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  1. Hi Kris and Allan,
  3. Thank you for the great program which is always full of useful tips, tricks and news.
  5. I have embarked upon a quest to get my wife using PC-BSD and have switched her laptop from Windows (and Ubuntu) to PC-BSD 11. My wife's use case is writing research papers, email and web surfing. Given her research, it backs up using ZFS snapshot replication.
  6. The reason for 11 (rather than 10) is that it has better support for Intel wifi.
  7. The OS is currently installed on an Intel SATA SSD on a CLEVO P670RG.
  9. She seems to like PC-BSD but I think I can improve her experience and have her full "buy-in" by making the machine boot from an onboard m.2 Samsung 950 Pro NVME drive.
  10. I have tried to install the OS on the NVME multiple times using UEFI and GPT but I cannot get it to boot (hence the install on the SATA SSD). When I try to install using UEFI (even on 10.2), the GUI just "black screens" and will not proceed.
  12. Without UEFI but with GPT, it installs but will not boot.
  13. I have altered BIOS settings with and without UEFI but to no avail (would not boot FreeBSD - but will boot Ubuntu 15.10).
  15. I have also done the mandatory google search (and have seen Allan's post here  https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/44983/).
  17. Just wondering if you have any more tips and tricks to get PC-BSD/FreeBSD booting from NVME.
  19. Thank you once again for your advice.
  21. Kind Regards,
  23. Peter
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