Flayer short

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  1. “Time. Outstanding, Ilmen.” Said Wayara.
  3. Ilmen slid out of the pool with seal-like grace and stretched her arms.
  5. “I have to say, you’re really something special. You can carry the whole school to the Continental Games by yourself.” Said Wayara.
  7. “Ahh, coach. You’re embarrassing me.” Said Ilmen. “The rest of the team is working hard too.”
  9. “Of course.” Nodded Wayara. “But they aren’t breaking every aquatic record this school has ever set. There’s no denying that you’re something else.”
  11. Ilmen’s eyes flitted up to Wayara at the words “something else.” Wayara momentarily wondered if she had somehow offended her ringer. No, there it was. That omnipresent aloof smile that Ilmen always wore. Whether she was in class, eating lunch, or standing at the top of the podium accepting another gold medal, Ilmen never seemed to be enthused about anything. As if life was a trivial matter; a petty game to pass the time.
  13. “Thank you, coach.”
  15. Wayara smiled. Poor girl. Sharp as a tack and faster than a mermaid in the water, but she still had no friends. The other girls on the swim team often spoke of her in hushed and reverent whispers. Some were jealous of her seemingly effortless success. Others were apathetic to her entire existence. One thing was clear; no one, not even the people with whom Ilmen spent the most time with, had any idea what she was like in private. It was one thing to be diminutive, but Ilmen was downright mysterious. Wayara would never admit it, but even she felt unsettled by her presence sometimes. It always felt like she was being watched when Ilmen was in the room.
  17. “By the way, meet me in my office after class. I need to discuss a few things with you.” Said Wayara.
  19. Ilmen nodded with the same cool grin, keeping her hands clasped low in front of her. “Of course, coach.”
  21. The other girls gave Ilmen a wide berth as the team retreated into the locker room to change.
  23. ~~~~~
  25. “You wanted to see me, coach?” asked Ilmen.
  27. “Yes, take a seat.”
  29. Ilmen daintily seated herself in the aged chair in front of the coach’s desk. She looked so out of place in the office; an immaculate woman of impeccable talent seated in a miasma of papers and memoires from past victories.
  31. “I understand that you’re almost finished with your final year here at the University, correct?” asked Wayara, inspecting some documents she had pulled on Ilmen.
  33. “Yes.”
  35. “And your declared major is… nursing?” asked Wayara.
  37. “Yes.”
  39. “I see. But you haven’t had any field experience yet, have you?”
  41. “No.”
  43. Wayara sighed and put the papers down. “Ilmen, I don’t know what your advisor has been telling you, but you NEED to get some experience if you want to be a good nurse. The Order may act like they’ll recruit anyone who knows how to apply a bandage, but even they have standards you know. You’re the best swimmer I’ve ever had, bar none. Hell, probably the smartest I’ve ever had too. If women were allowed too, I’d suggest you go into arcane studies.”
  45. Ilmen remained silent, waiting for her to finish.
  47. “All I’m saying is that you need to focus on the future.” Said Wayara. “You won’t be a swimmer forever. Like it or not, you need to start looking into things like an occupation, a house, and a husband.”
  49. Ilmen’s eyes glimmered. “A husband?”
  51. Wayara nodded. “Getting a husband is important. They’re a source of income, protection, and a sign that you are upholding the natural order that the Chief God has set forth for humans.”
  53. “Are you married, coach Wayara?” asked Ilmen.
  55. Wayara inhaled sharply. Ilmen had bluntly hit upon the most obvious hypocrisy of the conversation. Though Wayara was multiple years her senior, she was still without a husband and with nary a suitor in sight. Seeing a woman with muscle definition and drive cultivated from years of competitive swimming made most potential husbands uneasy. Despite her best efforts to improve her charm, Wayara still struggled to catch the eyes of the men around the college.
  57. “Not yet.” Seethed Wayara. As much as she cherished Ilmen for her tenacity and prowess, there was no denying that the girl had no sense of decorum. “That will be fixed post haste; this conversation is about YOU.”
  59. “Oh?”
  61. “Yes.”
  63. “How do you intend to find a husband?” asked Ilmen.
  65. A vein in Wayara’s head pulsed. For the first time, she perceived Ilmen’s signature smile as mocking rather than casual acceptance of whatever circumstance she found herself in.
  67. “I told you, we are NOT discussing ME! You need to get your act together and start thinking about the future or-“
  69. “Or what?”
  71. Wayara’s impassioned speech faltered as Ilmen’s voice changed. A light and fluty falsetto to an imposing baritone.
  73. “Or you, you’ll… you’ll wind up like-“
  75. “Like you?” asked Ilmen, cocking her head. Her unblinking eyes widened along with her cruel smile. “A washed up old spinster, who couldn’t court a man if her life depended on it? I suppose soon it will; there are already rumors that you’re a witch circulating around in the first-year classes. How could a hag like you, with no husband and a career of watching these floozies splash around in a pool, ever lecture ME about wasting my life?”
  77. Wayara began to tear up. “What’s gotten into you? Why are you saying all of this all of a sudden?”
  79. Ilmen stood and leaned over the desk. “You’re my precious coach. You’ve been so kind to me over the years; far kinder than any of my ‘teammates’ ever have been. That’s why it pains me to see you neglect yourself…”
  81. Wayara reclined in fear as Ilmen encroached.
  83. “That’s why I’m going to help you.” Said Ilmen coolly. Her face began to shift and warp, like a reflection in a rippling pond. “So many of you pathetic humans are soooo CLOSE to happiness, yet you can’t seem to seize it. You convince yourself that you’ve failed before you’ve even tried. All it takes…”
  85. Chunks of Ilmen’s face began to drip off her body, landing with soft splats on the papers strewn over Wayara’s desk. Wayara screamed and tried to push Ilmen away. Ilmen grabbed her flailing hands and dragged her towards her. Tentacles sprung free from her slimy head. For the first time in her life, Wayara saw a genuine smile on Ilmen’s face. She whimpered and trembled under the gaze of Ilmen’s freshly uncovered eyes.
  87. “Is a little push~”
  89. Ilmen kissed Wayara, muffling one last scream. Her tentacles caressed Wayara’s cheeks on their way to her ears. Wayara shuddered and moaned in terror as the appendages wormed their way into her skull. The staccato of slime and muscled movement was deafening. Bit by bit, Wayara’s capacity to resist waned. A bolt of pleasure surged through her, and she screamed into Ilmen’s mouth again. Her hips bucked against the desk hard enough to bruise.
  91. “Gentle now, easy… You’re alright…” whispered a voice in Wayara’s head. “Now let’s take a look and see what’s wrong with you…”
  93. Wayara’s memories were forcefully drawn forth, one after another. Ilmen seemed to know how to find specific memories, filtering away all the pleasant ones until all of Wayara’s stressful or shameful experiences were rattling around her cerebrum. All her half-hearted attempts at flirting, all the men she had tried to entice, all the lonely night huddled up with no one to hold, all laid bare for her invader to see.
  95. “My, my! It’s worse than I thought. Poor thing! To be saddled with this doubt every day; it’s almost too much to bear, isn’t it?”
  96. Of course it was! Seeing her friends get married, seeing even men she considered beneath her turn away in favor of other girls, it was all so grating. Every day the stares and whispers became bolder. It was soul crushing.
  98. “So what’s holding you back, hmm?~ What’s stopping you from carving yourself a piece of the pie?” echoed Ilmen’s sonorous voice.
  100. Don’t talk about men like that. If it were that easy, she would have been married already. Wayara had tried everything that her friends had suggested: cooking, wearing modest clothing, flirting, taking up hobbies she hated like sewing, all for naught. At one point, she had even let herself atrophy in an attempt at obtaining a softer, more feminine form. It had backfired, and she just wound up a little pudgy and no more beautiful than when she had started.
  102. “Flirting, huh? Let’s see what the human calls ‘flirting.’” Jeered Ilmen.
  104. Chief God, no. Anything but this. These memories were enough to make Wayara grimace whenever they crossed her mind. Scene after scene played out. She fumbled her words. She mumbled or spoke too loudly. Her jokes fell flat. She came on too strong. She came on too soft.
  106. “By the Sleepers… This is just too much!” giggled Ilmen. “Lucky for you, I’m not afraid of taking on a novice such as yourself as my pupil.”
  108. Pupil?
  110. “Yes, pupil. You and I are going to get VERY well acquainted.” Said Ilmen’s voice. The sloshing of tentacles was no more than white noise in Wayara’s ears now. “And this is the first lesson: remove your inhibitions.”
  112. Wayara lurched. Colors and memories flashed through her mind as Ilmen began to rearrange and remove her memories.
  114. “Shh… Don’t struggle. This is alllll to help you. Look here, see?” Said Ilmen, drawing one of Wayara’s humiliating memories to the forefront of her mind. She had just made a batch of muffins for a man she was interested in. He had taken one look at the thing and declined. “Do you really need such a thing? Is there anything to learn from this? No. It is vestigial. So to ease your burden…” Ilmen eradicated the errant thought. “I’ll do what no other being on the continent can do for you.”
  116. Wayara’s mind reeled at the thought. She had just seen a memory disappear before her mind’s eye. Strangely enough, she knew she shouldn’t miss it, whatever it had been. She knew that it was better that the thing was gone.
  118. “Lesson two: be confident.” Whispered Ilmen.
  120. Wayara clenched her fists as lewd suggestions and salacious ideals flooded her brain. Her imagination ran wild with ideas of things to do to men she would never have dreamed of. Positions that would get her burned at the stake for heresy. Lecherous acts that excited her soul and inflamed her heart.
  122. “Mmm~ An excellent start, if I do say so myself.” Said Ilmen proudly. “Now go, find your prey. Make me proud. You will return to me when I summon you next.”
  124. Wayara groaned as the tentacles slithered out of her head. Ilmen gently lowered her down onto her desk as she lost consciousness.
  126. ~~~~~~~
  128. “Coach?”
  130. Wayara gasped and sat bolt upright. Ilmen blenched at her sudden movement.
  132. “Are you alright, coach? I was knocking on your door for ten minutes, but you never answered. When I peeked in here, you were asleep, so I…”
  134. Wayara panted and reclined into her chair. Was it really just a nightmare? She looked at the wall clock. Ilmen was right on time, the meeting was just about to begin. Of course it had been a nightmare. Why would a monster let her quarry escape? Beasts and demons were not renowned for their mercy.
  136. Wayara ran her hands through her hair and sighed. “I’m alright. It was just a nightmare.”
  138. “If you’d like, I can come back some other time…” said Ilmen.
  140. Wayara squirmed in her seat. Normally she wouldn’t even humor the notion of putting off such an important meeting, especially when she was the one who had called Ilmen here. But the nightmare had shaken her, and right now she wanted nothing more than to go home and have a good meal.
  142. “Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea.” Conceded Wayara. “I’m sorry, I’ve just been stressed recently.”
  144. “I understand. With so many athletes to watch out for, it must be difficult to care for yourself too.” Said Ilmen.
  146. “Y-yeah…” said Wayara.
  148. “I’ll see you tomorrow then, coach.” Said Ilmen. She closed the door.
  150. Wayara stuffed a bit of paperwork she needed to take care of into a bag and rushed out the door. She had to get home and clear her thoughts. Preferably with a stiff drink. Stiff… Her cheeks flushed as she recalled the heinous suggestions that Ilmen’s alien form had planted in her brain. In the dream, of course. Nothing like that had actually happened. What else had happened in the dream? The squid appeared, it gave her advice, altered her memories… It was strange to see some of those memories in a dream. An imagined past contained solely within that figment of imagination. The concept made her aching head throb.
  152. “Feeling alright, Wayara?”
  154. Wayara’s head snapped up to observe the man who was addressing her. A young man named a who taught young clerics and priests the philosophies and histories of the Order and the Chief God. A good, God-fearing man. And a cute one… Wayara shook her head at the intrusive thought. What was she thinking?!
  156. “You aren’t?” frowned Hauyan.
  158. “No! I mean, I am. Just a bit tired, that’s all.” Said Wayara.
  160. “I see. Get some rest, you deserve it. If you watch over others, the Chief God will watch over you.” Smiled Hauyan.
  162. “Quick as ever with those verses, I see.” Chuckled Wayara.
  164. “Of course!” said Hauyan. “I could hardly call myself a cleric if I wasn’t.”
  166. “Just don’t move too quick, sometimes it’s best to savor things.” Said Wayara. “I’ll see you around, cleric.”
  168. Wayara strode away leaving a befuddled Hauyan behind her. Only after a few paces did she realize that she had seamlessly dropped an inuendo on a man of the cloth. She blushed, but it was too late to apologize. If she did, he would scold her. Best to just play it off as a coincidence and hope that he forgot about the whole thing. Picking up the pace, Wayara scurried home as fast as she could.
  170. ~~~~~~
  172. No use.
  174. Wayara collapsed back onto her bed. No matter how much Wayara masturbated, relief eluded her. Climax only made the voices in her head roar louder. Demanding she find a man. Hauyan’s face flashed across her mind again and again. She NEEDED to see him. To see more of him. Groaning, she pulled the covers over herself and tried to sleep. Tomorrow. She would see him tomorrow. And then she would have him.
  176. Her eyes opened. Have him? Where had that come from?
  178. “You know where that came from.”
  180. Ilmen’s voice echoed across her cortex.
  182. “You want to TAKE him. Devour him. Make him yours, and bend him to your whims. To dominate him in every aspect, body and soul. What you thirst for is nothing short of… subjugation.”
  184. No! These were pure intentions! She was just lonely, all she wanted was love!
  186. “And love you shall have, my sweet.” Cooed Ilmen’s voice. “All in due time. There are more ways to express love than you have been taught. But that is a lesson for another time. Sleep. Rest. Gather your strength. Tomorrow, you begin your work in earnest.”
  188. Ilmen’s voice faded into the darkness and Wayara was overcome with a wave of fatigue. Pulling the pillow close, she fell asleep to dream of more lascivious things to do to Hauyan.
  190. ~~~~~~~
  192. “Coach Wayara, you don’t look so good…”
  194. Wayara was keenly aware. It had been days since she had last slept well. Now her slumber was haunted by unending streams of explicit dreams. Or it was. The occasional sexual dream was nothing to fear, but over time the dreams had become nightmares. The first few nights she would go on a romantic date, or find herself on a beach with a man at sunset before surrendering herself to pleasure. Now, she could only see herself pouncing on an unsuspecting man in the forest, or setting upon a bound captive in her basement. How her mind even formulated these heinous acts was beyond her; she had never even conceptualized some of the things she had seen in the dreams until now.
  196. “I’m fine. Do your laps.” Muttered Wayara.
  198. “…We have…”
  200. Wayara looked at the swimmer. The whole team looked nervous. Wayara wanted to tell them that this was just a temporary occurrence, that she was just feeling a little sick and that she would be back to normal soon, but she was no longer sure that this was a temporary psychosis. No way to broach the subject with these young ladies.
  202. “Then we’ll call it for today.” Said Wayara standing up and heading for her office. Some of the swimmers groaned in protest.
  204. “How are we supposed to improve when all you have us do is swim laps?! What’s gotten into you?”
  206. “Calm down, everyone. I think that the coach is just a little under the weather. She’ll be right as rain soon, right coach?”
  208. The other swimmers balked as Ilmen spoke. Ilmen was normally so reticent that speaking of her own accord was unheard of. A wave of grumbles rolled through the crowd and the unsettled women reluctantly filed into the locker room. Wayara seized the opportunity to make a break for her office. Why had Ilmen done that? Such a strange girl… And this had all started after the nightmare that day in the office. Could Ilmen really be…?
  210. Wayara threw open the door to her office and slammed it shut behind her. Of course Ilmen couldn’t. This was the middle of Order territory! It was inconceivable that she could have made it past all the wards, paladins, clerics, spells, and valkyries to become a SWIMMER at a college. Ridiculous!
  212. “Coach?”
  214. Wayara yelped as Ilmen’s voice called out to her from the other side of the door.
  216. “What is it, Ilmen? I’m very busy today. I have to go home and finish some things.” Said Wayara.
  218. “But coach, What about our lesson?”
  220. Wayara’s blood ran cold. The papers slid out of her hand.
  222. “Coach?”
  224. “Go away! I don’t have anything to teach you!” said Wayara.
  226. “… But I have something to teach YOU.”
  228. Wayara screamed. Ilmen’s voice was the same sonorous tone as the creature’s. The knob twisted and Ilmen’s warped face peered through.
  229. “You still have so much to learn~ Now LET ME IN.”
  231. Wayara watched aghast as her hand snapped to the handle and opened the door for Ilmen.
  233. “Good girl. I was worried; some of the more… ‘recalcitrant’ humans take more than one tutoring to become so obedient.” Mused Ilmen. The rest of her face sloughed off like before, revealing the strangely alluring squid woman below.
  235. Wayara whimpered.
  237. “Ooh~ Don’t be so sad.” said Ilmen, patting Wayara’s cheek. “You’ll be smiling soon, love. I promise. Now turn around and take a seat.”
  238. Wayara began to cry as her body positioned itself in a chair. Ilmen’s head tentacles began to touch and tickle her ears and cheeks.
  240. “Time to dine~”
  242. Wayara moaned as the same squelching and slurping she had experience the first time resounded through her ears. Of course there had been a first time! How could she have forgotten this!
  244. “Now now, none of that. This isn’t about me, it’s about YOU.” Whispered Ilmen’s voice.
  246. Memories came and went as Ilmen began to gorge herself again. Only Wayara’s memory of her interaction with Hauyan were spared.
  247. “Oh ho! So you actually tried something, hmm?~ You may not have accomplished much, but it’s a start.”
  249. Wayara was already lost in throes of pleasure. Ilmen’s assault felt even more pleasurable the second time.
  251. “Let’s move on to lesson three: apply pressure.”
  253. Pressure, yes! Wayara needed to ACT on her love, not just speak. Hauyan spoke to dozens of women every day; she had to make herself stand out. But how…?
  255. “Enthusiasm! I like that. Here’s a hint.”
  257. Ilmen began pumping in her own ideas of how Wayara should proceed. Subtle contact, suggestive postures, coquettish fidgeting, all the instruments in a harlot’s toolbox were now at her disposal.
  259. “Don’t think you can get away just by looking good either.” Warned Ilmen. “These may be the advanced tactics, but you can’t forget your fundamentals either. Keep talking to him. Ask him how his day went, how he’s doing, what he’s up to. And throw in some wifey stuff too! Make him a meal some time. You must know how to cook if you’ve been living on your own so long, right?”
  261. Ilmen began looking for memories of Wayara’s culinary exploits. Burnt muffins, overcooked meat, stale bread, watery unpalatable stews, and order after order at the local tavern to sustain herself.
  263. “Druella’s tits… you’re lucky I took pity on you when I did. This is almost unsalvageable. Here, take this.”
  265. Recipes and cooking skill were pumped out, replacing some of the memories that Ilmen had eaten.
  267. “I didn’t know much about cooking for humans either, but the boy I like just can’t get enough of the food I make for him. So cute! Some of the other girls on the swim team say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. They’re wrong of course, but I understand the sentiment that men enjoy eating. Even though all humans do it… What strange creatures you are.” Said Ilmen’s voice. Her body patted Wayara’s twitching head.
  269. “We’ll stop here today. Call it a short lesson. I’ve got places to be and people to fuck, and YOU’VE got a man to woo. Don’t lay it on to thick now; I’d hate to have to smuggle you out of the country before I’ve made the proper arrangements.”
  271. Ilmen’s presence started to recede from Wayara’s mind. As it left, Wayara sensed a hint of sadness.
  273. “You know, I’ll really miss these little talks we have. Seeing humans blossom into mamono… Such a precious but ephemeral thing. Don’t worry though, we’ll be getting to know each other MUCH more intimately soon~ Just one more lesson left.”
  275. The last inch of tentacle slurped out of Wayara’s head. Wayara gasped. She was laying face down on her desk, on a pile of completed paperwork. Rubbing her face, she tried to recall what had happened. There had been SOMETHING that was troubling her, but what? A nightmare? No telling what it was now; the memory was lost forever. Yawning, Wayara looked at the clock. Perfect, just enough time to stop by the market and pick up some ingredients for the soufflé she was planning to cook that night.
  277. ~~~~~~
  279. “Hauyan!” called Wayara.
  281. Hauyan noticed her and smiled. “If it isn’t Wayara, how are you today?”
  283. Wayara smiled politely at him. “Even better now that you’re here.”
  285. Hauyan raised an eyebrow, taken aback by the comment.
  287. “Oh, well… I’m glad I could brighten your day.”
  289. Wayara gave him a wry smile. He was so cute. So innocent… but that would be fixed soon enough.
  291. “Perhaps I can return the favor~ Here.” Wayara uncovered the basket she was carrying and offered Hauyan a cookie. Perfectly shaped, and baked to perfection. Crisp enough to stay intact, but soft enough to melt in your mouth.
  293. Hauyan graciously accepted. “I never knew you to be a cook! This looks splendid.” He took a bite. “Mmm! Delicious! You must bake quite often.” Said Hauyan looking a little surprised at the quality of the morsel.
  295. “Oh that’s nothing. You should see the meals I could cook.” Said Wayara. She leaned forward to give him a better view of her cleavage as she did.
  297. Hauyan’s eyes caught the top of her breasts and he quickly looked away. Wayara bit her lip as she saw how red his face got.
  299. “S-so, what IS this fruit you’ve mixed in? I don’t believe I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting it before.” Said Hauyan, desperately ignoring Wayara’s seductive posture shifts.
  301. “It’s some foreign produce; I get them from a little old lady in the market. She always has something new for me to try.” Said Wayara.
  302. “Well, whatever it is, it tastes divine.” Said Hauyan dusting the crumbs off his hands. He balked when he made eye contact with Wayara, who was still giving him a coy grin. Clearing his throat, he swiveled around and began to walk away. “Sorry to leave so soon, but I have a class to be getting to. Thank you for the cookie!”
  304. “See you soon, cleric~” called Wayara. “Just remember, the rest of the batch is at my house if you ever crave another.” She said holding the basket up.
  306. Hauyan almost tripped over his own feet as she called out to him. Wayara licked her lips. Too easy. She would have him soon enough. Then she would…
  308. What was it again?
  310. Wayara frowned. She knew that seducing Hauyan was important; but what came after that?
  312. “Sex.” Murmured an annoyed voice in Wayara’s head.
  314. Oh, right! Sex!
  316. Wayara blushed. To think that she would be getting laid so soon. This was all happening so fast! Could she really DO it with him?! Maybe it was best to date a bit after all; get to know him, meet his parents, and let Hauyan set the pace.
  318. “Don’t bitch out on me now. You exist to take. TAKE!” murmured the voice.
  320. “Take…” whispered Wayara. Yes… Take… Hauyan was prey after all; a thing to be hunted. Men never know what’s best for them. They need to be taught the hard way that their wives have their best interests at heart. Hauyan might not like it at first, but he would come around. Surely. She would merely force him to accept her love if he didn’t.
  322. Giggling to herself at the thought of Hauyan writhing underneath her, Wayara set off for the pool.
  324. ~~~~~~~
  326. “Are you sure this will help?”
  328. “Absolutely.” Affirmed Wayara.
  330. The swimmer frowned. “It’s just that these new stretches seem a little… suggestive…”
  332. Other swim members seemed to agree. Wayara had them all splayed out in various ways. Simpletons. They just didn’t appreciate what she was doing for them. When they got husbands, they would need to know how to properly entice them.
  334. “You said you wanted to do things other than laps; so now we’re doing stretches AND laps. Is there anything else you wanted to do?” asked Wayara.
  336. “No…”
  338. “Good. Once you finish your stretches, you can leave.” Said Wayara. “Except you, Ilmen. I need to speak with you in my office.”
  340. Ilmen nodded. Some of the other swimmers whispered and speculated about what the meeting could be about. Wayara ignored them; she was long past caring about what other people thought of her. All she could think about was Hauyan. How much she wanted him. How much she needed him. How much she loved him. To think that they had been dating so long and he hadn’t even made a move on her yet! Ilmen would know how to give him that last push over the edge into hedonism. Where her belonged.
  342. Ilmen followed silently behind Wayara as she entered her office and closed the door behind them. Taking a seat, Wayara sat waiting for her next lesson.
  344. “My my! How obsequious you’ve become!” crooned Ilmen, tousling Wayara’s hair. Her skin began to melt away. “Of all the women I’ve corrupted, you might just be my favorite.”
  346. Wayara smiled at the praise. “Thank you, Ilmen. Now, about the advice you were going to give me…”
  348. “That eager, are we? Then let’s get right into it~”
  350. Ilmen’s hands caressed Wayara’s cheeks as she nuzzled the back of her head and slid her tentacles into the coach’s ear. Wayara surrendered herself to the pleasure without resistance, leaning into the tentacles to push them farther into her head.
  352. “Mmm… This place is looking LEAGUES better than when I started working on it.” Mused Ilmen’s voice. “I dare say that you’re about ready. Time for your final lesson.”
  354. Alien memories began to pour into Wayara’s head. Not recipes, suggestions, or words of confidence as they had been before, this time Ilmen was directly imprinting her own sexual experience into Wayara’s brain.
  356. “A graduation present, as it were. My own master passed this knowledge down to me when I was still a nascent flayer. Each generation adds and improves this inheritance, refining and perfecting the sexual arts. Know how privileged you are to even know of its existence.”
  358. Wayara moaned. For the first time she felt an emotion other than smug satisfaction radiating from Ilmen’s presence: awe. Her mentor had nothing but reverence for this dowry of debauchery. To be bestowed such a gift was…
  360. “Yesssss… It really is something…” said Ilmen wistfully, wiping away Wayara’s tears. “I wish I could experience it again for the first time. Understand this: now that you possess this knowledge, it is sin for you not to use it. From this day forth, you no longer serve only your own interests; we serve our masters and they shall provide for us in turn.” Echoed Ilmen’s stern voice.
  362. “Yes…” whispered Wayara.
  364. “Goooood…”
  366. One of Ilmen’s hands slithered down into Wayara’s pants. Massaging her sex, Ilmen began to pour something more than memories into Wayara’s skull. The gurgling in her ears was drowned out by a tide of black sludge seeping in through her ears. Wayara gurgled at the sensation of the muck seeping into her body, corrupting her and altering her physiology. Dull, soggy snaps echoed through the office as her legs reformed themselves into a tentacle skirt. Tentacles sprang forth from her lower back and head, flailing aimlessly until the goop constructed the grey matter required to operate the extra appendages.
  368. Then the white noise. Only a whisper, but Wayara soon began to make out words and phrases. Something she did not understand was speaking to her; whispering what was, and what was to come. Orders, suggestions, tidbits of information, even prophesy that made no sense now, yet she knew would make sense in the future. All from a being beyond her very comprehension. To be so powerful, yet so weak…
  369. Ilmen’s voice whistled in Wayara’s head as her physical body twisted the newly made flayer’s head from side to side, inspecting her work.
  371. “Not bad if I do say so myself. Almost as cute as me~ I expect great things from you, sister. Now go. Your training is complete. I will be watching you; do not disappoint me.” Said Ilmen.
  373. The tentacles slithered out of Wayara’s head. This time, she had full recollection of what had happened. Gasping for air, she looked up at Ilmen with tears in her eyes. “Thank you…”
  375. Ilmen smiled. That same damnable grin. “Of course, coach.”
  377. ~~~~~
  379. Hauyan walked briskly back to his home. Stuffing a few fingers into his collar, he loosened his cassock again. Shifting his weight, he tried to tactfully readjust his erection without actually touching it. Chief God, what was wrong with him? These past few days had been a nightmare. Priapism, invasive lecherous thoughts, his eyes wandering all over his female students… it was as if he had been possessed by demons. And then there was Wayara.
  381. Hauyan’s erection throbbed and he cursed himself for thinking of the woman again. Whenever he thought of her, he could only imagine her toned body splayed out on a bed, beckoning him to sample her flesh. Was this a sign from on high? Were the cherubs goading him to marry and procreate? Wayara was a fine woman after all; a bit strange, but not the unwedable spinster that his colleagues had made her out to be.
  383. “Hauyan!”
  385. Hauyan swore under his breath. He had hoped to avoid Wayara seeing him in this state, but fate seemed intent to lead her to him at every opportunity.
  387. “Wayara. How are you?” asked Hauyan, striking an odd posture to hide his discomfort.
  389. “Feeling better every day.” Beamed Wayara. She frowned. “Are YOU feeling alright? You look a bit peaked.”
  391. “Oh, I’m alright. I just haven’t been sleeping very well these past few nights.” Said Hauyan.
  393. “Not sleeping well? A good home cooked meal will cure that! Why not stop by my house this evening? I promise that once you taste what I have to offer, you’ll never have trouble sleeping again.” Said Wayara.
  395. Hauyan gulped. To think this diminutive woman could so boldly invite him into her house. He knew that everything she had promised was true; he had experienced first hand just how much of a gourmet Wayara really was. Each dish more delectable than the last. If she really was trying to win his heart with food, she was doing a fine job.
  397. Wayara smiled at him, waiting for Hauyan’s reply.
  399. Hauyan smiled back. In this moment, he could see that there was no other woman in the world as fine and caring as Wayara. This MUST be providence. Wedding Wayara was his destiny, and he was all too happy to fulfill it.
  401. “I’d love to.” Said Hauyan. His mind raced at the possibilities. Since he was a cleric, he could technically officiate his own wedding. In a matter of days, he could be properly married to her. And then…
  403. Hauyan licked his lips as he imagined himself on top of Wayara, gently pressing into her. He had to have her.
  404. “Great! I’ll cook you something extra special~” winked Wayara.
  406. Hauyan grunted a response. He was too busy watching her pert ass as she sashayed away.
  408. ~~~~~
  410. Wayara smiled as she watched Hauyan pace back and forth in front of her door from the second story window. He had gone out of his way to bring over a nice bottle of wine and some flowers, the gentleman. Now he was muttering to himself, trying to get his greeting right before he knocked on the door. Wayara was in no hurry; the food was already prepared. As was she. The only choice she had to make was whether to open the door and surprise him, or let him muster the courage to make the first move.
  412. Hauyan took a deep breath and nodded. Looks like this was it~ Striding down the stairs, Wayara arrived at the door just as Hauyan made the first knock.
  414. “Hauyan! Come in, come in! Oh, are those for me?” asked Wayara in faux astonishment.
  416. She bit her lip to keep herself from smiling too much as all the suave greetings and witty lines he had practiced crumbled out of his lips in an incoherent spewing of mixed thoughts and half finished words.
  418. “Yes! I mean, they, uh… are! You look- thanks for having me here, I’m always glad to spend time with you. Because you look good tonight!” He stammered.
  420. Wayara gingerly took the flowers. “These are lovely! I’ll put them in the vase.” She took an exaggerated sniff of the bouquet, making sure to puff her chest out as much as possible. The form-fitting ribbed sweater she was wearing was obviously a hit with the intended audience.
  422. Hauyan gulped and awkwardly hefted the bottle of wine he was holding. “And this?”
  424. “Why not open it right now?” asked Wayara.
  426. Hauyan smiled and nodded. Cute! A bit dopey, but Wayara couldn’t help but find herself infatuated with his innocence. She hoped he would retain a bit of that naivete after she was finished with him. Fetching two glasses from the cupboard, she set them on the table and pulled the roast out of the oven. Cooked to perfection. She had cut no corners making this magnum opus. The finest cuts of beef marinated in a special blend of spices and prisoner fruit juice. Tangy and savory, but not enough to subsume the flavor of the meat.
  427. “That smells heavenly…” remarked Hauyan. He poured two glasses of wine.
  429. “I can promise you it tastes even better~” winked Wayara. With a carving knife, she slowly carved away the first slice of the roast. Only the most miniscule amount of force was needed to cut the meat. Every stroke of the knife coaxed more dribbles of juice out of the meat. For a moment, Wayara felt a bit jealous that Hauyan was more interested in the meat than her.
  430. Hauyan had the decency to wait for her to plate her own meal and take a bite before diving into his own meal. He let out a long hum as the chewed the first tender slice of meat.
  432. “That good?” asked Wayara.
  434. “Yes. Where did you learn to cook like this?” asked Hauyan.
  436. “A friend. You could say she’s like a sister to me.” Said Wayara, taking a sip of wine. She smiled. It was top shelf; he didn’t skimp when it came to buying this.
  438. “I must say, you keep a remarkable house.” Said Hauyan. He was truly awed to see the disparity between the house his colleagues had promised him and what he saw now. No rubbish to be seen, a stylish and well-kept interior, a fully stocked kitchen replete with savory scents and spices… everything a home should have. He swallowed. Home. Having someone like Wayara around really would turn a house into proper home. Would she move in with him, or would he move here with her? His house was bigger, and a bit closer to campus, but this one had such a cozy feel to it. Then again, if they had kids, having extra space would be a blessing. Hauyan shook his head. What was he thinking? He was already planning their whole future together and he hadn’t even begun to court her!
  440. “Why thank you!” said Wayara. “I do try my best. Admittedly, I did clean more thoroughly than normal since I knew I was having company.”
  442. “Oh! I see.” Said Hauyan. Was that flirting? Was she coming on to him? Surely she felt the same way, right? All these gifts of food and meetings couldn’t be coincidence. Right? Time to subtly test the waters…
  444. “You must be seeing someone, no?” blurted Hauyan.
  446. Wayara’s eyes went wide. She closed her mouth and slowly put down her wine glass with a sigh. “Unfortunately not. All the other women on campus seem to have it out for me. The rumors have gotten so bad that no man ever shows interest in me. And the ones that do are driven into the arms of younger, prettier girls.” Pouted Wayara.
  448. Hauyan’s heart skipped a beat. She was single! Not only that, but she implied she was desperately looking for a suitor as well! Praise Eros, it was meant to be!
  450. “You’re still so young, don’t fret. Love is something that shouldn’t be rushed after all.” Said Hauyan frantically.
  452. Wayara suppressed her urge to grin. “Really? I suppose you’re right. Still, I just get so lonely sometimes…”
  454. Hauyan gulped and took another bite of steak. Wayara could practically hear the gears turning in his head as the hormones in his sex deprived body tried to churn out a response that would get him laid. Take the bait, you choir boy…
  456. “U-Uh…” Nodded Hauyan after an uncomfortably long pause.
  458. Hopeless.
  460. “Do YOU ever feel that way, Hauyan?” said Wayara, giving him doe-eyes.
  462. “Yes.” Croaked Hauyan.
  464. Wayara gasped. “Really? But you’re such a kind man! To think that you wouldn’t have a wife by now…”
  466. “I never got around to it, I suppose…” said Hauyan with a sad smile. Wayara could tell that it was a genuine response. Poor thing; just like a human to neglect the most important things in favor of work.
  468. “You’re going to make some woman VERY happy, Hauyan. I know it~” said Wayara.
  470. Hauyan sat frozen in place, his mouth slightly agape and his eyes narrowed. The last and final assault had pierced his thick skull.
  471. “Wayara… would you…?” he began carefully.
  473. Wayara couldn’t contain her smile any longer. “I’d love to~”
  475. Hauyan’s face slowly morphed into an elated smile. Leaping out of his seat, he gave a few quiet cheers while pumping his fist and shuffling around the kitchen. Reseating himself, he beamed at Wayara. Then frowned. It looked like he had something to say, but didn’t quite know how to say it.
  476. “Something wrong?” asked Wayara with a bemused smile. This was turning out to be more entertaining than she thought.
  477. “…I don’t really know what to do from here…” said Hauyan.
  479. Wayara licked a dribble of grease from her lips. “I’ll show you~”
  481. Wiping her face, she got up from the table and took Hauyan’s hand. In a trance, Hauyan allowed himself to be dragged out of his seat and up the stairs. Why not? After all, he got to ogle Wayara’s toned backside as long as he followed her…
  483. “Here we are~” said Wayara, opening the door to the bedroom.
  485. Hauyan snapped out of his stupor upon seeing the candle-lit den of debauchery. “Do you mean… intimacy? So soon?” he asked nervously.
  486. Wayara pouted. “Why not? I thought we… No, I’m sorry. I was getting ahead of myself. I was just so excited that you accepted…” said Wayara.
  488. Hauyan grit his teeth as he saw Wayara bury her face in her hands. How could he embarrass her like this! After all she had done for him, this was obviously true affection. She wasn’t some demonic harlot after his seed, she was a beautiful woman who loved him. Why not acquiesce?
  490. Hauyan wrapped his arms around Wayara. She sucked in a sharp breath as his arms squeezed around her.
  492. “Don’t be sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. I’m… new to this, after all.” Said Hauyan.
  494. Wayara bit her lip. What a sweetie! He was going to be a screamer for sure.
  496. “T-then…” said Wayara, fidgeting so that her chest pressed into him.
  498. “We’ll have to marry! After. After we… yeah.” Said Hauyan.
  500. Wayara kissed him. “I suppose that’s the price I’ll have to pay~”
  502. She slipped her dress off, letting it fall to the floor, revealing her scandalous lingerie bought for the occasion. An ensemble this risqué was probably illegal in Order territory, not that Hauyan minded. He made a small wheeze as he stood ogling her chest.
  503. “What do you think?~” asked Wayara, pressing her breasts together.
  505. Hauyan stammered out a string of grunts and mumbles. Frantically, he tried to take off his cassock. Wayara dipped through his flailing arms to help him take the garments off.
  507. “Easy! I’m not going anywhere.” She cooed.
  509. At last, Hauyan stood naked in front of her. He covered himself awkwardly, unsure of what to do.
  511. “Come on, to the bed.” Instructed Wayara. Leading Hauyan by the hand, she stretched out and extended her arms to him.
  513. Hauyan needed no further invitation. Wayara yelped as he practically dived on top of her. The chronic erection he had had for weeks would FINALLY be put to good use. Somehow he knew; once he sated himself with Wayara’s body, the fires would be quenched. Abandoning all semblance of reservation, Hauyan indulged himself by slipping a hand under Wayara’s bra and groping her breasts. Wayara moaned at the touch. She was a little let down that the lingerie would have to come off so quickly, but she could always wear it the next time. Slipping out of her bra, she tossed it aside and hooked her thumbs into her panties. Hauyan watched hawkishly as she slowly lowered them. His breath hitched.
  515. “Like what you see?~” purred Wayara.
  517. He nodded.
  519. “Good. Because you are about to get VERY well acquainted with it~”
  521. Hauyan was already leaking precum from the near lethal dose of exotic drugs that Wayara had mixed into the meal. A perfectly sedated prey, ready for slaughter. Wayara reached up with her slender arms and kissed him again. Hauyan half-heartedly reciprocated the gesture while trying to line up his cock with her sex.
  523. “Wait!” moaned Wayara.
  525. She flinched. Hauyan looked as if he was wrestling with the idea of just slamming into her without her consent. Muscles in his jaw bulged as he clenched his teeth.
  527. “I was thinking…” Wayara kissed him. “…That since it’s the first time…” she bit his lip. “… Maybe I could be on top~”
  529. Hauyan’s brow furrowed. “That’s… heresy. For a woman to be above a man during fornication is…”
  531. “Sin? Aren’t we sinning right now?” grinned Wayara.
  533. Hauyan grimaced. “…This is different. We’ve agreed to marry.”
  535. “Just one night won’t hurt.” Pouted Wayara.
  537. “No.” said Hauyan more firmly.
  539. Wayara huffed. “So obstinate! I think it would be better if you...” her face began to shift and ripple as she released the concealment spell. “...Changed. Your. Mind~”
  541. Hauyan gasped as the spell faded. Wayara muffled his first scream by stuffing her newly elongated tongue down his throat. Her head tentacles instinctively darted into his ears, slipping into his head in an instant. Wayara squealed into Hauyan’s mouth and came as the orgasmic sensation of melding minds with her beloved rocked her body.
  543. “My my, How bold!”
  545. Ilmen slipped out from the shadows. Unlike the other times Wayara had seen her, she now had her husband in tow in the form of a squid. The slimy creature made a loud sloshing sound and Ilmen moaned. She patted his mantle and he offered her a tentacle to hold.
  546. “You’re a natural coach. But talent isn’t everything. How about you put some of that experience I imparted to good use?” said Ilmen.
  547. Wayara frantically tried to get ahold of herself. Her mind was being bombarded by Hauyan’s fear. Who IS this woman?! What has she done to me?! Chief God, no! Don’t let me die like this! I’m sorry! Please!
  549. “No! I’m not going to harm you!” whispered Wayara through her tentacles.
  551. Hearing another voice inside his own head only made the cacophony of panic in Hauyan even louder.
  553. “Get a hold of him, girl! It’s not good to let them thrash in there for too long…” said Ilmen. Breaking a man improperly could result in serious psychosis. She REALLY hoped that she wouldn’t have to deport Wayara and Hauyan to Wonderland so that he could fit in… “Start feeding damnit!”
  555. Wayara frantically reached out with her tentacles and nabbed the nearest morsel of memory that floated past her. It was one plucked right from Hauyan’s current stream of conscious; more panic about who Wayara was and why there were suddenly slimy things oozing into his ear when he just wanted to dick his fiancé. The gap Wayara made brought on a new surge of emotion: confusion. She could feel Hauyan wonder why there was suddenly a gap. What had happened in the past few seconds? Panic quickly retook center stage in Hauyan’s mind. Repeating the process, Wayara slurped up another snippet of the past few minutes.
  557. “For fuck’s sake, Wayara!” shouted Ilmen. “Did I pump generations of seduction and mind flaying technique into you for nothing?! Inhibition and fear, Wayara! You have to get rid of his apprehension!”
  559. “Apprehension…” echoed Wayara’s voice.
  561. The word triggered a memory from Hauyan. He was just a little boy, so small that his feet couldn’t reach the floor when he sat in the pews. At the lectern, a ruddy faced priest chanted line after line of scripture, condemning monsters and elaborating on all the ways one could fall to eternal damnation. Wayara sucked it up. Her eyes watered. Bitter!
  563. “Forget the taste, a lady always swallows~” chided Ilmen.
  565. “Fear.” Wayara suggested.
  567. Hauyan’s mind swirled with memories. Talking to paladins returning from the front. Talking to the parents of men and women who had been dragged into the night, never to be seen again. Gossip between other priests that another Cardinal had been cavorting with demons. Rumors that soon an army of darkness would envelope the land, and mankind would be doomed to eternal torment.
  569. “What? No.” said Wayara’s voice. She was a bit annoyed at the level if misinformation residing in Hauyan. Honestly, such a smart man should know better. Hauyan’s thoughts shrank back a bit at her frustration. Oh, right. She could use her commands to help influence him. Sucking up some of the offending memories she whispered to him again.
  571. “Relax.” She bade him. Focusing, she projected as much of her intent onto him as she could. She was here to help. To prove her love. To help fix him. Once she was finished, he would never be lonely again.
  573. Hauyan’s thoughts slowly collected and cooled. A coherent train of thought began to form. Why was Wayara doing this? Monsters don’t help people…
  575. “We do! I was so lonely before Ilmen showed up. But she saved me! She taught me how to get to you! And now I’ll pay it forward; I love you, Hauyan, and I know you love me. Please, just give me a chance…”
  577. It’s forbidden…
  579. *Slurp*
  581. It’s happening too fast…
  583. *Slurp*
  585. I… I’m scared. I’ve been lonely so long. Do I even deserve the chance?
  587. *Slurp*
  589. One after another, Hauyan’s woes boiled up from the recesses of his mind, and Wayara consumed them. Tears ran down her face as she slowly healed her forlorn lover’s mind. With every memory she took, she added her own words of encouragement. Hauyan relaxed into her embrace as his body released tension it had been holding for years. Wayara straddled him running her hands across his chest as she held the kiss.
  591. The fire was lit now. Kindling of hope, neglected though it was, was now being stoked by Wayara. She marveled at her own handiwork as passion, love, and confidence blossomed within Hauyan.
  593. She loves me. This woman is helping me to reach my potential out of the kindness of her heart… Wayara, you really do care, don’t you? The thing’s I’ve been taught, they’re wrong, aren’t they?
  595. “They are…”
  597. Funny, I spent my whole life in devoted service to the Chief God; and it was all a lie. But I don’t feel any regret. My life may have taken me down a crooked path, but it led me to you in the end.
  599. “S-shut up. Seriously, I’M the one seducing you here. Saying something so cool like that…” huffed Wayara inside Hauyan’s head.
  600. Hauyan’s mind glowed with happiness as he eased into Wayara’s psionic embrace. Wayara broke the kiss with Hauyan as he surrendered to her.
  602. “That’s it… You’re safe. I’ll take care of you.” Cooed Wayara inside Hauyan’s head.
  604. Reaching beneath her, Wayara gently rubbed the tip of Hauyan’s erection. She smiled as she sensed a wave of anticipation.
  606. “Finish it, I’m getting bored.” Heckled Ilmen.
  608. Wayara scowled at her mentor. Adjusting her hips, she gingerly eased down onto Hauyan’s member. Both minds erupted in ecstasy as the shared sensation ripped through their psyches. Wayara shuddered and clenched, eliciting a long moan from both of them. Calling forth generations of sexual prowess, Wayara began to undulate and twist her hips. Hauyan’s reaction was immediate. Following the tempo that Wayara projected into his head, he began thrusting into her in time. It was only a moment before his first orgasm.
  610. Wayara squealed as she felt herself filling with his seed. As her body shuddered and clenched, her tentacles slipped out of Hauyan’s ear. Both lovers gasped as the link was severed. For one terrifying second, Wayara feared that Hauyan might try to harm her now that his mind was his own again.
  612. “Hauyan! I-“
  614. Her protest was cut short as Hauyan wrapped his arms around her. Thrusting his hips, Hauyan tried to find his way back into Wayara’s snatch. Wayara blushed as he wordlessly jostled her body.
  616. “H-Hauyan!” she protested.
  618. He briefly glanced at her in annoyance. “What?”
  620. “Umm… Are you really alright? With me?” asked Wayara.
  622. Hauyan smiled. He patted her head, watching as her tendrils wrapped around his fingers. “I am. Now can we PLEASE get back to it? I know it was you who pumped all these drugs into me, so the least you could do is help me recover.”
  624. Wayara blushed. “What? Me? Drugs? I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
  626. Ilmen gave a tut and shook her head. “That’s back flow. It happens to new flayers sometimes. Some of their memories leak into the victim, sorry, the ‘initiate’ while they’re mending the mind.”
  628. Hauyan squeezed and gently pulled on Wayara’s head tentacles as she buried her head in her hands.
  630. “It’s alright. I understand why you did it.” Said Hauyan.
  632. Wayara smiled at him and rested her head on his chest.
  634. “…But that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgiven you just yet.”
  636. Her eyes shot open as she was wrestled to the mattress for round two.
  638. ~~~~~~~
  640. “Still wake, cupcake?” said Ilmen.
  642. Wayara sleepily opened her eyes. Hauyan slowly snored behind her, his arm draped over her alien body.
  644. “Yeah…” mumbled the newlywed.
  646. “I wanted to say congratulations on the husband. He looks like a keeper. Just remember you’re in charge, eh?” said Ilmen.
  647. Wayara stroked Hauyan’s chin with her head tentacles as she waited for Ilmen to continue.
  649. “Enjoy the honeymoon. And remember to answer when called.” Ilmen’s voice was more foreboding than usual. “We have a duty to fulfil. Follow the whispers. It is by our Master’s will that these humans will be ascended.”
  651. Wayara pulled the sheets up over her head.
  653. “Why you-! Fine. Get the fuck out of your system.” Huffed Ilmen. “I’m sure the Master will tell you what to do when it’s time. I’ll see you around… coach~”
  655. Ilmen slunk out of the house and into the night.
  657. Wayara sighed. She had made sure to alter Hauyan as little as possible during her conversion. But she was glad that she had imprinted him with a desire to cuddle. Shimmying up next to him, she squeezed a tentacle into his ear to see what her lover was dreaming of tonight.
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