How to build pbn for very competitive niche?

Jun 29th, 2020
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  1. How to build pbn for very competitive niche?
  2. Hello I am trying to build a PBN but my niche is very competitive it will cost so much to build a pbn on my own and compete. Is there any way to compete and rank in very competitive niche and building your own pbn without spending a ton of $?
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  15. How do you understand a phrase "the competitive niche" ?
  16. For me the competitive niche is a cluster of keywords that brings huge profits.
  17. But...
  18. As the result, they attract a huge amount of webmasters to compete for rankings.
  19. And if you want to rank - you should invest lots of resources. If you don't invest, you will always be below those who do. (The exception is high converting long-tail keywords that are almost impossible to find nowadays).
  20. I'd suggest you to think in terms of positive ROI instead.
  21. Calculate how much you can spend and what results can be achieved in return.
  22. If you don't have enough budget - invest your time and effort instead.
  23. Option 1: create 3..10 relevant blogs on fresh domains. Diversify them as much as you can. And then start writing in-depth articles on each of blogs. If you write 3 articles daily, that's 90 articles per month. But pay attention, that you will also be in charge of manual link building: outreach, commenting, etc.
  24. Option 2: work as VA, or do any other jobs to earn the budget. Then invest this money into your PBN.
  25. Start with a long-tail keyword, calculate what it takes to get into top3 and start acting. If you succeed - the hardest part is done, now all you'll have to do is scale.
  26. Good luck!
  28. Why not try other methods like BROKEN LINK building or BACKLINK REVERSE ENGINEERING?
  29. PBN is not the only game in town
  30. Just look at Google's quarterly results for their current partners. They keep showing Google growing their ad clicks at 20% to 40% while partners oscillate between -15% and +5% quarter after quarter, year after year.
  33. “Even if there’s going to be a disruption on people’s jobs, in the short term that’s likely to be made up by the decreasing cost of things we need, which I think is really important and not being talked about.”
  34. "in a capitalist system, he suggests, the elimination of inefficiency through technology has to be pursued to its logical conclusion."
  35. There are some dark layers which are apparently "incidental side effects" of the techno-utopian desires.
  36. Mental flaws could be reinforced & monetized by hooking people on prescription pharmaceuticals:
  37. It takes very little imagination to foresee how the kitchen mood wall could lead to advertisements for antidepressants that follow you around the Web, or trigger an alert to your employer, or show up on your Facebook page because, according to Robert Scoble and Shel Israel in Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy, Facebook “wants to build a system that anticipates your needs.”
  38. Or perhaps...
  39. Those business savings are crucial to Rifkin’s vision of the Third Industrial Revolution, not simply because they have the potential to bring down the price of consumer goods, but because, for the first time, a central tenet of capitalism—that increased productivity requires increased human labor—will no longer hold. And once productivity is unmoored from labor, he argues, capitalism will not be able to support itself, either ideologically or practically.
  40. That is not to say "all will fail" due to technology. Some will succeed wildly.
  41. Michelle Phan has been able to leverage her popularity on YouTube to launch a makeup subscription service which is at an $84 million per year revenue run rate.
  42. Those at the top of the hierarchy will get an additional boost. Such edge case success stories will be marketed offline to pull more people onto the platform.
  43. Google is promoting Japanese Youtube creators' personal brands in heavy TV, online, and print ads. Trying to recruit more maybe?— Patrick McKenzie (@patio11) November 1, 2020
  44. While a "star based" compensation system makes a few people well off, most people publishing on those platforms won't see any financial benefit from their efforts. Worse yet, a lot of the "viral" success stories are driven by a large ad budget.
  45. Even Google has done research on income inequality in attention economies - and that was before they dialed up their brand bias stuff.
  46. Category after category gets commoditized, platform after platform gets funded by Google, and ultimately employees working on them will long for the days where their wages were held down by illegal collusion rather than the crowdsourcing fate they face:
  47. Workers, in turn, have more mobility and a semblance of greater control over their working lives. But is any of it worth it when we can’t afford health insurance or don’t know how much the next gig might pay, or when it might come? When an app’s terms of service agreement is the closest thing we have to an employment contract? When work orders come through a smartphone and we know that if we don’t respond immediately, we might not get such an opportunity again? When we can’t even talk to another human being about the task at hand and we must work nonstop just to make minimum wage?
  49. Just as people get commoditized, so do other layers of value:
  50. those who failed to see the value of & invest in domain names cheered as names lost value
  51. Google philosophically does not believe in customer service, but they feel they should grade others on their customer service and remove businesses which don't respond well to culturally unaware outsourced third world labor.
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