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  1. Of all the party goers, Marcus had one of the most original ideas for a costume; a marionette doll. He had painted his entire body to look like he was sculpted out of wood. To further his costume, he walked and moved as if he was attached to invisible puppet strings.
  3. Lots of guests were impressed with his attention to detail and even offered to buy him a drink, which he politely declined. A marionette can’t drink after all.
  5. After hearing the host’s speech, he figured it was a hoax, that is until he watched a strings fall down from the rafters, attaching themselves to him.
  7. As each string touched a part of his body, it shrunk some and became wooden. Marcus was terrified, he had no intention of becoming an actual marionette doll. He attempted to push his way through the crowd but the strings that were now attached to him didn’t budge.
  9. He felt a tightness in his nether region momentarily. The feeling disappeared just as quickly as the changes crept over him. Marcus watched his shirt rise, two mound shapes protruding from his chest. Before he could even yell, his mouth shut, forced into a permanent smile.
  11. Long red locks of hair fell from the top of his head, stopping till they reached past his shoulders. The hair turning into a more manufactured texture. His frantic eyes glazed over as the changes finished.
  13. Mary Onette moved through the crowd, the strings making her dance as she went.
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