Old-Cid Kain't Have Been This Bro

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  1. [00:11:15] <@Amaryllis> (so should I start setting up the scene?)
  2. [00:11:57] <Kain> (Hi)
  3. [00:11:59] <Kain> (Sure)
  4. [00:12:15] <Natalie> (Mind if I do?  Because I was going to totally go from the last words spoken on the last thing)
  5. [00:12:23] <Natalie> (UNLESS you had something else in mind)
  6. [00:12:24] <@Amaryllis> It is not long after Nat and Ammy began to set out from the giant bonfire that Ammy abruptly- FINE TREE.
  7. [00:12:29] <Natalie> ~
  8. [00:12:32] <@Amaryllis> DO IT. SEE WHAT I CARE. >:I
  9. [00:12:35] <Natalie> "So while we walk..."
  10. [00:12:45] <Natalie> you're cute btw
  11. [00:12:53] <Natalie> Nat doesn't think you're cute
  12. [00:12:55] <Natalie> but I do
  13. [00:12:57] <@Amaryllis> :<
  14. [00:12:59] <Natalie> (just kidding we both do)
  15. [00:13:17] <@Amaryllis> "Yes Nat?"
  16. [00:13:29] <Natalie> "Nn... I was thinking about something I want to tell you.  You know, before we get there."
  17. [00:13:49] * @Amaryllis abruptly stops. "Is something the matter?" She looks ill at ease.
  18. [00:14:21] * Natalie skips along happily, even with lantern-night illuminating the dark barely showing the worry on her face. "It's just... um, well, if I see her again... I don't think I want to actually meet her."
  19. [00:14:21] <@Amaryllis> "I as well in fact..."
  20. [00:14:59] <@Amaryllis> "I do. Why do you not?"
  21. [00:15:12] * @Amaryllis gets a worried expression to mirror Nat's.
  22. [00:15:13] <Natalie> "Because I haven't finished what I was supposed to do yet, and I'm really nervous, and..."
  23. [00:15:17] <Natalie> :<
  24. [00:16:17] <@Amaryllis> "Let us take a short break then." Ammy veers off their path to a obscured patch of trees or similar. She nervously twirls the end of her hair as she goes.
  25. [00:17:04] * Natalie gets an invisible question mark above her head but skips over. "Sorry, Ammy, I've been like this ever since the last crystal."
  26. [00:17:26] <Natalie> "Hnnnn... .... There's not something wrong, is there?  I've never seen you do that."
  27. [00:17:42] <Natalie> "... Or maybe I just forgot it all again."
  28. [00:17:58] <@Amaryllis> Finding a suitable spot, Ammy spreads out her cloak out like a picnic blanket and sits down, motioning for Nat to sit across from her. She takes out the bottle of mist she'd been carrying in her bag and holds it in one hand, her other clutching her necklace.
  29. [00:18:33] * Natalie takes a deep breath, then plops down!
  30. [00:18:50] <@Amaryllis> For a good half minute, she's silent, and then she speaks, uncertainty filling her voice. "It has been ten long years. And I as well have failed to finish what I was supposed to, Nat...Carbuncle."
  31. [00:19:25] <Natalie> Head... tilt.  "Y-You only call me that when it's serious.  What's up?"
  32. [00:19:54] <Natalie> "I didn't mean to scare you anything, I'm just nervous 'cause I wonder if she'd be mad at me for... was it really THAT long?"
  33. [00:21:39] * @Amaryllis nods. "And I have let your memories break away from you for this long, when you should have seen them restored long ago, when it was my task to see that happen ten years ago. There is something I must show you." She begins to uncork the bottle of mist and hold it toward Nat.
  34. [00:22:19] <Natalie> "Your... task?  But I thought we had the same task!  You know, to..."
  35. [00:22:22] <Natalie> "..."
  36. [00:22:38] * Natalie nervously leans forward and sniffs a bit.
  37. [00:25:23] * @Amaryllis reaches up and slowly peels the bandages on her forehead off. She wafts the mist vapors up toward the jewel set into Nat's head, and then shines her lantern's glow upon it. "I want to show you the world within you, Nat."
  38. [00:25:43] <Kain> bow chicka wow wow
  39. [00:25:48] <Natalie> (S-stop that)
  40. [00:26:25] <Natalie> "Within... m... what?  Ammy, are you trying to get back at me for all the dumb things I did?  'Cause I didn't mean t-"
  41. [00:26:37] * Natalie shivers a bit and shuts up.
  42. [00:26:48] <@Amaryllis> "...As Inquisitor Tonberry, I open this gate of the immortal legend!" Ammy's eyes glow and the lantern seems to glow brighter for a moment too.
  43. [00:27:48] <Kain> You seem to lose consciousness for a moment...
  44. [00:32:18] <Kaingaskhan> And when you come to, you're drifting... drifting... drifting.... Drifting in a void of endless stars. You seem to be floating downward, landing on a small planetoid. Both Ammy and Nat are here, in different garb. Gone is Amaryllis's armor, replaced by brown robes and a hood pulled over her head. Nat is wearing a silken green dress with a ruby brooch fastened on her neck, on an almost collar-like accessory. The surface of this place is covered in faintly glowing crystals... many of which are cracked and broken, and shine millions of fragments of your faces within as you pass. Broken handmirrors lay here and there on the ground, full length mirrors laying against crystal pillars for support, equally shattered, for the most part.
  45. [00:32:44] <Kaingaskhan> The crystals seem almost randomly placed for the most part, but seem to form a structure further on.
  46. [00:32:55] <Kaingaskhan> It feels like a dream, but here you are, awake.
  47. [00:33:42] <Natalie> "Nnnn... nn... g."
  48. [00:34:29] <@Amaryllis> "Eidolon. Godbeast. Creature of story. Crystals that carry such a story. A world crafted of story and crystal. Aether realm. Every one of us has such a world inside us, and yours...yours I have left to fall into such disrepair, a mirror to your broken memories." Ammy murmurs quietly.
  49. [00:34:52] <Natalie> "... I..."
  50. [00:35:21] * Natalie gulps and stands up, looking the world over with narrowed eyes. "So I'm... right... I think I was supposed to know that."
  51. [00:36:18] <Kaingaskhan> The crystalline structure... before you? Beyond? At some distance? It's hard to tell, but it seems to be the last bastion of crystal not torn down.
  52. [00:36:24] <Natalie> "But what do you mean, how is this your fault?"  Nat takes a breath.  "It's because the crystal broke, that's all!  So all we have to do is fix it."
  53. [00:36:28] <Kaingaskhan> The Castle of Shattered Memories
  54. [00:36:34] <Natalie> "... Right?"
  55. [00:36:55] <Natalie> (I wonder how appropriate it is to have had Find Your Way blasting this whole time)
  56. [00:36:59] <@Amaryllis> "Yes. I...kept it from you at first because you were so confused in your state. I thought it would be soon that this could be righted, but I lost contact with the others..." Ammy holds up her necklace, the same 12 worn gil coins on it. "The others of the Twelve Gates of Immortal Legend."
  57. [00:37:16] <Natalie> "... So it really IS serious."
  58. [00:37:43] * Natalie knocks a fist against the side of her head. "I can't be loopy-me here. Okay, focus, focus..."
  59. [00:38:03] * @Amaryllis shakes her head. "I was foolish not to let you know sooner, so that you may have some insight into this. I am, after all, new. My mentor in the Gates died without imparting all his lessons, and I am new to the pantheon of Eidolons as well..."
  60. [00:38:06] <Kaingaskhan> The pathway before you seems to clear of crystal shards.
  61. [00:38:41] <@Amaryllis> "I am...sorry." Ammy looks ahead toward the one pristine structure remaining. "It appears in the time I have dawdled, this is all that remains of the crystal within you."
  62. [00:38:49] <Natalie> "So... if I asked you what you meant I'd probably forget it.  I'll trust you for now though- 'cause I always trusted you, Ammy."
  63. [00:38:56] <Natalie> "And I'll keep trusting you, okay?"
  64. [00:39:20] <Kaingaskhan> Proceed further?
  65. [00:39:29] * Natalie looks over the pathway again and shivers a bit, before taking a light step. Then another.
  66. [00:39:37] <Natalie> "Let's... Let's go."
  67. [00:39:49] <@Amaryllis> "That is...more than I probably deserve." Ammy looks toward Nat. "Are you sure?"
  68. [00:40:07] <Kaingaskhan> The crystals fragments jump with each step, as if a giant was walking Nat's path. No such effect from Ammy.
  69. [00:40:07] <Natalie> "I'm me, and I always will be.  What kind of me would I be if I didn't have confidence all the time, nnn?"
  70. [00:40:27] <Natalie> More steps.  "... Or maybe that wasn't how I was before.  But it's me now."
  71. [00:40:39] <@Amaryllis> "Of course, of course." Ammy follows with hesitance, forlorn looks at the shattered crystal around.
  72. [00:40:50] <Natalie> "That's the me I am because of you... or maybe it IS how I always was?  Whatever, it's still true!"
  73. [00:41:27] <@Amaryllis> "In any case, I wished to warn you before we arrived in Lindblum again, at the least. Because I will meet Eiko, with or without you. The Twelve Gates brought the summoner tribe into being, and we can create it anew from the ashes."
  74. [00:41:48] <Kaingaskhan> You step forward, entering the building-like structure.
  75. [00:42:05] <Natalie> "Create... summoners?"
  76. [00:42:35] <@Amaryllis> "You are as you were Nat, and as you always will be. Your realm may be shattered and broken now, but...but I will see it restored. Who you are has not and will not change."
  77. [00:42:56] * Natalie headshakes. "I think what I saw was... rediscovering the bond we had. The bond between Eidolon and Summoner. Since I went so long forgetting about it, it felt new again. And that feeling really scared me..."
  78. [00:43:11] <Natalie> "Because... what if she'd been feeling that the whole time, but I haven't?"
  79. [00:43:25] <Kaingaskhan> Though much of it has cracked, chipped, or shattered, it retains the look of a small, elegant castle. A stairwell lies in front of you, leading to a second floor balcony that curves around and into doors. A large mirror is at the top of the stairwell, a chunk missing from its pane... though the piece hasn't gone far, lying on the floor in front.
  80. [00:43:46] * Natalie leans down and reaches out to touch it, nervously.
  81. [00:44:05] <@Amaryllis> "Then she must be awfully lonely, and she will be glad to meet you once more and hear what happened."
  82. [00:44:14] <Kaingaskhan> It feels warm to the touch, with no sharp edges. Looks to be intact, too, you might could put it back in the mirror...
  83. [00:45:11] <Natalie> "... Yeah.  But because we felt so close..."  Nat picks it up.  "I thought that if I really WERE her, I'd be mad at me for leaving for so long."
  84. [00:45:20] <Natalie> "And now even as me I'm a little mad at me."
  85. [00:45:37] * Natalie holds up the mirror shard and just staaaaaares into it.
  86. [00:46:15] <Kaingaskhan> Your face stares back, though hair parted, ruby gemstone showing.
  87. [00:46:45] * Natalie reaches up to touch the gemstone, with a nervous gulp, before approaching the mirror.
  88. [00:46:48] <Natalie> "So is this..."
  89. [00:46:49] <@Amaryllis> "As for your question, we do not...create summoners. Madain Sari, it is the place where you can feel the heartbeat of the world. It is no mere coincidence that those who gathered there are summoners, or become part of the summoning tradition."
  90. [00:47:02] * @Amaryllis shuts up and stops a few paces back from the mirror to allow Nat to examine it.
  91. [00:47:08] <Natalie> Step, step, step.
  92. [00:47:20] <Natalie> "Ammy... have you told me this before?  Did I hear it and forget it?"
  93. [00:47:34] * Natalie holds the piece closer to the mirror, step by step.
  94. [00:48:22] <@Amaryllis> "You have met at least one other of the Twelve Gates. Noah Cromwell. I wonder if you remember him. He is a dear friend of mine. This is...the first I have spoken of this to you in such complete detail, however."
  95. [00:49:02] <Natalie> "This... this place... this mirror... they all have something to do with my memories, yeah?  So you can tell me and I know I'll remember it this time?"
  96. [00:49:20] <Kaingaskhan> As the piece touches its rightful place in the mirror...
  97. [00:49:35] <Kaingaskhan> It slides out of Natalie's grasp and its edges fuse back with a brief flash of light.
  98. [00:49:44] <Kaingaskhan> The reflection on the mirror gives way to a darker scene.
  99. [00:49:50] <@Amaryllis> "This place is your memories. As it breaks, so do your thoughts, and so forth the other way."
  100. [00:49:55] * Natalie stops talking and takes a step back.
  101. [00:50:10] <Kaingaskhan> A grand city at night. A towering sword sheathed in the ground, its hilt raised proudly in the sky.
  102. [00:50:29] <Natalie> Ha, dark as in literally.  Because it's night.
  103. [00:50:57] <Kaingaskhan> White flashes of light are surrounding the sword. There's a bright beam... and then an enormous construct in the shape of a castle, spreading two angelic wings.
  104. [00:51:01] <Kaingaskhan> But something is wrong.
  105. [00:51:25] * @Amaryllis shuts up again, staring at the scene.
  106. [00:51:27] <Natalie> Squiiiint.
  107. [00:51:33] <Kaingaskhan> Blasts of energy rip out of its wings, and start carving paths and crevvases into the town itself. Explosions.
  108. [00:51:55] <Natalie> "I was... there for this?"
  109. [00:51:57] <Kaingaskhan> One of the beams seems to come for the mirror, and the view 'zooms out' a bit, showing two figures watching grimly in the path.
  110. [00:52:31] <Kaingaskhan> One is a green cat, ruby set in its forehead, the other a weathered, powerful man in leather armor, wielding a greatsword.
  111. [00:52:46] <Kaingaskhan> "Carbuncle!" the old man shouts, in a wisened voice.
  112. [00:52:57] <Kaingaskhan> "Right! I got this, Cid! PRISMATIC LIGHT!"
  113. [00:52:58] * Natalie stands to attention! .. Then blushes a little.
  114. [00:53:29] <@Amaryllis> Scene is too serious for Ammy to giggle even a little bit at yelling attack names.
  115. [00:53:56] <Kaingaskhan> The cat shouts with Natalie's voice and a rainbow colored film washes over the man and the cat, covering them. The beam of Holy Judgement reflects off easily, and the two are covered in shining light.
  116. [00:54:15] <Kaingaskhan> Cid?: "The damn fool lost control of Alexander. Come, we need to subdue it, and quickly."
  117. [00:54:17] <Kaingaskhan> "Okay!"
  118. [00:54:28] <Kaingaskhan> The scene on the mirror fades as the two rush forward.
  119. [00:54:37] <Natalie> "That really... was... me..."
  120. [00:54:49] <Natalie> "Hehe... hehehe.  Levvie wasn't kidding, was he?  I really HAVEN'T changed a bit."
  121. [00:54:55] <@Amaryllis> "You should be proud."
  122. [00:55:09] <Natalie> "Is that it?  That can't be all, can it?"
  123. [00:55:19] * Natalie starts frantically searching around, looking for more.
  124. [00:55:25] <Kaingaskhan> The visage of Cid I was fairly recognizable to Ammy, once she saw it.
  125. [00:55:42] <@Amaryllis> "All of what? I am sure more stories exist here, not strain yourself too much Nat."
  126. [00:55:42] <Kaingaskhan> No horn, though, and no recounts of him being a summoner. Was he?
  127. [00:56:19] * @Amaryllis glances in the mirror herself, thinking upon this. Is her memory being weird now? She shakes it off though.
  128. [00:56:27] <Natalie> "... Why AM I like this, Ammy?  Was Levvie telling the truth?  That I just... chose to?"
  129. [00:56:37] * Natalie stops searching and spins around, a bit concerned.
  130. [00:57:12] <@Amaryllis> "I...cannot say."
  131. [00:57:15] <@Amaryllis> "That is, I do not know."
  132. [00:57:57] <Natalie> "But you were the one who always knew who I was... by name, what I was supposed to do... and all that stuff, right?"
  133. [00:58:04] <Natalie> "Doesn't that mean you knew me when I was old-me?"
  134. [00:59:03] <Natalie> "It's all kinda vague and fuzzy... all I remember is that you always knew more than I did.  It felt like I could just ask for the things I forgot anytime, but... well, maybe I was a little scared.  'Cause I'd always wonder if I asked and you told me before."
  135. [00:59:07] <@Amaryllis> "I found you as you are now." Ammy looks a bit helpless and sad to not be able to offer anything more concrete.
  136. [00:59:31] * Natalie reaches up and rubs the ruby. "... Sorry. I guess I got excited at seeing old-me again."
  137. [01:00:00] <Natalie> "Then come on!  Let's go watch some more!  I'm totally not 'strained' just yet."
  138. [01:00:03] <@Amaryllis> "I of course know the stories of what you have done, partnered with Eiko as you were during the war. But that is different from knowing you before."
  139. [01:00:36] * Natalie dashes over and grabs Ammy's hand with a :D. "Well, you know me now, don't you?"
  140. [01:01:33] <@Amaryllis> "Of course." Ammy is taken a bit off guard. "You're taking all this much better than I expected." She visibly relaxes.
  141. [01:01:56] <Natalie> "Well, why wouldn't I?  I don't feel all amnesiac-y and miserable for once!  C'mon!"
  142. [01:03:14] <Natalie> "Like I said, I'm me, always!  And have I ever gotten upset at you before?  Huh?!"
  143. [01:03:28] <Natalie> "... Well if I have I can't imagine why, that really doesn't SOUND like me though."
  144. [01:03:31] <@Amaryllis> "Alright, alright. One last thing for you to know before we arrive in Lindblum though. You may not be heir to the Aitchison family, but I was, not in the official noble capacity, but in the secret life Lord Aitchison lead as one of the Twelve Gates before his demise. If ever our traveling companions doubt our identities, leave it to me."
  145. [01:03:59] <Natalie> "You mean... it WAS a real person's name?"
  146. [01:05:08] <@Amaryllis> "I was hoping others of the Twelve Gates may recognize it in our travels and approach us. We are a shattered organization, and in our secrecy I never even knew the identities of most of them. It is the same reason I wear this necklace."
  147. [01:05:13] <Natalie> "I guess I had another blank..."  A sigh.  "But how many memories can I bring back before we go there?  Is the thing she tasked me with somewhere in here?"
  148. [01:05:50] <Kaingaskhan> You start to feel kind of lightheaded...
  149. [01:05:57] <@Amaryllis> "It...may be. I know not what Eiko tasked you with, but by the crystal's tale I shall help you to achieve it."
  150. [01:06:10] <Natalie> "Nnn... ohhh, I don't feel good, let's hurry!"
  151. [01:06:20] <Kaingaskhan> (Both of you, that is)
  152. [01:06:28] * Natalie starts clinging to Ammy at the feeling.
  153. [01:06:38] * @Amaryllis nods and lets herself get dragged along as Nat is wont to do, starting to feel tired herself. her eyelids droop.
  154. [01:07:00] * Natalie keeps dragging to look around until neither of them are able to do it anymore :<
  155. [01:07:55] <Kaingaskhan> You walk a few paces more, passing a room that, at a glimpse, is a familiar sight, one of the places you stayed at quite consistently one year in particular... a famiiliar, comforting bed... but before you can enter that room of memories...
  156. [01:08:15] <Kaingaskhan> You are both sitting in the wilderness again, Ammy holding the unopened bottle of Mist.
  157. [01:08:54] * Natalie blinks... blinkblinkblink. "Wait! Wait, I wasn't done!"
  158. [01:08:58] <@Amaryllis> (unopened?)
  159. [01:09:17] <Kaingaskhan> Unopened
  160. [01:09:57] <Natalie> "... Huh?"
  161. [01:10:24] * Natalie scrambles hands to her forehead, trying to feel if the ruby's still covered or not.
  162. [01:10:36] <Kaingaskhan> Yep, covered again
  163. [01:10:51] <Natalie> "N..."
  164. [01:11:24] * @Amaryllis blinks a few times and then hands Nat the bottle. "...You should be the one to keep this, I feel." (does Ammy have any idea why the bottle is now unopened and time seems to have stepped back a little bit?)
  165. [01:11:49] * Natalie gets up and stretches, with a regretful expression that quickly gives way to a smile, and then reaches over to take it.
  166. [01:11:51] <Kaingaskhan> You don't have any idea.
  167. [01:11:55] <Kaingaskhan> Your lantern is unlit too
  168. [01:12:26] <Natalie> "Okay.... Okay!  So, is that all you haven't told me?"
  169. [01:14:02] <@Amaryllis> "There is the story of how I came to be as I am now. I'm afraid the story would do little to explain how you are as you are now, unfortunately."
  170. [01:15:23] <Natalie> "Well, that doesn't matter, we'll figure it out!"
  171. [01:15:44] * Natalie grabs the mist-bottle with a gulp. "But... um... I have one thing to ask."
  172. [01:16:15] <@Amaryllis> "Yes Nat?" Ammy lights her lantern again and begins to stand.
  173. [01:16:57] <Natalie> "If.... nnno, WHEN I meet her again you'll be there, right?"
  174. [01:17:29] <Natalie> "I think... with how I feel now I could probably tell her how sorry I am, and alllllll that mushy stuff."
  175. [01:17:31] <@Amaryllis> "That's a silly question. Of course I will Nat." Ammy smiles, then quickly adds. "As long as you aren't running off in the middle of the night to find her."
  176. [01:17:45] * Natalie giggles. "Isn't that what we're BOTH doing now?"
  177. [01:18:02] * @Amaryllis nods. "The next part of your tale is long overdue...And maybe. Yes."
  178. [01:18:09] <@Amaryllis> "That doesn't count."
  179. [01:18:33] <Natalie> "Ha!"  Nat starts marching toward Lindblum again.  "And what about the others after the crystal with us?"
  180. [01:19:32] <@Amaryllis> "It is as I said before, Celina's distrust of Eidolons is dangerous to us. We can tell the others when we can be sure she will not attempt to strike us down for being as we are."
  181. [01:19:33] <Natalie> "If I'm so desperate to protect her or something that I blow our cover in front of them you won't be mad, right?"
  182. [01:19:49] <Natalie> "I... I guess you're right, yeah."
  183. [01:20:11] <Natalie> "Can't get too excited, gotta calm down."  Rubrub.  "It still feels a little weird when I think about it."
  184. [01:20:13] <@Amaryllis> "No I will not be angry, as long as neither of us is run through by a spear. Then I may be a little angry."
  185. [01:21:02] <Natalie> "Well we had this talk before!  I could beat her in a fight!"  A snap-kick at the air.  "But... if the only reason I show it is because of that bond I have with my Summoner, then maybe, just maybe, even she'll actually get it."
  186. [01:21:31] <Natalie> "She's not bad... just a little... wrong."
  187. [01:21:45] <@Amaryllis> "Let us not read too far ahead. Let the tale unfold as it would naturally."
  188. [01:22:03] <Natalie> "Okay, but..."
  189. [01:22:27] * Natalie reaches up. "As long as there're no people here, you mind if I practice my Ruby Light on the way there?"
  190. [01:22:34] <Natalie> "If I yell it enough times it'll eventually work!"
  191. [01:23:40] * @Amaryllis stifles a giggle. "It is on your head if fellow travelers mistake us for the insane."
  192. [01:23:41] <Natalie> "Just like it used to... ooh, I gotta come up with a snazzy phrase before it."
  193. [01:25:36] <Natalie> "Like 'It will be engraved upon your soul!' or 'Ruby, grant me strength!'  Or... ohh, those're no good..."
  194. [01:26:45] <@Amaryllis> "We have a long walk ahead of us to Lindblum for you to decide Nat."
  195. [01:27:15] * Natalie de-pockets and brandishes the sapphire. "O majestic gem, bestow on me your powers! 12Sapphire Light!!"
  196. [01:27:22] <Natalie> "... Just kidding, that'd never work."
  197. [01:28:09] <Natalie> "Maybe I should do like you do and put 'tale' or 'story' somewhere..."
  198. [01:28:18] * Natalie keeps mumbling and shouting the whole way there.
  199. [01:28:24] <Natalie> and
  200. [01:28:24] <Natalie> so
  201. [01:28:25] <Natalie> the
  202. [01:28:26] <Natalie> adventure
  203. [01:28:26] <Natalie> of
  204. [01:29:12] <@Amaryllis> life
  205. [01:29:12] <@Amaryllis> goes
  206. [01:29:12] <@Amaryllis> on
  207. [01:29:16] <Kaingaskhan> goofsd
  208. [01:29:22] * @Amaryllis bows
  209. [01:29:25] * Natalie bows
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