in one of those squares...either for desire or envy..." He shrugs and lies back again, staring at the ceiling. "On an unrelated note, we land dwellers appreciate your effort on that front."
  21. ▲: Feferi shrugs. "I'll end up filling my quadrants some day. Probably not soon though, since it's not one of my high priorities. Keeping Eridan under control is. If he succeeds, my plans won't. Seasides, I pike landwellers! I don't want to sea them get destroyed."
  22. ▼: "Well, if you ever need help...I'd be happy to do anything I can, even if it's just distracting him." Mettia shrugs and gives a 'it's nothing' kind of "Eh." He turns to look at her again, smiling only slightly now, though it somehow seems more genuine. "It's nice to hear someone That's a pretty rare sentiment..."
  23. ▲: "I have everyfin under control right now, but if I need kelp, I'll let you know. And pike I said, some of my best fronds are landwellers! I also don't want to sea a majority of the race die." She smiled, being careful not to reveal her shark-like teeth.
  24. ▼: Mettia nods, then takes a couple deep breaths. He promptly flips over onto his stomach. "Give me a massage...pretty please?" The teasing smirk has returned.
  25. ▲: With a roll of her eyes, Feferi stands up and walks over to where he is. She begins to give him a massage, working her hands to try and get any knots she finds out.
  26. ▼: His back is -full- of knots. "Oooough..." He proceeds to make a noise somewhere between pleasure, pain, and a sigh. " Ghn. You're...really this. Ow." He attempts to listen as closely as he can to Feferi's response, to see how she feels about what she's doing.
  27. ▲: She didn't mind giving him a massage. Feferi smiled at his compliment and continued as she was, getting out all the knots she could find. "Tank you!"
  28. ▼: "If you'd like, I'll happily return the favor...that is, tomor-ogh-row." After a few minutes, almost all of the knots are gone, and it's clear that Mettia is only just barely awake. He starts mumbling something unidentifiable; but if Feferi got closer, she could probably figure out what he's saying.
  29. ▲: Perhaps that would do her some good. It's not easy if you know your life could easily end any day. Feferi would let him know that he could return the favor later, seeing as he was practically asleep. Curious as to what he was saying, she got a bit closer when she finished.
  30. ▼: When she stops massaging, Mettia's eyes flutter slightly and his speech pauses. He looks up at her, eyelids only about half open, and not much higher function visible in those faintly reddish eyes. "Have I ever told you how pretty you are?" He smiles softly and blushes. "I think I've always had something of a red-crush on you..." He sighs and closes his eyes the rest of the way, placing his face half into the bean-bag he lies on.
  31. ▲: Feferi was usually getting told how pretty she was. It wasn't anything new. However, his little confession surprised her. It was completely unexpected. How was she even supposed to react? Feferi really only thought of them as friends. She was relieved that he went to sleep. That meant she didn't have to say anything.
  32. ▼: After a few moments, he definitely doesn't seem show signs of waking up particularly soon. The door creaks slightly, and a head pokes into the room. A small turtle, Mettia's lusus, casually enters. Its white, like all lusi, with a rather pronounced fluffy tail emerging from its shell. It also sports a pair of pointy, bright red sunglasses. Walking on its hind feet, it moves over to the two trolls. It takes a long look at Mettia, shakes its head, then turns to Feferi and nods to her.
  33. ▲: Her attention turned towards the creature that entered the room. What a strange lusus. Then again, there were stranger. This was Alternia, after all. She wondered why it was nodding towards her, but shaking its head towards Mettia. Whatever message it might have been trying to convey, Feferi didn't understand.
  34. ▼: The turtle gestures for Feferi to follow, as it starts walking toward the door. It moves surprisingly smoothly on two feet for what might have been a quadrupedal creature. The tail seems to provide the extra balance required. Once out the door, it skips its way down the steps on its back, the shell providing a surface to skid on.
  35. ▲: She follows, growing more curious. Where was it going, and more importantly, why did it want her to follow it? Feferi left the room, following it down the steps. She didn't know her way around Mettia's hive just yet, so she kept the turtle in her sight.
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